My secret Liaison, with an old man


My secret Liaison, with an old manThe Sun was beating down as I turned onto my street, my mind was awash with what I planned for the remainder of the day.The beach had a nice ring to it, I could get naked and lie with my teenage legs open and let men look at me, I love to show my shaved cunt, I know that they wanked off, after seeing me, lying unashamedly showing myself.’Fucking horny little cock teasing cunt’, echoed through my mind, and I laughed inwardly, I loved the sense of power I had over men, and their need of me, it was my say if they they were to get as much as a sniff, or a penetration, Mmmmmmmmm, touching and playing with their cocks, Fuck I was just horny, the fucking sun always made me horny, even at 15, I wanted cock.Old Mr Johanson, was watching me as I approached, I had to pass his house before getting to mine, they lived opposite ours, not direct in line, just off to the left, just enough to let him watch me dress in the morning, something he did as my curtains were wide drawn, and let him look at me, ‘Hi Mariel, how are you today?’He said it with an all knowing air of a man with intimate knowledge of under clothing, the size of my budding breasts, and that I had still to grow my pubic hair.He was on the other side of his hedge, as I walked up to him, ‘Hello Mr Johanson, I am fine and you?’ I answered him in a bold and brazen fashion, he was a pensioner, someone a wanted to call a Dirty old bastard, someone of my creation, girls need dirty old men to practice on, we needed to be noticed, hence my lack of decency as he watched me in the mornings.We both knew what we were doing, but never really openly confronted it, we adiosbet yeni giriş both knew I flashed him and we both knew he wanked at me, but we both got something from it, so we continued without discussing it or acknowledging it, our dirty little secret.’What’s your plans today love’, he asked me as his eyes run over me, I could feel them penetrate my thin cotton dress, I bet he thought I was naked underneath, he would be half right, I was not wearing panties.’Beach’, I replied, the sun suddenly beating down harder, especially on my legs, as it reflected off the white plastic roofing, lying on the street, I looked down at it, ‘You going to erect it today’, I asked him, suddenly realizing the emphasis on the word ‘Erect’.He smiled warmly, drawing his tongue across his thin lips, ‘You know me Mariel, I would love to get it up’, his face was straight as he said it, but mine broke into a girlish laugh, ‘I bet you would’, I replied, and we both laughed, knowing we were full of sexual innuendos. ‘Would you like to come inside Mariel?’ Wow I thought, he really wants to try it on with me, ‘Wont your wife be annoyed’, I asked, suddenly aware I was relenting and giving him encouragement, but my mentioning of his wife, might help put the dampeners on this hot conversation, and put us back on a level keel.It only served to encourage him, as his hand cover his cock and he gave it a squeeze, right in front of me, no shame, he was telling me of his intentions, we were getting close to what our dirty little showings, over the past year were, and he was asking me to go that final inch, and as I pondered, he came right out with it, adiosbet giriş ‘I want to fuck Mariel’.’I cant’, I lied, deep down I wanted to go with him and let him, he admitted it to me, I should grow up and just say Ok, and go inside with him.’You make so horny girl’, I smiled, now that appealed to me, it was conformation that my body had excited him, and I laughed, ‘Whats so funny’, he asked, ‘Nothing’ I replied, adding as an after thought, ‘If your quick, I’ll watch you have a wank’, he stood mesmerized, and I added the killer punch, as you might expect an immature adolescent to say, ‘If you cum on my pussy’.I was admitting I wanted him to fuck me, I knew if I went round the back, out of sight, he would, but by going about it this way, I was admitting to a sexual misdemeanor, without acquiescing to full intercourse, I was walking round the back of his house with my eyes wide shut.He drew two chairs together, so we would face each other, I looked around, we were secluded and as if to confirm it, he said, ‘Its OK Mariel, no one can see us’, then he added as if an after thought, ‘Take your cotton dress off’, which I did, and stood in my brassier only, as he looked me up and down, focusing on my pussy, now so close, and his for the taking.’Sit in the chair and put your legs over the arms Mariel, slide forward so your cunt opens up’.I did it without reply, I felt so exposed and vulnerable, but incredibly excited, my head swam, I felt giddy, and as he took his cock out, just a few feet from me, I almost had an orgasm, and lifted my bum off the cushion, he smiled, he knew I wanted fucked.He climbed over the arm of his chair, reached adiosbet güvenilirmi forward and cupped my bare bottom in his big hands and pulled me forward, his cock came into contact with my pussy, he kept pulling and he just went inside me, all the way to the top, and started to fuck me.He rose out of his seat and my bum went with him, he was lifting me with his big cock inside me.I heard his seat move backwards, I opened my eyes and all I saw was my feet over my head, still wearing my beach flops, but the feeling inside me was better than I could ever imagine, as he grunted and humped me, long deep stokes of sheer bliss.’Mariel, when are your Periods’, I thought for a few seconds, ‘Dont know’, I answered, and he made a few more aggressive thrusts into me, ‘Its OK, I’ll pull out and shoot onto your cunt’, then he kissed me on my mouth and humped me harder.’OMG’, he gasped, ‘I going to cum’, I could sense the change in his stroke, as my pussy clung to him, ‘No’, I screamed, ‘Dont stop’, I was cumming too, and I reached around him and dug my long nails into his buttocks, pulling with all my power, grinding my crotch into him, in large circles, as I was restricting his in and out motion, I was cumming as I ground onto the base of his cock and I continued until I dropped of his cock like a rag doll, we had fucked and both achieved good orgasms, his deposited deep inside me, but I had a smile that overcame that small detail.I sat there naked for a few more hours, as did he, only dressing when his wife called to say she coming home.I continued to dress with my curtains open, and watching for his wife to leave for work, then I would go over and let him teach me the kinkier side of sex, I was fast maturing and credit my dirty mind and love of older men to him, mind you, within a year I was humping a lot more older men, as girl guide, a social worker, and a sexual predator, my appetite knew no bounds.

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