My Second Affair Part IV


My Second Affair Part IVBefore I continue with this story a word of advice for all you women reading this that have never experienced having sex with two men. DO IT! At least once in your life do someting you have always dreamed about and wished for. But it is most important that the first time it is meaningful and passionate. Have them make love to you. After that, honey, let nature take it course. I guess it would be okay to have your husband as one of the guys but I think you will be less inhibited with two other men.I could not believe how wonderful it would feel to actually have two men at the same time. Without a doubt the best birthday present I ever received. And in Part V I will tell you how I repaird my hubby for his gift. The feeling of two cocks providing me with what at the point had been the ultimate experience. I’m not even sure why I was nervous at the outset. I knew why Ken was there. He and Stan were going to fuck me. My concern about being naked in front of a second man did not seem to matter as I took each one of them after my first threesome.I freshened up after doing the two of them and we went out on the veranda. Stan brought us some wine. It was fun looking at them as their eyes were fixated on me with my legs spread wide open and their hands doing there best to revive their cocks. The threesome with them and sex with each one only served to enhance my needs. Well, the fact is it only made me hornier. As they pulled their chairs together I went over and got on my knees. Stan, having been the last one to fuck me, needed a little more attention. I lifted his balls up and licked his cock from the tip to the base then mariobet güvenilirmi back up to the head. I put my mouth on his cock and lowered my head, his cock slowly disappearing inside my mouth. Ken pleaded with me to help him out and I switched over to him. He held my head and gently pushed it down. He was just as excited having his cock in my mouth for the third time that evening has he had been the first time. It was time. Time to forego all the niceties and get fucked. Ken lifted me up and carried me to the bedroom. My legs spread open automatically as my body hit the mattress. Ken was down there before I was expecting him. Down there. His mouth and tongue licking, kissing and sucking on my pussy. Stan must have been just as hungry as he replaced Ken. I was so wet! Stan lifted me off the bed and had me lean over the back of a chair. His stiff cock easily slid inside me. I was hoping that since they had both cum twice already that they might last a little longer. As they swapped places a couple of times I realized that they were getting as much pleasure out of that evening as I was. Just the three of us alone, naked and willing to share everything. I wanted to cum so bad!Stan said something to Ken that I did not hear. All I know is that for the next ten minutes of so my pussy was ravaged by the cocks. I came first for Ken, his cock covered with my pussy juices. Then Stan showed me no mercy. He banged my pussy hard and fast as another orgasm was reached. What ever they had said to each other would come to light. They said it was there turn. Taken back to the bed, Stan climbed on to it and had me mount him. mariobet yeni giriş I bounced up and down a few times then Stan pulled my pussy all the way down on his cock. He grabbed my shoulders and pulled me down on top of him, holding me tight. Ken climbed onto the bed and my mouth was ready. But he was at the wrong end! The only other entry point back there was my ass. OMG, I thought! I was about to be DP’d! I felt the head of Ken’s cock touch my asshole then he pushed forward. My ass opened and took it in. Still in Stan’s cluthes, I braced myself as inch after inch of Ken’s cock penetrated my tight ass. I soon felt his body pressed against mine. I have had me ass fucked many times. After taking years to get used to it I must have it when I have sex. The only other time I ever had something in my pussy and ass at the same time was when my hubby would use a vibrator in one and his cock in the other. Didn’t really matter which hole got which one. Now I had real cocks in both of them. They held still as I made the adjustment. I began to grind my pussy and ass against them. It took them a little while but soon they had their rhythm down pat. One in, one out. Then reverse. This would be the culmination of my dream. Two men, my pussy and ass filled with hard dicks at the same time and ready to use me. And boy did they! My juices began to build immediately. And once they started I thought they would never end. I lost count of how many times I came. Hell, it was probably just one extremely long orgasm. The harder and faster they pounded my pussy and reamed my ass the more cum my pussy produced. Talk about sex heaven! mariobet giriş Stan was the first to unload. His cum spewed into my pussy. He continued for a few moments with short thrusts, his balls being emptied more with each thrust. He held me tighter, his still half hard cock inside my cum filled pussy. But there was not time for me to relax. Not with that big cock still slamming in and out of my Korean ass. I was prepared as I heard Ken began to groan louder. The only thing I can recall him saying as the first load of his cum was being dumped in my ass was “Oh, shit!”. I swear his balls were fuller than Stan’s. One after another I felt warm sperm being pumped into my ass. It seemed like an eternity before their cocks separated from my body. There was only one thing for me to do. Show my appreciation. I’m sure they were startled when my mouth went for their cocks. Stan might not have been but Ken certainly was. I didn’t bother to ask but I am sure it was the first time he ever had a woman do ass to mouth. I cleaned them up good!That would not be my only dp that night. Nor would it be my last time with the two of them. We made Ken a part of our relationship. At least once a month, and twice when I could, I spent the night with both of them. And Stan had no problem with me and Ken being alone when he had to be out of town. My affair with them lasted about another year and a half.The next day I went home and found my bags packed. Yes, ny hubby was packing me off. I needed to be out of the house no later than four that afternoon. But I was okay with that. The second part of my birthday was a trip to Las Vegas! On Stan’s dime. I was going on basically a second honeymoon but with a replacement for my husband. I managed to win a couple of hundred dollars on the slots and had some great sex. With my hubby’s birthday just a couple of months away I really needed to thank him. That must be what Part V is all about!

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