My Master’s Love Pt. 1


My Master’s Love Pt. 1It’s late one night and I know that I’m way past curfew. “My Master’s going to kill me for being late without even calling to let him know that I wasn’t coming home. Maybe I can lie and tell him that I was out studying or working on a group project or something..” I come sneaking through the front door, slip my high heels off and tiptoe quietly across the living room floor, trying not to make any noise as I slowly work my way towards the stairs.Little do I know that my Master is sitting in the dark on the couch. Just as I begin to think that I’m in the clear, He flips on the lamp. I jump in surprise and swirl around quickly.”He looks angry. I’m in so much trouble.” I begin to panic as my Master gets off the couch and begins to walk towards me.”Do you have any idea what time it is?!” He doesn’t holler at me, but the calm tone of his voice scares me even more than if he were to yell. I nod slowly as he grabs my chin. “What time is it then, slave?”I look down at the ground, desperately trying not to look him in the eyes. “A little after 2 a.m. I think Master.” He shakes his head angrily and puts his hand around my throat. He doesn’t choke me though, just rests his hand on my throat.I whimper softly, since I know what is about to come next.”Where have you been then, slut?” “I was at the library studying Master. You know college finals are this week.” I whisper gently. I look up into his eyes just in time to see them flash with anger. I notice him drawing his hand back. “No you weren’t. DON’T YOU DARE LIE TO ME!” He raises his voice just a little bit. “WHERE WERE grandbetting yeni giriş YOU?””I was at Amy’s house Master.” I whimper, frightened.”Doing what!?” His temper starts to rise now and his fingers tighten slightly around my throat.”Nothing, Master. We just watched a movie.””You’re lying again. You were drinking you stupid little bitch. I can smell the alcohol. You smell like you’ve done nothing but hang out in a bar for a fucking week!”I cry out in pain as he closes his fingers around my throat even more. There’s a sharp *SMACK* as he slaps me right across the face. I gasp as the right side of my face starts to sting horribly.”Now you see, if you had come home on time. I would have fucked you, you insolent bitch, but you weren’t here! I found someone else. Get your slutty ass up to your room and think about what the hell you did wrong!”Tears start to flow down my cheek at his words. I know he knows this is the way to hurt me the most. You see my Master knows that I’m in love with him and the worst way to hurt me is to tell me he fucked another person. He follows me up the stairs, pushing me into my little “room” which is really a closet in His bedroom. I choke back sobs as I strip naked and listen as he locks the door. I hear a woman’s voice calling to my Master and my whole body becomes wracked with sobs. I bury my face in the pillow and try to drown out the noises of their pleasure. This is the worst punishment I have ever received. I would rather be beaten senseless than have to listen to this.I wake up the next morning, my eyes red and swollen grandbetting giriş from crying until who knows what time of the morning. Light comes landing on my bed and there’s only one way that this is possible. I tilt my head up to see my door wide open and my Master standing there. I fight back more tears at the slight smile on his face, wishing I could have been the one to put it there.”She’s gone, pet.” He smiles at me as if there’s nothing wrong in the world and he didn’t just shatter my entire world in a few short hours.I simply nod and wrap my arms around my legs, hugging myself and also covering my body from him on purpose. That’s a big no-no with my Master. I’m never to conceal any part of myself from him.The smile in his eyes becomes one of anger and amusement. He walks over to my bed and pulls my arms away from legs. “You know better slut.” He whispers in my ear, then nibbles on my lobe. I cry out in excitement and anguish. I don’t want to be aroused by him, but he always knows where to get me. “You had to be punished and a whipping just didn’t seem appropriate for such blatant disrespect and disobedience.”I pull away from him quickly and turn my back to him. I’m fighting back tears yet again. I can hear him sigh in agitation and my shoulders begin to shake just a little bit. I begin to sob quietly. The next thing I know, my Master’s naked body is pressed against my back, his erection pressing against my thigh.”Do you understand why I did what I did?” He asks me quietly, pushing against me just slightly.”Yes Master.” I whine in response, straining grandbetting güvenilirmi back against him gently.”Ask for forgiveness then, slut.” His voice breaks with this sentence. “You won’t get fucked until you do.””Please Master, please forgive me. It’ll never happen again. Please Master?” I beg incoherently as he pushes me onto my back, him above me. He traces the head of his cock around my aroused cunt. “You’re forgiven slut.” He groans.I buck my hips eagerly against his cock, wanting him to fill me. “Please, please..” I beg helplessly before wrapping my legs around his waist.He pushes against my entrance as he bites my nipple hard. I scream out loud as he fills me full of his delicious cock. He tugs harder on my nipple, my cunt tightens eagerly around his stiff, long erection. He keeps thrusting and thrusting, harder, faster as I meet his thrusts eagerly in time. I cling to his shoulders as my body shudders underneath the weight of him. “Please Master, let me cum… please let me cum.” I whine and whimper, squirming desperately under him.”Go bitch. Cum all over my hard cock.” He commands as my eyes begin to roll back in my head.”Thank you Master.” I scream and bite down on his shoulder lightly as my body jerks in pure ecstasy beneath his. I cum instantly again when I feel his cock pulse deep inside me. I tighten my legs around him, holding him in place as best as I can.He finally rolls off of me and pulls me into his side. “I’m so sorry Master.” I whisper softly in his ear, fighting back tears again. “You’re forgiven, my pet. sleep now. I know you didn’t last night.”I do as I’m told and bury my face in his chest, drifting off into a dream land where my Master loves me just as much as I love him.As I sleep, little do I know that my Master’s kissing me on the forehead and pulling the blanket over the both of us, trying to figure out how to tell me he loves me.

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