Obsession at Widow’s Point Pt. 01


“What do you think?”

Suzi looked out over the grey sea that stretched out under the leaden sky. It was vast and empty making her feel small and alone. The wind played with her chestnut hair and carried with it the smell of salt and brine and seaweed. The shrill cawing of the seagulls merged with the sound of the waves breaking against the cliff face. She tentatively took a small step and leaned forward, peering over the edge. Waves churned and frothed as they broke against the jagged rocks far below and her vision swam for a moment. She stood back up straight quickly and took a step back.

“It’s certainly different from New York,” she replied.

“Isn’t that the point?” said Peter, “This is the change we need, the change you need.”

“I need? Please don’t tell me you are using me as your excuse to move out here. This is your decision, your dream, not mine!” Suzi turned and pulled her coat around her as the breeze had started to cool with the setting of the sun.

“Don’t be like that! This is for both of us!” Peter called after her. He watched his wife walk back towards the house. She was in great shape, and he knew he was a lucky man. Her yoga-crafted butt drew his eyes as it strained at her tight jeans. He waited for her to turn – she didn’t. He took a moment to take a deep breath. The sea air calmed him and he smiled as he looked up at the house. It really was beautiful. On one side was the forest, a collage of gentle autumnal oranges, reds and yellows. On the other side the fierce Atlantic. The best of both worlds. Even on this overcast evening, the large house looked majestic. The white paneled walls were peeling just a little, just enough to add character. Half a dozen arched dormer windows jutted out from the dark tiled roof and an ornate balcony lined the second floor overlooking the endless ocean.

A fine drizzle started to fall and he wiped his glasses. As he walked back to the house he saw a lighthouse, about half a mile further along the buff, turn its light on. It stood tall and proud the brilliant beam shone brightly, piercing the gloom. It felt like a watchful eye over the town.

“It certainly isn’t like New York.”


Lola turned the faucet. There was a deep rumbling thumping noise from the pipes below the kitchen sink – but no water.

“Mom!” she shouted as she leaned over and looked up the spout, “There is no wate…” her sentence was interrupted by a final growl from the faucet and a blast of water that sent spray off the sink and onto her face, “What the fuck!” she squealed.

“You’re so stupid,” laughed India.

“Screw you!” Lola snapped at her sister, “This is all your fault!”

“Me? What has any of this got to do with me?”

“I don’t know! But I am sure you getting kicked out of school and getting kept back a year didn’t exactly help!”

Suzi walked in and saw her two daughters. Lola, eighteen, was dabbing her face with a towel, the fringe of her blonde hair was dripping. India was sat at the kitchen table surrounded by unopened cartons while fiddling with her phone. Her eldest daughter’s hair was a much darker shade and also much shorter, it had been six months since she had decided to shave it all off and it was only just starting to reach a decent length.

“What’s going on? What are you two arguing about now?”

“Nothing. Lola, can you do that thing with the faucet again so I can record it? It will be cool for my Tiktok,” asked India holding up her phone in preparation.

“Mom, this place sucks! When can we go back home?”

“This is our new home so get used to it. India instead of mucking around with that damn phone, why don’t you start unpacking?”

“Me? I don’t know where all these plates and pots and…things go!”

Suzi sighed just as Peter walked in.

“What do you think, girls? Pretty awesome right?”

“Er…no…” snorted Lola, “Look at this place! It’s like that squat we found India in that one time.”

“Actually I think that squat was nicer than this place. At least it had good water pressure,” added India.

“What are you talking about?” asked Peter, “It’s been empty for a couple of years so it just needs some TLC. A few new kitchen units here, a lick of paint there…It will be like brand new in no time at all.”

“Unless we get washed off the cliff in the middle of the night and we all die,” said India.

“This house has been here almost two hundred years, it’s not about to get washed away.”

“They can put that on your gravestone, oh wait no they can’t because they will never find your body!” replied India.

“Just because they don’t find a body doesn’t mean you can’t have a gravestone,” protested Lola seriously.

“You are so stupid!” groaned India, shaking her head.

“Can we just unpack?!” snapped Suzi.


Suzi curled up on the sofa. The living room was still furnished by the previous owner’s stuff. While some of it looked like they had seen better days she was sure there were a few pieces that were genuine antiques and might actually escorts in london be worth something. Well-caved sideboards, a display cabinet full of an eclectic collection of china ornaments, even a grandfather clock, although it was no longer ticking. One thing she knew for certain wasn’t worth anything was the large box of television that must have been well over twenty years old. ‘Maybe it is kind of an antique,’ she mused as she took a sip from her glass of wine.

Outside the rain gently patted against the windowpane and with the burnt orange glow cast by a dusty lamp the place did actually have a cozy feel to it. Apart from the musty smell.

“Sure you should be drinking alcohol with your pills?” asked Peter as he walked in.

“I’m sure it will be fine,” sighed Suzi.

Peter sat down on the sofa and made himself at home by spreading both arms out wide along the back.

“I have a good feeling about this place. When we have made a few changes we can really make this a real home.”

“Tell the girls that.”

“Ah they’re teenagers, they will soon adapt. New York was just too crazy, especially for India. Out here the slower pace will calm her down.”

“And if that doesn’t work you can just drug her, like me.”

“Suzi, the doctor prescribed those pills, not me. Perhaps after a few months here all your stresses will fade away too and you will be your old self.”

“Great,” snorted Suzi.

“The girls both gone to sleep?”

“They’ve gone to bed, doubt they are asleep. No doubt plugged into the matrix talking to their friends back home and complaining about life.”

“That’s why the first thing I got sorted was the wifi, otherwise there would have been open rebellion,” said Peter.

“Got the wifi sorted — father of the year,” muttered Suzi under her breath.

There was silence for a few moments before Peter spoke again, “Well, since the girls are…distracted… maybe we take advantage and ‘christen’ this couch.”

“This couch is older than us both put together…and I am sure it has been ‘christened’ many times.”

“An unpleasant thought… but I’m still up for it.”

Peter leaned in and started to nuzzle Suzi’s neck, kissing it softly. His short beard teased her skin and despite her mood, she didn’t resist. She heard an unzipping and then her head was being guided towards Peter’s crotch. His cock was already semi-erect and growing by the second. Suzi knew the hassle it would cause to refuse. The moaning she would be on the end of, the ‘it is the duty of a loving wife to satisfy her husband,’ speech, and decided it was less energy to give the blow job.

“That’s my girl, suck daddy’s cock,” sighed Peter, leaning even further back onto the sofa.

Suzi’s head bobbed up and down. She knew what her husband liked and she knew she was good at this. With her tongue running up and down his shaft in a quick rhythm Peter didn’t last long and she soon felt his hips lift and the familiar salty taste fill her mouth.

“Oh…yes…good girl…drink it all up…”

Suzi quickly swallowed and gulped down a mouthful of wine to wash away the taste. Below she felt her own arousal and wanted release. She tugged open her jeans and pulled them, and her panties, down to her ankles. She turned and resting her head on the arm of the sofa, spread her legs, and offered Peter her flower. She felt his beard tickle the inside of her thighs as his face moved towards her pussy. She closed her eyes in preparation for the first moment of pleasure. That moment never arrived. A buzzing started.

“Just a moment, it might be the office,” said Peter, sitting back up and pulling out his phone, “Yeah, it’s Charles. I gotta take this. Charles? What’s the news? Did they bite?… tomorrow! That’s great. Give me a minute, I will get to my office…. That’s right still unpacking….it sure is a mess…” Peter’s voice trailed off as he walked out the living room and down the corridor to his study.

Suzi shook her head, frustrated but not surprised. She pulled her pants back up refilled her glass and kept on drinking.


As they pulled up at the school the light drizzle had become a heavy downpour and was bouncing off the windscreen. The school was a collection of old red brick buildings around a concourse that was quickly pooling with several puddles.

“Here you are, girls. First day of school. I feel so proud,” sighed Suzi dryly.

“This is it? Where is the rest of it?” asked India.

“It’s only a small town, so it’s only a small school. But that’s good, you will get more attention. I know you like that.”

“Shit! I forgot my raincoat,” said Lola, “Can we go home and get it?”


“Then…then… I can’t go… I will be soaked before I get through the door! I can’t start in a new school looking like a drowned rat!”

“Actually I think getting your blouse wet will make you lots of friends,” sneered India, “Take your bra off too and you will be the most popular girl in school.” India had often wondered that despite Lola Escort in dubai being a couple of years younger her breasts were twice the size of her own. It was something Lola was more than happy to flaunt — much to India’s annoyance.

“Screw you!”

“India, don’t be crude. Lola, just hold your jacket over your head and run fast. See you this afternoon. Be good and behave.”

India found herself being carried along in the tide of pupils pushing their way into the classroom. All the desks at the back of the class were quickly being taken and so she hurried to the middle to avoid being forced to sit at the front. She already felt eyes on her. Being the new girl was going to have that effect. So was having short hair. And so was being hot. Boys were checking her out while some girls were giving her a cold assessment – determining what kind of threat she may pose in their well-established hierarchy. India kept it cool and didn’t hold anyone’s gaze for too long and instead just looked around with a bored expression on her face. ‘This place really is depressing,’ she thought. The deep red bricks may have added character to the place but most of that character was just dark and dismal. The walls were covered in the usual classroom posters, a mixture of trite inspirational quotes from famous people and anti-bullying, anti-drug propaganda. At the front of the class, adding to the drab feel, was a blackboard. Back in New York, her previous school had been decked out with bright white smartboards, but here they were still using good old-fashioned chalk. Through the windows it looked like it was almost night and the combination of raindrops and black tarmac made the concourse outside look like a bleak dark expanse.

A good-looking boy sat next to her and stared at her until she paid him attention.

“Hey,” he said trying to sound as cool and confident as he could.

India just gave the slightest of nods and looked away. Showing too much interest in cute boys too soon would get the anger of the other girls and the ‘slut’ tag would be branded on. Best play it cool to begin with and learn who’s who in the zoo.

The class quietened as a teacher walked in. She was young, maybe only mid-twenties with a fair complexion and dark red hair. She was much prettier than any of the teachers India had had back in New York, and had there been such a beauty she was sure the boys would have been giving her plenty of whistles and whoops, but here the pupils seemed respectfully quiet.

‘Polite country folk,’ she thought to herself.

“Morning, hope you all had a good weekend?” the teacher asked as she put her bags on the desk at the front.

There was a mixed level of responses from the class ranging from silence, to grunts to genuinely warm comments.

“As some of you may have noticed, we have a new girl starting today. India. Don’t worry, I won’t make you stand up and introduce yourself. I know that is seriously cringeworthy. Please, everyone, make her feel welcome.”

India felt the eyes on her again and just tried to smile as sweetly as she could. The class then passed by like any other lesson at school until the bell went and the pupils collected their things ready for the next session.

“India,” came the teacher’s voice, cutting above the hubbub of the pupils, “Can I have a second?”

India nodded and made her way to the front.

Miss Davenport smiled, “How did you find the class?”


“Just wanted to make sure we are at the same level. I know it can sometimes be difficult changing schools during the year. Some classes you find yourself ahead, while in others you are behind. You just need to speak up if you don’t understand anything.”

“Ok…will do.”

“Must be a bit of a change. New York to Widow’s Point.”

India shrugged, “It’s a lot quieter.”

“I bet. I will also bet the people here are friendlier too.”

“Not sure yet. Haven’t really met anyone.”

“Well, my name is April. Now in school you have to call me Miss Davenport. Rules are rules. But outside of class, I’m just April.”

“Outside of class?”

April laughed, “This is not New York. Everyone knows everyone I am sure we will run into each other in town. But you better hurry to your next class.”

India nodded and left quickly, hoping she was going to be able to find the right room.

After another class there was a recess and India made her way onto the concourse. The rain had relented to a fine drizzle that was almost invisible but still made everything and everyone damp. She eyed up the other pupils, studying the cliques, the cool kids, the nerds, the inbetweeners. She saw two girls approach, both pretty and both sporty by their slim builds.

“Hey,” said one, “You’re India right.”


“Unusual name.”

“I have unusual parents.”

The girls sat down. One had long blonde hair that was tied back in a very tight ponytail, she had sharp features with small but cute lips. The other had wavy dark brown hair and an olive complexion that made her hazel eyes pop out. Dubai Escorts Her lips were fuller and drew India’s attention.

“I’m Kat,” said the blonde, “And this is Gia,” she added nodding to her friend.

“You really from New York?” asked Gia.


“Then why the hell would you move out here? Seriously as soon as I leave school I am out of here!” laughed Kat.

“My parents decided we all needed a change of pace…especially after a little incident,” said India. She knew talking about her expulsion would get her some street cred for being rebellious.

“Incident?” asked Gia, her curiosity piqued.

“I kinda got kicked out of my last school.”

“You did? Why? What did you do?” Kat leaned in.

“Punched a teacher…”

“Shut up! No way! Why?”

“She opened her big mouth and accused me of selling drugs.”

“What a bitch!…were you?” asked Kat.

“Well…yes… but just ‘E’… nothing serious.”

“My God! We have our own Pablo Escobar in little old Widow’s Point! Are you like on the run? Or in witness protection?”

“Schools just expel you…they don’t send hitmen after you…”

“Er…do you still have any…you know, pills?” asked Kat furtively.

“Not on me…” replied India. In truth, apart from a bit of pot, her entire supply had been flushed and she had no way of getting any more, but there was no harm in pretending she could hook them up.

“This place is so dull, it would be awesome to have something to make life a bit more interesting,” said Gia.

“I’ve got some cigarettes… with a little extra ‘something’ in them,” India opened her school bag and nodded to a small tin box.

“You are so cool!”

“Yeah,” agreed Gia, “Even pot is like impossible to get hold of around here. Jake used to sell some to the older kids…but he left.”

India heard a familiar laugh and looked up. Across the concourse, she saw Lola. She was sitting on a picnic bench with three boys huddled around her. ‘The lure of ample breasts has worked again,’ India thought to herself.

“Whose that slut?” asked Kat.

“Another new girl in the year below,” replied Gia.


“You know her?”

“Yes… she is my sister.”

“No way. No offense, but she looks like a total slut. If she got any closer to Matt she would literally be sucking his cock,” remarked Kat.

India noticed the venom in Kat’s voice was heavily laced with envy. This was exactly why she had decided to make friends with the girls of the school first before stomping all over their territory.

“She has certain ‘charms’ that boys seem to like,” said India.

Those charms were being pushed out to the full and were straining against her thin white blouse.

“I wish I had tits like that,” sighed Kat.

India found herself looking down at Kat’s chest. Her curves were much like her own, a small handful.

“You checking my tits out?” grinned Kat.

“No!” But India still couldn’t stop herself from blushing.

“Are you lesbian?” giggled Gia, playfully, “Do you like mine?” Gia’s chest, while not quite Lola’s were still quite full.


“We’re only teasing,” smiled Kat and then after a pause, “But have you, you know…with a boy?”

India blushed again and tried to think of the best way to answer. She could say yes and risk sounding like a slut or say no, and sound like a fridged and dull. She opted for the truth. “No…”

“Not even…sucked a dick?” asked Kat.

India just shook her head, “What about you?”

“No…” replied Kat, “No hot guys here at all,” her eyes wandered over to one of the boys flirting with Lola, “But Gia has!”

“No I haven’t!”

“Yeah you have! Last summer. With Rick! You slut!”

“I didn’t fuck him! Or suck him! I just gave him a handjob. Got cum all over my dress, pff,” snorted Gia, casting a quick glance at India to gauge her reaction.

“Did you let him finger you or anything?” asked India.

“No… he kinda lost interest after he shot his load…”

The girls laughed.


Suzi had lost count of cartons she had opened. But no matter how many she unpacked there always were more waiting for her. All the while she listened to Peter talk on the phone. Sure some of it was business but plenty of it was just mindless chit-chat about the football and even fishing came up. ‘When did Peter ever show in interest in fishing?’ she asked herself as his ‘work’ kept him away from any kind of help.

By the time the front door burst open and a torrent of snide remarks between her two daughters reverberated down the hallway the house was just about livable.

“Hey girls,” said Peter breezing past his daughters without a care in the world. His offspring managed some grunts as they hurried to their rooms.

“So Suzi, good news!” said Peter walking into the kitchen where Suzi was searching the fridge for that evening’s dinner, “Looks like that deal is really shaping up. But they want me there in person to make sure everything is watertight.”

“In person? You mean back in New York?”

“Well yeah…”

“You are going back to New York? For how long?”

Peter was taken aback by the belligerence in Suzi’s voice, “I…I’m not sure… not too long I hope. This deal has lots of moving parts and…”

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