My hubby encouraged me to exhibit


I am a 50 year old married woman with three sons. I am an Indian American, born and bred in USA . My hubby, an Arab American, is 10 years older than me. We got married when I was 21 and my hubby 31. Both have conservative family background.   My hubby is of a very loving nature. I am far more conservative than him. For the last five years or so we have had a fairly routine sex life. Lately, however, my hubby seems to be becoming hornier. He has started to indulge, and induce me too into fantasizing.. He says, and I am beginning to realize, that it is helping us to revive the sexier relationship that we enjoyed in our earlier years of marriage. However, most of his fantasies relate to the lifestyle in India where we visit quite often.  One of his fantasies is to see me exhibiting and getting fondled in a train or bus journey especially while we are visiting my extended family in Mumbai, India . Another one is to get seduced by a stranger or get involved in horny acts with a door to door salesman selling bras and ankara travesti panties. Yet another one is exhibiting to or seducing an electrician or plumber visiting home for repairs. One of his favorite fantasies is, while we are visiting India, to get seduced , fondled ( while giving measurements) and to even get my boobs and pussy touched  by a tailor while I visit him to get new blouses (ever more tighter and revealing) stitched for wearing with sarees at parties.. He also craves to go out with me on shopping trips or visits to parks with me wearing no panty and bras. One of his other favourite fantasies is to go without panties to shops particularly a shoe shop and let the salesman watch my pussy while he helps me to try the shoes. While the salesman is helping me my hubby encourages me to spread my legs wider. He fucks me so well after scenes in which my nudity makes the guy watching me crazy. He also loves to listen to any observations or sensual interactions that I may have experienced while traveling ankara travestileri without him to malls or exotic bazaars. On one occasion I actually got involved in acting out the fantasy short of getting fucked. He planned it: He did not go to the office and asked me, that while he will be watching discretely, I should exhibit my ass and boobs and even my pussy to the repairman who was to visit us later that day. He even suggested to me that I may put on a torn trouser that may make my ass and pussy visible while I sit or bend. While the oven repairman came and started working in the kitchen, my hubby hid himself in the small store room attached to the kitchen. As the repairman started to work on the oven, I started to imagine as to how I should do what my hubby had told me to do: exhibit my private parts. During the repair while the repairman had to lie down to get access behind the oven, he asked me if I could help him to hold one of his tools, a hammer, and hand him another one ( a 10 cm spanner) travesti ankara from his tool box. The moment he asked me to help him, my heart started pounding faster and faster. I sat down on the floor and while holding the hammer, I was searching for the right sized spanner in his box. While I searched for it I could see that his eyes were on my torn trousers. While I pretended that I did not know about my torn trousers and continued my search for the tool, I could see that he was getting a hard on. On the one hand I had my hubby in my mind watching me from behind the store room door and on the other I was getting horny wanting to be fondled by the repairman. At last I found the tool that he wanted. To hand it over to him I had to lie down and get as close to him as possible and stretch my hand fully to hand over the tool to him from underneath the oven. While I was doing that I saw that he had flicked his cock out from his flies. When I almost reached his chest lying down I could feel his hard cock on to my thighs through my torn trousers. While I felt his bulging cock, I also felt that I had become wet. At that moment he whispered into my ears that “you should get “this wet oven here” (pressing my wet pussy with his toe) fixed first”.

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