On the bathroom’s floor


On the bathroom’s floorFriday night I was home alone; my loving hubby hone fishing with some of his buddies. I felt stressed after a long week at my office and, worst of all, Victor had not fucked me properly during the last days…So I was horny as hell; but not in the mood enough to go out and pick up a good hard dick. Tonight I wanted some woman’s lips all over my body.First I called my sexy girlfriend Helena; but she was busy with her brand new black lover and she would not come to my home tonight.I then called Laura and she said her lovely hubby was out of town; so she was available to spend the whole night with me if I wanted to…I warned Laura that the front door would be open for her and she would find me upstairs, enjoying a hot bath in the tub…I got inside the warm water. It felt really relaxing for my body and mind.There were candles burning around and I closed my eyes as I relaxed there.A while later I heard the front door opening and footsteps on the stairs.Laura entered the bathroom. bahis siteleri She had stripped off in the alley and I shivered as I stared at her delicious naked curvy body. She put her hand down, to show me her freshly shaven mound. I felt wet inside of my horny cunt.My sexy girlfriend looked beautiful, as she stared at me, making out the movement of my fingers splashing gently against the warm water surface between my smooth thighs. I saw her smiling…Laura had caught me lying back in the tub, just beginning to pleasure myself after a hard day at work. I really did deserve this… I thought.She moved towards me and got down to her knees close to the tub.I kept shoving my fingers in and out through my open pussy lips. Laura smiled and her eyes widened as she nodded her head. She then bent over me, to kiss my red lips. While our tongues got entangled, one of her soft hands went up my body to rub my hardened nipples.Laura broke our kiss and her plump lips went down to lick my erect nipples.I moaned canlı bahis siteleri in ecstasy as I felt her warm mouth over my hard buttons…One of her hands went under the surface, between my spread thighs and she grabbed my crotch, making me to lift my hips out of the water. I gasped as her delicate mouth breathed against my shaved mound…“Come on; get out of the tub and lie back here on this towel, babe” She said. I stood up as Laura wrapped a big towel around my body to dry me.Both naked, we lay down on the towel side by side and explored each other’s curves. Laura moaned as I touched her clit with my naughty fingers.My fingers entered so easily because her hot cunt was soaking wet now. I woke up and straddled Laura’s face with my own mound. I leaned over her smelly cunt and shoved my tongue deep inside of her. I was sure my own clit was poking out and I then felt her soft tongue reached it.Laura made me gasp, as she took my clit into her mouth and sucked it gently but firmly. Meanwhile, canlı bahis her fingers were rubbing my tight rear hole.I did the same, but I lubed my fingers with Laura’s juices and shoved two of them deep into her tight anus. She whimpered and grunted with pleasure.Eventually it became too much for both of us; so I turned and quickly slipped my own legs over Laura’s to press her cunt against my gushing wetness. My sensual girlfriend arched her back and our swollen clitorises rubbed against each other to and fro. She was breathing heavily now, moving backwards and forwards faster and faster. I wanted to cum now, I needed it. And she needed it too…I looked into Laura’s eyes as I rubbed my cunt lips against hers.Between loud gasps and moans we came together making some pelvic movements with no control at all. Our wet cunts rubbed so smoothly now faster to and fro with spasms of delight…I shuddered to a stop, gasping for breath and laughing as my slutty babe panted for some air.We spent a long while there onto the towel, gently stroking and caressing each other’s body; until Laura asked me if I was now in the mood for going out, for hunting a nice huge dick…I stood up, saying we could only pick up a third lady to bring along home…

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