My Wife and the Old Moroccan


This story describes the events of a vacation that my wife, Kim, and I took to Morocco many years ago in the 1990s, at a time before the violent acts by religious extremists were so common. We are both middle-school teachers in North Carolina and had just started our summer break. Since both of us have an interest in the Arab culture, we made plans for a six-week trip to Marrakesh.There is just something about the perceived mysteries of their culture that intrigued us, and I also had been curious about the sexual restrictions of their religious faith, and how that affected their culture. Being teachers, we didn’t have much extra money to spend, so we asked around and a friend of mine told us about a little-known, very special tour opportunity that would only cost us eight hundred dollars in airfare and fifteen hundred dollars in room and board for the entire six weeks. I will explain more about the tour in a moment, but first, a little more about Kim and me.I was thirty years old at the time and Kim was twenty-eight, and we had been married for three years. We had been trying to get Kim pregnant for the past year but had no luck. Our next step was to go to a fertility doctor, but we decided to go on the vacation first, since it would be our last chance for that type of adventure, especially after we got her pregnant.Kim is a beautiful, petite woman at five feet three inches tall and weighing one hundred and ten pounds, and she has a very nice set of C-cup breasts that are very shapely and firm, as well as a heart-shaped ass that is just perfect. Her pussy has full labia lips and she keeps her blond pubic hair neatly trimmed.I just love to see her puffy lips from the rear when she bends over in front of me and presses her lips to my mouth. She has a very pretty face with fine features and sparkling, jade-green eyes that are mesmerizing, which go well with her shoulder-length, straight blonde hair.I’m a pretty normal guy at six feet and one inch tall and one hundred and eighty-five pounds and felt very lucky to be married to a knockout like Kim. My main shortcoming is probably my small cock, but since I’m the only man that Kim had ever slept with, she didn’t really know to complain about it. We had a pretty vanilla sex life, since neither of us had much experience, but I have to admit that I did like to surf the internet for porn stories to read every now and then, and for some reason I really liked the cuckold stories..My friend, Mark, told us that this special tour opportunity was not advertised publicly, and that it was only available to couples who had been invited by previous customers. He said that it was designed to explore the mysteries of the Arab culture, and that some of those mysteries involved Moroccan sexuality, considering their religious restrictions. That didn’t sound too threatening to Kim and me, and we just thought we might be visiting some museums that covered those topics.And besides, we were looking for a little sexual adventure. Mark also said that we would have an opportunity to lower the cost of our trip even further, once we met with Hassan, our guide, and he had a chance to explain the situation. Mark told us that the trip he and his wife took to Morocco was the best and most enlightening thing they had ever done, and that it really taught them a lot about their marriage and their lives together.We contacted Hassan by email and made our arrangements to fly to Marrakesh the following week. Hassan met us at the airport and greeted us warmly. He’s an older man of about fifty-five years old, had wavy gray hair, and a swarthy, dark olive skin complexion. He is ruggedly handsome and I sensed real strength and self-confidence in the way he handled himself. He shook my hand and then izmir rus escort hugged Kim tightly, a little too tightly I thought at the time, and then we headed to his apartment in his small car.It was a short trip to his apartment, and as he opened the door Hassan said, “Please make yourselves comfortable in my guest room, and after you are settled, please join me in my study.”Our room was small, but clean, with a double bed and chest of drawers for our use. We found a wash basin on a table in the room which we used to wash our hands and faces, which reminded us that there were limited indoor facilities and water in that arid land, and we would need to use those resources sparingly.We joined Hassan in his study and noticed for the first time how dark and intriguing his apartment is. There are shades over the windows and beaded curtains separating different areas of his home, which gave his place an old-world charm, and the smell of incense was in the air.Hassan said, “Please sit and relax yourselves, and enjoy the treats I have prepared for you. These are some of the finest pastries and fruits in all of Morocco, and this special coffee is hot, strong and tasty.”The pastries, fruit and coffee were very good, and I noticed a little bit of an unusual, but not unpleasant, taste in the coffee. I had tasted strong Moroccan coffee before and knew there was something extra in this coffee. I said, “Hassan, these treats are delicious, but I noticed a little different taste in the coffee. Did you put a little something special in it for us?”Hassan smiled broadly and said, “Oh yes, my people have been making an elixir from a rare desert plant for centuries now, and it is just a little something to help you relax after your long trip. Mark should have told you that part of the tour is the exploration of certain sexual attributes of Arab society, and I find it easier to discuss those things if you are more relaxed.”What Hassan didn’t tell us was that the elixir also has an aphrodisiac effect and would alter our moods to help us be receptive to his conversations regarding Arab sexual culture. But we found out later that the elixir would not make us do anything against our will.I said, “Well, I can tell that the elixir is already having a soothing effect on me, and I assume the same for Kim, so please tell us what you have in mind.”Hassan said, “Sounds good, but first please indulge me by telling me what you already know or think you know about Arab sexual practices. And please, we are all adults here, so be candid.”I said, “Please remember that I am not an expert on any of this, and have only read a few things on the internet, and then formed my own opinions, but here goes. My understanding is that your faith is very strict regarding sexual relations, and that is one of the reasons that you protect your women and hide them from view with the hijab and long robes. I know that the punishment for adultery, or even for having sex with an unmarried woman, can be quite severe.””Based on that, I’ve always wondered what sex must be like for unmarried men, and how they balance the fear of punishment for inappropriate sex against the strong yearnings of their hormones. I have assumed, maybe mistakenly, that the unattached men would be more likely to engage in homosexual acts, just to get some relief, than to risk the harsh penalties for illicit sex with women. I have also reasoned that since Arab men are generally of smaller stature than American men, probably due to less-rich diets, that they may have smaller cocks. Am I anywhere close to accurate on any of that?”Hassan replied, “I have to give you credit for at least touching on the main topics, but your understanding is not totally izmir otele gelen escort bayan accurate. For example, while it is common, although not openly acknowledged, in some parts of the Arab world for young boys to masturbate each other or even suck and fuck each other’s cocks, it is very much taboo for mature men to engage in those activities.””In some places, like Morocco for example, it is illegal for men to have sex of any kind together, although I’m sure that a lot of that goes on. So, I guess that leaves the question of what single adult men do for relief. You must know that despite the severe punishment if caught, there are still men who fuck single women and who also cuckold their neighbors by fucking their wives. But obviously, the bias against this activity is so great, that many men seek other avenues for release.””It is not uncommon for these men to visit whores, or when on visits to American and European cities, to fuck those western women. Those women seem much more open to casual sex, and some even prefer to be with virile Arab men with dark complexions. I think this is like the fascination that many white women have for black men in your country. And your assumption that Arab men have small cocks might seem logical, but as you’ll likely find out, that is just not true.”I appreciated the information that Hassan was giving us and said, “That’s very enlightening, Hassan, and what you say makes sense to me. But I have to tell you, that elixir is really taking hold now and I’m feeling almost as if I’m in daze. I also find myself getting sexually aroused just talking about these issues. But, please continue to give us your perspective on the western sexual attitudes.”“Very well.” said Hassan, “I’m glad to see that the elixir is making you feel very comfortable with this conversation, and I can see by the look on Kim’s face, that she is relaxed and receptive as well. This elixir will not make you do anything against your will but will just enhance any sexual desires that you already have. I know that you both must already have an interest in these sexual aspects of the Arab culture.”Hassan continued saying, ” My next point is that there is a big difference in how cuckolds are viewed in our societies. In the Arab world, a cuckold is almost always viewed with a great deal of shame and disgust at being so weak that another man fucked his wife, and the man who cuckolded him is at serious risk of injury and/or punishment if caught. Further, it would be almost unheard of for an Arab cuckold to suck the cock of the man who fucked his wife.””In the western world, it seems that it is not all that uncommon for husbands to seek out other men to fuck their wives, and many even take great pleasure in watching their wives being fucked, often even participating by sucking the cock of the stud and sucking his cum from his wife’s pussy. It is because of this that some Arab men enjoy their travels abroad so much, and some even seek out cuckold couples because they like the husbands being submissive to them while fucking their women. Others, like me, have found a way to enjoy western women here in Morocco.”I was a little confused at Hassan’s last comment and said, “I’m not sure what you mean about your enjoying western women in Morocco, but please give us more of your thoughts on Arab men fucking the western women.”Hassan continued, “It has long been my belief that Arab men have superior sperm, given that our ancestors were here at the dawn of human civilization, and that given the opportunity, western women are drawn to our strength. For that reason, I set up this tour company as a way to bring married western couples to Marrakesh, for the sole purpose Escort Buca of fucking the wives and making their husbands cuckolds. I also enjoy the possibility that I might impregnate the wife with my plentiful and potent sperm.””I’m always hoping that the husband will be a willing cuckold and will assist me in every aspect of impregnating his wife. I also expect the husband to suck my cock when I want him to, as a way of honoring me for giving his wife such a good sexual experience. The fact that you and Kim are here in my study, drinking my elixir, and quietly listening to my thoughts, tells me that you were at least a little curious about the sexual context that Mark presented to you. And now, with the elixir doing its job and removing your inhibitions, I am wondering how you feel about what I have said to you.”I was a little stunned at Hassan’s direct approach but have to admit that his talk about cuckolds and fucking wives was having an effect on me, although I had never even thought about the possibility of sucking a cock. My cock was rock hard and leaking precum into my underwear, and I knew that the conversation and the elixir were also having an effect on Kim. She was openly rubbing her pussy through her jeans and had a dream-like expression on her face.Hassan continued, “Mark told you that there would be an opportunity for you to reduce the cost for your tour. Simply put, if you’re willing to be my cuckold couple, I will reduce the cost of your room and board to only seven hundred dollars for the entire six weeks. I will still take you to all the sites you want to visit and provide your room and board, but you both will be sleeping in my bed with me, and you will submit to me sexually. I will continue giving you the elixir every day, just so you continue to be accepting of the situation.””Mark told me that you have been trying unsuccessfully to have a baby, and he also told me that he has seen Ed in the shower at the gym, and that you are not very well endowed. I can help Kim get pregnant and also provide her with the best fucking she has ever had. My big cock will fill her small pussy and she will feel my cock head at her cervix, when I pump my seed-enriched cream into her womb. Kim is a beautiful woman and it would be an honor to fuck her sweet white pussy. So, what do you say?I was still a little confused by all of that, but one question that did come to mind was whether Mark and his wife had submitted to Hassan the way he was suggesting for us. I asked, “Hassan, what about Mark and Wendy? Did they become your cuckold couple, and did you fuck Wendy and did Mark suck your cock?”Hassan smiled broadly and said, “Oh yes, the only reason that Mark was enlisted to tell you about this tour was because he and Wendy participated fully. I just love blonde-haired western women with their loose morals and big breasts, and Wendy and Kim both fit the definition of hot, white wives. Although, the loose morals part may not be totally fair.””I didn’t tell you before, but you need to know that the elixir you are drinking in your coffee also contains a strong aphrodisiac, and both you and Kim are under the influence of that right now. That is why Kim is rubbing her tingling pussy and you have a hard on. It is not impossible to resist the elixir, but you would need to be totally pure and chaste to do so. If you have any latent and lascivious sexual tendencies, then the elixir will be very hard to resist.”I then said, “Hassan, please give us a few minutes to talk this over in private.”Kim and I went to our room and talked about all that we heard. The elixir was having a strong influence on our feelings, and I was surprised at how horny Kim was becoming. I had never seen her like that, and she was openly rubbing her pussy and squeezing her heavy tits. It was pretty obvious what her answer was. As for me, my cock had been hard for the last hour, and I was anxious to begin our new relationship with Hassan. We went back into the study and told Hassan that we agreed to his terms, and then he had other comments on the relationship.

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