My Lovely Virgin Venus Lucy Pt. 01


This is in continuation of my story of Halala of my Virgin Cousin.

The tale of my first sexual adventure, which I narrated to my wives and sisters-in-law on their insistence to know about my prior sexual life.

Up to the age of eighteen, I had remained in perfect ignorance of all those sex related matters, which careful parents are always anxious to conceal from their children.

What so ever little information I had about sex, It was from text books of Science or from some hearsay.

It was around 5 years back when I was aged 18 and had finished my schooling. At the end of the month of March when I was walking in one of the streets of New Delhi, near our house, I saw two beautiful ladies coming in my direction. One of them was a tall woman about twenty-six years of age, who under other facts or conditions would have certainly received more than an approving quick look. But it was her companion that attracted my strong gaze with feelings of admiration, pleasure, desire, and wonder.

She was a young girl of Eighteen years with such amazing beauty of face and figure as I had never seen or dreamed of. Masses of bright, wavy, brown hair fell to her waist. Deep violet eyes looked out from under long curling lashes and seemed to laugh together with her full red lips. These and a thousand other charms I was to know later on, but what struck me most at this view, was the amazing and very unusual size and beauty of the girl’s bosom, shown to all possible advantage by her dress, in the true art of British style, She walked slowly and quietly in between she too glanced on me repeatedly, outlining her full and perfect form with a loving smile.

She was tall and flexible. young goddess, her short skirt showing a pair of her beautifully formed long legs, She was wearing plainly designed skin-colored silk stockings inviting attention. My eyes were fixed on that young and beautiful girl , I was definitely under enchantment caused by her sheer beauty.

Just when I reached near the pair, to my utter surprise, the older lady suddenly called my name. ‘Aamir, Aamir, Do you Gaziantep Otele Gelen Escort remember me?’ For a moment I was at a total loss, but the voice gave me the clue.

‘Yes, Miss I do’, I answered, ‘You are Miss Jane, who used to teach my sisters. What a pleasant surprise! What brings you to Delhi from Hyderabad?’ I said. My eyes were glued on that young girl. She also looked at me and found me looking at her, she blushed.

Ms. Jane noticed both of us exchanging glances.

”Quite right. But I have given up teaching, for which there is no need for me now. I am living here in a flat with my dear little friend. Let me introduce you, Meet Ms. Lucy -Aamir.’ her violet eyes laughed up at me; and the red lips parted presenting a merry smile. Dimples appeared at the center of her cheeks.

I was done for! Yes; at only eighteen of age, with no experiences in the phase of love, I went down before this lovely girl with her childish face smiling at me above the growing womanhood of her rounded breasts, and confessed myself defeated! I have lost my heart to her.

I requested Miss Jane to visit my house along with her friend, which was just around the corner for a cup of tea, but she politely refused, as she had some prior engagement. A moment or two later, I had with me Ms. Jane’s mobile number and address of her flat in my pocket, under promise to visit them on tea on the next day, since on that day they have planned to visit the Super-Market for shopping in that evening.

Unable to control my urge to see Lucy again, I waited there for them to return, hiding in a corner bush till long, but probably they took some different route or mode for their return.

In the evening I too visited the Super-Market and met Ms. Lucy and Ms. Jane again there. I greeted both Ms. Jane and Lucy. And Lucy too smiled at me. Lucy wanted to buy some Indian dress and I helped her in selecting a dress. I secretly bought a Red Choli & Lehnga (Indian Top & Skirt) for her and Ms. Jane.

Ms. Lucy was cheerful while we shopped and I felt that Ms. Lucy liked my company when-ever Ms. Jane left us alone.

I gave the gift to Ms. Jane and requested her to pass the gift I bought for ms Lucy to her. Ms. Jane accepted her gift, smiled, and encouraged me to gift it to her, myself, which I did and Ms. Lucy gleefully accepted my gift after getting a nod from Ms. Jane.

She wanted to try the dress but since they were getting late, Ms. Jane advised Lucy to try it at home as the shop keeper has promised to change the dress if the need so arises. But, I was sure that it shall fit her perfectly, as I have taken a fair measure of her figure and bosom while helping her to select a dress and while she was trying some dresses. Further, the dress gifted by me had only strings to tie.

I got so infatuated for Lucy that, in the evening, I decided to have a round of the address given to me by Ms. Jane to again catch a glimpse of lovely Lucy. Her flat was nearby my house and located on the First floor of the building. There was an under-construction building, right opposite to the Flat from where I could see all the windows of her flat. I climbed stairs to the second floor of that building under construction. It was getting Dark.

The lights of her flat were on and curtains were not drawn. I took the cover of natural darkness and firstly, I saw Lucy changing and trying the dress given by me. Seeing Lucy stripping, semi-nude, and then wearing that red dress I had a huge erection. My Pyjama was standing out as though an old-fashioned tent pole was underneath.

Lucy was on the other hand admiring her beauty in that Red Dress. She looked like an Angel, When she was looking at her in the mirror at that very moment.

After that I glanced at the other window of the other room, there Ms. Jane facing the window was riding on the top of a man, clasping him in a tight embrace, his hands were on Ms. Jane’s beautiful large white globes and was playing with her well-formed tits and from the thumping and movements of their bodies, I saw that they were enjoying themselves.

My erection was getting harder on seeing the two on the bed in that manner. I was so amazed and engrossed in watching their wonderful lovemaking that I almost forgot, why I was there and stood watching them till she raised herself off and laid on the bed on the side.

The man got up, standing naked with his back to me and started dressing, while Ms. Jane was still lying there on her back with her eyes closed facing the window, completely naked, her thighs wide apart, revealing to my ardent gaze a round white belly, the bottom part of which was covered with black curly hairs, which were smeared in whitish-looking creamy foam.

Ms. Jane opened her eyes, suddenly she noticed something, got up, kissed that man, and quickly grabbed the Lehnga Choli given by me to her as Gift. In the meantime, the Man also dressed up by that time and left the room. Ms. Jane drew the curtains of her room and switched off the light of her room.

I then glanced at the window where Lucy was trying to tie the knots of the top gifted by me looking at the mirror.

Ms. Jane entered the room of Ms. Lucy and came near the window and signaled to me to come by her fingers as she saw me ogling at the window. She took her Mobile phone and called me. My Mobile phone started to buzz and I picked the phone. Ms Jane told me to come to her flat immediately.

I got frightened by what is going to happen next, is she going to complain or report my conduct to my parents or call Police. My sisters always told me that she was a very strict Teacher. I was freezing at these thoughts so I begged her pardon on phone in a trembling voice. But she did not relent.

Ms. Jane commanded- Aamir, you cannot be pardoned for your offense on Mobile phone, come here immediately, to face the consequences of your conduct. She further said you had the courage to secretly view a young girl changing her clothes but no courage to face her. I again requested her to pardon me. She said If I wish to seek pardon then I have to come and meet her immediately.

Left with no other option, frightened and trembling, I reached her flat on the First floor, the door was open and Ms. Jane was standing there waiting for me with her mobile in her hand.

I received a message on my Mobile phone from Ms. Jane.


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