My Pleasure Pole


 I often like to use it, Or let another see. But why then does it harden? Sometimes simply just to pee? There are many other reasons, That he likes it in my hand. He stays active in all seasons But he doesn’t like the sand. Some wonder if he’s crazy, I will never really know. When he wants to just stay lazy, isveçbahis And not come to join the show. At times he is plain lazy, He just lays there while massaged. But then out comes the temptation, As he jumps as if barraged. You see I have this fetish, That some really must not know. See, he never isveçbahis giriş has been pettish He just wants at times to grow My hand has been a devil, Wants to rub and play with him. This can happen when blood vessels, Cause the swelling of this limb. Let’s remember certain lushies, Who seem isveçbahis yeni giriş to tease and poke him so. It seems to bring them pleasure, Knowing words can make him grow. So I wonder if those people, Who like to tease and cause the rise? Have a picture of a steeple, With a sticky white surprise? So, this wondrous stimulation, Helps our bodies to relax? I would rather think gyration, And a lust filled, quick attack. Either way it seems so silly, To not sit back and enjoy. Just think how all these willy’s, Help to save are much used toys.

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