My Maria Scene 3A


Maria put down the phone so Karen and I could hear what was going on at her house. Maria was a petite Latina lady who liked to put on shows for me with her old and new friends. This was the third one that I was about to see. In the last show Maria had Lucy and Karen. Now Karen was with me. We saw the look of disappointment on Maria’s face as she and Lucy looked up at us waving. Lucy said, “Without Karen we can explore more of each other.” Maria perked up at that and kissed Lucy. Lucy was a very petite Asian girl about 4 inches shorter than Maria. Her body was tight and perfectly proportioned to her size. Maria helped lift the dress over Lucy’s head. Lucy was naked underneath. Maria took in a quick breath. Lucy said, “I knew I was coming here. So I went commando. I did not want to waste time disrobing.” Maria smiled and kissed Lucy hard on her bronze lips. Lucy opened her mouth and Maria bit her lip and pulled on it. Their hands roamed each other’s bodies. They explored, poked, prodded, pulled and rubbed each other. They were breathing hard and moaning when their lips broke apart. There was sweat glistening off their bodies. Maria picked up Lucy and carried her to the bed. The strap on and dildo were on the bed waiting. Maria took Lucy and laid her so Karen and I could see her pussy and her butt. She grabbed Lucy’s breasts and squeezed them making the nipples pop out. Her mouth covered one breast biting the nipple and pulling on it. Lucy screamed softly. Maria’s hand was pulling the other nipple. They were stretched about four inches. It was amazing to see how pliable they were. Lucy was getting so turned on that her hips were undulating while this was happening. Maria kept Acıbadem Escort attacking Lucy’s tits. Lucy wanted to get to Maria but she kept moving away at every advance. This frustrated Lucy. Finally she just stopped advancing and enjoyed Maria’s probing and pulling getting caught up in the pleasure. Her moaning grew louder as Maria moved down her body with her mouth and hands. Maria kissed across Lucy’s stomach causing it to ripple and undulate. Lucy was giggling because it tickled. Maria moved down to Lucy’s mound searching for her clit with her tongue. Her tongue was hard and drove Lucy wild. Her clit was standing up out of its hood waiting to be kissed, sucked and bitten. As Maria moved over Lucy’s clit Lucy was rubbing Maria’s breasts. Maria’s nipples were hard but nowhere near as large as Lucy’s. Lucy’s hands grabbed Maria and pulled on her breasts causing Maria to cry out. Maria was probing Lucy’s pussy with her fingers and spreading the swollen outer lips to get into her love channel. The love channel was wide open and sopping wet from all the kissing and probing. Maria was not going to use the sex toys today. It was going to be just fingers, hands and tongues. Maria had big plans to explore how much Lucy could take. She knew Lucy liked big wide long cocks. That meant that her pussy would stretch really wide and take anything that was put in it. Maria started by putting three fingers deep into Lucy. Lucy moaned and bucked against the hand. After a little humping on three fingers Maria added a fourth. Lucy was moving continuously now. Groaning and moaning noises were coming from Lucy. Lucy yelled, “More More I want more inside Acıbadem Escort Bayan me.” Maria took her whole hand and pushed it way inside Lucy. She had never had her hand inside a woman’s pussy before. She felt around and pushed in and out. Lucy was leaking juice constantly now. Her hips were bouncing up and down following Maria’s hand movements. Maria had moved her mouth to cover Lucy’s swollen clit. The clit was throbbing when it was nibbled by Maria. Lucy moaned, “Put your other hand in my ass. I want to have both holes filled.” Maria was not sure if that was a good thing. She had just put one hand in Lucy’s pussy and now she wanted the other in her ass. She moved her free hand to her nether hole. It was puckered but as the thrusting continued it was gaping open when her ass moved out. It looked like three fingers could fit in there, so Maria thrust three of her fingers in Lucy’s ass. Lucy gasped and screamed, “That feels so good but add more. I can take it. I want it right now.” Maria, who was never one to be shy or hold back, moved her whole hand into Lucy’s waiting ass. It was swallowed up just like the hand in Lucy’s pussy. Both hands were wrist deep in this tiny Asian woman who was rocking and rolling with each thrust. Maria could feel the hands touching inside. It was the strangest feeling but somehow very erotic. She was getting aroused and leaking juices from her pussy. Lucy’s pussy started to contract on Maria’s hand as her orgasm was starting to build. Both hands could feel it coming. As Lucy came Maria pulled her hand out of her ass with a load sucking sound. There was cum shooting from Lucy’s pussy as she squirted Escort Acıbadem across the bed. Maria had never seen a woman squirt so hard. Karen and I sat mesmerized by what we just saw. We were naked with Karen on my lap. Her hand was gripping my hard cock. As Maria and Lucy recovered from that kinky act, Karen got on her knees and took me in her mouth. Her tongue ran up and down the length of my shaft urging me to go deeper. I pushed deeper into her mouth and her throat throbbed around my cock. She held me there moving up and down my swollen shaft. When the action started again next door she released me from her mouth and sat on my lap pushing my hard cock into her hot wet pussy and holding me there. She wriggled at little to get me into her so she could feel it. I was moaning. Now it was Lucy’s turn to claim Maria. Karen and I sat wondering what could make Maria happy and squirm. Lucy and Maria were kissing, not just any kissing but devouring each other’s mouths. Tongues were moving in and out lips were being bitten and pulled faces were covered with kisses. If you have ever heard the term “Sucking Face” then you know what was happening. Lucy was hungry for Maria and we were in for a real treat. Lucy’s lips were busy moving all around Maria’s head and face. There was not a spot on Maria’s face that had not been kissed. The neck was next to be kissed. Ever so gently Lucy kissed and sucked on Maria’s neck under her ear. A long moan could be heard coming from deep within Maria. Lucy kissed and caressed Maria’s neck a bit more and started trailing kisses between Maria’s breasts. She licked the cleavage there and moved to her left breast. Her hand came up and squeezed the right breast. The nipple on the right breast popped up and Lucy’s fingers grabbed and pulled it. Another moan came from Maria. Lucy’s lips took purchase upon her left nipple sucking it hard into her mouth. With her lips flared exposing her teeth she bit down on the hard nipple pulling it away from the breast.

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