Neighborhood Thrills Ch. 02


After Alyssa left, I quickly cleaned up our champagne glasses and put the pitcher of margaritas in the freezer for a quick chill. I glanced at the clock and couldn’t believe it was only about two pm. I put two fresh champagne glasses in the freezer as well then stood in the middle of the kitchen, not knowing what to do next. While the shower Alyssa and I had taken together had cleaned me up and titillated me, I was still nervous about Holly coming over, for several reasons.

First and foremost, of course, was that the pretty brunette teenager was coming over with the full expectation of having sex with me. That would be intimidating enough by itself. To make the matter worse, I didn’t really know Holly very well. We had spoken a few times but that was about it. Also, I had only been a bisexual for a few hours now after making love with Alyssa, and so suddenly confronting Holly was making the intimidation factor work in my mind so that I was pretty much reverting to my heterosexual mindset – which had no interest in homosexual relations.

Maybe it wouldn’t be that bad, after all, I had more fun with Alyssa than I’d ever had with my now deceased husband. But that was Alyssa and I loved Alyssa and that had made it much easier for her to seduce me. When two people love each other it is not an impossible stretch to translate that into a more physical affection. What was supposed to happen between Holly and I would be more like pure sexual hedonism. I shook my head thinking that I would have to explain to Holly that I just wasn’t ready for that sort of relationship with her, at least not until I knew her a lot better.

I had put my green print dress back on, and put on black high heels instead of my flip-flops, and now I felt a little foolish looking like this with Holly coming over. Despite the fact that I had demurred when Alyssa had made a fuss of how hot I looked dressed like this, I knew that I did look hot in this dress, and that is why I’d worn it for her – just so she would make a fuss over me and compliment me. I knew that had been a silly thing to do, but it was harmless enough fun. Now I looked like a flirt leading Holly on – oh I know I am over-reacting. So I stood vacillating between extremes in a near panic in the middle of my kitchen, and just when I had made up my mind to go dress in jeans and a mans shirt, the doorbell rang.

I hurried to the door, then slowed down when I realized I was hurrying to the door, and there was Holly. In one way, I was seeing her for the first time. Because before, when I’d seen her, I hadn’t a clue that the girl frequently masturbated while having fantasies about having sex with me. She was a little taller than Alyssa who is only an inch or so taller than me, and that made Holly tower a good three inches over me. She had long dark straight hair down to the middle of her back. Holly’s bosom was larger than mine, not a lot larger, but larger, and despite her slender waistline, her hips flared roundly in a very feminine way.

Her eyes were brown and full of warmth as she smiled at me and I wordlessly waved her in with a happy smile that I hoped didn’t look phony. She was wearing a v necked dark-blue tee-shirt without a bra and green terrycloth hot shorts that showed off her long curvy and very tanned legs. The shirt was a dark enough blue and the shorts a kind of lime green that somehow didn’t clash. I led her to the couch and we sat down without either of us having said a word yet. She was pretty enough to intimidate me through looks alone. I noticed she was wearing flip-flops and cursed myself again for my choice of heels.

“So Holly, we need to talk and get to know each other a little better, I guess,” I began sounding pretty screwy even to my own ears, so I just stopped, and started again. I gave her an intent look and asked, “Would you like something to drink, dear? Tea, a margarita, a coke? For myself, I think I’ll have a margarita.”

Her smile looked a little nervous, “A margarita would be delightful Mrs. Madison. I’m feeling a little nervous and it might help if I relax a little.”

I chuckled louder than was called for, “I hear that! I’ll be right back.” I came back with the pitcher of drinks and the two chilled glasses. I poured the drinks and handed one to Holly and left the pitcher on the coffee table. “There you go, Miss Kohler, and now…” and I paused to clink our glasses together with a little ting, “Considering the nature of this conversation we’re about to have, perhaps it will help if we move to a first name basis. After all, you always called me Claire before, and I’d like to call you Holly.”

She smiled, “That would be fine, Claire. I’m sorry that I am so nervous; it’s just that the situation is so peculiar. I mean, just between you and me,” she leaned a little closer and lowered her voice, “I love Alyssa and worship the ground she walks on, but… she is just a bit of a Pollyanna. She wants everyone to be happy and get everything they want and she wants it to happen yesterday. Gaziantep Genç Escort I’m not sure what all she told you about me, but she told me that she was going to prepare you for me to come over and have sex with you. Does that pretty much sum up our situation?” She took a good size gulp of her drink and looked at me quizzically.

Holly had lovely rich sensuous lips, even white teeth and even though I had been listening intently to what she had been saying, I had been staring almost hypnotized by her mouth. I shook my head a little to break the spell, and responded, “That sums up our situation very nicely, although of course, it is a bit more complicated. For instance, when she came out and asked for me to have sex with her, well, I had to tell her that I was a grounded heterosexual and had no desire or intention to change. And quite frankly that is still the way I feel right now.”

Holly’s mouth made a surprised little ‘o’ right before she asked, “Oh, so you didn’t have sex with her?”

I rolled my eyes, as I had to giggle, “Oh we had sex all right – the best I’ve ever had in my life!” I looked at her sympathetically, “But I think she was able to seduce me because I really do love her, and I felt we had something special between us for quite some time. Things can happen between people who know each other well that just don’t happen between strangers.” I paused somewhat awkwardly; at least I felt it was an awkward pause, “Did um… I mean, was she by any chance exaggerating about you being attracted to me?” I was quite frankly hoping Holly would say yes.

But Holly shook her head negatively, “Sorry, Claire but that part is pathetically true. I think you are the most gorgeous, sexiest woman on earth.” She looked demurely down at her knees, “Frankly, I don’t think it would be possible for anyone to exaggerate about that. I think about you a lot, nearly all the time. It’s why I’ve always been pretty shy around you – I find you intimidatingly sexually attractive.”

My mouth was dry, and my heartbeat had definitely picked up the tempo, “I think that is the most incredible thing anyone has ever said to me.” I took a gulp of my drink and set it down. “Holly if I knew you a little better, I think I would have been very nearly seduced by that remark.”

She raised her eyes shyly to mine, and I felt her dark eyes were looking right down into my soul and caressing me with affection. “Do you think I should write it down and try it again in a week?” I started laughing and so did she.

“So, Holly, I see you driving around in an older model Buick at times. Is that like your work car?” I was wiping tears of laughter from the corners of my eyes and trying to get our conversation back on track, mainly because I was genuinely taking an interest in her.

Holly poured herself another drink, before answering, “I do drive it to and from work. I have a job at the veterinary clinic down the road for the summer. I’m just an assistant, but we all have to start somewhere, right? I’m saving money for college. I plan to be a vet, but most of the time when you see me driving on weekends – that’s just something I do for charity, you know, meals on wheels?”

“I’m impressed, Holly!” I said feeling really surprised, “I would have never have guessed something like that. Shouldn’t a girl your age be out dating and having fun?”

“I don’t have much time for dating, but I have lots of fun,” she objected, “I go in and visit those people I deliver to see. Most of them are old, or sick or something, but they’re real people and some of them are very entertaining to talk to – really they are!” Then Holly took a sip and gave me a wink, “And then there’s my hobby – having sex. I squeeze as much of that in as I can.” She said this calmly with only a little smile.

“Mostly with Alyssa?” I asked, and then regretted asking as I suddenly felt like that was too personal of an inquiry. I blurted, “Never mind, that was probably too personal of a question! I apologize.”

She shook her head, “Oh that’s okay; after all, we are trying to get to know each other better, right?” She treated me with a smile then continued, “I have sex with the other vet’s assistant maybe once or twice a week. I have sex with the vet, maybe once or twice every two weeks, but mostly with Alyssa, yes, although we shared a threesome with her boyfriend Danny a few times, trying to get him to lighten up on trying to control Alyssa.”

Maybe I was just getting too old, but I tried not to show how shocked I was at how many people she was having sex with on a regular basis. “Don’t you worry a bit about disease dear, being with so many people?”

Holly chuckled, “That’s the thing. Nearly all the people I have sex with – I’m the only one they are having sex with – well, except Alyssa and Danny, but other than me, that was a closed circle, too. The other vet’s assistant is a guy my age, and the vet is a woman, mmm, about thirty-five I’d say. They are all attractive people, although of course, none of them are in your league! But now with Alyssa, we have sex at least once or twice a day as a rule. She’s the only one I know that comes close to having my appetite for sex, but Alyssa is a distant second. Sometimes I think I could have sex pretty much all day every day. I’m very serious about my hobby. What about you, Claire? What do you do for fun?”

“Oh, you know, I read, and watch movies. Sometimes I cook. I used to do a lot more when my husband was alive. To tell the truth, I’ve had more fun today than I’ve had in years.” I stopped looking at her curvy, bare legs and wondered how long I’d been staring at them, and then I realized I’d started staring at her breasts. I shook my head to clear it, “So, you’re a very attractive girl, Holly, how could the two of you having sex with Danny not convince him that he was better off playing the field?”

“I don’t mind that you look at my body. I enjoy it when you do, and your green eyes are so beautiful when they show a spark of lust!” I guess she waited until I was red enough then shrugged, “As for Danny, he’s just one of those unhappy people who listens more to his fears than he does to his heart. He did enjoy the sex though, and he even looked me up several times when Alyssa wasn’t around. I still fucked him of course because I know Alyssa would have wanted me to, but I don’t take his calls now since she broke up with him. He kind of had a thing for screwing in the ass. I liked that about him.”

So she saw sparks of lust in my eyes, did she? How could I get her off the topic of sex when that was most of what the girl thought about? “Well, Holly, surely you have some other hobbies besides sex?”

She laughed, “Of course, but none as fun.” She looked up in the air thoughtfully, “Let’s see, I took a foot massage class last summer, and this summer, two nights a week I go to a cooking class. Two summers ago I studied auto repair and I save our family a lot of money doing most of our own car work. I learned French and spent a month in Paris. I love to go camping when I get a chance, and I’m a whiz at outdoor cooking on a campfire. I’m sure there are other things. I do love to learn stuff. I’ve learned a lot about sex, and I love to talk about it!” She added the last with the biggest, warmest smile she’d given me yet.

“You’re a remarkable girl, Holly. They say still waters run deep, and you are definitely a well.” I shook my head in wonder and took my eyes off her breasts again, “Perhaps I should follow you around and study you!”

“You’ve certainly been studying my breasts and my legs,” she said, smiling enough to dimple up, “Would you like me to take off my clothes and give you a really good look? I just love sitting around in the nude!”

If she did enjoy making me turn red, she was being well rewarded, “I really am terribly sorry, Holly.” I made a point of looking only in her eyes, “I guess my earlier afternoon affected me more than I realized, and you really are very lovely to look at, but tell me, if you’re so attracted to me, how come you aren’t misbehaving like I am?”

She giggled, “Oh but I am, I just wait for you to lock on to some part of me, and when your lips part just a bit, I know it’s cool for me to look you over. I’ve spent quite a time on your lovely freckled cleavage and those muscular freckled legs of yours. Why, I could just sit here looking at you, and I bet I wouldn’t have to touch myself a whole minute before I…”

“I believe you,” I hastily interrupted trying valiantly to gain control of the conversation, “You know, I used to love camping, too, and I haven’t been in years. Maybe we could go camping sometime?”

“I would just love that, Claire! Anytime anyplace you want to go, I’m your girl!” She actually reached forward and patted my knee for emphasis before leaning back. “For that matter, swimming, soaking in a Jacuzzi, going out to dinner or a concert. I’m sure I would enjoy doing anything with you! Oh, and happy birthday, Claire! I should have said that earlier! Ooo, can I give the birthday girl a kiss? And you never said about taking my clothes off – that would be so great. I could take my clothes off and then give you a birthday kiss.”

We both giggled a bit before I could say, “Maybe later on the birthday kiss,” I said slowly trying the think of a safe way to kiss, “maybe when you’re leaving. As for you taking your clothes off, please don’t. To be honest, I like sitting around naked, too, and partying naked, sleeping naked – we’ll get naked together one of these days when I don’t have to worry about it leading directly to having sex with you. And right now, I can’t trust myself, and I certainly don’t trust you!”

“Why on earth, not?” she said equably and spreading her hands for emphasis, “And what’s wrong with a little sex anyway. You admit you’re interested in my body, and I sure as hell am interested in yours.” She leaned forward with her hands on her hips, “You know some nice quick sex makes a wonderful introduction to getting to know a person and dissipates all this awful sexual tension!”

I laughed at her antics and she joined in, and I was finally able to answer, “You see? You see? You’re just like every teenage boy I ever dated. You’ll do anything to get in my pants without any regard about how it might turn out in the long run.”

She airily waved that off, “Don’t be ridiculous, I know damn well how it’s going to work out in the long run. Alyssa and you and I are going to form a great little love triangle and fuck each other happily ever after. In fact, Paula and you and I are going to make a great second triangle if Alyssa manages to have her way, and believe me, she usually does.” She leaned toward me again, this time caressing her own breasts, and I just couldn’t look away, “No, the only question is the short run. How stubborn are you going to be before you let me in those lovely panties of yours?”

Maybe I didn’t turn red this time, but I was at least pink, “They are just plain white cotton, and I plan to be as stubborn as I need to be!” I was quiet, but firm.

“Plain, white cotton,” she sighed and put her hands back in her lap, leaving two nipples practically poking holes in her tee-shirt, “The pearly gates keeping the wicked out of the Kingdom of Heaven!”

I snickered again, “That’s pretty wicked blasphemy, child!” Once again I desperately swept my mind for any topic that wasn’t sexual, “Hey, you know, maybe you could give me one of those foot massages for a birthday present?”

“I’d love to!” she said, straightening up, clapping her hands in front of her heart and give me a little bow, “I mean, it would be an honor.” And she gave me an impish grin.

“Okay,” I smiled, “What do I have to do?”

“Oh, just sit and relax,” she smiled as she stood, “Can I move your coffee table back?” I waved for her to go ahead, and she did, then knelt at my feet, “Oh, I don’t have any oil with me! Do you have a light skin oil? And a small towel?”

I went to the main bathroom and brought her back some sesame seed oil and a small bath towel, “Will these do?”

“Perfectly!” she beamed, “Just sit down again, facing me; that’s it.” She began by sitting on her heels at my feet and removing my high heels and setting them aside. She rested my feet on her thighs, picked up the oil and put a generous amount on one palm and rubbed her hands together. She picked up my right foot and began one of the most sensuously exquisite experiences of my life to date.

It was pure pleasure, a lot like sex; in fact it was like having sex through my feet. Of course I didn’t know it then, but the course she had taken had been on tantric sex techniques that began with this erotic foot massage – Holly explained all that much later after someone else had given me a foot massage that was wonderful but not nearly in her league. In any case, it was incredibly relaxing and only relaxing at first, but even then in a very sensual way. Almost right a way as she thumbed the balls of my foot, oiled it, rubbed it in different ways in different places, used all kinds of techniques with her hands, even using her knee to massage my foot.

“This is much nicer when I do it naked. Then I don’t have to worry about getting oil on my clothes.”

I was leaning back with my eyes closed enjoying the thrills shooting all over my body up from my feet. I had to smile, “Oh, you can probably just be careful to keep the oil off your clothes. Besides I’m sure you’re more than making up for being good by sneaking peeks up my dress while I have my eyes closed.” I snuggled into the couch with a wriggle – this really was like sex only more relaxing, although I was starting to get warm spots in naughty places, and my left foot was feeling neglected.

I sighed with relief as she picked up my left foot. “Mmm,” she purred, “I’m not sneaking peeks up your dress. I’m staring up your dress, and the sight of your legs and those lovely white cotton panties are really making me wet between my legs.”

“Mmm,” I purred back, “You know, you are making me feel so good, you’re welcome to stare at my panties. This is such a wonderful present, Holly, and I really am grateful, I truly am!” After massaging my feet for what must have been half an hour, going back and forth between them, she started oiling and massaging my calves. That felt good too, but not as overwhelming. The foot massage had left me feeling practically drugged, but in a very warm, fuzzy sexual way. Her massaging my legs felt more purely sexual, but at this point I didn’t mind in the least, “Mmm,” I gave a little moan, “I’m pretty sure you’re being down right bad now, and probably about to get worse.” And I, for one, wasn’t going to do anything about it.

“No Claire,” she spoke very softly, being sensitive to my bliss, “I’m just drying your feet and legs with the towel, but you’re right about part of it. I’m getting ready to be very, very naughty.”

I gave a little shiver as a delicious thrill ran up my spine, then with a tiny giggle I asked, “Tell me what you’re going to do, Holly, because right now, I’m too lazy to open my eyes.”

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