Nick and Dana


Nick and DanaI am Hank, my wife Allison and I like to camp, we also like to soak in hot springs. We found the best of both worlds hot springs with camping sites. We arrived late in the afternoon set up our camp site. After we set up our cot (when you get to our age you’ll have a cot too), and sleeping bags it was getting on toward dusk. We needed to find the facilities and fill up water container. We located the restroom, showers steam room, pool, and the trails to the hot springs. Allison and I were filling our drinking water bladder, when another couple about our age approached the water station to fill their water bladder too. We chatted about the facility and found out that Nick and Dana, where newbies just like us. Our containers filled we started up the hill to our camp site Nick and Dana had the site across the road from ours. They had not set up their tent yet so I asked Nick if he wanted help, Sure he said. That deceives a beer tossing a cold one to me. He holds up a beer and asks the ladies if they want a cold one? Dana and Allison nod yes as Nick pops the tops on two beers.Nick and I have the tent up in no time. The ladies take over setting up the sleeping area. Nick and I sit back and watch our wife’s work. Dana has dark hair and a cute figure; she is about 5.5 with big tits and wide hips. As compared to Allison who is 5.9 blonde nice tits and round ass a top long legs. It is getting hard to see because the sun has set and it dark now. The ladies have finished in the tent and join Nick and I as we finish our beer. I ask if they would like to join us I had some green chili, added we have more than enough for all of us. Dana chimes in I have margarita mix and the fixings, she smiles and says fiesta. We finish setting up Nick and Dana’s camp, and then make our way to our camp. Our camp is on a trail that leads to one of the hot springs. Our tent is set up close to brook that is wonderful background noise. Dana quickly mixes drinks for us and makes a toast to the week end, and we chant to the week end. Allison has set out chips and salsa. I set up the camp stove when Dana says lets go see the hot springs before we eat, Allison agrees. I grab a flash light and we head up the trail. The trail dipped and climbs a little hill, as it winds through the woods and it was dark vary dark, but before long we found the hot springs. The water was about 100 degrees and could hold about 60 people. Tonight there were only about dozen or so. The report form the bathers was the water is great come on in. We said we would back later, and went back to camp. I heat the chili while Dana topped off our drinks, Allison and Nick set the table. While the four of us eat our dinner of green chili, beans, rice and tortillas; bathers are returning from the hot springs to their camps. Our camp site is right on the trail, so we had some of the campers pass through our camp. We chatted with a number of the campers, we were told about favorite springs and hiking trails. We finished dinner and start to clear the dishes, I tell the group I was heading down to the rest rooms to do the dishes if anyone want to come along. I grab the dishes and we head off to use the facilities. At the kitchen Dana asks me do you want to wash or dry. Dana washes and I dry the dishes. Allison and Nick check out the community bulletin board with notices and things to do in the area. Allison found some information about some jeep trails and is excited to tell me about them.Nick and Allison have joined Dana and I when Allison excited tells me I think I found our jeep trail. Allison tells me let’s get back to camp and I will show you in our trail guide. While Allison and I were looking forward to some us time we are glad that we met Nick and Dana. It looks like we may have found some friends. Dana exclaims you guys are going four wheeling; can we go? Nick jumps in and tells Dana, hay babe we should wait to be asked, he tells Allison and I, sorry we were hoping to rent a jeep and try on over roading on our own our own. Allison asks them, so you have never been four wheeling before either of you. She looks at me and tells me they’re virgins we have to take them with us. Dana chimes in saying; please the first time is always better with an experienced lover. Nick and both laugh ankara escort and I say how can I turn that down. We hike up to our camp, take out our trail guide and find the trail, Allison says this is the one the trails we talked about this one, it ends at a hiking trail where we can hike up to some hot springs. Nick asks what hot springs, and we tell him it is not on any guides we were told how to find. You guys up for some exploration? Dana confirms there intent by saying I will pack lunch.Allison announces I don’t know about you guys but I am ready for a soak. Dana and Nick agree and head to their camp to change. They return to our camp wrapped in robes, towels in hand, Nick has wine a bladder. I grab a flash light and off we go. The hot springs has just a few bathers at this time of the night almost 11:30pm. We are greeted with; come on in the water is great. There are about ten people in the springs. There is a group of about six people talking, and some couple enjoying private time together. We enter the pool and the water is great. I suppose now would be a good time to mention that this hot springs and camp grounds are clothing optional. Until four of us took off our ropes we had not seen each other without cloths. Dana had a better body than I thought. Allison did not go unnoticed by Nick. We float around in the pool. While one tries not to bump into other bathers it happens, and as long as you don’t let your touch linger, folks just look at it as happenstance. Bumping into others also gives one a chance to meet others too. Before long we have joined the large group of people and strike up conversations. Where we are in the mountains soaking in a natural hot springs, under a starry ski, the only cloud to be found is the Milky Way. There is a meadow in front of the spring with fire flies; one can hear the night songs of crickets and frogs. This is magical. One of the bathers lights off a fatty and passes it around. Our little group was feeling pretty mellow. Allison and I float off by ourselves; we are petting each other as we float. We have made our way to the back end of the pool in the shadows. We take turns massaging each other, finding those places that always need attention. Her feet, my shoulders. Dana has found a couple of noodles and floats our way. When she reaches us she hands Allison a noodle say you’ll love this. Allison places the noodle behind her back, adjusting to her liking, and floats. She closes her eyes and relaxes.Both Allison and Dana are floating, their breast peeking out of the water, nibbles erect. I am enjoying these floating beauties. The other bathers have deicide to call it a night leaving us alone in the pool. Nick grabbed the wine and swam over to me. Nick took his time going by the girls, taking a good look at Allison tits. He makes his way over to me and tells me your wife has great tits. I reply Danas aren’t bad either. He smiled and said glad you noticed. As he handed me the wine; Sangrias he says with pride, Danas own recipe. I take a drink and wow! It was great. Dana is looking at me with a smile on her face, and says if you like that wait to see what I have planned for lunch. As I hand the wine to Allison, disturbing her peace. I tell she has to try this she try the wine, she sips, and then takes a long pull, and exclaims this great, and takes another pull. I told you would like it. Dana holds out her hand I take her the wine. She pulls me over to her as I hand her the wine I feel a hand on my dick. Dana takes a pull from the wine bladder, and hands the wine back to me. I tow Allison back to the shadows again; I have found a seat and Allison resting in my arms. Allison can feel my raging hard on. Soon Nick and Dana have joined us we pass the wine around. We are all feeling pretty loose and are sitting kind of close to each other so there is innocent touching going on, legs touch and linger there for long count, I feel a hand on my thigh, then my other thigh. My hand bushes Danas back. Unknown to me Nick has been stroking the Allison’s thigh she doesn’t protest. Dana passes the wine around, she tell the group that she and Nick are into swinging and, said to Allison we like both of you and wondered if you were swingers too. Allison smiled and tells Dana that we are ankara escort bayan too. Dana has found my dick, as Nick gives me thumbs up. Dana embraces me and kisses me deeply. I wrap my arms around her and massage her ass with both hands as we kiss. She is jerking my rock hard dick. We break our kiss and I start to suck her tits. Dana has great tits I suck her nipple into my mouth she whimpers. I slide my hand over her mound and my finger finds her clit. She grinds her clit against my hand. Dana kisses me again. We break our kiss and I tow Dana to side of the pool and help her up so I can eat her out. The water is a little too deep to eat her out properly, but before I dive in I see Nick sitting on the edge of the pool with Allison lips wrapped around his cock. I am licking Dana’s clit, as best as I can, but in the pool my not be the best place to go muff diving. I sand up and take Danas hand and say let’s head back to the tent she says ok, but let’s get Allison and Nick first. Dana slides in next to Allison and asks may I join you. Now both Allison are giving Nick head; both Allison and Dana at the same time. I swim over to watch. Nick is in heaven. I swim up behind the wives to watch them attend to nick. Allison has her lips on one side Nick’s dick while Dana has her lips on the other side; they are moving their heads up and down along his shaft. What a show. Both of these ladies can suck a dick.After a few minutes we hear some bathers coming up the trail, sex in public is frowned on here at the hot springs. So Nick slides back into the pool and into my wife’s arms and they embrace. I pull Dana back against my chest my hardon stabbing her in her back. She slides up so my dick is between her ass checks. I tow Dana into the shadows with me as Allison and Nick work their way back to the shadows too; just as two couples crest the rise. They quickly disrobe and are in the pool. We are in the shadows and passing the wine around, we can’t get out of the pool just yet since Nick and I are sporting tent pools. The other bathers swim to where we are, one of the bathers asks if they could join us. It was some of the bathers from earlier, and another blunt is produced to be passed around. By now Nick, Dana, Allison, and I are drunk and high. Allison suggests lets head back to camp and leave this pool do these good folks and we depart the pool.Nick and I help the wives out of the pool, Nick towels off Allison while I dry Dana. Nick and I don’t’ try to hide ourselves and the other bathers can that both of us are hard. We gather our robes, and start to leave when we hear one of the bathers (one very shapely woman) hops out of the pool coming towards me wine bladder in hand, saying you forgot this I turn trying to hide my hard dick but I can’t. She see my hard dick then Nick erect tool, smiles at me and tell us have fun, she turns and hops in the pool to join her friends. We start back to camp, I take Danas hand we head down the trail kind of holding each other up. Nick and Allison are following along; in no time we are in camp. Dana tells me I am taking you home with me. Dana tells Nick party in our tent. We fall into Nick and Dana’s tent. The rain cover is off and the stars are out; the entire floor is covered in air mattress. Nick and Allison fall in after us. Nick and Allison are wrestling when Nick pins Allison and starts to kiss Allison’s neck, and nibble her ears. This drives her crazy. Nick has Allison’s arms pinned back over her head. Nicki is massaging her breasts. He is being gentle, stroking he breast with the tips of his fingers, her nipples get hard. Nick lightly brush’s the tips of his fingers so lightly Allison shutters, and hums I can feel that in my pussy. Nick let’s her hands go and slides down between her legs, propping her legs over his shoulder; folds back her swollen pussy lips, and runs his tongue up your slit starting at her ass and ending at her clit; Allison swoons. I can hear Allison breathing hard She is moaning with pleasure. Nick is giving her pussy a work out. He is concentrating on her clit Allison is getting ready to cum. Allison lets out long moan of pleasure as she cums. Nick slides up Allison’s body so he can slide his dick in her dripping pussy. Nick’s tool is not as long as mine escort ankara Allison told me later, but he is wider than I am she reports, Allison admits she liked his width. Anyhow nick is about to enter my wife, he pauses to rub his dick up and down her slit before pushing his dick in her soaking quim. Nick slides the head of his cock into Allison she exhales deeply. He is fucking her with just the head of his cock as Allison except his girth. Nick tells Allison you are so fucking tight as his pushes his dick all the way in up to his ball. Allison groans with delight.Nick is fucking Allison slowly, Allison’s is breathing hard with her legs wrapped around his waist. Nick is picking up his pace, Allison is fucking him back, Nick pull out and flips Allison onto her hands a knees so he can fuck her doggy style, one of Allison’s favorite positions. Nick is really fucking Allison hard, building up his pace. He is getting ready to cum. Allison lets out a long grown of ecstasy as she cums hard. Nick groans and shoots his load into my wife. He fucks for form few more minutes he pulls out of Allison and collapse next to Allison, as she catches her breath. Dana and I are kissing; she is lying on top of me, rubbing her body against mine. I break our kiss and start to slide down between her breasts to them some much needed attention. Dana is on her hands, I am under her sucking her tits. She is rubbing her moist pussy against my body. Dana is moaning, and I continue my way to her pussy to eat her out. I find her clit with my tongue and she presses her pussy down onto my mouth and grinds her clit against my tongue. She is moaning while lick her dripping twat. I love to eat pussy, I love the taste, Dana has sweet flavor. Lick up every drop of her honey. As I am enjoying Dana dripping snatch I her Nick, and Allison cum that doesn’t concern me at this time, as I am pushing Dana close to an orgasm. I here Dana say to Nick come here and let me clean you up., as she takes Nicks now collapsed dick in her mouth, and licks his crotch clean. As Dana is cleaning Nick she cums hard. Dana tells me I am going to ride you like there is no tomorrow, as she slide her dripping pussy on my throbbing member. Dana exhales deeply as she comes to rest on my dick. Then she starts to grind my dick deep in her wet pussy. Her juices are running down my balls she is so wet. Dana is leaning back rubbing her clit against my crotch. I reach up to take her firm breasts in my hand and tease her nipples. She leans over me so I can suck and lick her tits. She is riding me harder and faster now and cums. I roll her over on her side and give Dana long slow strokes. She is enjoying this position; I am drilling her deep in her pussy. Dana tells me you are so deep, it feels wonderful. I look over at Allison and Nick. They are watching Dana and I fuck. Allison is playing with Nicks cock again, he is getting hard again. I am getting turned on even more watching Allison work Nicks rod. I am fucking Dana hard and deep, she grunts uh, uh, uh every time I thrust into her. I pull my dick all most all the way out of Dana before I slam it to the back of her pussy. I am fucking her faster now and getting ready to cum. A few more stokes and deposit my seed deep into her pussy. Dana explodes with her own orgasm. As Dana and I cum as Nick start to make love to Allison again. He is being very gently with Allison which is turn on for her. Nick and Allison are in the missionary position fucking tenderly. Dana pulls me close and whispers in my ear, I need to pee, will you walk with me to restroom. We get up to leave the tent Dana tells Nick and Allison we will be right back. Dana and I walk to the facilities we are the only ones out it is very late. Dana tells me as we walk she is afraid of wild a****ls. We finish and Dana asks me what about a quick steam, I tell her it sound great. We enter the Sunna we are the only ones there. We settle in and enjoy the heat. We sitting next to each other I am lightly rubbing her thigh. Dana leans over to kiss me she tells me I glad we met you and Allison, let’s get back before we are missed. When we return Nick and Allison are fast asleep. We lay down quietly on the mattress we did not want to wake our spouse. We lie down Dana asks me would you like another go as she take my cock in her hand and kisses me. Dana gets me hard in an instant. Dana lies on her back her legs spread wide inviting me into her pussy. I slide my Johnson in her pussy and we fuck slowly until we both cum and we fall asleep.

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