Night When I become a GIRL


Night When I become a GIRLThe incidence took place when I got selected in an medical college . when I reached the college the college hours were over , it was8 o clock at night, staff told me warden is not available .So I was given different room at the back side of girls hostel. i had reached my room and was trying to relax at the same time the door knocked . when I opened the door I saw 5 girls standing outside they pushed me and got inside quickly . I asked them who r they what did they want? one girl spok I am Nandini, your senior ,it seems u don’t have respect for girls , I replied no maam I respect girls. i was puzzeled way did she say so?Then she asked priya to come in, priya the name sounded similar to me, when she entered the the room I was surprised she was the girl from my colony .me and my frnds use to tease her after her couching. She asked priya-“is this the boy” ,she nodded yes in reply. “ok sister now u can go” said nanadani.Now those five girls were in my room, they had a bag with them, then nandani asked me to have shave and take bath and come back quickly ,I was in a pitiable condition, It was 10o clock in night I couldn’t call any one for help nor colud I refuse them. on the same time I was terrified thinking whets next to come, as she was priya’s s*s.When I came back saw one of the girl took out a lotion , it was fem hair removal lotion, I asked what is that for ? nanadani shouted back and asked me sit on the chair, now those girls applied 1xbet yeni giriş fem all over me they removed all my hairs including arm pit .Now they asked to remove my underwear ,I hesitated , looking at me she said will u do it or we have to remove it. I knew that if I remove my underwear my penis will stand erect, and same happened.Nanadani said this is not good , she asked the other girls to hold me tightly ,then she gave a injection, in my penis she said “don’t worry it will just relax ur muscles a bit” and to my surprise my erect penis became dead in few seconds as if it dint even existed.now they started with my face made my eye brows attached extra eye lashes and colored my lips red. Then they applied nail polish on my nails. Then one girl started shaving my headr and after that she bought a wig and using an adhesive she stuck the wig on my head, I asked nanadani why were they doing this, she replied “don’t worry u will come to know , only remember that your hair shouldnt move no matter how much they are pulled ”,Mean while I saw nanadani took out a box from the bag the she came close to me , I was surprised to see that she had silicon breast forms in her hand. Using the adhesive she stuck them on my chest. now I could feel some extra load on my chest , nanadani said to a girl bring something to support her load and they put pink lacy bra on me , I liked the felling after wearing that bra, then they wore me a panty, since my penis was 1xbet giriş also not getting erect so it came up with a perfect shape ,by the time i started to like the feeling which I was having, my was getting aroused but it was not because of my anal .i coudnt satisfy me by jerking off, I dint know what I wantedNow they took out a red bridal outfit , they made me wear blouse ,peticote and wrapped the sari in the traditional way then they wore me a nice neckless and earings ,then I wore red bangles in hand and payal in my feet , now my every movement was making a noise .i felt as if I am in a new world“now you r ready my bride, lets call the bride groom” This sentence brought me back to reality , I asked nanadani what did that mean ?At the same time a man entered the room it seemed he was drunk, his face looked familer to me , I said “yes he the watchman of girls hostel!!. i remember” ,seeing my reaction Nandani replied “yes he is raghu,and every year he helps us to get examination papers, and return he demands a girl . and this year you will be his girl”. I was shocked and before I could do something the girls standing besides me pushed me on the bed and tied my hands using duppata to the two corners of the bed. I was help less ,nanadani continued “don’t wory he only likes bottom….”I begged nandani to let me free but it was of know use .she said “ now be a gud bride and stay quite because raghu doesn’t likes shouting girls” they started to giggle 1xbet güvenilirmi and wished me “best of luck for my honey moon” then they left the room and locked it from out side.I now I realised what was happening they hade me perfect girl and gave the watchman liqure so that he is drunk and dosent figure out the the difference.Room was locked and I was at the mercy of raghu. His eyes where red i could see him stayring at me as lion looks at his pray in. anxiety I started to breath quickly ,but I forgot that now had breast , I realized because of my deep breathing they have started to move up and down and seemed to have caught his attention, then he came close to me and removed my pallu from my shoulder, even though I was a boy . but it seemed that I was getting nude.Then he started to kiss around my navel I stated to arouse but my dick was not able to help me I dint know what to do. The he move up to my face and started kissing my lips then he ripped open my blouse and kissed me every where then he stacked few pillows underneath me then h oiled his cook and moved my petiicoat upthen he moved my panty aside and gave me blow on my ass , I gasped in pain but with every next push it got easier and drilled me hard for 20 minutes , and I was enjoying the feeling.Then he left the room .it was almost 1 am when nandani came back again and opened the doorShe said “well u did gud and nw I suppose how it feels to be girl,” I didn’t have any words to replyI went to the mirror and had a look at me I realize that pretty girl in the mirror was me.Now u can remove ur dressing with warm water saying this nanadani leftI came back to bed dressed again and slept down dreaming of the new world that just opened in front of me.

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