Neighbors Chapter 1

Female Ejaculation

Matt was just a regular guy, working in construction as a laborer, but sometimes drove heavy equipment when there was a need. Standing six foot two he weighed a hundred ninety pounds, giving him a slim look, but because of the manual labor he did, he had muscular arms and legs, a broad chest with wide shoulder, and a well-defined abdomen, accenting his slim waist. He wore his straight brown hair long, and it hung to his shoulder blades, not quite reaching the middle of his back. At thirty four he wasn’t a bad looking man. The modest one bedroom corner apartment he rented was on the top floor of a six story building amid several others, very similar in appearance. A few of the apartments in the area had a communal greenhouse on their roofs, Matt’s building having several lounge chairs around the glass enclosure that the residents could use if they wanted to. He took advantage of the green house and maintained a small plot where he grew a couple of tomato plants, but they had only just begun to bloom, still, his evening routine included a trip to the roof to tend them. Matt liked his top floor apartment, mostly because there were no upstairs neighbors, but he also liked being able to open the windows, allowing a cool evening breeze to relieve the heat from another Arizona day, something he couldn’t do in a lower apartment. He disliked air conditioning, feeling that it was cheating somehow, and since living on the outskirts of the city made the pollution Göztepe Escort tolerable enough to enjoy real fresh air, he only used the central AC during the hottest times of the year. That evening, after he got home from work, he opened all the windows to allow a nice breeze through the apartment and then looked past the building next door and into the sky. The sun was still about an hour from setting, and even though the sunset itself would be obscured from his apartment, the magnificent colors of it were something he tried to enjoy most evenings. Sometimes Matt watched the sunset from the roof, but he decided he would rather be comfortable that night, and stayed in. Matt then went for his much needed shower, and, after drying, he put on a light robe before mixing a cocktail and sitting at his computer to check emails and such while still enjoying the view out his window. The sun had already descended behind the building next door, and the color of the sky told him that it was near sunset. He turned in his desk chair to enjoy the beauty of the view and noticed that the apartment directly across from his, the one he knew to be vacant for the last two months, had lace curtains in the windows. Apparently the apartment had been rented, and with this in mind, gave it no further notice as the sunset began to turn the few clouds in the sky to a rich orange and red, the sky itself becoming a deeper blue. Movement caught Göztepe Escort Bayan his eye from the apartment next door and he saw a woman opening the windows of her apartment, apparently taking advantage of the breeze as well. She looked to be in her early forties; about five foot six, with curly light brown hair spilling just over her shoulders. Matt guessed her to be about a hundred fifty pounds, and could see the short sleeve dress she wore, showed her figure very nicely across the gap between buildings. She opened the window opposite him, and they smiled at each other as they made eye contact, her eyes seeming to sparkle, as her smile reached them. Matt enjoyed the rest of the sunset, catching glimpses of the new neighbor occasionally as the colors changed and deepened in the sky, eventually dimming to disappear, as true night closed in. Matt went back to his computer, finishing with the emails he had been working on, as well as a letter that he printed before powering the computer down. As he retrieved the pages, Matt saw that his new neighbor only had the lace curtains covering her windows, and with her lights on he could clearly see into her living room as she moved about in the small kitchen of her apartment. Matt enjoyed some TV, and then closed his blinds to allow his neighbor some privacy. He closed the blinds in his bedroom as well, before getting ready for bed, thinking that it was really a shame Escort Göztepe to have to use them. He had gotten used to having the night breeze cool the apartment while he slept, but, he didn’t want to intrude on his neighbor, and until she put in some decent curtains, he would just have to deal with it. The next evening Matt went through his usual routine, but when he opened up his windows, he saw that his neighbor had put up vertical blinds over the lace curtains she had. He was relieved that he would be able to enjoy the evening air tonight; the apartment had been too warm with the shades drawn, even though he had left all the windows open. Just like the night before, his new neighbor drew aside her blinds and opened her windows just before the sunset began its show. She met Matt’s eyes, and they smiled at each other again, but she added a friendly wave this time, and smiled even bigger at him. Matt waved back before she went about her own business as he enjoyed the changing colors in the sky. When he went to bed, he was relieved to keep the shades open, seeing the blinds over her bedroom window were closed. This went on for a few weeks, Matt getting used to seeing his new neighbor each night when she drew aside her blinds to slide the windows open just as the sunset began. They smiled and waved each evening, and Matt was able to enjoy the view as usual. He slept much better with the night air cooling his bedroom, it was only April and the temperature this week had gotten into the mid-nineties already. Matt always slept nude and saw no reason to change that habit since his neighbor seemed to keep to herself for the most part, and even though she might have kept her windows open, she always had her shades drawn when he went to bed.

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