Night Nurse


1) Thanks to my proof reader, they were lots of help on my last story and no I am not saying who it is.

2) This is pure fiction, no one in it is real, in other words I made it all up LOL.

3) This is for 18 plus, do not ready if you are under that age.

You might remember me, I made the papers a few years back. One national gutter rag said “DRUNK SAVES CHILD” another paper said “CHILD SAVED FROM LORRY”. Both are true, I was lucky not to die. I had been out all day drinking with some friends. It was World Cup fever time again and I was trying to get over a bad break up.

We were on our way to a pub, just a bit drunk when I saw a kid of about ten run out in to a busy road after his football. As this happened I saw a HGV in the corner of my eye and shot out in to the road. I shoved the boy out of the way, he got a few minor bruises, I got a few weeks at the hospital.

The doctors said I was lucky I only had a few broken bones. A few! I had a broken leg, two breaks in my right arm, a cracked skull and whip lash. Yes, before you ask the lorry was going too fast.

Anyway, something good did come out of it. I met Helen. She is one of the funniest, prettiest, sexist and kinkiest women I have ever met.

I was laying in bed late on my second night when she came in to the room. She is 5’9″ with honey blond hair and eyes like chips of blue topaz. She is a size 12, has a sexy round bum and size 34F breasts.

“So this cebeci escort is the hero then?” she said when she came in to the room.

“Yea that is me.”

“And how are we doing tonight?”

“Oh I am fine, apart from a few broken bones” I joked.

She came around the bed and popped a thermometer in my mouth, and took my left wrist. As she lent over my top half to take my temperature I felt her breast brush against my upper arm. Now I have always had a thing for real uniforms, as well as busty women. I have always been a horny sod. Well one thing led to another and I soon had a hard on. I mean had not even had a wank for about two days.

“Well now some one is a horny young fella.” Helen said when she saw the bulge.

“Sorry” I blushed.

“Someone is easy to embarrass, how cute.” She said smiling at me.

“Maybe you could help a hero out?” I came back with. As I said that Helen let my wrist go and walked to the bottom of the bed and made a few notes on my chart. As she left the room she gave me a parting wink.

I tried to have a wank with my left hand, but it was no good. All I could think about for the next two hours was Helen and her sexy body in that tight uniform, this was not helped by the fact she kept coming in and out to see how I was. Later that night around midnight Helen came in and sat in the chair next to my bed. and we chatted.

I found out that her husband had walked out on her çukurambar escort leaving her with two kids to raise and a mountain of debt.

“Can I ask you something please?” She asked at the end of out little chat. “Was you for real before? About wanting a helping hand?”


“And is it true what the said in the paper about you being some rich property guy?”

“Yes why?”

“Well I was thinking, I really need some cash, to get out the hole my Ex put me and the kids in. And you need a helping hand so to speak, I mean I am not a hooker or anything.”

“I know, the uniform is a dead give away, you know.” I said.

She smiled and blushed at me, then said “So how about it then?” and with that the same flirting nurse came back.

“OK, but how much and how do I pay you?”

“Well how about a hand job? For say £100? I mean I am not sure how much to charge really. As for payment I was thinking if you give me your bank card I could get the cash out and give you a print out?”

“Sounds like an idea, but for £100 I would like more then just a hand job.”


“Well how about you let me see your knickers?”

“Okay, but they are not sexy, they are more comfy then anything?”

I just smiled at her. With that she stood up and pulled up her dress. I saw a pair of wight panties with hearts and stars on them, under her tights. “See!” she said.

“They are great Helen” demetevler escort I said, “you’re in them after all.”

“Wow, you’re a smoothy aren’t you.”

She came around the other side of the bed and pulled the sheets down. Helen then hitched her dress back up and sat on the edge of the bed.

She then reached in to the opening of my PJ bottoms and took my semi hard cock in her hands. Helen slow started to pump my cock in her hand. “So you like my knickers do you?” she asked.

“Yes” I said, not taking my eyes off her knickers.

“Is it just panties you like then?”


“Really tell me more? Do you like to wear them?”

“No I like women’s scent as well,” came my reply. My breath by now was coming in short gasps.

Helen stopped. “What do you mean?”

“Please don’t stop”.

“Tell me what you mean first?”

“I like sniffing women worn knickers”.

Helen started to pump my cock again.

“So do you want to sniff these?” She asked.

“Yes”, I replied breathing heavily.

“But they are all dirty. I mean I got them damp at least twice today. Not to mention the fact that there was no paper in the ladies. So I could not wipe, could I?”

“No.” I was getting close by this time.

“But you still want them don’t you?”


“You want to sniff my cum stained, pee stained, smelly panties don’t you?”

And with that I came. It was so strong and hard Helen later told me it was like a shotgun going off, but without the bang.

With that she cleaned me up, gave me a peck on the check, grabbed my bank card, PIN and left.

As she walk out the door Helen said, “Maybe tomorrow night I will bring you a treat or two.

The end.

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