new cuckold pt VI


new cuckold pt VIKay did not come home until 9 o’clock Sunday night, she had left at 4 in the morning Friday. So the first thing I asked her logically was where she had been all weekend, she responded that I knew where she was with Jim. I said I know you were with Jim but where did you go with Jim. “So now your checking up on me, now that I’m going on three months pregnant with another man’s baby, a man that you wanted me to fuck” my wife said. I told her this isn’t what I had expected to happen, it was supposed to spice up our sex life now we don’t even have one, condoms were to be used. The last part hurt Kay she appoligized for screwing up, she should have made sure the condom was on before she spread her legs, she said almost in tears. I asked her if she was going to brake it off with Jim once the baby was born. Kay said she hoped so right now I don’t think so, but lets see how interested he is in me when I’m 8-9 months pregnant. Kay then told me that they had left Friday morning and drove 7 hours to a clothing optional beach, with Jim fondling her breasts most of the way. Kay said once they got there she went without clothes pretty much all week end. Every hour almost like clock work Jim would lead her out into the water and fuck her so no one could see, but everyone knew what they where doing Kay said. Kay said she felt like she was on display, but fortunately it was all couples still the other guys would stare at her when she came back out of the water freshly fucked. Kay told me that from now on she wouldn’t be going to see Jim in the morning, but after work instead. That Jim had suggested it, and she didn’t like having artemisbet yeni giriş to go to work from his place without even being able to wash his cum off. Monday Kay left two and a half hours later than she had last week for work, however she did not get home until eleven pm. five and a half hours later than usual. Kay said that it would probably stay that way but wouldn’t talk about it any further. I was amazed, what was Jim doing with my wife that it took them all of five hours to do every night. Tuesday evening after work I went to Jim’s place, Kay’s car wasn’t there she should’ve been there close to an hour ago. I didn’t know if Jim was home or not so I parked as far up the road as I could to still be able to see if someone pulled in Jim’s driveway. By seven I decided that Kay must have picked him up and gone out I drove around town at places they might be, but my wife’s car was not to be found. I drove back to Jim’s place as it was getting dark, Kay’s car was parked in the driveway I pulled my car into an old driveway nearby I had noticed earlier it was 8:45 as I shut off the engine having killed the lights before turning in. It took me less than 5 minutes to get to Jim’s trailer, as I peeked through the livingroom window I could tell by the dim light coming from the kitchen that they wern’t in there. I moved to the other end of the trailer I looked in the window but couldn’t see anything, but I could hear Jim’s ejaculatory groan and my wife say “oh my god” as I hurried to the other window around the corner. I looked in the window I had a perfect side view. Kay’s feet were on the floor as she was artemisbet giriş laid over the bed, Jim was behind her leaned forward squeezing my wife’s big breasts as he finished cumming. Jim stood up and thrust a few quick strokes as he slapped Kay’s ass. I could hear Kay giggle as Jim pulled his cock out of her pussy and and could barely make out her say “that felt good”. Kay crawled onto the bed and laid on her side her sexy soft squishable ass facing me. Jim laid facing her and they kissed and hugged, Jim’s hands moved down Kay’s back to her ass as they kissed. Jim pulled Kay’s right butt cheek with his left hand opening her ass crack and working his fingers closer and closer to her asshole. Jim finally worked the tip of his middle finger into Kay’s ass, Kay pulled away I almost laughed thinking he had screwed up now. I had tried for years to do anal on Kay and although she had let me try me never sucseeded she just couldn’t take my cock no matter how much lube. Kay would from time to time let me finger fuck her ass as I ate her pussy which gave her mind blowing orgasms. My joy was short lived. Jim had rolled onto his back and Kay on all fours was moving into stadle him as I heard her sexy whisper say is that what you want, as Kay teasingly kissed him. Kay than moved up hanging her big breasts in Jim’s face, and he put some lube on her ass and began rubbing it into my wife’s crack. My cock was getting hard but I had a poor view from the side. Until I noticed Kay’s ass in the mirror on the wall I was able to move out of thier sight and watch. Jim’s hands were rubbing the lube well up into Kay’s crack pulling artemisbet güvenilirmi her ass cheeks apart. I heard Kay grunt as Jim shoved his finger into her ass. Jim was now working one finger in and out then a different finger pulling her asshole open and rubbing more lube into her. Kay was now moaning as Jim worked up to two fingers at a time fully inserted in her ass. Jim’s cock was now hard, as well as mine, and I could hear Kay cumming as juice and cum ran out of her pussy onto Jim’s belly. Kay then moved off of Jim still on all fours her ass now toward the window, Jim moved in behind her, I moved back in front of the window to watch. Jim rubbed his hard cock against Kay’s pussy making her moan so he continued to tease her pussy with his cock head, Kay was moaning and whining. Jim asked her what she wanted Kay let him know yelling I want you to fuck me fuck me hard please. Jim asked her where Kay didn’t care her ass her pussy she just wanted him to fuck her and fuck her hard right now. Jim did as she demanded, taking aim at my wife’s virgin ass. Jim slowly worked the head of his cock into Kay’s ass, but once he had it inside he gripped Kay’s hips and thrust the full length of his cock hard into her virgin ass. Kay yelped and would have collapsed had Jim not been holding onto her hips. Kay began moaning then as Jim fucked her ass hard and fast. I had already cum in my pants just from seeing for the first time a cock in my wife’s ass. Jim slowed down to long slow strokes, Kay sounded like she was loosing her mind making noises I had never heard her make before as she came hard and collapsing on the bed Jim no longer able to hold her up. Jim looked like he was trying to push her through the bed as his balls contracted and he moaned and groanedhe was cumming. I left wanting to get home before Kay found out I was spying on her, and anxious to find out if she would tell me Jim had fucked her in the ass.

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