Not a Little Girl Anymore


So I’m new to this. Give me some feedback and if I should make another one!


My name is Jess and this is the story of when I lost my virginity to my brother’s best friend.


I was never the prettiest girl when I was younger. I was kinda a tomboy. I hung out with my older brother Jeremy and his best friend Ben a lot. They always saw me as a the annoying little sister that followed them around.

When I was 10 and my brother was 14 I was sent to a boarding school for all girls. They thought it would turn me into a lady. I hated them for it until I found out how much freedom I had. I stayed there for 8 years.

I came back at 18 and looking completely different. I went from a scrawny tomboy with scrapes and bruises to a refined young lady with a size 34C bust. My ass wasn’t too bad either. It was big but there was something there.

My green eyes were a little darker than when I was younger. My short brown hair long and curly. My roommate used to joke I was a supermodel with a brain.

I moved back home after graduation. My brother was out and didn’t know I was home yet. I was moving my bags in the house one by one. The sun was out and beating down on me.

I was wearing a tank top that hugged my body. Complementing my curves. My shorts were old cut offs. They hugged my ass tight making it look a little bigger.

After I got everything inside, my body dripped in sweat. It dripped down my breasts. I was panting slightly. I went inside and grabbed a bottle of water. I walked back out to my car and see a box left.

I groan in frustration. Too hot and too tired I decide to dump the bottle of water on me to cool off. I moan as the cool water drips down my breasts and down my back. Soaking my tank top.


Hi my name is Ben and this is the time I took my best friends little sisters virginity.

Jeremy and I have been friends for years. He was like the brother I never had. Of course he had this little sister who followed us around like a puppy. Jer thought it was annoying, I thought it was cute. She could keep up with us and for the most part was fun to be around.

Then her parents sent her to boarding school and that was the last time I saw her. Jeremy thought it was a relief. No more little Jess to barge in on us and beg to play.

Fast forward to 8 years later Gaziantep Escort İlanları and Jeremy and i are still best friends. He told me his little sister was coming home soon. I decided to surprise him with some beer and burgers.

As I pulled up to his house I saw this beautiful women outside. Her top made her boobs look amazing. Her ass was… My god. I couldn’t even describe it. She was in the middle of dumping water on her making her top see through. My cock stirred a little in my shorts.

One thing came to mind when I saw her. I had to sleep with her. Now I’m not a bad looking guy. I have gray eyes and sandy brown hair. Football kept me in shape. I wasn’t lacking experience in the sex area too. I know how to please a girl.


I didn’t see the guy walking towards me until he spoke “now that is a waste of water.” He teased. I looked up and instantly recognized him. It was Ben. I could never forget those gray eyes.

I decided to see if he recognized me. “Not if your sweating buckets like me.” I say with a faint hint of a southern draw.

“I thought girls didn’t sweat.” He joked. “That just what we want you to think.” I laugh.

I turn and head back into the house waiting to see if he would follow me. “Um why are you going in there?” He asked almost protectively.

“I live here.” I smirk. I let the realization sink in and watched his face change. He got really pale before whispering “Jess?”

“You look like you’ve seen a ghost.” I laugh. “Oh. My. God!” He choked out. “There’s no way your Jeremy’s little sister. Your-you’re way to grown up.”

“That’s what happens when you leave for 8 years.” I smile. He grins “still a smartass huh?” “You bet!” I wink.

He walked over and gave me a hug. Even thought that I could feel how toned he was. Little Ben is all grown up. I could also feel a little something down below. Well I guess it wasn’t very little from what I could feel.

“So when did you get back squirt?” He said throwing an arm around me. I make a face “I’m not a squirt anymore.” I complain

“Ah you’ll always be my squirt.” He said messing up my hair.

I scowl and duck out of his arm. “I’m not a little girl anymore.” I argue. “Oh I can see that.” He winked

“Benjamin Shane! Are you flirting with me?” I tease “if I did your brother would kill me.” He said with a very serious look on his face.

“True.” I laugh. “So when is he suppose to be here? I wanted to surprise him.” I ask.

“He is at work. I was gonna cook burgers for him cause you folks are out and if I didn’t he would starve.” He said smiling.

“That is also true. I’m gonna turn on the air conditioning and change and then I’ll make like a salad or something.”

An hour later the burgers are cooked and the salad is made. Jeremy still had not shown up. “Where the hell is he?” Ben asked checking his phone. “Of course he just sent me a text saying he was gonna be working over night for some over time.”

“Oh ok. Hey would it be weird if I asked if you to stay the night?” I ask in kinda scared voice. “Why? What’s wrong?” He asked concerned “I’ve never slept in this house alone before and it kinda scares me.”

“Yeah of course I will.” He said. “I’ll just sleep in Jer’s room.” “Oh thank you!” I say hugging him.

After we ate we sat on the couch to watch a movie. I told Ben he could pick so of course he picked a horror movie. We shared a blanket and sat pretty close. I jumped a few times into his arms.

He ended up just holding me. I liked. I liked it a little too much. My panties started to get a little wet when he brushed by my breast. I noticed a little tent start form under the blanket. See that made me wetter.

Once the movie ended we both went to bed. Of course after seeing that tent I couldn’t fall asleep. I took my clothes off and my hands started to travel down my abs. I reach my shaved pussy and moan softly. I start rubbing my clit slowly. I use my other hand and start massaging my breast. My moans get louder.

All of a sudden my door bursts open and Ben comes in wearing nothing but boxers. By then I’m too far gone. I cum hard. My hips lifting off my bed. “That was the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen.” Ben said in a deep gruff voice.

I sit up and grab a blanket “uh b-Ben.” I stutter “don’t stop on my account.” He said with lust in his eyes. He walked towards me biting his lip and giving me this sexy grin. I look at him nervously “wh-what are you doing.” “I’m helping a friend out.” He smirked pulling the blanket away.

My eyes go wide as he gets between my legs and slowly licks my clit. I gasp and tilt my head back. His expert tongue flicked across my pussy lips making me squirm and moan. He slides his tongue deep inside me and circles it around.

I moan louder “fuck I’m gonna cum again!” “That’s it baby. Cum for me.” Says into my dripping pussy. That sent me over the edge. I came again. My moans turned into screams of pleasure.

Once I came down, he slide up my body. His boxer covered cock right against my pussy. He started thrusting and rubbing against me. “I’ll only stick it inside you if you ask me to.” He moaned. My head was spinning in pleasure. I wanted to so bad.

“I-I’m a virgin.” I managed to say through moans. “Really?” He asked giving me a crooked little grin. I nod slowly. “God now I really wanna fuck you.” He moaned kissing me softly. I could still taste myself on his lips. He started kissing my neck, being careful not to leave any marks.

I started to whimper. “Fuck me!” I finally caved. He stood up and pulled his boxers off revealing his 8 inch hard cock. I gasped at the sight of it and got wetter. He laid back down and lined up. He rubbed his cock up and down my pussy lips making me moan loudly.

“Stop teasing me and just fuck me!” I moan. “Oh. The little girl wants to be fucked huh?” He said teasing my soaking slit. I nod whimpering. He started to push in. Going slowly until he was fully in. I whimpered in pain as he broke through. A little blood started to dribble out.

“You alright?” He asked in concern not moving. I nod adjusting to his size. He slowly started to thrust in and out of me. Moaning “My god your so tight! I so close to cumming already!” I whimper as he hits my G-spot over and over again. My whimpers turn to moans as he goes faster and harder. Pounding into my tight virgin pussy.

“Oh god I’m gonna cum!” He said after a little bit of pounding. “Me too!” I moan. “Can I cum inside you?” He pleaded

“Yes! I’m on the pill.” I moaned. With one final thrust he cried out and came inside me. I came at the same time. Feeling his cum splash inside me.

He stayed fully inside me for a while before slipping out. He rolled over and pulled me close. Breathing heavily he said “your brother is gonna kill me.”

“Not if he doesn’t fine out.” I say breathlessly. He pulled me closer. “I wanna stay like this all night.” He whispered. “But I can’t. Your brother will catch me.” I nod mournfully understanding and with that he got up, grabbed his boxers and slipped out the door. I fell asleep in bliss. Hoping that this would happen again.

The end… Or is it.

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