My Next Door Neighbour


Now I have to tell someone this story of how I got this beautiful young woman to be my willing sex slave and slut. She will do anything for me no matter what it is. It all started a few years ago. I had lived next door to this family for many years, their only daughter is who this story is about. It started about a month before her 18th birthday when she started dating this guy. She would come to talk with me about what guys want because she was too afraid to talk to her dad or brothers about it. She was interested in sex and all the aspects of it but she didn’t want to give her virginity away to just anyone or be forced into it.

About two months later it was her 18th birthday and she was having a party at her house while her parents were away for the weekend. It was getting late and I was up in my study and could hear the party ending even through my closed windows. I glanced out my window as I saw someone walking into the backyard next door, and it was her with her boyfriend going to the swinging bench seat. I opened my window to listen and watch as they made out and fondled each other, I got very turned on. I have been very attracted to her for years; however with her age and my own of 31 I would not jeopardize my career for it but I oh so thought about it on several occasions.

As I sat there listening I heard him say something about me watching, but I kept at work on the computer which did face the window. I never did look down directly but rather kept my eye out on them as he started to get rough. And more then once she had to tell him to stop and take it easy. Hell she even told him she wanted to have sex with him but to be gentle about it.

I guess the fifth time is the charm for her cause she finally pulled down her shirt and up her skirt and told him enough. Now I did look on as he got mad and stood up, called every name in the book including “blue baller,” “bitch,” “slut,” and a few other choice words. In the middle of it I turned off my light and my computer so that I could appear to be doing normal things when I went down stairs.

As I exited outside through the kitchens patio door I could hear her crying somewhere. So I walked over to the shed near the fence line, and saw her sitting in the grass near the swing.

“Nicole?……are you alright Hun?”

She responded in a very raspy and broken voice, “ye….yes…..yes I…I’m….fine”

“sure you are Nicole. I totally believe ya. Now tell me what’s wrong?”

Nicole giggled at the sarcasm and relaxed some as she straightened up and looked at me, “thanks I needed that. Its my boyfriend he is SUCH A FRICKING JERK. All men are now that I think about it.”

As I listened to her I saw her nipples were still hard thru her blouse and her skirt showed her nice shaved and smooth legs. “Yeah, it’s a good thing I am not one of them ya know.”

Again she laughed hard at this and stood up walking over to the fence as she would when we would talk. I looked at the house and noticed there were still plenty of people there. “Who’s watching over the house? Brother?”

“Yeah, the parents didn’t trust me alone Gaziantep Elden Ücret Alan Escort with the party and you know dad the cop there is a squad that passes by all the time too.”

I watched her face form behind and to the side as her eyes closed and fluttered softly to my hands caressing her breasts in and up softly and yet firmly. Her nipples poking thru her blouse were being pinched slightly between fingers. Her moans became louder as her nipples became more sensitive.

Kissing her ear lobe now and then slowly suckling it into my mouth she groaned out, “mmmmmmm, feels soooo good.”

Stopping long enough to whisper softly in her ear, “has anyone ever done this for you before?”

“No,” her words are so soft as she is so relaxed, “not until now.”

“Guess you have only been with boys, huh?”

Not letting her answer, my fingers pinched her nipples through her shirt. So instead of a verbal response, I got a loud groan telling me she enjoyed it. With her nipples hard nubs now I pushed into them with two fingers.

Nicole arched her back making her breasts extend out to my fingers as they pushed in now. Her head began to roll from side to side slightly as the nipples were pushed into her breasts and the heat of her body.

The fabric was slick and hard to keep pressure on her nipples the whole time, but the fingers pushed as far as they could and twisted slightly making her legs weaken as her hips were rubbing side to side. One of her hands came to my head to rub my scalp as I kissed her neck, the other hand gripped mine over her breasts and rubbed them gently and lovingly.

I kept at her hard nubs and nipples’ knowing no one has ever treated her body like the temple it was. The way a woman’s body should be aroused totally and completely so she can truly enjoy its wonders.

I kissed over the back of her neck, just above her spine and let the tongue touch her skin lightly and lick her. She bent her head forward to let me kiss more. Nicole’s hand tried to bring my hand down her body more, but I continued to let the fingers twist the fabric into her nipples and then pinching them hard between the fabric. Nicole groaned loud and arched more into my fingers until I let them go.

The fingers let the nipples go through into the cooler air. She moaned as the air touched her hot hard nipples. She took a deep hard breath in as the cool air hit her.

I walked around to her right side, and gripped her hands in mine and pulled her softly down the hall and into my body face to face.

I leaned down to kiss her softly on the lips, making it a very deep passionate soft kiss. Hands bringing her arms around my waist as I then put mine around hers and pulling her in tight. While kissing her still, I begin turning her slowly so her back is facing the wall now.

My hands glide down her back to her hips as I push us back slowly into the wall. As her back touches I kiss her harder and let her go right up against the wall.

My tongue begins to part our lips and teasing hers with soft touches in and out of our lips. Her sighs into our kiss and her surprise as the cool wall touches her back and ass with a soft groan.

I unzip her skirt from behind and let it drop to the floor as our kiss gets harder and more passionate.

I pull away form the kiss sucking on her lower lip with a sigh as the hands run up under her shirt now to her bra and caress her breasts again softly.

I begin kissing down her jaw now to her neck. With each kiss my tongue touches her skin softly then lifts up and touches again with the next kiss. Each kiss goes down her body more and more.

The hands and fingers press in her breasts forcing her body into the wall with each deep caress. As my kisses reach her neck and chest area the hands begin to glide down her body again.

Nicole’s hands go to my head and hair as I skip down her body past her shirt with my kisses. All the way to her tummy and kissing around her navel as the hands grip her silk lace panties. Fingers going inside them as I look down seeing them soaking wet in her juices.

I began to push down her panties to her thighs and let the cool air hit her hot moist pussy now. Looking up into her eyes I ask, “Have you ever felt someone’s tongue on your pussy, clit, or inside you?”

She began to push her hips out as I spoke, biting her lips, and shaking her head softly side to side.

“Don’t be scared. I will just let my mouth and tongue play with you some. I bet your juices taste good.”

With her panties down past her knees now I kiss down her tummy to the top of her pussy. She trimmed her pussy for her boyfriend a nice little piece of brown hair landing strip above her slit was so soft to the lips as I began to kiss down more.

I ran my tongue down her slit once and heard her sigh and push out instantly into my mouth and face with her hips. Looking up I saw her head roll back onto the wall and her eyes half close.

I licked again up her slit and watched her head roll side to side and moan this time with a harder lick. Her fingers gripped my hair instead of rubbing as I licked again harder up and down this time in one motion.

Her breathing was become faster and faster almost a panting as the tongue again licked up and down and gliding in between the lips now as it kept going up and down.

She was moaning softly at first with the tongue inside her, but as she relaxed and trusted me more she became louder and louder. Her whole body tensed in one motion and she held her breathe.

My tongue touched her clit just then and I could see her lips bite down and feel her hips push hard into my mouth. My hands pushed her legs apart more for me as I kneeled now in front of her. My tongue never left her clit as I moved around. Her breathing was now deep gasps as she stood there against the wall.

Tossing her panties behind me into the living room my tongue began to circle her clit. She was so aroused by now she gave a small scream as her body writhed under my touches. Her body gave me a small orgasm. But not one I wanted from her, this surprised me. She sighed deeply as my tongue continued to circle her clit. It was swollen and very sensitive.

“Thank you,” she said. “That was great.”

Bringing my tongue off her clit and into my mouth again as I look up, “Nicole that was nothing, I want you to feel a real orgasm and have more then one.”

She looks down at me with a look of surprise at my words, “Thought those were just stories, fantasies, or myths.”

Without saying another word my fingers parted her pussy and my tongue flicked her clit back and forth firmly and fast. She reacted instantly with a groan and arching out into my face and her head writhing on the wall again.

I continually flick the clit back and forth fast and firmly just over the tip of the clit. Hands on her hips and tummy with fingers pulling the lips apart, they can feel her muscles tighten in the hips and tummy. I then push on the clit with the tongue, once it has swollen and became sensitive again. My lips surround the pussy now as I push the teeth over the area of her clit. Tongue slowly letting it up into my teeth, and then wrapping my lips around her clit. Humming very roughly and making her clit vibrate as she moans out very loud and her whole body writhes on the wall. Her fingers are like vice grips in my hair pulling me into her pussy.

My lips and voice in unison making her clit vibrate hard and long. The vibrations being felt into her hips and tummy areas, as my lips begin to suck on her pussy and she wants to cum. I insert a finger into her pussy and tap her g-spot firmly and softly. As I begin to do this she screams out, “OHHHHH MY GOOOOOOOODDDDD!!”

Her pussy squirts out cum as her whole body explodes into an orgasm. My finger continues to tap her g-spot as I hum on her clit. Her pussy keeps squirting out cum onto the floor, my chest, my neck, my lips, and my finger in her pussy.

As I feel her orgasm begin to fade I slowly starting flicking the tip of her clit inside my mouth. She squeals again a whimpering, “Nooooo, more, OHHHH”

She takes a gasp and again, “Please…..OHHH MYYYY…..GOOOODDDDD!”

Her body again spasms in reaction to this stimulation and another wave of an orgasm hits and washes over her body. Her cum pours out slowly this time as my finger exits. My mouth begins encircle her pussy and suck up all her juices.

My tongue lets her clit go and rubs all over her lips as I suck her juices out of her pussy. She is so sensitive her pussy quivers at these touches. Her legs are weak and wobbly as she stands before me. My hands let her pussy go and wrap around her back to hold her up as I continue to lick and suck her pussy. Sighing deeply as I taste her juices, “Nicole, mmmmmm, you taste so good. Your pussy is magnificent.” My tongue goes back to licking her clean.

Her fingers loosen on my hair and begin to rub again. She is breathing very deeply trying to slow down. As she gasps she says, “Oh my god. You are incredible Sir. I have….never…..felt like that…..EVER before….”

I stand before her and kiss her softly on the lips letting her taste her juices on my lips and tongue. Breaking back form the kiss after a short while, “we are not done yet, Nicole. We have just begun your journey to sexual enjoyment.”

I wink at her as I kiss her again, leaning into her as she is pressed into the wall.

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