My Master’s Liberty


Bound without ropes my mind is set freeBut pushing the limits work best for me When I tease and taunt with much carnal flairArousing his interest shows Master I care But when acting the brat and am full of sassMaster bends me over and spanks my bare ass I coo with each strike as my skin turns beet redPraying each blow to pleasure Master in bed The rules and boundaries sometimes get Ankara Rus Escort lostI want Master happy at whatever the cost If I have behaved badly according to himDenial is punishment that some may find grim On my hands and knees with my ass in the airI spread myself wide exposing everything bare Master pulls back my Yenimahalle Escort locks as he taps me to moanHe says, “Shh… little one,” with a commanding tone With each touch on wetness the closer I edgeI then feel his hardness pressing me like a wedge My hot body tingles as it aches to be filledA burgeoning orgasm continues to build He then grabs my hips and thrusts in me hardThe depth of his force catches me off guard My scream shocks Master now deep insideCausing him to cum hard filling me with more pride Although aroused to the limit I cannot cum tooTo do so without permission is absolutely taboo After Master is done he directs me to kneelHis eyes on my collar confirms this appeal I open my mouth and with tongue I now cleanSome think denied orgasm is unfairly mean Submitting to Master is what fills my heartHim edging my body is how he does start Author’s note: Thank you G for working with me. Your editing and input is always appreciated. Look forward to more collaborations.  

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