My Roommate Matt and I again


This story and thread are 100% true as best as I can remember them. This whole thread took place in the summer of 2011. My roommate and good friend Matt and I had awkwardly discovered our bisexual sides through his girlfriend. That led to us playing together alone, unknown to her. This is one of those times shortly after I let Matt try anal on me. A couple of weeks or so after Matt and I had been together, things had pretty much returned to “normal” or our new “normal”. We were both working a lot and saw each other mostly in passing at home. I had been spending more time at my girlfriend Michelle’s house and a little less at mine. To be honest, the excitement I got from Matt and I being together really ramped up my sexual urges, not just for him, but sex in general. To put it plainly, I was fucking Michelle a lot. Matt was out of town a lot for work and he was also fucking a very cute brunette manager at the hotel he was staying at. Matt would text me pictures of her and what he had done with her. I loved it, and when I wasn’t fucking Michelle, I was jerking off to his pics and texts. One Monday evening during isvecbahis a week when Matt was back in town, I was at Michelle’s house, watching a movie. I got a text from Matt. He wanted to know what I was doing and where I was. I found out after I got home he had been to a work golf outing and had had a few drinks. He wasn’t drunk, but he was feeling a good buzz. “Have u fucked her yet?” he texted me. “Probably not 2nite, she’s falling asleep on the couch.” I replied. The next text I got was a pic of his erect cock. I could tell he was lying on his bed. “I’m not tired,” he messaged back. I decided to play this a little more. “Maybe I’m tired too,” I sent back. About five minutes later, I got a pic back that sent my heart racing. It was a pic of him in the full-length mirror in his closet. He was completely naked and bent over at the waist a little, with his ass in front of the mirror. “You liked grinding on this last time,” the message said. No way could I stay at Michelle’s, I was getting so hot. I was trying to figure out how to get away. I got another text. Matt wanted to know when I last fucked her and what isveçbahis giriş she was wearing. I told him it was the day before. “Bring the panties she had on with you.” I told him I would try to find them. I got up and went to the bathroom where her hamper was. I moved some shirts and jeans and I found the purple bikini panties she had worn. I stuffed them in my pocket, then went in to tell her Matt had a flat tire and needed help and that I would call her later. When I got home, I went immediately to Matt’s room. He was lying on his king bed, totally naked, with a porno on the TV. Up to this point I had only ever seen him naked a handful of times. Seeing his semi-hard cock and naked body on the bed gave me an amazing rush. He took a drink from what I found out later was a tall rum and coke on the nightstand. I pulled Michelle’s panties out of my jeans pocket. “Here you go,” I said as I tossed them to him. “Nice!” he said. He put them to his face and sniffed them. “Fuck, she’s hot, Jay, I bet her pussy gets so fucking wet.” The sight of him doing that pushed me over the top. I had a raging hard-on that isveçbahis yeni giriş actually made my whole body move. I slid my jeans and underwear off in one motion. It felt so good to have my cock out of my pants. I bent over the edge of the bed and licked from Matt’s balls to the tip of his cock. He let out a sigh. I took him in my hand and started sucking him. I was taking out all of my arousal on his cock. I looked up, and he was still sniffing Michelle’s panties and watching me at the same time. I moved lower, still stroking him with my hand, and sucked each of his balls. I took each of them in my mouth, then licked over his entire sack, enjoying how soft his skin was and how sensitive it was to my tongue. When I moved back to his cock, he pushed my head down on it harder. “Gag on that fucking cock,” he said to me. I could tell he liked it, so I made extra sure I was sloppy, getting saliva all over it and dripping down his balls. After several minutes, he bent one leg and opened it wide. “Taste my asshole, Jay, like before,” he said in a kind of quiet voice. I thought at the time that he was still not completely comfortable with our meet-ups, and he was a little embarrassed. After I realized he was a little drunk, I decided I would see how far I would get being more assertive. I got on the bed on my stomach, between his legs.

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