Offered My Stepdaughter Pt. 01


“Why don’t you just ask Angela to run around the house naked? I’m sure she’d be happy to, then you could look at the real thing instead of that fake online stuff.”

That was Susan, my partner. She’d found the list of porn links on my computer. My fault really – I hadn’t locked it when I wasn’t using it. At 40, she was older than me, enough so that while I was 21 her two daughters were 18 and 19. Still hot – long red hair, green eyes (and a temper to match), long legs and a pert backside and big breasts that were still firm.

Angela was her elder daughter. At 19, she was shorter than her mother, dark-haired with big brown eyes. She had a bubble butt that seemed made for grabbing and the same large breasts as her mum.

I responded to Susan’s question, saying, “I’m sure she wouldn’t. And even if she did, how would that benefit me. It’d still be a case of looking without being able to touch.”

And then she dropped the bombshell. “If Angela’s agreeable, then you can touch. You can even kiss, lick and suck. And she can do the same to you. Your cock doesn’t go in her pussy till I say otherwise though.”

“Nope, sorry, I don’t believe you. For one thing, I’m sure she would never go for that. For another, even if she did, you wouldn’t allow it.”

“Only one way to find out. Try it. As for whether I would allow it, here.” With that, she handed me a piece of paper.

“What’s this?”

“Read it and find out.”

I read it. It was a letter telling me everything that Susan had just said. There was one other condition – Linda, her younger daughter was off-limits and the offer only applied while she was out of the house.

“Ok, so you’re giving your permission. I don’t believe Angela will be up for it though.”

“Oh, she will.”


The next day, it was cool and rainy. Susan went off to work at 8 and Linda to university at 9. Neither was expected home till around 5. Angela didn’t have any classes that day, so didn’t appear until around 10 when she made a beeline for the coffee pot. I’d made sure it was full and that the coffee was good and fresh.

Angela poured herself a coffee and sat on a chair in the living room where I had my home office set up and the gas heater going. I could see her reflection in the glass of the cabinet door next to my desk. She was still in her nightie, so I knew she wasn’t wearing a bra. She shifted her legs and I thought, though I couldn’t be sure, that I caught a glimpse of her uncovered pussy.

I decided I’d broach the subject with her immediately. I turned to her and said, “You know, Angela, your mum said şişli escort something very strange to me last night.”

Angela looked at me over her coffee cup, then lowered it and asked, “What?”

I started to repeat myself, then realised she’d heard me just fine, she was asking what Susan had said to me that was so strange. I explained, “well, she suggested that if I asked you, you wouldn’t mind not wearing any clothes when it’s just you and me home together.”

“Oh, that. Yes, that’s right. If you want.”

I was a little taken aback at her casual reply, then I rallied and said, “well, if you don’t mind. I mean, I don’t think any guy would object if you did.”

Angela smiled. “I spoke to mum about it ages ago. I asked why we have to wear clothes all the time at home when it’s so hot. I mean, she doesn’t mind if we don’t when it’s just her and us. And I’m sure she doesn’t mind if you don’t when it’s just her and you home. So why should it be different for you and us.”

“Oh. I… see.”

“Not yet, you don’t.” She smirked and stood, reaching for the bottom hem of her nightie, making to pull it up.”

“Wait, I’d like to… unwrap you myself.”

“I knew you were a dirty old man. Just want to get your hands on my tits, don’t you?”

“Well, that as well. I just like to treat a woman who’s going to get naked with me as a gift. A gift that she’s making me of herself.”

“Ahhh, that’s so beautiful. Ok then.”

I walked over to Angela, lifted her chin with my finger and leaned down to kiss her. She drew back, asking, “what are you doing?”

“What, do you not like it?”

“It’s nice I guess, I just wasn’t expecting it.”

I took this as permission to continue and leaned in to kiss her again. This time she didn’t pull back.

Slipping my tongue out of my mouth, I pressed it against her lips. I felt her stiffen slightly, then relax as her lips parted to accept the invader.

We kissed like that for a few heartbeats, then I reached down and pulled her nightie up and, as she stepped back, over her head. I confirmed now that she had no been wearing knickers.

So there we were in the living room, Angela naked in front of me, me fully clothed. She smiled, a naughty grin and said, “I’m naked, so you can see everything I’ve got, but you’re still dressed. That doesn’t seem right to me.”

I stepped back and proceeded to undress, dropping my clothes on the chair behind me.

She looked down, her mouth an ‘o’ of surprise. “I’ve seen it before, but never really looked at it. Not seen it like that. Can I touch it?”

“That mecidiyeköy escort depends, can I touch yours?”

“Ok, but I want to go first.”

I pressed Angela gently down and back onto the chair she had been sitting on a few minutes ago and remained standing in front of her. My cock, now hard was at her eye level. Gingerly she reached out and ran her hand up and down its length.

“It feels hard, but soft at the same time.” She wrapped her hand around it and continued to run her hand up and down.

I let this continue for a minute, then said, “my turn.” Reluctantly she released me and made as if to stand. “No, stay where you are I said. I knelt in front of her, bringing my head down to the level of hers, and leaned in for a kiss as I used one hand to support myself on the arm of the chair and my free hand took gentle hold of a breast. As I gently squeezed it, she drew back slightly from my kiss, but I followed her and she soon relaxed into the kiss once more.

Once she did, I drew back from the kiss and lowered my head to her nipple, sucking it into my mouth. She gasped and drew back, so I stopped and looked up at her. “Do you want me to stop?”

“I… don’t know,” she responded.

“Do you like it? Does it feel good?”

“Yes, but no-one’s ever done that before.”

“Shall I keep going then?”


I dipped my head again and sucked her erect nipple back into my mouth. She pulled back again, but only a little, so I kept going. I released her nipple with an audible ‘pop’ and moved to her other breast, sucking that nipple into my mouth.

As I moved back and forth between her tits, I moved my hand down her body. I reached her thighs and slid my hand between as they parted slightly. My hand quickly found her cleft and a finger traced the outline of her slit before slipping in at the top to find her hard little nub.

Again a sharp intake of breath and a slight drawing back. But this time, she grabbed my wrist and said, “no, don’t stop.” My finger continued to caress her while I sucked on her tits for a few seconds, as she began to moan.

I released her now rock-hard nipple and pulled back so I was upright in front of her. Now, I placed both hands on her knees and exerted a little pressure until she parted them further. Now I lowered my head to her pussy and ran my tongue the full length of her slit, from her bud down to her dripping cunt and back up to the top, which I sucked between my lips, just as I had her nipples before.

She grabbed my head and went wild, thrashing and moaning like a woman possessed istanbul escort as she came. Then she pushed me away and collapsed into the chair, panting.


As she sat like that for a few moments, I saw through the window behind her a taxi pull up on the drive way and Angela’s mother get out. It seemed Angela didn’t hear that, nor Susan opening the door and coming into the house, She did react, trying to cover herself, when Susan said, “What’s going on here?” from behind me.

I turned my head and saw Susan standing naked looking at her daughter and I. Angela made to get up and leave, but Susan caught her by the arm, saying, “Oh no, kiddo. It looks like Jim has given you a good time, now it’s your turn to do the same for him.

Angela looked confused, but Susan pulled her up from the chair and, grabbing my arm, turned me around and pushed me into it. I knew what this meant, so I went with it, moving my legs apart as I sat on the chair.

Susan now held her daughter’s arm and sank to the floor, pulling Angela down with her so that they both knelt in front of me. Susan said, “watch,” and grasped my hard cock, leaning forward to take it in her mouth. She proceeded to move her head up and down, giving me a blow job. After a minute she stopped and said to Angela, “let’s trade places now.”

Angela moved in and took over from her mother, copying what Susan had done. I smiled and looked at Susan who proceeded to climb up onto the arms of the chair, kneeling so that her pussy was in front of my face. I leaned forward, grabbing her hips as I began to tongue her pussy.

Susan must have been really turned on, whether by the act of sharing me with her daughter or just from the oral sex she was getting – she had always loved cunnilingus best. Either way it was mere moments before I felt her body tense as she came over my face. Her orgasm triggered mine and I came in Angela’s mouth.

I know, a gentleman would warn her. But consider my position. I was on a chair with her mother straddling me and pushing her pussy into my face, and with Angela herself kneeling on the floor in front of me giving a creditable blow job, especially for a first timer. Or so I assumed, and so she later confirmed. Either way, I came in her mouth. What was surprising to me was that she swallowed it all.

Suddenly, Susan turned to look at the clock. “Shit, it’s nearly five. Linda will be home any minute!” She climbed down from her perch on the chair, releasing me and, grabbing her clothes, headed to the bedroom to dress. “Jim, Angela, you better do the same,” she said as she turned down the corridor to the bedroom.

Angela and I quickly grabbed our clothes and scurried out of the room, pausing outside of Susan’s and my room for a quick kiss and to fondle Angela before heading our separate ways to dress before Linda arrived home.

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