My name is Siobhan


My name is SiobhanMy name is Siobhan and I am a lesbian…. Sorry, let me just correct that by saying that I was a total lesbian all my life and thought that I always would be until my world was turned upside down.I had my 21st birthday two days ago and about two weeks before then I was really looking forward to seeing mum and dad for my birthday. Because I live away from home they said that I can have a party or we can all go out to dinner with all the rest of my family. I had to let them know at least a week before my 21st so they could plan ahead. I was just happy to stay at home and have a quiet dinner with mum, dad and my 18 year old sister and just spend the weekend catching up with them.Now let me tell you about myself and explain why I live away from home. I am a lesbian and I have a sexy girlfriend who lives with me and my parents have no idea that I’m a lesbian and think that I share the apartment with another friend who works with me. If they ever found out the truth about me and my way of life then I could only imagine them being totally disgusted and have nothing to do with me. It was getting harder and harder for me to keep my secret while living under their roof that I couldn’t wait to finish school, get a job and then move out. When I heard from my girlfriend Julie that there was a job coming up at her work I quickly told my parents and they were happy for me but sad to know that it was so far away from them. I got the job and moved. Moving to this job changed my life like I never thought it could. Let me just explain what I mean and you tell me if you could have lived at home as a lesbian in my horny state of affairs.I had my first lesbian experience when I was just 15 years old. I started playing with myself at the age of ankara escort 13 while dreaming about some of the hot girls from school. Going to an all girls schools had its ups and downs. The ups were seeing so many sexy girls there every day that at night I would add to my horny thoughts when masturbating. The downs were that I was too scared to really get to know them as my only intension was to fuck them. There were many girls who turned to lesbianism and were not afraid to let it be known. These girls were always the hottest looking ones around and I knew that they all fucked each other at some point in time and that most of them would go straight when they got older. They would openly talk to other lesbians about how they fucked others with dildos and strapons and most of them liked the strapon fucking the most. They all wondered what a real cock was going to be like and said they will have to try it. I was one of these good looking school girls and I think because I was so shy and very quiet that they didn’t bother wasting their time on me. Maybe they thought I was straight because of my natural blond hair and sexy tight body. It didn’t bother me as I knew that I could have anyone of them in my horny dreams.Hearing them talk about sex made my mind go crazy with thoughts of being fucked by these girls. I had thoughts of them on top of me with a strapon slamming into my horny cunt. I had to fuck myself with whatever I had at the time of my sexual urges and in my younger days I started by inserting one finger in my cunt while I rubbed my clit to a blur. The more I heard about their sex play the more I masturbated. I used hairbrushes and small shampoo bottles and even vegetables until I made my body surrender to its finale orgasm. ankara escort bayan I would be covered in sweat and gasping as it took me longer and longer to get off. I noticed that the older I got, the hornier I became and the more I aroused myself the harder I had to fuck myself to get off. I was now abusing my cunt and loving it. My clit was so sensitive and yet I would pinch it and pull it as hard as I could while shoving items in and out of my throbbing cunt. I knew how much my cunt could handle to the point of being able to fist fuck myself and push the knuckle of my thumb against my g-spot towards a shattering climax. I learnt that if this felt good then I had to explore my body even further, and I did. I noticed that my anus would pulse so much during my intense orgasms that sometimes I felt like I would shit myself. This gave me the filthiest thought that even surprised me. I decided to see how sensitive my ass hole was by pushing against it when I orgasmed next. Once again I stabbed my wet cunt with only three fingers forcing my cunt juice to leak out and run down the crack of my ass. Harder and harder I forced my fingers in and out of my cunt. I was going to push against my ass hole the very second I started cumming. Harder and harder I went at it until it started to kick in. I flattened three fingers side by side from my free hand and pressed them flat against my throbbing anus. As soon as my fingers touched me hole I gasped as my orgasm hit me. I felt the contractions in my cunt and my ass spasm under my fingers as if trying to suck them in. With all that cunt juice around my hole I lost all control and felt myself pushing my middle finger into it. The muscle was gripping my intruding finger and felt brutal. This escort ankara I liked and decided to fight back. I pulled it out and quickly smeared more of my juices around my hole and finger and then fed it back in a bit deeper. My orgasm was so powerful that I forced my finger to continue sliding deeper and deeper as I thrust my hips off the bed. Every nerve in me was screaming for me to stop. Now my three fingers in my cunt felt the finger in my ass and my orgasm brutally attacked my entire body. My fingers duelled against each other through the thin wall of my cunt as my body bucked and spasmed all over the bed. It was part painful but very powerful and I loved it. That was the hardest and longest orgasm of my life. Now I have to be more brutal on myself to get off and I can fuck myself for hours to many mind blowing orgasms. I can fuck my ass with large dildo’s and cum without even touching my cunt or clit. The more I masturbated the fitter I felt as there is no better way to exercise than fucking yourself as hard as hell and cuming as hard as you can.Now I have a good group of lesbian friends who are very much like me. The harder we fuck each other until where’re covered in cunt juice and sweat, the better. There are a few who can’t take too much of the rough stuff but love dishing it out. They get so turned on by brutally fucking up another woman that sometimes it brings them to their own orgasms. Some like nothing better than watching a woman screaming and begging for you to stop while your body is trembling through a massive orgasm. Once I had this crazy bitch who wanted us to fist fuck each other at the same time and keep fisting through our orgasms until one of us passed out. I found out that she won because I passed out and was woken up by some bitch pissing on my face and bringing me around. I find that most of the older women are the dirtiest which is just how I like it. And I really love the ones who are close to my age and quickly want to enjoy the brutal side of sex.

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