ObedienceThe text message was crystal clear, but still mysterious. “My house, 4PM, let yourself in with your key. Bedroom.” I am well aware that Master requires obedience without question, but this was arbitrary, even for him. Unsure what to expect, I am very careful with my preparations, making sure that my legs are completely smooth, and my long hair hangs down my back, just like Master likes it. My pussy is kept waxed completely, so that was one thing I didn’t have to worry about before I presented myself. The drive across town seemed endless, but I was well aware of Master’ feelings about punctuality, so I was right on time. As the text had hinted, Master was not home, and I made my way into a silent house, heading straight for the bedroom. The bedside lamp was on, and there was a note on the bed. Beside the note was a blindfold.”Undress completely and put the blindfold on, tying it tightly. I will be home eventually, and you will be waiting for me. You are not to leave this room, or touch yourself. You may use the bathroom, but only with the door open. As you are well aware, my room has security cameras, so I will know if you have been disobedient. I assure you the price for that will be more than you will care to pay.” Shivering, I quickly comply with the terms of the note. Pain is something that Master delivers frequently, but he knows just what kind, and how much I need to achieve violent orgasms. Punishment, on the other hand, is different. It is never the same twice, but my pleasure is always denied. I try to avoid it at all costs. Today, however, I am puzzled, and have searched my memory in vain to think why I have been summoned this way. It is not up to me to anticipate what Master will do, but I can think of nothing I have done to anger him.Master knows that I hate the dark, and being alone and blindfolded makes 1xbet yeni giriş the minutes seem like hours. I am all too aware of the cameras on me, and try to lie on the bed, hoping to fall asleep to pass the time. Of course I am way too edgy, though, and can only toss and turn, becoming more nervous with each passing minute. I also take great pains to keep my hands completely away from my pussy, even though it is already a little damp, just thinking about what Master might have in mind. Finally, I hear his key in the door, and I know that my question will soon be answered. I hastily assume my inspection position, forehead flat on the mattress, ass in the air, legs spread wide. I am dismayed, though, when I continue to hear Master moving around the house, in the kitchen, the den, everywhere but here with me. I know, though, that not being ready when he comes to me would be a big mistake, so I stay still. At last, the bedroom door opens, but still Master doesn’t speak. He walks into the bathroom, and I hear him relieving himself, and water running in the sink. When he comes out, he walks by the bed, runs one finger along my slit, and slaps my ass. Once. Then he goes into the closet and undresses, a task usually performed by me. I am crushed, and also terrified. What could I have done to deserve this?”Off the bed, and on your knees, whore.” I am so relieved to hear his voice that I forget my fear for a moment, and jump to the floor. “Hands behind your back!” I present my wrists, and feel them quickly and securely tied behind my back. Then I sense Master sitting on the bed, and with his hand in my hair to guide me, he positions me between his legs. I know better than to assume I may take his cock in my mouth, so I wait, but he pulls my face instead to his balls. “Lick” is the one word command, and I immediately 1xbet giriş begin to pleasure Master, licking, and finally taking them into my mouth one at a time, sucking carefully. Master pulls my mouth back and forth from one ball to the other, and I can feel him stroking his erection. Suddenly, he pulls my head back and forces the entire length of his cock into my mouth, effectively sealing off my airway. I take it gratefully, but he holds my head there firmly, until I begin to fight the panic of not being able to breathe. Finally, as tears begin to run down my face from under the blindfold, he releases me, and I gasp for breath, but almost immediately, his cock is down my throat again. Again and again, Master shoves his huge, engorged member into my mouth, and I take it, unprotesting. It is a silent play, and even though I have no idea what, if anything, prompted this, I know that questions are unacceptable. I just do my best to please him, and hope desperately that it’s enough.At this point, I have no hope of my own release, even though my clitoris is nicely swollen, and my pussy is drenched. Part of the point of being punished is that orgasm is denied, or at least delayed significantly. I have forgotten to even wonder what I did wrong, and am lost in the moment, giving my Master pleasure. Suddenly, the blindfold is ripped off, and Master roughly pulls me to his lap. “Good girl. Part of being an obedient slave is knowing that I don’t have to explain myself.” He gently reaches behind me, unties my wrists, and then helps me straddle him. He lowers his head to my nipples, and takes them into his mouth one at a time, nipping lightly, then sucking hard. I guide his cock carefully between my legs, and ease down on him slowly. After all the time we’ve been together, it is still hard for me to take all of him. In a generous 1xbet güvenilirmi mood because of my obedience, he allows me to take control, and I rise and fall slowly on his lap, rubbing my clit against his hard belly wantonly, with each stroke. Soon even I tire of the lazy pace, though, and begin to ride faster and faster, as my orgasm builds to a fever pitch. I finally explode into violent orgasm, holding completely still so that Master can feel the contractions with me. I collapse against him, spent but he whispers in my ear “we’re not done yet, Little One,” and his strong arms pick me up and put me facedown on the bed.He kneels between my legs, and begins to stroke my swollen pussy, lubricating his fingers nicely. I am still coming down from my powerful orgasm, but find myself becoming aroused again when I feel his fingers begin to explore my asshole. He probes me with one finger, then a second, and then I feel his weight shift, hear a cap open, and the next thing I feel is the shock of cool lubricant between my cheeks. When I am obedient, Master always rewards me, and this time is no exception. He takes his time with me, opening up my tight asshole gradually, until finally my hips are bucking against his hand, and I beg for his cock. He chuckles low in this throat, and slides a pillow under my belly, raising my ass higher in the air. “Hold your ass open for me, whore” he growls, and I eagerly grab both cheeks, exposing my puckered hole to be plundered. As anxious as Master is to be inside me, this is my reward, so he is gentle, easing his massive cock into me inch by inch. I am so full I feel as if I will explode, but with the pain is incredible pleasure, and by the time he begins to move inside me, I am more than ready for it. In this position, he is in control, and all I can do is arch my back, and take it as deeply as he wants. Sooner than I would ever have dreamed possible, I cum again, and this time Master joins me, shooting his load into my belly. He collapses on top of me, and I bear his weight contentedly. This is why I always try to be a good girl…

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