New Life Chapter 2


Chapter 2 I almost lasted the whole week out of town, but after five days I was climbing the walls. I called Mr. Green and asked for an update. He told me I lasted longer than most of his clients before calling, and then he told me he had some things and we could meet first thing tomorrow morning at my office. As I drove back home early the next morning, I called Gwen and told her that I was back in town but needed to go the office to finish some paper work and that I would be home later that night. As I waited in my office for Mr. Green to show up, I wondered what he had uncovered. How many more guys? Was this a long term affair? Were there more pictures? Should I get a divorce attorney? None of these thoughts were good and I started pacing right as Mr. Green showed up. My secretary let him in my office and closed the door behind her on the way out, she knew I didn’t want to be interrupted. Mr. Green sat down across from my desk and told me. “I have done this a long time and I always ask this question, do you want to know everything?” I answered without pause. “Yes.” “Ok.” Mr. Green handed me a flash drive and I knew it wasn’t good. Before I could put it in my computer, he told me to wait because he needed to explain what he had seen and found over the last week. “Mr. Haring, your wife has been unfaithful to you. I was able to find quite a few pictures and videos of her with other people that were saved on her computer in a somewhat secret file. I followed her for a couple of days and she didn’t see anyone in an intimate way.” Mr. Green sat there and let me take in what he told me. There were other times, other men, other pictures and videos and Gwen had kept them on her computer. It took me a minute to recompose myself and then I asked Mr. Green. “I assume you see this sort of thing a lot. What is the next step for a person in my situation?” “Everyone handles it differently, but I don’t judge.” I thanked Mr. Green for his time and service and paid him and showed him out the door. I told him that I knew how to get in touch with him if I needed anything else. As I sat at my desk with the flash drive in my hand, I pondered if I really wanted to see what was on it. It took me all of five seconds to plug the drive in and there were five folders that popped up, each with a date on them. All the dates were within the last two years, with the latest one being a couple months ago. The first folder I clicked on was dated about two months şişli escort ago. Needless to say these pictures were not what I wanted to see. The first group showed Gwen in a black bra and matching thong and she was posing in different positions for the camera, some from the front and some from behind. The photos continued as she removed her bra and then thong and started posing in much dirtier poses. There were pictures of her pushing her tits up and licking her own nipples. Ones of her with her legs spread wide and her playing with her pussy. Some of her on her knees as she looked over her shoulder and spread her ass for the camera. I was in disbelief of what I was seeing, but for some reason I wanted to see more. The next showed her sucking on a cock while she looked up at the camera. There were ones of the cock just entering her mouth and then ones showing her swallowing the entire length. There was a picture of the cock just sitting on her face, like the guy dick slapped her and then left it there and took a picture. I knew it was going to happen and as I looked at each picture my cock kept getting harder and harder. The next group showed Gwen on her back and the cock was inside her pussy. There were a few like this and then a couple of her face and there was no doubt she was enjoying it. They went on and showed Gwen in different positions getting fucked. Her from behind, her riding him, her bent over a chair, it seemed like she enjoyed every new position from the look on her face. The last few pictures were of Gwen back on her knees with the dick in her mouth. Then they showed her hand wrapped around it and I knew what was coming next. Four pictures of her face covered in cum. The cum was on her forehead, cheeks and nose, and it was dripping down her face. The last picture showed her tongue sticking out of her mouth trying to lick the cum from her chin. I closed the folder and sat in my chair and was on the verge of tears and then I felt my dick and how hard it was. I needed to see the other folders, no matter how bad they were. I opened the folder that was dated eight months ago and the first thing I saw somehow shocked me. It was Gwen and Lucy, one of her good friends, and they were both naked in a hotel room. The pictures continued and the two women were posing for the camera and were showing everything they had. I never realized how hot Lucy was and these pictures only proved it. Lucy and Gwen were lying mecidiyeköy escort next to each other on the bed with spread legs so the camera got a great view of both of their shaved cunts. The next shots showed the women fingering each other. Gwen reaching over and sliding two fingers inside Lucy’s wet pussy and Lucy doing the same to her. The final picture of the group showed both women licking their own fingers, tasting the juices of their friend. I couldn’t stop myself as I locked my office door and then sat back down and took out my cock. I started stroking myself as I clicked to the next group of pictures. I had a feeling what I would see and I was right. It started with Lucy going down on Gwen, her tongue licking my wife’s pussy. There must have been a dozen pictures of Lucy tongue fucking Gwen, sucking on her clit and getting her off. The next group showed the opposite as Gwen was going down on Lucy. Gwen had told me she fooled around with a girl once in college but never since then. I examined each picture closely as Gwen worked her tongue into her good friend’s twat. After another dozen pictures of my wife licking and sucking pussy, I was close to cumming, but I held off, wanting to see what was left. The next bunch of pictures showed both women sucking on some guy’s dick, Lucy taking the shaft while Gwen licked his balls. I looked at a few of these pictures before I realized someone else must be taking the pictures. I was correct because a few pictures later the girls were doing the same thing but it was a different dick. I couldn’t take it any longer and made myself cum while I looked at a picture of Gwen with her mouth around a strangers cock while Lucy licked his balls. I fired a huge load of cum on the floor and then leaned back in my chair. The feeling of pleasure from my orgasm was quickly replaced by anger and then shame as to what caused it. How could I get off to pictures of my own wife fucking some other men? This thought was quickly erased when I realized there were more pictures in the folder that I hadn’t looked at yet, not to mention a whole other folder I hadn’t even started to look at. I clicked through the rest of the pictures and it didn’t shock me to see one of the guys fucking Lucy while Gwen sucked Lucy’s nipples. The girls switched places and the guy took his turn on my wife. The close ups of his cock sliding into her cunt were equally angering and arousing to me, as I clicked from picture to picture. The guys switched places and the new guy took his turn with both women. There was a group of pictures with both women on their hands and knees each with a guy fucking them from behind. One guy was taking a picture in a mirror so it was a reflection I was looking at but it hid nothing. The guys switched women again and the same picture was taken a few more times. They used the mirror to take more pictures as the girls rode the guys and I could see Gwen was the one with the camera, snapping away as she rode the cock. I could tell the guys were about the same age as the guy from the other folder, late 20’s, in good shape, and were enjoying themselves a lot. By the time I got to the last group of pictures, I was hard again and jerking off. Deep down I knew what I wanted the last pictures to be of but I hoped they weren’t. In the end, I got to see what I wanted to: pictures of both guys cumming all over Gwen and Lucy’s faces. Both women looked like porn stars with cumming running down their faces. The last pictures showed them licking the cum from each other’s faces until there was none left. I came for the second time in ten minutes and still as angry and ashamed as before. I decided I was going to save the third and final folder for tomorrow, although I didn’t know how I was going to sleep tonight wondering what it contained. I took the flash drive and locked it in my private safe and cleaned up the mess I had made on the floor and headed home. How was I going to look my wife in the eyes after what I just saw. Gwen was there waiting for me when I got home, happy as ever to see me. She hugged me and kissed me and I did my best not to show any anger. It helped that the kids were home and I promised myself I wouldn’t make a scene with them there. We had dinner as a family and I told them about my fake business trip and why it was so important. By the end of the night I almost felt like nothing had happened, then I looked at my wife and I was reminded of what I had seen earlier on my computer. Gwen and I headed to bed at the same time and when she came out of the bathroom she was wearing some very sexy lingerie. It was a black corset that amplified her tits with a matching pair of g-string panties. She smiled at me and walked to the bed telling me how much she missed me. She reached under the sheets and started to stroke my hardening cock. She leaned over and whispered in my ear. “I’ve missed you so much and I’m going to show you how happy I am to have you back.” Gwen crawled in bed and went straight for my dick. Even though I had already cum twice today I was hard and ready for a third time.

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