My Friends And My Mom

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My Friends And My MomI have never been the same these last few months. My names Mathew, I’m 14 years old and I have a secret to tell. It all started when my I hit puberty; I could already see it coming. I was gay; and that’s all there was to it. I would hide it reasonably well and I made some pretty regular friends over the course of my first and second year of high school.Two of these friends were ‘Corey’ and ‘Charlie’. Corey was a 16-year-old dark skinned Latino boy, thin, toned in muscle and handsome. Charlie on the other hand was 11 ears old and was white as they come; he had a young cold face with intense eyes. They both wore baggy clothes and wore their caps backwards; taking their skateboard everywhere they go. They were complete thugs at heart. They were also the most popular boys of their grade. The age difference between the two didn’t really bother me. Their chemistry instantaneously made me think that they were brothers, even though they clearly weren’t. I had many great times with them, we usually had the 11 yearold, Charlies house all to ourselves for days on end, having massive sleepovers, because his parents werealways on business.I would never have a sleep over at my house, because of my mother. She was a young busty, blonde woman. She was 32 and had given birth to 4 k**s, me being the oldest.This made her breasts and her butt very big and round, making her the perfect prey for thugs like Corey and Charlie, let alone all the boys in school. My two brothers and my sister w ent to live with their dads, but my dad didn’t want anything to do with me. I always wondered what it would be like to have a father. Both Corey and Charlie together had been introduced to my mother very early in our relationship, they cockily and bashfully introduced themselves seductively, taking hold of her hand and kissing it, ignoring me completely. She would giggle at them and say “such gentlemen”. I was so jealous!Anyway, whenever I slept over Charlies, we usually downloaded porn and connected it to the wide screen TV and watched. They did it because they were horny boys wanting to perve on some booty, while I, did it for the sheer satisfaction of masturbating by their side. The porn usually involved a lot of emphasis on large humongous asses, shaking and jiggling and bouncing to rap music on the movies soundtrack. I watched in pleasure as Corey and Charlie nodded each other in approval, licking their lips to the gigantic round flesh dancing in the movie in front of them. My mom has a big gigantic ass, I thought. Damn, they want my moms butt so bad. I thought further; it was giving me a harsh boner. I watched Corey and Charlie grab at their own crotches. The hot, fat ass girl in the movie was giving a really young guy (barely 18) a lap-dance. “Daaaammmn!!” Corey bellowed “Now that! Is one big fat ass!” “Damn right!” 11-year-old Charlie said confidently, already flopping his dick out and tugging at it “Almost as big and fat as Matty’s moms ass” Both boys giggled.I could of cum right there. But I held it in, said “Shut up,” like a normal k** and tugged my dick along with them. The three of us fell silent and intense as we looked at this fat booty girl on the screen tease us my spreading her big butt cheeks. I watched in fascination as this 18-year-old guy was rubbing his cock between this girls fat ass cheeks and moaning as he rubbed it against her pink asshole. The guy’s curiosity with ‘ass’ or ‘booty’ turned me on immensely. “Damn man im going to cum!” 16-year-old Corey bellowed out, he jerked his dick harder, making a really strained face and sprayed white cream all over his cock.”Yeeeeaahh! Yeeeeaaah!” 11-year-old Charlie yelled out as he pounded his hairless dick “That fat ass is mine!” he said aggressively.Charlie was sweating, he grunted more and started bucking his little hips, making aggressive growling noises like an a****l cub and cummed with what he had. This k** was always the aggressive type, I thought as I pulled faster into my own orgasm.I was actually thinking about my mom giving Charlie a lap dance, using the movie as an outline to my imagination. I thought about my 32-year-old mother, bare ass naked,sitting her heavy ass on 11-year-old Charlies tiny lap. Charlie would confidently grasp her fat cheeks and rub his hard cock up and down her thick ass crack. My mommywould squeal and surrender her ass to this sexually promiscuous boy. Charlie would be laughing both to the immense pleasure he would be feeling and to the manlypower he had in this situation. I cummed all over myself and squealed. The fantasy was over. Corey and Charlie laughed bahis siteleri playfully, making a comment on how funny I lookedcumming.If they only knew.After about ten minutes of calming down; the three of us laid down on the floor and was smoking a joint each. “Hey Matty b*o,” Corey said between puffs, “We have been toCharlies house heaps, and we h ave been to mine a few times. Why don’t we ever go to yours to sleep over?””My parents aren’t always out on business like your parents, my mom is always home.” I would reply “And you’re saying that’s a bad thing?” Charlie snickered. Corey laughed softly as well.They knew full well why I wouldn’t let them sleep over; they would try to fuck my mom for sure. Though I desired it, I wasn’t sure I was ready for it. I acted like anyrespecting 13 year old boy would. I would disguise my desires very well, even to myself. Corey and Charlie had already been making flirtatious remarks to my mother over the last year since I knew them. The first time they met my mother, after they kissed her hands playfully, seducing her with their eyes. My mother instantaneouslyknew that they wanted her body; I could see it in her eyes, watching her thick upper legs slightly quiver. I wanted to get going to Corey’s house, and quickly. Butall three of them insisted that we stick around and get to know each other better. I rolled my eyes and said ok.My mom grabbed Charlie by the hand and led him into the house. Corey and I were following behind. I watched as Charlie starred and smiled goofily at my mother’s bigwiggling bum wrapped tightly by her blue jeans, as she led him by the hand to the living room couches. Charlie looked back at Corey and I with a blush and a cheekysmile. Corey smiled back and gave Charlie thumbs up. I tried to ignore their sly comments all together. My mother kindly placed 11 year old Charlie on the couch and got on her knees to take off his shoes. She only wanted this tough little sk8r boy to be comfortable as a king in her house. Charlie looked at her thick cleavage devilishly; her breasts were gigantic too. She looked over at 16-year-old Corey and beckoned him to make himself comfortable on the chair next to Charlie. Corey cockily nodded and sat on that chair as my mom took off his shoes and socks as well. I made myself to the side couch and sat watching both in lust and humiliation.”Do you boys want anything to eat?” Monica said as she stood up and moved towards the kitchen.”Only your ass,” Charlie said under his breath.”No thanks mom!” I said instantly loud and clear. “We got plenty to eat at Corey’s,””Oh ok well would you boys like anything to drink?””Just the milk from your jugs,” Corey said while coughing”No mom! We got to go!”I lead my friends up the stairs and into my room to pack a some pyjamas and shorts. Corey instantly closed the door behind us. They instantly ranted to me.”Wow, man! Matty, your mom is fucking hot!” Corey said”Yeah man!” Charlie added, ” Did you see the way she walked, damn! We should have made her serve us food and drinks like she offered! Fuck going to Corey’s house,lets stay here!””No guys,” I said, “My house is boring and my mom spends her time mostly in bed watching TV anyway,” So the three of us prepared to leave. We walked down the stairs and saw a surprising sight. My mom was on the ground on all fours, doing aerobics exercises, imitating a bunch of young ladies on the television. I tried to pull my friends out the door but they silently protested and violently resisted until I let go. They both walked forward, leaning on the frame of the living room entranceand watched her exercise on the floor.Both 11-year-old Charlie and 16-year-old Corey perved lustfully as my mom did leg stretches, expanding and contracting the shape of her fat ass, her large boobsdrooped with the hard gravity she trained against. Both boys tilted their heads and watched as she cocked her thick upper legs; the fabric strained against her fat asscrack and defined its self around her voluptuous waist. They both starred wide-eyed with their mouths open as she quivered and whined so femininely to the hard physicalwork on her motherly body.I eventually got them out the door. They ranted and raved about how hot she was and were asking me to do weird favours.”Hey matty, would you ever record her nude for us?””You ever seen her play with herself in bed?””Do you jerk off over her?””Fuck! I would is she were my mom!” Little 11-year-old Charlie said ” I would be looking at her ass in the shower all the time!””No! I don’t jerk over her!” I said sounding angry now.”Chill out b*o, don’t get all worked canlı bahis cuz your momma has one of the best bomb crack booties I ever seen,” Charlie said”Fuck ill say,” Said Corey “Did you see the way her tight pants wrapped around her thick crack as she squatted for that exercise move? Oh, my, God.”Both of them got a little too excited and started fidgeting with their crotches so their dicks didn’t look ridiculous in their pants.Anyway, it’s 10 months later and back to present time. My friends and I finished having that conversation after jacking off to the porno and smoking a joint. I agreed to let them sleep over on Saturday next week for the first time ever. What was I thinking? Maybe I want this to happen.”Alright, maybe just once,” I said mellowing out “But you can’t make any passes at my mom,”With that they instantly complained in unison. “Oh come on, just a few passes!” Corey said”Yeah, we just wanna see how she reacts.” Charlie added. “Oh all right, but I don’t want to catch you guys doing anything to her!”The day finally arrived and Corey and Charlie were more than excited. My mom had given her best hospitality to the both of them and served them food as they relaxed onthe living room couches. She made them both sandwiches and they watched her big ass wiggle as she walked off to fetch them more food. Over the course of the day, theytalked behind my back about my mom, of course I’d know what they talking about. They were laughing and making sex noises between them and they would say my moms nameand be like ‘Oh come here suck my cock’ and whatever. For the most part it was an alright sleep over. We went to my room for a couple of hours and watched some ‘Thug Porn’ (what I secretly called porn that involved bigbootied hoes! Just the type that thugs loved). Later on my mom asked my friends and I to help her work on the garden together. But it was weird, my mom called Corey to the side gate of the house where she was working.He was inside for a while. I couldn’t make out what was going on because of the mass amount of branches blocking my vision. After a long time he came out with a smile, his tanned handsome faced had a shade of red and he looked like he had run a marathon. He avoided me a bit and was whispering secretly to the 11 year old Charlie.When Charlie got the idea of what Corey had told him, they both laughed and giggled. “What’s so funny?” I asked them. They both just said “nothing, just this thing that happened in school today”, and both continued their work.As time went by we finished the garden work and everyone had a refreshing beverage inside the kitchen.My friends and I were told to go to the shop, so I went with them and left my mom home alone. We were heading to the shops to pick up some bread for my mom. However I saw my good friend who I haven’t seen for 2 years. He asked me to go to the mall with him and the others to catch up on good times. So I asked, and rather stupidly I mightadd, that ‘Corey’ and ‘Charlie’ drop the bread off at my mom’s and to tell her I’d be back in an hour or so. “Yeah sure no problem,” they said. I noticed as they turnedaround they both giggled, I could only imagine why.They both went to my house, though I was in the mall, I couldn’t recall what they done next. I had fun talking and having fun with my old friend but the thought of whatthey were probably doing to my mom was giving me the butterflies. So I eventually said goodbye and got home a little early to see if my gut was telling me the truth.Are they fucking my mom?I got into the house as I had a key to myself. As soon as I shut the door behind me slowly I heard a loud gasp as if someone had just finished a 100-meter sprint. I slowly walked upstairs towards where the sound was coming from and it was getting louder and louder. I finally got upstairs and opened my mom’s bedroom door just slightly to get a peek. I saw my friends undressed, DAMN, and my mom was on all fours still with her top on but her skirt was completely off and was whispering stuff to them, like all sorts of lustful shit!I had managed to see Charlie’s camera phone on the other side of the room on the bedroom draws facing the bed with a flashing red light meaning its recording! So my mission was clear! Get that fucking phone and see what my thug friends were up to! I was so pissed at my friend then! I couldn’t believe they’d do this; and my mom let them!!!Moments later, I heard them talking about how I would be back from the mall. My mom said it would be best if they both get dressed in case I came back. This kick startedmy first plan of action. I walked to the güvenilir bahis front door, opened and slammed it to surprise them. I could hear them rustle and quickly get their clothes on as I walked back up the stairs pretending I just came back from the mall. Mom, Charlie and Corey all walked out into the hallway and greeted me as if nothing had happened. My plan hadworked and Charlie forgot his camera phone still on the bedroom draws. I took Charlies phone into my room but it was too risky watching it on the spot, I decided to send the digital video to my computer and watch it when they both leave the next morning.Charlie eventually realised that his phone was missing and raced up the stairway to find it. I had already placed it back where he left it on my mom’s bedroom draws and he grabbed It. Judging from his expression I knew he was thinking that he had got away with doing that stuff without me knowing. All night they joked about my mom andlaughed behind my back about me, but I knew, and it turned me on big time. They even had the ordasity to say my moms name in front of me while we were watching pornand cumming”Oh Joyce! Oh Joyce!!”The following morning had arrived and Corey and Charlie headed home around midday, laughing and giving each other a high-five as they strolled off into the distance withmy mom waving to them, blushing. I rolled my eyes to the bitter irony of my knowledge and the lustful activity that awaited in my room. I walked in and moved to my computer straight away to start the digital video.With a double click, the video started and I watched as Corey and Charlie sat beside my mother with their arms around her.”Do you want us mommy?” 11-year old Charlie said to my mom.”Yes!” my mother said to the thug boys “I’ve wanted you to fuck me for so long,”I was watching and “oh my god,” I couldn’t believe it!The video consisted of 16-year-old Corey and 11-year-old Charlie both fucking my mom in turns! It started off with some foreplay, Corey got my mom to suck his big Latincock whilst the Charlie was aggressively telling her to strip her top off and was sucking her big boobs! They flipped her over on her bed doggie style, on all fours and toggled down her skirt and tight pink underwear revealing her big fleshy butt to the camera. Both of them smiled to the camera and spread her big ass cheeks apart, showing off her tight pink asshole. Corey and Charlie laughed as they bounced her butt cheeks with their hands. Both of them attempted to nuzzle and rest their chins against her left and right butt cheeks as they tried to tongue her asshole. She squealed and squealed inpleasure, as both of them tasted her cherry soup flavoured butt.”Mmmm, just like cherry flavoured candy” little 11-year-old Charlie said. My mom giggled and pushed her fat candy ass back against his little mouth. Charlie took advantage of this opportunity and shoved his face into my moms crack excitedly and sucked against her hole hard. She did the same for Corey straight after. This seemed to be getting them very hot, me included as I tugged away watching it all play out to me as if it were a very vivid memory.Both Corey and Charlie decided to cut the foreplay and start fucking some momma. Charlie got behind my moms ass and mounted her, getting ready for the fuck of his 11-year-old life. He slid his little cock up and down her fat ass crack to keep himself turned on. 16-year-old Corey sneered and grabbed my mom by the hair and guided it to his thick brown cock. They both pushed against her at both ends and penetrated her. Charlie pushed and pounded against my mom’s ass and Corey sat back as she sucked away.I masturbated as I watched my mom getting spit roasted by my two best friends. She squealed between their young bodies. They both moaned “Mommy! Mommy!” together andthey humped and made strained pleasurable faces. Then they switched places, 16-year-old Corey porked his thick Latino dick and banged her from behind whilst she suckedand worshiped 11 year olds Charlie’s dick and balls! She was being such a fucking slut!Now days, I play ignorant whenever Charlie and Corey come over. In fact I make up so many situations where I leave my mom alone with them. I set up my own secret cameras to record them whenever they fuck and put them as files on my computer. Also, I didn’t delete the first video from Corey’s phone and the digital footage managedto make its way around the school. Corey and Charlie were considered champions and everyone laughed at me behind my back, if they only knew I knew. Over the course of the last few months all the boys in school have fucked my mom up the ass and I seemed none the wiser.Just the footage of my all my peers stripping naked and expressing their boyish heterosexuality as they fucked my milf of a mother made me the most sexually satisfied boy for my age.

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