Not What Was Planned


With the school year nearly over and because seniors got out a week early, the four 18-year-old friends figured they would have the park nearly to themselves. Families wouldn’t be able to vacation yet, and their classmates wouldn’t think to come to the state park. It had campgrounds, not rooms, fire pits, not restaurants, a lake, not a pool.

For the friends, that was good enough, and they would be happy to be away from the other kids anyway. Jimmy had been dating Maggie for some time, and neither would be counted with the so-called popular kids. Her red hair was a bit frizzy. Of course, her hair and fair skin had made some boys notice that she was becoming a very pretty young lady. Still, most of them wouldn’t admit it, so the other kids continued to think of her as the awkward girl with the funny hair. As for Jimmy, he had always been the skinny kid, and the popular girls did not want to see how lately he had begun to put on some more muscle. Jimmy’s step-sister, Bonnie, was coming out of her big and clunky looking phase, and many boys could not help but notice that, as she grew taller, her large breasts were all the more noticeable, even under her big shirts. Her boyfriend, Josh, despite being fit enough to be a third-stringer on the football team, was a little too short and stocky to have been one of the cool kids.

Together with each other was another story. What others thought didn’t matter. Jimmy and Josh had gone to school together since kindergarten. When Jimmy’s widowed dad remarried, Bonnie came along with the new wife, and the two 9 year olds soon got over their shyness and became friends. Bonnie getting to be friends with Josh followed naturally, and Maggie, the best friend that Bonnie later made, easily fit in with them.

All of them were good kids. They never gave their parents any reason to worry, and they never got into trouble at school. In the rural district they lived in, that set them all apart from many of their classmates. So when the four friends asked if they could take a van and go camping together during the week after classes ended, they had no trouble getting permission. If their parents had any doubts, they kept them to themselves.

The two couples knew, though, that they were planning a special time together, a first time for each pair. Not that they were deceiving their parents, just that compared to other kids they were not becoming sexually involved early at all. In a way, their parents probably knew what might happen, and they probably knew that these kids could handle the responsibility and would be fine. That’s why they never asked why the kids were taking two tents when one would comfortably sleep all of them.

On the way to the park, the guys teased the girls about the clothes they packed.

Jimmy started it. “We’re gonna be out just for two nights. You two plan on changing outfits three times a day?”

Maggie teased him back. “You guys going to change at all? How many days does one shirt go? And I don’t even want to think about your underwear.”

Josh got in. “You two need to read travel books to learn how to travel light. You pack a little soap, wash your underwear every night, and put it back on after it dries over night.”

“Oh, you’re sleeping naked?” Bonnie asked.

“Well, why not?” Jimmy said. “That way you don’t have to pack so much, and you enjoy the camping experience more, out in nature and stuff.”

“So you’re planning on sleeping naked too? That a promise?” Maggie asked.

Jimmy smiled at her. “Sure.” And then he added a little uncertainly, “I mean, if you like.”

Now they all laughed. They all had the same plans, of course. Maggie and Jimmy had managed to be alone long enough sometimes to make out, with Jimmy squeezing her breasts and bottom outside her clothes, and Maggie feeling his erection pressed against her as they kissed. Having waited so long, they both wanted to sleep together on this trip and had talked about it often. Likewise, Josh and Bonnie had had the same kind of chaste sex and the same conversations about going camping.

Even Maggie and Bonnie shared some of their activities and plans with each other, but this teasing was the first time they were all talking about it together so openly.

Back in the van, the girls sometimes giggled at the promises the boys had made, and they sometimes got lost in their own thoughts about what they might be doing later that night and what they might be wearing, or not.

At the park, they found a spot near the one restroom/shower, although there was one RV within sight, probably parked there for the same convenience. Before setting up the tents, they broke out the coolers and started a fire in the pit for making dinner. Everything was going according to plan.

After dinner, the plan started to change. First, they set up one tent for Maggie and Jimmy. It was a tent Maggie’s family used for some vacations years before, and it had plenty of room. Getting out the other tent and unrolling yenibosna escort it did not go so well. Bonnie and Jimmy couldn’t remember when it was used the last time, but it obviously needed to be aired out. The odor of mildew was strong, and Bonnie started to have an allergic reaction. As late as it was, there was no time to put it in the sun, much less to wash it. While Bonnie moved away from it, the boys rolled up the tent and stuck it back in the van.

Without being angry, they were all thinking that their plans were ruined. They could all fit in the one tent, so no one would be made to sleep in the van or out on the ground. A good night’s rest wasn’t the worry, though.

With Bonnie recovered, they sat around the picnic table and tried to entertain each other with funny stories from school. No one talked about sleeping arrangements or made a move to go in the tent. When it started to get dark, that changed.

” Well, we might as well pump up the air mattresses and open the sleeping bags,” Jimmy finally said. The boys made the beds, and the girls stowed things in the van or the tent.

Inside, they didn’t know how to act. Bonnie said, “Why don’t you guys give us a couple minutes to change? We promise we’ll let you back in.”

Jimmy and Josh hung around outside for a short while, and when they were called back in, they got a surprise. Bonnie was wearing a t-shirt and her panties. The movement of her breasts showed that she had taken her bra off. Her white panties were not that brief, but the boys were excited to see them. Jimmy realized that he’d never seen his sister in anything less modest than a plain nightgown. Maggie was even more of a surprise. Her pink bikini panties were showing too, and top was a cotton chemise with thin straps.

The boys must have been staring. Bonnie said, “You guys act like you never saw a girl’s underpants before.”

Maggie added, “When you’re done gawking at us, you can get undressed like you promised.”

She said this thinking that the only way the boys would actually get naked would be under the covers with the lantern off. If the boys had thought about it, maybe they would have insisted. They didn’t think about it.

Jimmy started to pull his shirt off, and Josh just did what Jimmy did. When Jimmy unzipped his jeans, he seemed to realize that he wasn’t sure about going through with it. Still, down they came, and Josh slowly took his jeans off too. The girls were watching now that it was their turn to be surprised. Jimmy thought about turning his back and then thought that would look silly. Quickly to get it over with, he pulled his briefs down and stepped out of them. Tossing them aside, he joined Maggie on the mattress.

Maggie was excited to see him naked and embarrassed for him at the same time because Bonnie was seeing him naked too. Both of the girls noticed that Jimmy’s penis was slender and nestled in a thick growth of pubic hair.

Josh was caught off guard when Jimmy moved quickly to the mattress and found himself then the center of attention. Not to be outdone by his friend, he yanked his pants off and almost tripped as he tried to get down on the other mattress with Bonnie. His body had more hair than Jimmy’s, and his penis was almost lost in his pubic hair.

In their haste, the two boys were lying between the two girls and, turned toward their lovers, the boys were displaying their bottoms to the other girl. Only briefly, for Bonnie reached for the lantern and dimmed the only light. The images of the two naked boys were vivid in her mind despite the short time they were exposed. Similar to the thought Jimmy had had before, she realized she had never seen Jimmy in his underwear, much less in the nude. She like what she saw of Josh and of Jimmy both.

Each couple, aware of the other couple, tried to remain quiet. Neither Bonnie or Maggie had given it any thought about why the boys penises weren’t erect (nervousness, no doubt), but both were soon able to feel the difference made by snuggling close. With an eye cast across to the other couple, each girl let her hands sweep up and down the backsides of their lovers, and each eventually reached to grasp this newly uncovered organ to see exactly how it felt. For their part, the boys’ hands roamed over the soft places, the bottoms and the breasts. As nerves gave way to desire, Jimmy and Josh were allowed to put their hands inside of the tops, and each had that sweet sensation of holding a bare breast for the first time. That, however, was as far as desire would let them go tonight, and after the long drive and an evening of anticipation, their frustration eased into sleep.

Sometime in the dawning hour, Bonnie awakened. The others continued to rest quietly, and she did nothing to disturb them. In the light, she could look between herself and Josh and see his penis for more than a quick glimpse. Unlike Josh, who was still turned on his side toward her, zeytinburnu escort Jimmy slept on his back, and Bonnie allowed herself to look over his body as well. Almost as an afterthought, she checked to see whether Maggie was awake.

What she saw made her pause and then lean down to kiss Josh. She put one hand on his chest so that he would not make any noise as he awakened. Keeping him turned toward her, she told him, “I want you to see something.” With that, she raised up a bit and pulled her shirt up to her neck, displaying her full breasts to him. He reached out to squeeze them, to roll one of her nipples between his fingers, and to pull her closer so that he could kiss and lick the other nipple.

Enjoying the feeling, she still kept her wits about her and stopped him after a moment. Replacing her shirt, she said, “I have something else you might like to see, but I wanted you to see mine first.”

He didn’t know what she was getting at until she directed him to look across at Jimmy and Maggie. At first, all he noticed was his friend’s nudity. Then, sitting up a bit more, he saw that Maggie’s top had twisted over night, and one of her breasts was out. It was closer to average in size, and her nipple was very pale pink. Bonnie eventually poked him in the side to regain his attention, and they cuddled and groped each other more.

When Jimmy and Maggie did awake, they had no idea that the others had been up for a while. Maggie quickly adjusted her top, unsure if Jimmy had seen her, much less Josh. As they stirred, the boys made no move to get up. Josh lay on his stomach, and Jimmy sat cross-legged with his hands over his lap. The girls couldn’t help another giggle when they caught each other’s eye.

P ulling on shorts, Bonnie announced that she was going to the shower, and Maggie grabbed her shorts and got up to go with her. On the way out, Bonnie could not get the doorway zipper unstuck, and she called for Josh to help her. Forgetting his nudity, Josh got up and tried to fix the problem. Like lots of boys, when Jimmy saw Josh at work to help the girls, he got up so as not to look like he couldn’t be of service too.

Maggie was a little shocked to see the boys standing there, easily visible now in the early light. She liked seeing Jimmy more clearly, and although she thought she shouldn’t be looking at Josh, she couldn’t avoid seeing his penis. Bonnie, on the other hand, felt no shyness about looking at both of the nude boys, and she even smiled at her brother when he caught her staring at his penis. She noted how both of them were bigger this morning, and she thought that a penis could be endlessly fascinating in the ways it could look.

Josh finally got the zipper to work and in so doing let in more light, making the boys a bit more self-conscious of their lack of clothes in front of the girls.

In the showers, Bonnie and Maggie talked about the night before and what they had done. Bonnie did not let Maggie know about Josh getting to see her breast. Instead, they mostly talked about seeing the boys. Maggie remarked on how each penis looked different from the other and from one time to another. Bonnie immediately agreed and added that the sight wasn’t what she had expected. “At first, I didn’t know what was wrong, and then I realized that I was imagining a penis would just be this thing sticking out and forgot all about the testicles. Those parts are nice to look at too, don’t you think?”

Maggie had to agree, but the conversation was mostly laughter after that.

Back at the tent, they found the boys had put on shorts and were going to the showers for their turn. Under the spray, the boys talked of what they planned to do that day. Unlike the girls, they did not talk about what they had done the night before.

Jimmy was rinsing off while Josh was still lathering up and facing the showerhead when he noticed movement. Just coming around the corner of the wall separating the showers from the way out of the little hut was a middle-aged woman wearing a beach cover-up. She stopped when she saw the two boys. Her eyes and Jimmy’s met. She looked him up and down briefly, smiled at him, and quietly left. Josh seemed unaware of her intrusion, and Jimmy did not say anything.

Meanwhile, Jimmy had remained facing her for the short time she was there, and for the first time, felt the sensation of being seen in the nude by a stranger. The woman was pretty, and he liked being seen by her. It was no difficult trick to figure out that she must have been someone from the RV. While still thinking about how she had smiled at him, he did not stop to wonder how she could have stumbled in there without hearing the water already on.

At the tent, the girls had the camping stove ready for bacon and eggs. As the boys returned, Bonnie said, “You guys forgot to wash your underwear last night, so now what?”

Josh replied, “I had another pair in my pocked, and acıbadem escort here’s the pair for tomorrow,” and he pulled out a pair of briefs from his shorts. “Sorry. I lied.”

“Me too,” admitted Jimmy. “Mine are in a bag with my extra shirt. But I still say we pack better than you girls do.”

Maggie asked, “What do you mean they’re in a bag? What are you wearing now?”

” I forgot to take them to the shower.” Then, opening the van door, he produced the bag with his clothes. Right there where they could see him, he took his jeans off. Maggie was relieved that he hadn’t put his dirty pair back on, even briefly, but was shocked to see him so casual about being exposed to them. Not that she didn’t enjoy the extra show, as did Bonnie.

With breakfast over and everything put away, they went over their plans. The park had plenty of trails around the lake, and they settled on hiking for the morning. They enjoyed each other’s company for those hours, but after lunch back at their campsite, they seemed to come to a mutual agreement not to stick together for the afternoon. So Bonnie and Josh headed off in one direction to explore one trail, and Jimmy and Maggie went another way.

It was Jimmy and Maggie who did more walking. Bonnie and Josh stopped often to kiss and fondle each other in the privacy of the natural and lonely surroundings. For that reason, when the weather turned and rain fell, they were much closer to the campsite than Jimmy and Maggie were. Which is not to say that they didn’t get soaked.

Josh retrieved towels from the van before joining Bonnie in the tent. He peeled his wet shirt off and was pleased to see her do the same. Her breasts were lovely to him even in her bra. He helped her dry off, taking advantage of the opportunity to feel her breasts again. This only led to more kissing and fondling, and several minutes later, that’s how Jimmy and Maggie found them.

Josh tossed Jimmy one of the towels. Bonnie didn’t know quite what to do and held her arms crossed over her chest. Jimmy took his dripping shirt off quickly. Now Maggie didn’t know what to do. She saw that the look in Jimmy’s eyes was hopeful, while Bonnie seemed to want not to be the only girl without a shirt. Being so soaking wet and feeling a chill, Maggie decided she needed to get rid of the shirt anyway, and she knew that she wanted to take it off in front of Jimmy. In the end, the presence of Bonnie and Josh didn’t stop her, only slowed her down, and she then was shyly standing there with Josh looking at her pink bra as Jimmy dried her back and chest.

The rain tapered off for a moment, and Jimmy ran out to the van to get his hand-cranked radio. Within a few minutes, they were listening to music and dancing together. The music may have been fast, but the dancing was slow.

Holding Maggie tight, Jimmy stopped and said, “This is too uncomfortable. Our shorts are still soaked too.” With that, he unsnapped his cut-offs and dropped them. Picking up his shirt and Maggie’s, he hung them all over one of the rods forming the tent roof. Maggie thought he was done when he took her shorts by the snap and opened them. He whispered in her ear, “Everyone saw your panties last night,” and when she made no move to stop him, he brought her shorts down. As she stepped out of them, she noticed Josh staring again and felt embarrassed to be seen in only a bra and panties.

Bonnie got Josh’s attention back when she said, “He’s right. These clothes are too wet. She unsnapped Josh’s shorts to get him started and then let him take them off himself. While he did that, she struggled with her shorts, the kind that are more like biking shorts. They were tight to begin with, and they were only harder to remove while wet. In the process, her panties came down about three-quarters of the way before she heard Maggie’s giggle and realized what the boys could see. Straightening up, she stepped over to Maggie and said, “You need to be careful too,” and yanked her panties down in the back. Jimmy didn’t seem to care that Josh saw her bottom, and he liked the sight very much himself. Maggie’s deep blush told them all how she felt.

The dancing resumed, and the close contact had the boys excited. At one point, Maggie noticed that Bonnie was looking down at the obvious bulge in Josh’s briefs. Maggie was surprised at how clearly she could see the outline of his erect penis, and she checked Jimmy’s. Sure enough, his erection was just as plainly obvious. When she saw that Bonnie was looking their way, she quickly clinched Jimmy tighter, as if she felt she had to hide him.

Emboldened by the rubbing and the way Bonnie had pulled on Maggie’s panties before, Josh began to play with the clasp on Bonnie’s bra. She was being affected by the swaying and rubbing against him just as much, and she gave him a look as if to say, “I dare you.” He took that dare and managed to work the clasp undone. She wasn’t really exposed then, with her bra loose but still in place, and with her breasts pushed tightly against Josh. A glance at Jimmy and Maggie told her that they were occupied with each other at the moment, so she eased slightly away from Josh. He took the hint and pulled her bra straps down her arms so she could let it fall in his hands. For a second, she let him gaze at her breasts, and then she stepped back into his arms and held herself against him.

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