Nothing Done in Love Ch. 10


Two hands on her tits might not have been all that unique a sensation, except that each brother had one. Chance toyed slowly with just her hard nipple. His fingertips lightly tracing and caressing it before softly pinching it. Chase, on the other hand boldly squeezed the whole breast in his large hand as he roughly tugged the other nipple between his thumb and forefinger. She whimpered and fought to breathe as they pushed deeper into her mouth and pussy.

“Fuck, your pussy is even tighter than I imagined it would be,” groaned Chase and he lifted his hips off the bed and forced the last inch of his cock deeper inside her than anything ever had been. She could barely breathe.

“Good girl, Katy-did. Do you have any idea how fucking hot you look right now with my cock between those sweet lips and my brother’s buried between your other lips?” Chance growled as his other finger lightly caressed her cheek.

“How does it feel, princess? As good as I promised it would be to have both our cocks buried inside you.” Chase whispered in her ear as his arm about her hips tightened, even more, forcing his cock just an infinitesimally small bit deeper. How could such a tiny movement shake the whole earth beneath her like an earthquake?

Chance smiled at her as his fingers slipped alongside his cock into her mouth, “Get it nice and wet, Katy-did.”

She nodded as she suckled deeper and harder at Chance’s finger and cock at the same time. “Good girl.”

She watched as Chance’s hand disappeared lower, past his brother’s that wrapped about her waist. She jumped a bit and moaned as an inch or so of Chase’s cock slipped out of her wet folds just as Chance’s fingers slipped between them at the apex of her thighs. He began to rub slow circles over the hard nub as his brother pushed that inch and then some back inside her.

“Time for you to come for us, sweet Katie,” Chance whispered as he and Chase began to move slowly in unison within her.

So, it was that she found herself spit fired between their cocks. She chuckled softly around Chance’s cock in her mouth as she shook her head. “More,” she mumbled around its thickness as she forced her head further down it until she gagged once again.

Chance shook his dark head as he studied her face for a long moment. She was not sure if it was what he found in her eyes or the way that she brought one hand up to tickle and tug softly at his balls that convinced him that she meant what she said. She pushed back against Chase’s thick cock as well. “Just fuck me, all right,” she commanded.

“Our pleasure,” she heard Chase growl from behind her as she felt his hand that had been around her breast wrap through her hair and pull gently. “You know how many times we dreamt of this? How many nights we fell asleep talking about this fantasy? Your tight cunt and pretty mouth taking both our cocks. Open and wet for us. Damn girl, you run us a merry chase.”

Chance caressed her cheek as he rocked his hips forward forcing more and more of his cock down her throat. “But we have you now, sweet Katy-did. And we aren’t letting you go either.”

A tiny fissure of fear sparked briefly inside her at the solemn finality of his words. It was all a bit overwhelming after almost a decade of barely a word; she found herself naked, sandwiched between them and talking about ‘forever.’

But she could not deny how right it felt as Chase’s fingers angled her head back a bit on his shoulder and Chance’s cock slid further down her throat. “Suck Chance’s cock, princess.”

Her whole body tingled at his words. She obeyed thoughtlessly, something that she rarely did with anyone other than them.

She almost choked on Chance’s cock as she felt Chase’s slide deep inside her on a single stroke. She looked up at Chance and whimpered once more when his cock slipped from her mouth.

His hands pressed her back gently until she lay cocooned, her back against Chase’s chest. The increased pressure on her clitoris was mind-numbing until she closed her eyes and lost herself in the twin sensation of Chase’s cock pounding her depths as Chance’s fingers danced on her clit.

She thrashed her head against Chase’s shoulder as the feeling of hot breath, and wet tongue on that same throbbing flesh where she was joined to Chase rolled over tuzla eve gelen escort her in waves. Her eyes flew open, and she stared into the depths of Chase’s.

“Feels good, doesn’t it, Princess? My brother’s tongue on your clit. My cock in your hole. Watch him! Watch him eat your pussy while I fuck it,” he commanded as he began to thrust upwards slowly, matching actions to words.

Kaitlin was powerless to disobey. She looked down as she felt Chase begin to nibble on the side of her neck. She noticed that each of them had a breast in one hand. Yet it seemed that their strokes matched perfectly — one coordinated unit of pleasure.

Chase’s other hand was wrapped about her waist holding her in place as his cock thrust slowly up into her open pussy. Her legs were spread wide now, indecently wide. They had to be to accommodate Chance’s shoulders as he knelt on the bed between them. His tongue flicking back and forth on her clit as he used his other hand to keep her open for his exploration.

It was more erotic than any porn she had ever watched, not that she had watched that much, but you did not get to almost thirty without seeing one or two on the Internet these days. It was also more arousing than any of the ménage books she had ever read.

She was wise enough to know that this was rare: for the reality to be better than the fantasy. But it was. Not even her wildest dream had come close to the sexual tension that strung between her and the brothers.

Kaitlin felt her whole body tightening. Felt tiny electrical tingles radiating out from her hard nipples that Chance and Chase were strumming in perfect harmony. Felt them bursting from the nub between Chance’s teeth too. “That’s it, princess. Fucking come on my brother’s face.”

She cried out as her body answered Chase’s bold command. She felt his thick cock plunge deeper than it ever had as her body arched up against Chance’s handsome face. “That’s right, come on my hard cock. Come hard.”

Then Chance’s face loomed over her. He was smiling wide as he captured her lips in a scorching kiss. She tasted herself on him. The unusual flavor was quickly becoming an addiction for her. He drew back slowly, “That’s our good girl.”

“Do it, Chance. Quit playing with her mind. We’ve waited a whole lifetime for this moment. Fucking stick your cock in her. You got her wet enough,” Chase growled from somewhere near her ear, but he never stopped kissing, licking, and nibbling her neck nor his cock pounding her wet pussy.

Chase’s lips captured hers then. Yes, that was what she wanted, what she needed. She had felt Chase’s cock inside her and tasted Chance’s. Now she wanted to switch. To know if they tasted the same or different. If Chance fucked half as good as his brother. She wanted him as much as she wanted Chase.

Then she felt Chance’s hand between them. She felt pressure and burning between her legs. And it dawned her then what they intended. She broke the hot kiss with Chase and looked into his eyes, “No,” she shook her head. “You can’t. It won’t fit. Stop,” she pleaded.

Chase nipped at the vein pounding so loudly in her neck that it echoed in her brain. As Chance bent closer on top of them both, he softly kissed the mouth that had only moments before swallowed his hard cock.

He broke the kiss and breathed against her lips, “It will, baby girl. I promise we won’t hurt you. Just relax. Feel how good it is — sandwiched between us. You are so wet. So ready.”

He growled as he pushed just a fraction harder against her hole that was already filled with his brother’s hard cock. Her eyes flew open, and her breath froze in her lungs as she heard the almost audible pop of his cock joining his brothers.

Even though over the past two weeks, she now realized they had been preparing her for this with their fingers and her toys, it was nothing compared to this moment. She was stretched beyond imagination.

It burned. There was an intense pressure of being full, overflowing. They both held perfectly still, neither moved a single muscle. And after a moment, Katie realized that the burning had stopped and while she still felt stretched, it was no longer an unpleasant sensation.

“Oh my goddess,” she breathed as both of them slowly tuzla otele gelen escort moved together, filling her even more, slipping a couple of inches further inside her. Her eyes grew even wider as they began to move, rocking slowly back and forward. She felt like a see-saw, up on one pole and down on the other. It took a gentle rhythm. A slow dance as three bodies moved as one.

“We knew you were made for us,” Chase whispered into her ear as he bit into the lobe and tugged it softly.

“Both of us,” Chance growled as he buried his face on the other side of her neck, his body lunging forward until his cock too filled her as deeply as his brother’s had.

They held perfectly still again. She was now full, completely full, both of their thick cocks buried to the hilt. She sucked in deep lungfuls of air and the brothers continued to kiss, lick, and nibble at her neck and shoulders. Four hands caressed and coaxed her body to life.

Katie wished she could see them. This was taboo. So taboo that only a couple of her hundreds of erotica books had dared to go there. And none of them did it justice. “Two poles…” she sighed.

“In one hole,” the three of them finished in unison.

Chance lifted his head with a smile. “Is it as good as you imagined, our sweet Katy-did?”

She laughed, but then her breath caught in her throat once more as the motion caused them to slip just a millimeter deeper, although how that was possible she did not know.

Chase stirred beneath her, “We’ll go slow. This time,” he whispered, and she fought for air again.

“This time?” she dared to question.

The brothers began to rock gently once more. In and out. Out and in. Back and forth. Like the waves of the ocean just outside the window. Their tides ebbed and flowed over her. As tension built inside her body once more.

Then like a hurricane, the winds and waves picked up. The brothers quickened the pace. They thrust deeper and harder — more than she had ever imagined. Ever read about. Ever thought she could take. Her body felt like it would be torn asunder by the storm.

She did not give a damn. Not a flying fuck. That was exactly what this felt like – fucking her way through the clouds, flying on invisible wings.

When the waves broke over her, she cried out. Screamed. Howled like the winds of that storm. Her whole body exploded. Then it imploded. The muscles of her cunt tried desperately to clinch and squeeze in time to the orgasm that wracked her very soul.

But it could not. There was no room. There was most definitely an edge of pain to it. Even that was overpowered by the pleasure as she rode the waves of the biggest orgasm of her life. Like that elusive ‘big one’ that all surfers sought, she hung in the air, suspended in time as it rolled on and on. And on.

She felt her lovers beneath and on top of her tremble and growl. Then she felt them explode as one in her. Most of their cum was forced out, leaking between their bodies. There was simply no room inside her body for anything more. She was full.

Then she burst into tears. That wave crashed onto the shore. Because even the ‘big one’ breaks upon the beaches of life.

And everything of the past year washed like the detritus of a tsunami onto the shores. Her mother was gone. For the first time in her life, Kaitlin was all alone. And she allowed herself to feel the sorrow and fear that came with that realization.

But she was not alone. Two bodies bracketed her, cocooned her, and rocked her gently. Soft lips kissed every single tear away. Hands that had ignited the fires of hell inside her just moments before now soothed and comforted her with equal measure. “Shhh,” Chance whispered into her one ear.

“It will be all right,” Chase answered into the other.

Through the sobs, Kaitlin choked out, “No, it won’t be. She’s gone, and I am all alone. I miss her. Oh, goddess, I miss her.”

They rolled as one so that each lay upon their sides. Kaitlin was still sandwiched between two hard muscular bodies. And she realized that two semi-hard cocks were still buried deep inside her. Not even when Chance reached for his jeans on the floor did either of the cocks slip out. When he came back, he held his small tuzla sınırsız escort black phone in his hand.

Kaitlin looked up at him in shocked surprise. Now was not the time to be making a phone call or texting someone.

Oh, my goddess, he would not dare? Yes, some kinky part of her had thought for a split second about having a video, watching the perfection of their bodies moving together. But she had not been serious. He couldn’t! He wouldn’t.

Then he handed it to her. And a familiar face and voice echoed from the tiny screen. Tears filled her eyes afresh as she whispered, “Mom.”

“Hey, honey,” said the fragile and obviously dying head. But though the smile was weakened by pain, Katie could see the genuine love that shone in it. Her mother laughed then, “I don’t want to even think about what you are wearing. Or not,” her mother winked at the screen. “Or especially what you and our boys have been doing, sweetheart.”

Katie felt the tears spilling faster now as her mother paused with one of those knowing smiles. Then she felt a finger brush it away. It was not her fingers. She was not even sure if it was Chance or Chase or both. She dared not look away to find out as she cupped the phone like the most precious gift in the world. “Oh, Mommy,” she cried out in pain.

“Now, none of that, sweetie,” her mother knew. Just as she had always known when anything bothered her only child. Why should even death break the bond between their souls? It would not dare.

“I have always been there for you. And you for me. The two of us against the world since your father left when he found out I was pregnant with you. But I didn’t mind. I never minded. I had the best part of him anyway. I had you.”

Her mother’s smile faded, and her face darkened in pain for a moment, “But I can’t be there for you anymore, my baby girl. I know that you are all grown up. And most people would think that it was past time you were on your own. But we were never most people, were we?”

“I know that you must be feeling all alone. Afraid. Sad. Hurt. A lot of things right now. And if I could I would wrap you in my arms and hold you while you cried it all out. But I can’t.”

Katie nodded unconsciously as her mother continued to speak from the grave. “But our boys can be. And will be. I have their word on that, baby girl.”

“I trust them to keep that word. I trust them with my most precious gift in this world and to this world. I trust them with you, sweetheart. I trust them with your tender heart that has always been so easily broken for stray cats and dogs. For the needy people that took your Mommy away at times. And for two lost souls that we both took into our hearts and lives.”

“I am trusting their hearts to you too, little girl. Be careful because unlike those big, brawny, bodies” did her mother have the gall to fan herself, “those hearts are as fragile and tender as yours.”

“Love them. Love them both. Love them both the same and different, just as I taught you all people deserve. Love them openly and proudly even when the world condemns you all as sinners. Because in its foolish piety it will.”

She could see her mother was tiring. She knew that she must have taped this message just before slipping into the peaceful Neverland of the coma. The constant pain that had dimmed even her mother’s bright light at the end hung over her thin face. She was only a shadow of the beautiful woman she had once been.

“It is just the three of you now. The three of you against the world. But I know that together you can do it. You can change this world. You can teach it how to love. Love as the goddess meant for us to love. Freely, abundantly, and without fear. Do it for me. Do it for your mother, my beautiful children of the heart. I love you all.”

Kaitlin looked at her lovers, her best friends for what seemed forever. Their eyes were filled with tears as well.

Chance spoke first, “Even the damned video makes me cry.”

Chase kissed her shoulder and turned her head back to the screen, “She isn’t finished, sweetheart.”

“Remember love is all you need. No matter what anyone says or what happens. You all had mine. And the goddess’s. So, now take it into the world. And live my children. Live.”

Her mother laughed, and for a heartbeat, the ravages of cancer slipped away, and she was that beautiful, loving mother they all knew. “Nothing done in love can ever be wrong.”

The screen went blank then. One of them took the phone from her numb fingers. Both of them held her close as together they cried away the pain until the laughter and joy overcame all as it always should.

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