One Hot Night Ch. 02

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One Hot Night Ch. 02He starts thinking quickly inside of his head. Since they are right here in front of the apartment, they could use one of the bedrooms. He is sure that Dean and his girl would not mind. Jake moves his hands and puts them around her waist. Slowly, he lifts Katie off his cock. Katie gets somewhat confused for she does not understand why they have stopped fucking. She does not know that they are going to continue in a bedroom in the apartment.”Why have we stopped fucking, Jake?” Katie asks.”Because baby, I have a surprise for you. It awaits in the apartment. Come with me, sexy”. Jake says.”Okay baby. Let’s go.” Katie says.Katie moves off of Jake and backs up out of the car. Jake gets up off the backseat and reaches up to the front where he grabs her car keys so nobody can take off with the car. He then gets out and joins her outside. Jake shuts the backdoor and walks up to Katie.Together they walk to the apartment. Both of them still nude, but not really caring. They walk up the steps and open the door. Dean and his girl Linda see them and know what they have been doing all this time. Jake shuts the door behind them and walks over to Dean. Katie walks over and sits down in a chair.”Dean, we’re gonna use a bedroom okay. We have some unfinished sexual fun that we need to do.” Jake says to Dean.”Okay, go right ahead. Just try not to mess up the room too much.” Dean says back.”Don’t worry. We won’t.” Jake says.Jake then walks over to Katie. Just seeing her sitting there makes his cock grow harder and throb. He reaches out for her hand. Katie takes his hand and together they walk to a bedroom. Once they reach the bedroom, Katie walks inside and Jake follows. He shuts and locks the door behind them. Katie walks over to the bed where she lays down. Jake seeing Katie lying on the bed walks over to her. He climbs onto the bed and they start kissing. He wants to fuck her doggy style. So he decides to tell her.”Baby, get on your hands and knees. I want to fuck that sweet pussy from behind.” Jake says.Katie, without even saying anything, moves. She gets up on her hands and knees spreading her legs open wide. Ready to get fucked by her man. Jake gets up behind up and places his cock at the entrance of her pussy. But before he does that, he decides that there’s something else that he wants to do. He extends his tongue out and licks her asscheeks, one at a time. This makes Katie shiver with pleasure. He runs his tongue along her sweet skin, tasting it all. He then pulls her asscheeks apart and licks her sweet little asshole. If he gets lucky enough tonight, he will get to fuck her there. “Oh my god, Jake. That feels so good. Where you’d learn to do that baby. Oh yes, don’t stop. Lick my asshole until your tongue is sore. Fuck, baby.” Katie cries out.Jake positions his tongue like his cock and licks her asshole some more. He watches as her sphincter opens and closes repeatedly. Almost like it is beckoning him to come taste her there. He feels drawn to do just that. Jake takes his tongue and sticks it in her asshole. Her sphincter opens and closes around his tongue. He starts slowly fucking her ass with his tongue. He tastes her there. He realizes that he is really enjoying this. Maybe not as much as Katie is, but still enjoying it all the same. “Oh Jake. Yes, baby fuck my ass with your tongue. God, this feels so fucking incredible. Fucking shove that tongue up inside of me. Make me beg for more”. Katie cries out.Katie grips onto the bedspread. She can’t really believe that this is happening. She never thought that she would ever have her ass licked by her boyfriend. She never realized how much pleasure she could receive from this. Now just to get fucked there. That would be the ultimate. Kevin opens his eyes. He doesn’t hear any sighing or moaning. He turns around only to find that Katie and Jake are not in the car anymore. Dammit, he thinks to himself.He figures out that they must be in the apartment. He decides that now for sure he is going to get some of that pussy from Katie. No matter if he has to take it or if she just gives it up. He strokes his cock some more. Then he decides to get out of the car and go into the apartment. He will act all innocent to Dean and his girl. They will have no idea that he is going to seduce Katie. Once he gets inside of that bedroom door, he’s gonna go for it.Kevin puts his cock back into his pants. He zips them back up and opens the car door. He gets out of the car door and shuts it. He then starts walking up to the apartment. Jake starts fucking Katie’s ass with this tongue harder. He shoves his tongue in and out, seeing how far it will really go. He hears Katie’s moans and that makes him not want to stop. He has no idea that some other guy wants to seduce her tonight. That Kevin wants her too. Jake keeps up with his tongue assault on Katie’s ass for about 5 minutes more. He then pulls his tongue out. He moves out from in between her legs and crawls up towards her mouth. He wants to see if she will kiss him after his tongue has been in her ass.Katie feels some movement on the bed and turns her head to see Jake crawling up towards her. She wants to kiss him. And she plans on doing just that. Jake reaches Katie’s mouth and he takes her head into his hands. He then brings his mouth to hers and kisses her. He waits to see if she will kiss him back. Katie kisses Jake back with passion. She opens his mouth ready to receive his tongue. She’s ready to go further with him.Jake feels Katie kiss him back and open her mouth. He opens his mouth in return and slips his tongue inside of her mouth. Katie feels Jake slip his tongue inside of her mouth. She sighs softly and slips her tongue into his mouth. Together they start kissing passionately. Pure raw a****l lust comes out from both of them. Katie grabs Jake and pulls him on top of her. She reaches down and takes his cock into her hands. She then guides it to her pussy and slides it in. It catches Jake off guard. Jake feels his cock slide into Katie’s pussy. He wasn’t expecting this. But oh, he likes it. He starts thrusting forward hard, making the bed shake. Katie meets his thrusts with such lust and passion. She’s glad that Jake decided to fuck her and not pull out. She knows now that she can get it when she wants and that he won’t say no. Together they fuck hard on the bed. All that can be seen is a blur where there two bodies come together. Jake thrusts his cock harder and faster into Katie’s pussy, making her scream.”Yes, Yes Jake. Fuck me. Oh fucking yes baby. Shove that cock in my pussy. Just like that. You feel so damn good inside of me. So hard and throbbing.” Katie cries out passionately.”Oh yes baby. I love fucking you. You are so wet and tight. Your sweet poison is running all over me, drowning my cock. I want to fuck you until you tell me to stop. I’m so fucking hard for you and I can hardly wait to fill that pussy with my steaming hot cum”. Jake says.Kevin walks up the steps to the apartment. He reaches the door and walks in. Dean and his girl Linda look up. When they see Kevin, they just wave hello. He walks into the living room and grabs a chair. He brings the chair up to the bedroom door and sits down in it. He then leans against the door so he can listen in to what they are saying. He pulls his hard cock out of his pants and starts stroking. Jake then pulls his cock out of Katie and grabs her by the hips. He flips her over. Katie gets up on her hands and knees. Ankara travesti Jake then positions his cock behind her once again and pushes forward.His cock slides easily into her pussy and he pushes it all the way in. He wants his cock deep inside her. He pushes a little bit more until his balls are resting right against her ass. Jake then starts pounding her ass like there is no tomorrow. He reaches forward and then around. He grabs her tits and starts massaging them. He feels her pussy grab around his cock like a vice not wanting to let it go. Katie starts pushing her pussy against Jake’s cock, matching his thrusts once again. She really is enjoying being fucked this way. It feels so damn good.Jake fucks Katie pussy harder and faster. He shoves his cock in her deeper, reaching every part of her pussy. He loves how warm her pussy is. He even thinks of what it would be like if their baby came out of there. But of course, right now isn’t the best time to think about that. Jake moves his hands off of her tits and moves them up. Katie grabs the headboard and holds on for the ride of her life. She never wants this to stop. She wants to fuck Jake forever. She just wishes they had been doing this sooner. Jake reaches up and places his hands over Katie’s. He interlinks his hands with hers. Doing this gives him a much better angle to fuck. And it gives him an excuse to hold her hands. He grips onto her hands as he really starts to pound her pussy hard. He can feel his orgasm coming on fast and he wants to cum deep inside of her. All that can be heard is the sound of two bodies coming together and the sound of skin against skin.Kevin keeps his ear close to the door as he listens to Jake and Katie fucking. He can hear the bed squeaking. He knows that they are fucking fast. He figures that Jake is probably getting ready to cum. Kevin increases his stroking on his cock. He wants to cum at the same time Jake does. To make his fantasy more real. Katie grips on to Jake’s hands as he fucks her harder. She can feel another orgasm coming on. She wants to cum at the same time that he does. She starts moving her pussy faster, thrusting upwards with his every stroke.Jake pushes his cock faster in and out of Katie’s pussy. Any thoughts of being gentle have flown out of the window. Right now, all he can concentrate on is fucking her as hard as he can. Before he knows it, his orgasm is upon him. He can feel it building and he can feel the cum rushing from his balls to up through his cock going straight for the cockhead. Katie feels her orgasm coming on. She starts pushing her pussy forward as hard as she can. Sweat pours off her body like a river. Faster and quicker, she can feel her orgasm building. She wants to cum so badly. Jake feels his cum getting closer to spilling out of his cock and into her pussy. He gives her pussy one good last thrust. Then he holds his cock there and gets ready for the explosion.”I’m coming, baby. Fuck Katie. I’m coming inside of that hot wet pussy of yours. Going to fill you up.” Jake says.Just as soon as those words escape his lips, the cum rushes out of his cock and pours into her pussy. The feeling is so extreme that it kind of catches him off guard. He just holds his cock there as it fills her up.”Oh Jake. Yes baby, you’re filling me up. Giving me all of that cum. It’s so warm. Oooh. I can feel it”. Katie says.Katie then feels herself cum at the same time. The feeling is so intense for her that it causes her to throw her head back.”I’m coming too baby. Coming on that cock. Our two juices are mixing together. Jake, oh Jake!” Katie says.”Cum baby. I can feel you coming on me. So damn fucking intense.” Jake says.Jake’s cum keeps on spurting inside of Katie’s pussy as her orgasm starts to subside. He can feel his cum filling her up. This is the best orgasm that he has ever had. Kevin hears both Katie and Jake moan. He hears them both crying out. Then he hears Jake cum. He starts stroking his cock faster, calling out Katie’s name the whole time. After about 10 minutes, his cum starts spurting out and lands on the floor. He cums so hard that he sees colors. He then accidentally bounces his shoulder off the door, which makes a loud sound.After Jake finishes coming inside of Katie, he pulls his cock out. Even though it is limp right now he knows that if he wants to he can get it hard again. He hears a loud sound that is coming from the outside of the bedroom door. He gets up off the bed and walks over to the door. Katie lays there, relishing in the feeling of just having the best sex ever. She then turns herself over and lays on her back on the bed. She looks up to see Jake walking towards the door. She wants to ask him where he is going, but doesn’t. Jake walks up to the door and unlocks it. He then opens the door. He looks and sees Kevin there sitting there in a chair. He also sees that Kevin is holding his cock in his hand and that there is cum all over the floor.”What the hell are you doing, Kevin? Why in the hell are you sitting in front of our bedroom?” Jake asks angrily.”Because I was listening to you and Katie fuck. I’m fucking hot for her. And I want her. I don’t care that she is your girlfriend. She’s gonna be my lover.” Kevin says.”You sick fuck. To hell she is. You are not fucking my girl.” Jake says.”Yes I fucking am. Get the fuck out of my way.” Kevin says.Kevin then gets up and pushes Jake out of the way. He walks into the room and just stops when he sees Katie lying there on the bed. She looks so good to him right now. He can hardly wait to fuck her. Katie looks up and sees Kevin standing there. She looks down and sees his hard cock. At first she doesn’t suspect anything. She just figures he’s aroused cause he was thinking naughty thoughts. But then she figures it out that he wants to fuck her. Jake walks into the room and stares down Kevin. He better not try to fuck his girl. Or he will fucking cut his dick off. Kevin stares down Jake and knows that he can’t stop him from fucking her. Katie gets somewhat scared but then she gets a idea. If Kevin wants to play around with her, she’ll play. But it’s not going to be the way he’s expecting it. “Hey Jake, come here baby. There’s something I want to tell you.” Katie says.Jake walks over to Katie. He’s not sure what she wants but he wants to find out. He gets close to her and bends down so he can hear what she has to say.”Kevin wants to play with me, right. Well, let’s let him. But we control what he can do. You have to tell him what to do. If you don’t want him to fuck me, all you have to do is tell him that he can’t.” Katie says to Jake.Jake thinks that is a great idea. With all of the control, he can tell that sick fuck to fuck off if he wanted too. He walks over to the bed and sits down. He then gets ready to give his first command.”Okay, Kevin. You want my girl. You can have her. But only when I say. First, I want you to lick her feet. Worship them. Suck her toes. Make her moan. And I will be watching. And I can stop you whenever I want.” Jake says.”Okay. I’ll play this game. I just want her.” Kevin says.Kevin then gets down on his knees and takes one of Katie’s feet into his hand. He brings his mouth to her foot and sucks her toes. He takes one toe at a time into his mouth and sucks hard.”Oh Kevin. You’re such a good little toesucker. Mmmm.” Katie says.He runs his tongue along each toe that he sucks, tasting her feet like they are a sweet dessert. He then moves his Bahçelievler travesti mouth off her toes and licks the underside of her feet. He then licks the upper part of the feet. He keeps on worshipping her feet until he is told to stop.”Okay enough of that. Now, lick her inner thighs. But don’t touch her pussy.” Jake says.Kevin moves his mouth up and starts licking Katie’s inner things. This causes Katie to moan cause they are very sensitive and are close to her pussy. He can smell her sweet intoxicating juices as he licks her thighs. He never thought he be reduced to being a submissive sex slave. But that is what he is being right now. He doesn’t care as long as he gets to fuck her. His cock aches with desperation. Katie looks down and watches Kevin as he licks her inner thighs. She wants to have her pussy licked. It aches with desire. She looks over at Jake.”Baby, do you want to lick my pussy or let Kevin do it? I need it licked by a hungry tongue badly.” Katie says.Jake thinks about it. He figures it wouldn’t hurt to let Kevin have a taste. So he gets ready to tell him.”Now Kevin you may move your mouth up and lick Katie’s pussy. Let the juices flow into your mouth. But don’t lick too long. Remember, I’m watching you.” Jake says.Kevin hungrily moves his mouth up to Katie’s hot wet pussy. He spreads her lips open and dives in. He licks her clit and then shoves his tongue into her fuckhole. He tastes the juices as they flow into his mouth. They taste better than he fantasized they would. He shoves his tongue in and out of her pussy. He loves tasting her. He knows that he wasn’t told he could do what he is about to do. But he doesn’t care. He pulls his tongue out. He then takes his hand and brings it up to Katie’s pussy. He then shoves a finger roughly into her. He starts fingering her pussy fast and hard.He starts licking her clit fast wanting her to cum on his tongue. He wants to taste her creamy sweet poison. He works his tongue as quick as he can get it to go. He can feel her start to shake with every lick he makes. Katie gets caught off guard. She can feel Kevin licking her. Then she suddenly feels a new sensation. She realizes that Kevin has shoved his finger inside of her pussy. And that he is fingering her. The sensations from it all are so incredible. His finger feels almost as good as Jake’s does. Jake looks down and notices that one of Kevin’s hands are not in sight. He follows his arm and notices that Kevin has shoved his finger into Katie’s pussy. That makes him angry.”Hey, boy. I don’t remember telling you that you could finger my girl. I said you could lick her pussy. Fucking stop it right now!” Jake yells out.Kevin hears Jake but he ignores him. He keeps on right with what he is doing. He shoves his finger in faster and licks Katie’s clit quicker. He wants her to cum. She will cum for him. Katie hears Jake, but she starts getting so caught up in the pleasure that Kevin is giving to her that she doesn’t have the strength to push him away. She needs to cum so badly. She can feel her orgasm start to come on. Jake, realizing that Kevin is ignoring him, gets up and tries to pull Kevin away. But every time that he pulls, Kevin just shoves his finger in deeper. And he latches on to Katie’s clit like a lifeline. Kevin roughly shoves his finger up Katie’s pussy faster and quicker. He makes his finger feel like a cock. He keeps up with his licking.Katie feels her orgasm approaching quickly. There’s no stopping him now.”Oh my god, I’m coming. Oh yes, yes, yes!!!” Katie cries out.Katie then cums into Kevin’s mouth and onto his tongue. The waves of pleasure surround her. Kevin licks up Katie’s cum hungrily and swallows it all. He removes his finger from her pussy. He licks her clit until she finishes coming. He then moves his mouth away and sticks his finger into his mouth. He sucks her juices off of it. He then backs away slowly and strokes his cock. Jake looks at Kevin. He is very angry with him. That went farther than it was supposed to. Now he has to make sure that his girl is okay. Jake walks over to Katie and sits down on the bed next to her. He looks down at her face. “Are you okay baby?” Jake asks.”Yes, I’m okay baby. Just didn’t think any other man would touch me besides you.” Katie says.”Well, Katie don’t worry. I’ll make sure that Kevin never touches you again. He’ll have to watch us fuck. I’ll teach that sick fuck.” Jake says.Jake then walks away from Katie and walks up to Kevin. He gets up into his face and stares him down.”Look, you sick fuck. I don’t know who in the fuck you think you are. But that is the last time that you will ever touch my girl. Now you will have to watch us fuck. And instead of coming inside of her, you’ll have to cum on the floor. Then you’ll have to lick it up. Understand?” Jake says.”Yeah.” Kevin says.Jake then gets up on the bed. He crawls in between Katie’s legs and shoves his cock inside of her pussy. He starts fucking her hard, making sure that Kevin is watching. Kevin walks over to the wall where he stands there with his cock in his hands. He starts stroking it hard, fantasizing that he is fucking Katie. Katie grips onto the headboard as Jake fucks her. She will never get tired of his cock. She thrusts her pussy against his cock. She can feel Jake’s cock going deep into her.Jake then decides that he wants to fuck Katie in the ass. So he pulls his cock out and flips her over. He helps her get on her hands and knees. He then moves his mouth down and licks her asshole. Kevin watches Jake as he licks Katie’s asshole. His tongue extends out making a licking motion. Like he is the one doing that to her. He wishes that he was. After Jake gets Katie’s asshole lubricated, he brings his cock up to it. He opens her asscheeks and lines his cock up.He then pushes in slowly. He feels her sphincter open as his cock goes in. As soon as he gets his cock all the way in, he starts moving it. He thrusts his cock slowly in and out of her ass. He then picks up speed. He feels an all new sensation and he really likes it. He pushes his cock in deeper and thrusts a little bit harder now. Katie can hardly believe that Jake’s cock is actually in her ass fucking her. She didn’t think his cock could actually fit in there. But now that it can and that he is, she can’t help but get lost in the pleasure.”Oh yes baby. Mmmm, fuck my ass. Feels so good. Having your big cock in my ass. Jake, oh Jake. You know how to please me so well.” Katie says.”Oh yeah. I love fucking your ass baby. It is so tight. Just like your pussy. Makes my cock feel so good everytime I thrust.” Jake says.Kevin keeps his eyes focused on this whole scene. He moves his hand faster on his cock. He can feel his orgasm approaching. Jake fucks Katie harder in the ass. He can feel the sensation of his orgasm approaching. He starts fucking her harder. He grabs onto her hips and shoves his cock mercifully into her ass. Katie can feel Jake’s thrusts speed up and she knows that he must be nearing his orgasm. She wants to cum with him again so she bounces her ass against him. She feels his hands on her hips so she grabs onto the bedpost.Faster and quicker, they fuck. Their bodies have become one again and all that really can be heard is the sounds of pleasure from both of them and the sound of the bed bouncing off the wall. They both can feel their orgasms approaching together.Jake fucks Katie’s ass some more. But he realizes that there is something that she Balgat travesti hasn’t done yet. And this is give him a blowjob. And right now would be the perfect time for one. Jake moves his cock out of Katie’s ass and brings it up to her mouth. He wants her to suck his cock until he cums into her mouth. Katie feels Jake pull his cock out of her ass. She then turns her head only to see Jake’s cock up near her mouth. It looks so delicious and she wants to taste it. So she moves her mouth until it latches onto his cock.Katie then starts sucking Jake’s cock. She licks the head and takes his cock deep into her throat. She sucks him so deep that the head of his cock rests at the back of the throat. Jake can’t believe how good her mouth feels around his cock. It’s almost like her mouth was made for sucking him off. He looks down and watches her as she sucks his cock so damn good. Katie looks up into Jake’s eyes as she sucks him off. His cock tastes so good in her mouth. She loves having him this deep in her throat. She wouldn’t even mind if he was to grab her hair and fuck her face. What she doesn’t know is that is just what he is about to do.Jake starts to feel a little bit bold. So he grabs hold of Katie’s hair and holds it in his hand. He then starts slowly fucking her mouth with his cock. He pushes it in and out. Her mouth feels as good as her pussy does. Katie feels Jake grab onto her hair and start to fuck her mouth. She moans softly feeling a slight submissive side come out in her. She grabs onto his ass and squeezes his asscheeks. This causes his cock to go forward in her mouth some. She almost chokes but is able to maintain her sucking. Jake can’t help but look down as his cock goes in and out of her beautiful mouth. He is really enjoying fucking her mouth and is getting ready to cum down her throat. He speeds up his thrusting and grabs onto her hair tighter. Katie looks back up at Jake as he speeds up his thrusting. She speeds up her sucking wanting to taste his cum. She can tell by how fast he is starting to thrust that he is nearing. She keeps a steady sucking pace on his cock the whole time he fucks her mouth.Kevin looks over and almost falls out of his chair. He can’t believe what he is seeing. The sight of Katie taking a cock into her mouth all the way. The sight of her getting her hair pulled and her mouth fucked. It makes him want to cum right here. He strokes his extremely hard cock faster and quicker. He wants to cum. Jake feels his orgasm approaching faster each second. He keeps Katie’s gaze as he pumps his cock in and out of her mouth. Before he knows it his orgasm is upon him. He thrusts his cock one more time in her mouth.”I’m coming in that hot mouth baby. Swallow it all, sexy.” Jake says.”Mmmm, cum baby.” Katie says although it is muffled.He then holds her head still and starts spurting his hot cum into her mouth. Katie starts sucking his cum down her throat hungrily. She keeps her eyes focused on his as his hot cum fills up her mouth. Kevin hears Jake cum and he cums at the same time. His cum squirts out of his cockhead and onto all over the floor. He has never came so hard before.Jake lets go of his grip some on her hair as he finishes coming. He stops fucking her mouth and lets her go after the rest of his cum with her superb sucking skills. Katie sucks his cock more until she has drained him fully of his cum. She then pulls her mouth away from his cock and lays back on the bed. Jake comes over to her and kisses her hard. He doesn’t care that there is still some of his cum in her mouth. He wants to kiss her for a blowjob well done and because she just looks so damn sexy.Katie kisses Jake back and pulls him on top of her. She doesn’t want to fuck him for right now. She just wants to feel his handsome nude body against hers.Jake kisses Katie some more. He then realizes that there is something that he has to say. So he stops kissing her for a little bit so he can say it.”Lick up your cum now Kevin. Don’t let it go to waste. Don’t think that Katie will do it. Mine is the only cum that she will ever taste.” Jake says.Jake then starts kissing Katie again. He runs his hands along her body touching her soft sweet skin. He loves how her body feels against his. Kevin gets down on his hands and knees. He starts licking his cum up off the floor. He looks over at Katie while he is doing that and his cock starts to regain it’s hardness quickly. He licks up the rest of his cum and swallows it all. He then stands up. Jake realizes that he has to pee. So he gets up off of Katie’s body and gets off the bed.”I have to go pee, baby. I’ll be right back.” Jake says.”Okay baby. I’ll be here waiting for your return. Katie says.Jake blows a kiss to her, winks at her, and walks towards the bathroom. He shuts the door. This leaves Katie open and vulnerable to any other man.Kevin looks and sees that Katie is alone now. Now is his chance if he is going to fuck her. Since Jake is in the bathroom, he can’t stop him. His cock grows rock hard thinking of it. Kevin walks over to bed and crawls in between Katie’s legs. Katie is looking towards the bathroom waiting for Jake, so she has no idea that he is there. All he has to do is slip his rock hard cock into her pussy and fuck her. He moves up and slips his cock inside her. He can’t believe how incredibly tight she is. It’s like she’s still a virgin even though he knows that Jake took that tonight. Her pussy grips around his cock like a vice.Katie feels something slip inside of her. She turns her head and sees Kevin on top of her. She feels his cock inside of her pussy. She realizes that she doesn’t want this. He’s r****g her right here on the bed.”What are you doing? Get off of me! Jake, help me! Kevin’s r****g me. Jake! No, no please. You’re hurting me, Kevin. Stop!” Katie cries out fearfully.Tears run down her eyes and she beats against his chest trying to pull him off. Kevin starts pumping his cock in and out of her. He hears her pleas to stop and feels her hitting him, but he is ignoring them. He doesn’t care if she wants this or not. He wants it and he’s going to take it. He pumps his cock harder and deeper into her pussy. He can feel his orgasm come on really fast. He’s gonna cum into this bitch’s pussy. He pumps faster now, moving his cock inside of her as fast as he can get it to go. Before he knows it his orgasm is upon him. He feels the warm cum running out of his cock and into her pussy. He pumps her pussy two more times. Then he just stops and lets his cum squirt inside of her.Katie feels Kevin cum inside of her. This scares her intensely. She starts screaming and crying harder. Jake hears Katie’s pleas and tears. He tears open the bathroom door and jumps on the bed. He angrily pulls Kevin off of Katie. He then hits him hard.”What the fuck are you doing? I told you that you couldn’t fuck my girl. She’s not your lover. She’s mine. You fucking sick fuck. r****g her. I should kill you right here.” Jake yells out.”I wanted to fuck Katie, Jake. You really think that I wasn’t going to try to make a move on her once you weren’t in the way. Are you that stupid? Just look at her. She’s fucking beautiful. And yeah I was r****g her. I don’t care if she wasn’t enjoying it. She’s a fucking slut and she deserves to be hurt.” Kevin says.Hearing Kevin say that pushes Jake over the edge. He balls up his fist and hits Kevin right in the face. He then kicks him right in the balls. This causes Kevin to fall to the floor in pain. “She’s my girl. You fucking stay the way from her. You sick fuck. We are no longer friends.” Jake says.Kevin can’t say anything because he is in so much pain. He lies on the floor holding his throbbing balls.(If you like Chp. 2, stay tuned for Chp.3!)

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