Not really a story, just random personal feelings


Not really a story, just random personal feelingsLike I said, not a story.Now I know this is a place where we all can just be ourselves and enjoy some good fucking but it seems to me there is a lot of interest in videos and stories of simulated and/or actual i****t and shit like that.Listen, I understand that everybody likes different shit but seriously. Why does having sex with your mariobet güvenilirmi sister/brother/mother/father interest so many people? I’m a guy like any other and yeah I admit I had fantasy’s about my mother a LOOOOOOOONG time ago and I squashed those feelings when I hit puberty. Second, what’s with the criticism of the acting in the movies? What the fuck is mariobet yeni giriş that? They are being paid to HAVE SEX ON CAMERA AND NOTHING ELSE!!!! Why the fuck do you care if they couldn’t act hurt if you cut their legs off.”But Big J Why the fuck do YOU care what we think? It’s just an opinion get off my dick!”Ignorant opinions are meaningless, just like you. mariobet giriş Keep jackin off here while I go to the bar and pick up the hottest bitch in there, bring her back to my crib and film me fucking her brains out! Finally, why do you clowns no add people with no content? Some people might not exactly want to broadcast their favorite kinds of porn to others. dont judge a dude just cause he doesn’t hit “Add to Favorites” on every video he watches.Anyway’s That’s all for now. You know what it is, story on friday, the occasional random rant about bullshit, me being a fucking b**st. Its all in a days grind. Until then, Act Like You Fucking Know!Big J

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