Naked Boy Cleaning Service Pt. 02


I had been coming to Tom’s place once a week for almost two months when my duties… evolved.

Once a week, I showed up at his ornate condo, and stripped naked to clean. I crawled around on all fours, washed dishes, did laundry, let him grope and inspect me. One time, he had me do jumping jacks to ‘improve my conditioning’, he had said. And at the end of every visit, despite following me every move, Tom would give my work a second look, pull out his cock and reward me efforts before sending me home.

After every visit to Tom’s, I would rush back home, strip naked and masturbate wildly on my bathroom floor, spilling seed everywhere. It was weird but I liked the feeling of being naked on the cold tile of my bathroom floor, it felt – harsh. I enjoyed that though. It was becoming part of my sexual character.

Of course, my run of the mill, every day character was that of a staid and boring office manager. Nobody knew how submissive I was, nor how kinky I wanted to be – not even myself! Not until Superbowl Sunday.

When Tom had told me he needed me to schedule me that Sunday, I felt a bit trapped. I was supposed to go to a friends place to watch the game, and wasn’t sure how I was going to make an excuse to get out of it. I couldn’t exactly say I was going to another friend’s party, because pretty much everyone I knew was there. I wanted badly to maintain my relationship with Tom, and felt that missing such an important event would bring that to a halt. Eventually, I chose to fake an illness the day of the event, making my way to Tom’s place instead.

When I arrived, I started to undo my shirt in the den – Tom stopped me, and told me to put my jacket on. The party, he said, was at a friends of his. I went cold. All this time, I had only shown my naked self to Tom. The idea that I was going to be shared with a friend of his was scary… and incredibly hot. I had become addicted to the thrill of what was essentially a naked performance, and was slowly losing sight of what was safe and normal. My cock throbbed in my pants.

Tom locked his door and led me down to his parking garage. I couldn’t think of a single thing to make small talk about, instead choosing to stare at my feet. He walked me to a dark sedan in the furthest corner of the garage, and stopped me just outside the trunk. I looked him in the eye.

“Now strip,”

I hesitated as my mouth hung agape, waiting for him to tell me he was joking. When his posture never changed, I began to undress. My face blushed a crimson red as the cold air hit my newly exposed body. I feared looking around as my hands covered my genitals. Tom clicked his keychain and the trunk popped open. I tried not to show my horror. He nodded towards the back of the sedan, and I crawled in. Then darkness.

* * * * * *

The ride was bumpy, and the only other thing I could sense were city noises. It must have been about ten minutes before the car stopped and the trunk opened. I hopped out, trying to make sense of my surroundings. It was another parking garage, but this time we were closer to the elevators. Tom slammed the trunk and walked to the elevator. I raced inside as he adana escort hit the button for the 17th floor, feeling scared and cold. Staring at the elevator carpet, I started to have a sense of deja vu. I swear I had been here before. There was a ding and the doors opened – and my temporary distraction became fear. Tom led me into the hall and knocked on a nearby door. I jogged over, my limp cock bobbed as I moved.

“Hello Thomas! Welcome, Fred – Thomas is here,” A short stout man with silver hair and glasses had answered the door stepping out to embrace Tom before turning to look me over. A wide grin spread across his face as he waved us in. I felt a hand grip my ass as the door closed, it held its position, guiding me down the dark hallway towards the noise of the game.

The entire condo had the look and feel of an established older couple, lots of throw rugs and wood. The only thing that stood out was the art, which seemed to centre around nude men. Walking into the living room, around three older men, nakedly on display myself – I could taste the sex in the air. Fred, a large bald gentlemen rose from the couch with a beer in hand and stood

“So Norm tells me this is our server today eh’? Nate is it? Lets have a look at you,”

I stood there at a loss, his tone sounded friendly enough to warrant a handshake, but instead I was expected to present myself for inspection. I slowly placed my hands atop my head, and began to turn. Fred ran his fingers over my body, plying open my ass cheeks before giving the a smack. As I turned, I looked at Tom and Norm, who had deviously happy faces. Norm adjusted a sizeable bulge in his slacks. Turning back to look at Fred, his salt and pepper hair, and well creased face – I felt a hunger to serve. My cock twitched, unnoticed by my audience.

“Get me another beer Nate, games about to start.”

* * * * * *

My service for the evening consisted of running booze and snacks back and forth between the kitchen and living room. My dick settled, and bounced around as I walked. The men would watch me intently as I would bring the trays of food to the coffee table in front of them.

At one point, as I was washing a dish, Norm came into the kitchen, standing beside me at the counter.

“You’re doing a good job Nate, keep going,”

I shot a glance at him, reading the ruddy face behind the glasses. He looked like a science professor I once had, or someones grandfather. His hand crept below the countertop to paw at my genitals. He pulled my dick and pushed his body closer to mine. I could feel the fabric of his shirt on my arm, and smell the beer on his breath as he coaxed me to an erection.

“Finish that up and take the trash down the hall to the chute,” I bit my lip as he edged me. “And make it quick, halftime is about to start,” He swept away, and I dried my hands off. Strangely enough, the relative danger of my situation became more of a turn on than fear. I was relishing the opportunity to push my boundaries. I grabbed the little bag of garbage and headed to the condo door. Sticking my head out, the hallway was clear. I stepped out into the afyon escort harsh light, gently closing the door behind me. Everyone would be watching the game, I told myself.

Nonetheless, I bounded down the hall, cock and balls slapping my thighs as I moved. I found the garbage chute room, and chucked the bag down the slot. Just as I was about to step back out into the hallway, I heard the ding of the elevator. My eyes went wide, and I pressed myself against the wall, out of view. The elevator door opened, and voices spilled out. Voices I came to realize were very familiar to me.

It suddenly dawned on me, I had recognized the building because it was where one of my friends lived. Obviously, one of the friends hosting that Superbowl party I was supposed to attend. My previous confidence in my kink dissolved, and my mind raced trying to think of how I would explain not just my nudity to my friends, but also, why I was there instead of being sick at home.

The voices passed and got quieter as they moved down the hall, opposite from Fred and Norm’s place. I poked my head around the corner and saw the coast was clear, seeing my break I ran for it, covering my penis with my hands. Panting, I made it to the door and went to grab the handle, only to discover it was locked. The blood drained from my face. Without making too much of a commotion, I firmly knocked on the door, dancing around in the hallway out of sheer terror. The wait seemed to be forever before I heard the tumblers click, and the door swung open. I pushed my way inside and stumbled. Tom caught me, chuckling but wearing a stern look on his face.

“Did you get caught out there?” I shook my head as I caught my breath. “What’s this then?” He took my arms by the wrists and raised them above my head. We both looked down at my cock, which had inexplicably hardened during my brush with exposure. Tom chuckled again, and dragged me by the wrist, down the hall.

“It’s halftime gents, and I think our littler server here needs to be punished for taking his time out in the hall,” He flung me over to where Norm and Fred sat on the couch, Fred catching me and laying me across his lap. SMACK! A hand clapped down on my cheeks making me howl. SMACK! My ass stung with each impact. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! I cried a little as my cheeks were spread, and I felt a gob of spit land on my tensed hole. A thumb pushed against my rosebud and forced its way inside. As I opened my teary eyes, I saw Norm opening his pants and hauling out his short, thick member.

“Go on boy, suck it!” I heard Tom shout out. Fred pushed my body towards his husbands cock, and I let it part my lips before swallowing it whole. The thumb in my ass continued to prod, and I felt my own hard piece rubbing up against a leg. Tom had taken his clothes off in the meantime and stuck his own dick in the neighbourhood of my face. I slurped Norm, before spitting him out, and taking Tom into my mouth.

After servicing the two men, Fred picked up my body in his big arms and waited for the coffee table to be cleared. He placed me on my back and began to disrobe as Norm and Tom stripped and repositioned alanya escort along both sides of my head. They tea bagged me with their wrinkly, grey haired sacks, taking some time to slap me with their veiny cocks. Fred lifted my legs and inserted a tube into my rectum, squeezing me full of cold lube. I looked up between cocks, and saw his cock, wrapped in a pink condom approach my ass. I hummed with the anticipation of being impaled by him, and relaxed as I felt the pressure on my taint. Closing my eyes, I felt the head of his penis open my hole, forcing itself in, and being clasped by the muscles in my cunt. He rocked into my body as I struggled to keep up with the cocks in my face. My body shook on the little coffee table, and my cock slapped against my stomach.

After a few minutes, Fred pulled out, and Norm took his place. I watched as his big hairy bell rippled as he pounded me loose. Fred took a breather, and drank a beer off to the side, Tom fed me his cock. He pulled me hair and forced me to deep throat him as Norm continued his heaving efforts, grunting like an animal. He too pulled out, as I was repositioned onto all fours, and Tom took his turn on my backside. He grabbed at my hips, and slid easily into my stretched hole, instantly building up a rhythm. Fred returned to the scene and kneeled in front of me, putting his cock in my mouth, and committing me to a lewd see-saw motion that would please both men. Norm stood by, jerking his cock.

Tom slapped my ass as he began his final assault, Fred pulled his cock out and took my chin in his hand, forcing me to look at his sneering face.

“You’re our dumb little whore now, right?” We’re all going to fuck your ass like a little bitch, and you’re going to beg for more, aren’t you?” I whimpered out an affirmative. Tom’s body collided into mine one last time, before he let out a yell. I felt the condom inside me fill with warmth as he came, as he slowed himself to a rocking motion before pulling out. I didn’t get too much of a chance to feel empty before Fred replaced him, gently, slowly running his length in and out of my ass. Norm knelt in front of me and fed me his girth. I sucked and slurped on his wide monster, and he pulled at my hair as he began to face fuck me. Fred slowed at one end, as his husband spilled his seed down my throat. I gagged, swallowing as much as I could. Norm’s spent penis fell out of my mouth and Fred began to fuck me in earnest. I swallowed the last of the cum in my mouth as I was bodily pulled up onto Fred’s lap.

The move further impaled me onto Fred’s cock, and I uncontrollably moaned louder than I ever had. I could see the other men watching as I was wrapped up in Fred’s big arms and bounced atop his thighs. A hand crept around to my own cock, and I was jerked off with every ensuing thrust. Crying out out, Fred came inside me, but refused to slow. I was impaled over and over again on his monster cock, and I felt his cum slosh around his softening member as he brought me off.

I shot a long white string of cum that splayed across my face and chest. I licked my jizz from my own lips as I cried in a myriad of physical sensations. I was limply dropped to the carpet, resting on my side and trying to collect myself. Sensing movement around me, I looked up, a mess, and saw that Fred, Norm and Tom had settled back into the couch without dressing. Tom looked down at me.

“You gonna get us some beer?”

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