One Incident


Let me narrate a very sweet, memorable and outstandingly sexy incident that ever took place in my life. I had just taken my 12th board exams and got completely free until my results. I had been getting bored at home. Noticing my boredom, my mother suggested I go to my bua’s (father’s sister) village for some days to dispel that monotonous time. I took it for otherwise since I was not a bit interested in visiting the village. But what to do….I thought something is better than nothing. So I acted upon my mother’s advice and got ready with my bag the next day.

I turned up at the village in evening. When I entered I really felt serenity in the virgin air of the village; untainted and unpolluted and inexplicably salubrious. I felt smug at my agility of obeying mother’s suggestion. I got my bua’s home and performed ablution. I went to the roof. I got fascinated with the surroundings. The twilight was swaying on the earth and playing on my face. The entire environment had put a strong check on each throb of my heart and I willingly did not want to be unleashed from that sacredness. The chirping of frolicking birds was innocently killer. My bua called out for me to take milk. I got down and took milk. Then she told me to take a visit to the fields with her. She took me with her.

On our way a lady ran into us. She was returning from the fields with a heavy burden of hay on her head. My bua introduced me to her and told she was her fast friend and neighbour. I greeted her. She asked me to drop in her home having returned from the fields. She insisted on my having dinner at her home the same night. I accepted like a very obedient child.

I was observing everything while walking to the fields. I noticed the girls of the village were extremely beautiful with no paint and makeup on their faces. A raw beauty!! The beauty that had never been tampered by any urban beautician. They had never known the way to parlours. I was intoxicated by their countenance. That time I was just 18. I, however, was often attacked by carnal desire and curiosity to know about chudaii (fucking). I often got the itching in my mind and heart and body to have the touch of a female. But I had been untouched by then and had never known the unprecedented touch of a girl. I had faint jhaant (pubic hair) around my lund (dick). I had never ever known what the cum was. I just had overheard others discuss all the cum and chudaii in my class.

It had been dark by the time we arrived at home. Then a cute small boy came and told me that his mother was calling me. I was surprised that who he was. Then my bua told me that he was the son to the same lady who had met on the way and he had come to remind me about the invitation to dinner. My bua taught me that her friend was also bua to me in relation. I then went to her home for dinner.

As I entered I greeted and felt feet of bua and fufa (bua’s hubby) and sought their blessings. Bua was cooking. Then bua called out a name Deepa!!!! Then from the other room emerged a lady who seemed to have just taken bath. Her incredibly long hair was scattered on her shoulders emitting some shampoo fragrance. She was wearing a blue saree. She was fairly tall around 5’7″. Her skin was milky fair. I had and have never seen such a gorgeous, voluptuous and nymph-like brunette. Oh my god!! What a thrilling siren she was!!! Her chuchiyan (boobs) were absolutely round, soft and enormous popping out as if they had been getting suffocated in the bra and wanted to let loose violently the moment bra was taken off. Her gaand (ass) was ridged out in round and carved shape in saree making a perfect ratio with the waist. When she walked the two parts of her gaaand (ass) chit chatted with each other. Her face was superbly sexy, awfully beautiful and so innocent as if it had never committed any wrong. Her lips were worth sucking for centuries at a stretch. Oh oh!!! Anyways she walked to bua and took the charge of cooking. My eyes were not going off her face and body. I was watching her stealthily. She had wounded my heart; and my lund too, obviously. The whole world vanished. My eyes were darting her body only.

Deepa laid the table for all of us. Bua introduced me to her saying she was her younger sister. She had been married ten years before. I greeted her nodding my head. She gave a slightly naughty glance with a dim smile. I was dead at that. She was making chapattis and serving us. In each trip of hers of serving chapatti I did not lose a chance to have a closer view of her face and cleavage. I had been hungry since noon but then my hunger was nowhere to be found. I was just chewing chapattis mechanically. Having finished meals bua said,”Don’t forget to come in the morning for milk. Ok? And besides, you can come anytime.”

I came back and chit chatted with my bua for sometime. In talks I managed to ask about Deepa. She told me that she had been married to an engineer with whom cropped up some differences the previous year because of which she had left her own home and had come there to live. Since içerenköy escort then she had been living there with her elder sister.

I could not sleep that night and kept thinking about her. My conscience was alerting me each time that she was also like bua and I should not think in that respect. But my mind kept on disturbing me and was not letting me think anything else but Deepa bua. She must have been 35 then.

The next day I woke up late. Having finished with my ablutions I rushed to the next door. It was 11 am. I knocked at the door. Oh god!! It was Deepa who opened the door. She welcomed me and showed me in. After sometime I got sweetly surprised to notice that there was no one at home but Deepa bua. I asked bua about others. She said that they all had to go to the city for some court work and would be back by evening. I said, “Ok then I will come some other time.” She insisted on my sitting there and offered me milk.

She was sitting just beside me. I could feel the warmth and perfume of her body. She asked me about my exams. I was trying to control my mind and behaving very decently. I was avoiding looking at her but I sensed that she was incessantly gazing at my face. I at times felt shy but she did not. I was tall dark handsome. My height was 5-10.

My milk was finished. Then I was to go. I stood up to go. But to my surprise she caught my hand and pulled back on the chair and asked me not to go. I took it for casual. Then she said,” lemme show u my album. That has the pictures I got taken with my staff when I was working with a multinational company.” I said ok. Then she fetched a big album from her bag and came near me. She sat beside me. Her thigh was touching mine. The moment her left thigh touched my right one, an acute current passed through my body. Then she began to show. In the mid she often put her hand on mine to indicate some picture. Each time I felt sweet jolt. I could not see anything but her. I could smell her breaths tinged with lipstick. Then I felt that she was gradually growing nearer with some pressure. I felt like hugging her but my mind alerted each time that she was bua and far older than I. I was not supposed to think in that way. She came so close to me while showing pictures that my right elbow was touching her chuchi. My mind stopped functioning. I could feel the softness of her chuchi. She intermittently put a slight pressure on my elbow.

After the album was over she looked into my eyes and said, ” Hey Babbu! You are very sweet.” My heart started pumping hard at that comment. I politely thanked her without looking up. I noticed she was only looking at me. I had no moustache or beard grown on my face then. I had been untouched and inexperienced teen lad. Then I rose to pack up but she again caught my hand and pulled harder. This time I landed less than half on her left thigh. I restored exclaiming sorry. She put her hand on my right thigh and started rubbing slightly. I was feeling terribly shy. I commented what she was doing. She sped up her movements on my thigh. She reached the level on my thigh where one of her fingers was touching my lund. It was extremely tight. I felt shyer.

Looking into my eyes she asked me how many friends I had got. I said three. Then she said, “What about girl friends?” I said, “None yet!” She made a pitiful face and said, “Oh! Poor guy! So old and no girl friend! It is a pity.” Then she asked, “Will you be my friend?” I said, “How can I be your friend? You are so older than I. Moreover you are bua to me in relation.” She smiled at me and said, “Can bua not be friend? And is there any role of age in friendship?” Her finger still kept hitting my lund during the conversation. I was getting out of my breath and so was she. I could clearly notice her breaths were getting faster. I said, “I don’t know.” She said with broken breath and mischievous eyes, “Ok then I am making you my friend now on.” I said nothing. She asked if I had accepted her offer. I said, “As you wish.” At the same time I was getting terribly nervous. She however seemed to be a good player. She then said, “Then shake your hand with me for this friendship.” I raised my hand. She caught my hand in hers which was awfully soft and warm. What beautiful hands she had! Each finger seemed to have been carved taking years. Very light purple veins on her hands were beautifully conspicuous.

She then put her moving hand on my lund explicitly. I felt shy and looked into her eyes with interrogation. She threw a naughty and inviting grin. My lund was hissing like hungry snake. She said, “Hmm really tight!” I was embarrassed. She said tightening her grip on my lund, “You naughty chap! What is this? Hmm?” I could comment nothing but sorry. She said getting more inviting, “It’s ok. It’s ok. It happens.” My heart burst into astonishment when she said, “Hey Babbu! Can I see it?” She asked shrinking her long and beautifully carved nose making her extremely sexually starved slut. I said, “Hm?” kadıköy escort She did not wait for my reply and started pulling my zip down. I was lustfully flabbergasted. My hands and the entire body got immovable with thrills. I was nonplussed. Having opened my zip she said, “Let me see your lund Babbu.” The answer was only my deep and warm breath.

She put her hand into my pants. I felt her warm hand on my sniffing beast. It got stiffer and started burning. She said rubbing slightly, “Oh Babbuo!!! Don’t you wear underwear?” I was abashed at the question. I said that I had forgotten. In real I never wear. She then took my lund out of my pants so tenderly that the pleasure of her touch was intolerable. She held my lund in her hand gently with perfection as if she was going to perform an earnest inspection. Then she started staring at it like hungry whore. “Hmmmm!!!” she said with dazzling eyes, “your lund is so thick and long! It must be around 8 inches, I guess.” I said nothing for I had almost forgotten all human languages. She then pulled the foreskin back. The black swollen forepart was shining. She said, “Your lund is really a tough rod.” I was dumbfounded with broken breaths. She then wrapped the lund with her right hand and held the skin back with the left one. I had never had such experience in my life before. Although I often rubbed my lund with my own hands yet I had not known the taste of ejaculation. I in fact did not know about that. That taste of touching lund by other hand was different and killer.

She started rubbing her right hand up and down. Ohhhhh!!! It was indefinable. I gave a deep moan. Ahhhhhhh!! She rubbed for 3 minutes and kept gazing on my face. Her eyes were penetrating my face and eyes. She asked in a very low sexy moanful voice, “Howww do you feeel hhhhhh Babbuooo??” I said, “Oh bua ji it’s grreaat!!!” She then brought her face near my lund along with staring at me with slanting eyes. She stopped over my lund for a jiffy and gave a lustful glance at me with her half opened eyes. And then she slowly took my lund into her mouth. “Ohhhhhhhh!!!!!.” I could not bear the joy and gave long moan. She then started sucking my lauda (dick) with tight lips holding it in her hand. She was moaning at the same time as her mouth was gagged. I said, “Ohhhhh buaaa ji I am gonna die of this thrill. Please be a bit slow.” At this she sped up her movement groaning deeper and faster. I held her face to slow down her speed but I felt frail against her strong movements. She made me mad thrilled toy.

She was wearing red saree and blue blouse. Stripes of the bra suggested black colour. I put my left hand into her bra through cleavage and with the other I started rubbing her neck and shoulder. She became more maniac about sucking my lund. I could not reach her nipples but I could feel her chuchiyaan (boobs) that were so soft that they seemed like water filled condom. Her boobs were so large and round that the bra and the blouse could barely hold them.

She kept sucking my lund in the same way for 35 minutes. She had been playing and enjoying sucking it as if she had got something very precious that had been lost centuries before and she had been craving to get it. Then she opened my pants and pulled it down. She removed my shirt. She undressed me completely. She made me stand up and then she hugged me hard. I also hugged her hard. That was the sign for me to be aggressive then.

I started moving my lips around her neck and ears. I took her left ear in my mouth and started sucking hard. She had been moaning violently, “Ohhhhh Babbuoooo!!! Main mar jaungi (I am gonna die)!!” My breaths were mingling with hers. I then took her lower lip into my mouth and started sucking. What a lip it was!! Oh my god!! I sucked her lips and tongue. The whole of my mouth was into hers. I was rubbing her waist and gaaand (ass) from behind. I caught her tightly. She implored in deep moan for…… she was not able to utter words but my name. She inserted her knees into my legs that I gripped hard. My lund was touching her chooot (pussy) from outside the saree. She was rubbing her chooot against my lund hard. She was standing on her paws and had come up. I had caught her through her waist tightly. She was bent backwards and I was bent forward holding her into my arms. We were standing like rainbow- I on her -depicting seven colours of sex. The two bodies were one.

I laid her on the bed. I began from her feet. I took her feet thumb in my mouth and started sucking hard along with inserting my hand in her saree. I pulled her saree up. Ohhhh my god!! What legs she had!! Extraordinarily sexy, round , soft and white legs. I pulled her saree more up to her thighs. Ohhhhhhh!! what a scene that was!! She was moaning brutally. I said, ” Bua ji, your legs are so sexy that I feel like licking them like butter,” She said, “Ahhhhh Babbuoooo! My whole body is yours. Do whatever you want to do with it. Don’t leave me alive. Destroy me and kill me kartal escort with your chudaiiiiii hhhhh! (hardcore fucking)” Then I started rubbing her legs and kissing her thighs. I gave a bite to her thigh. She said, “Hiiiiiiiiiii mar gayi meri maaaaa!! (Oh! Mom I am killed)” And then I started licking her legs and thighs thoroughly. I pulled her saree up to her panty. Her panty was black and sexy. I opened her saree and threw it aside. Now she was in petticoat. I then went up and licked her belly and waist. I was kissing and licking hard. She kept moaning with the same intensity. Then I opened her blouse. She was in black bra from which white melons were peeping. I came on her and covered her completely. I moved my lips around her neck and ears. She was feeling my warm breaths in her ear.

She filled the room with violent moans. I stamped a kiss on her lips and took them into my mouth and sucked hard. She started caressing my head with her hands. And I held her chuchi (boobs) and started rubbing. I sucked her lips almost 15 minutes at a stretch. I imbibed the whole juice of her lips. I went to her boobs. I took my hands to her bra hook and tried to open them. But one of them got stuck and was not opening. My lund was hissing and could not control. She said with terrible groan, “Hey Babbuoooo!! Rip out this nasty hook but do fast. I cannot withstand the wait to be your lund into my chooot (pussy).” With this I plucked the hook with force and threw the bra aside. I kept looking at her mommey (boobs) for some time. They were so gorgeous and butter-like soft that I sucked and played on them for 20 minutes continuously. She kept saying, “Eat up the entire chuchuiyaaaan and drink the whole milk of them Babbuoo.” I sucked her nipples.

Then I took her petticoat’s thread into my mouth and pulled it open. When I opened the knot I pulled the petticoat down to her knee and went near her panty. My hot breath was touching her choot (pussy). I put my hands on her choot outside the panty and rubbed it. I then pulled her panty down; and both petticoat and panty I threw away. She was completely naked. I widened her legs and put my tongue tip on her clit. She gave a horrible bellow. And then I started sucking and licking her clit. She was moaning and fidgeting on the bed like a hungry snake. She had squeezed the cushion ends in her hands with the pleasure. I then put my tongue into her choot (pussy) and started fucking it. I slurped all her choot that was utterly wet. Then I made her mare and sucked her gaaand (anal) hard. Her ridged gaaaand (ass) was looking splendidly sexy. I was sucking her gaand (anal) and choot (pussy) longitudinally together.

The room was filled with the moan and fragrance of chudaii (fucking). I then put my lund onto her gaand (ass) and started hitting it with it. She said, ” Ya Babbu!! make my gaand (ass) red hitting it hard with your lund. Spank my ass you little nasty hungry sexy fella” I really made her gaand (ass) crimson by hitting it with my palms and lund. Then I put my lund on the lips of her choot (pussy) and gave a slight push. The forepart of lund went inside. She said, “ohhhhh babbuooo” Then I pulled out and gave another push – this time 10 times harder. She screamed horribly, ” Hiiiiiiiiii maaaaaa maregaaa Babbuoooo (Oh! Mom, you are gonna kill me, Babbu)!!!” Then I started a great chudaii (fucking) with to and fro motion of my lund in her chooot (pussy). The sound that was created with the collision between my thighs and her thighs and gaand (ass) filling the room with the sweetest music ever in the world; “patapat patapat patapat patapat patapat patapat.” And because of the spit on her choot (pussy) and wetness, the chudaii sounded, “pichapich pichapich pichapich pichapich pichapuch.” She said, “Bang my choot (pussy) and make it a shattered drum.” I increased my speed and did a memorable chudaii (fucking).

I fucked her for 35 minutes continuously. She cummed twice but nothing happened to me, for I had never known the orgasm ever before. Then I took my lund (cock) out. She was surprised to see my lund still erected and terribly thick and hard. She laid me on the bed and brought oil. She put oil on my lund (dick) and started rubbing her palm so hard that I could not bear that. I tried to stop her but she admonished me and kept masturbating my lund violently. She kept doing it for more than half an hour and then I felt a strange tickling in my monster which was quite new to me. I had never had such a sweet tickling in my brick before. It was sweet and very sharp. The sweetness and sharpness kept rising for over two minutes. I felt like pissing; a pissing with a different pleasure. At the peak it seemed as if some explosion was going to happen and lo! There was a BLAAAST. OHHHH GOODNESS!! A half glassful of yoghurt kind of substance sprang out of my little, naughty and hungry shaft with quick installments giving inexplicable pleasure which I had witnessed for the first time in my life. Almost all the shots hit Deepa bua’s face. The entire face of hers was smeared with the thick and white semen which after a while started dripping from her beautiful face. And I bet she was enjoying my loads on her face like anything. I then almost fainted and lay in bed with extreme frailty in the entire body. I had, for the first time, come to know the virtual CUM. We then kept lying in bed in each others’ arms for almost an hour.

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