Naughty Librarian


Where I live, I am unable to receive the “monthly periodicals” with out embarrassment. But the local library has quite the collection. Usually a month behind, but they are there none the less. So today is the day of my monthly visit. Knowing that it is a very quiet day at the library. And knowing that the magazine section is in a rather secluded area of the library so I can have a little privacy when reading the “articles”. I also get to see my favorite librarian, Leigh. There is something about her, I just don’t know what it is. Maybe, today will be the day I actually work up the courage to ask her out on a date. Ha, right. She knows what I do back there. But she is still friendly towards me. Heck, we have even exchanged phone numbers so that she can let me know when the latest from one of my several favorite authors comes in, I suppose. Well, as I walk in, I don’t see Leigh. She must be putting books away somewhere. I make my way quietly to the back corner as I try not to disturb any of the other guests of the library. I don’t see any, but that Ataşehir Escort doesn’t mean that they aren’t there. I walk quietly, and slowly. I’m not a man on a mission. but I do know where I am going. As I start to round the corner to the magazine section, which has two couches in a L shape. I notice someone is there. It’s Leigh. That stopped me in my tracks. I hope she hasn’t noticed me. She does look rather beautiful today. Her blond hair. Those naughty looking librarian glasses. A very revealing low cut, v neck sweater. Her beautiful legs flowing from beneath her skirt which ends a few inches above her knees. And something I never noticed before. She is barefoot. She seems to be reading a magazine herself. Maybe I should join her? No way, I’m enjoying just looking at her right now from behind a book shelf. I don’t know what she is reading, but she seems to be enjoying it. A coy smile crosses her face as she lets out a moan like sigh. She is facing me, yet I don’t think she has seen me. Probably due to the fact Ataşehir Escort Bayan that I am looking through the book shelves. She turns the page, and lets out another sigh. I look closer at what she is reading, and I can make out that it is the same magazine that I intended to get a look at this month. Wow, who knew. Why is she reading it? Surely she isn’t a “perv” like me. That’s when I notice one of her hands reaching up and giving her breasts a nice squeeze and a little rub while letting out a barely audible moan. Oh, this is going to be good. As I watch, her hand slips underneath her sweater. Rubbing, squeezing and pulling on her nipple. She closes her eyes. Her smile turns in to her biting her lower lip. She is enjoying this. She puts the magazine down on the coffee table, and puts that hand on her leg. Lightly touching it. Using her finger nails. She is continuing to caress her breast with her other hand. Going from one nipple to the other. Squeezing her full breast, and then kneading the nipple. Escort Ataşehir Her moans get a little more louder, but not too loud. Just enough that I can make them out clearly. The hand on her leg gently and methodically moves to her inner thigh. Inching up her skirt as she goes. Rubbing, and running her nails over it. She is half laying down, and half sitting up in the corner of the couch. She moves one leg up on to the couch, which gives me a very clear view between her legs. And what she is not wearing. You can see that she is moist, and is enjoying herself very much. She brings the hand that was on her legs up to her mouth. And in a very sensuous move, licks her finger. Then proceeds to suck on it as if it were a lollipop. Her beautiful lips surround it, sucking and moistening it. Her finger slowly moving in and out. At this point, I realize that I am very turned on by watching this. My hard, throbbing member being confined to my jeans. But it is obvious by the bulge in my pants. I am wishing that it wasn’t her finger that Leigh was sucking on. My own hand is rubbing myself through my jeans. I hope she doesn’t see me. I don’t want her to run away and hide due to embarrassment. So I will just hide and watch. This is much better than the dirty magazines anyway. With my thoughts now back focused on Leigh, I see that she has gotten her finger very moist.

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