One More Dirty Father in Law


I was wondering how this had happened, what caused it, I was on my back, my feet in the air and over his back. He had his cock deep in me and it was caressing my insides driving me crazy, just like always. And I have to admit it, it was a fantastic cock, it took me to where I always so desperately needed to go, heaven.

I am Tina Lorca, I am twenty two, I have been married only four months, and I am in bed with a man who is not my husband, and he never will be. My trouble now is, I can’t deny him, I can’t say no to him, I know I ought to, but I cannot. What he does to me is out of this world and as soon as he comes for me I melt.

I am a lovely woman, I am admired, men want me, boys want me, even some women, but I am a one man woman, or I was until he took me for his own. I am 5ft 7″ and love to me desired, what woman doesn’t? But I have never been promiscuous, not until two weeks ago anyway. I hate myself for it, but I love being fucked, made love to, and, in his words, ‘screwed’ out of my head, and he does just that.

I have long auburn hair, large green eyes, a pert nose, and lips that can kiss a man’s face off. My body, in my humble opinion, is to die for. I am extremely sensitive in all the right, or wrong, areas. And my problem, if you want to call it that, happened on my honeymoon on the last day. My husband was run over by a car that never stopped, he was seriously injured, both legs, both hips, pelvises, many ribs, both arms.

He was hospitalized for two weeks before being flown home by an air ambulance, and thank god we were insured. Two months later he was allowed home, and then he began therapy. An ambulance came for him Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I went with him at first, but it was a futile trip. He was in pain, I just sat around like a lump for the four hours he was in it, on top of that the journey was more than an hour each way, nearly 7 hours a day, three times a week.

And this was how I now find myself in my bed having my head being wonderfully screwed of several times a week. Monday’s, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and any time in between that he can get me, which he does. I love it and hate it in equal portions. He just walks to me, he knows, and I know I couldn’t say no, even though I wanted to, but didn’t want to either.

His arms went around me, I felt his heat, his passion, his dire need for me, his hardness, I just as I felt it from him. Just as he felt it from me too. My husband couldn’t do it, not in his condition, I was dying for a good fuck, love making, screwing, just like we always had, and that’s why what happened, did.

I made an innocent mistake, any one could have made it, it was the morning he took me, it was by me saying as the ambulance drove off.

“I am going crooked not having sex anymore, its driving me nuts.” I thought I had said it to myself, but I had not, he had heard me. I was in my PJs, dressing gown on top, looking like a dishevelled bag of rags, I thought so anyway.

I waved Gary off, turned to close the door, and as I shut it, I was suddenly yanked backwards, I spun in the air, and I was completely disorientated. I hit the floor, softly, then my PJs were ripped off/open, I still can’t remember, or if I was wearing panties but they matadorbet offered no protection if I was. Suddenly in a heartbeat I was full of cock, and it was a big stiff hard cock. My head exploded, I gripped him, was I hanging on? I don’t know. All I do know was the feeling of sublime satisfaction that at last I was having sex, legally or illegally!

He rammed me hard and roughly, it was what I was wanting, but even I never knew I wanted it this much. I had been used to sex at all times of the day and night, and anywhere it could be done. My husband forgotten, I gave into the feeling of utter euphoria of sexual release. I didn’t care who it was, him or someone else right now, all I knew was, it was just so good and satisfying.

I climaxed, I never fought it, I never even thought of it, it ripped through me like a tornado, and I heard me cry out when my legs and arms were separated from my body by it. Then he kissed me, it made it all seem worth while, right, no wrong.

“I knew this was what you wanted Tina, and I’m here for you as long as you want me,” he said. And before I could formulate any sort of reply he battered me back into glorious submission. I could hardly breathe.

All I could do was, “Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Ooooh, Argggh, Oh, Hmmmm.”

I vaguely remembered that I had been here before, Gary and I had had mad sex on this very spot a week before we had married, we had bought the house and moved in that very week. He had come home from work and we were at it as soon as he walked in. And now because of my husband’s unintentional abstinence from me in the form of regular sex. I was at the mercy of him as he knocked me up from all corners. My problem was I could not hide the affect he was obviously having on and in me. Another massive climax that I could not defend myself against hit me, it obliterated me.

My eyes crossed at the speed at which I was in the air again, up off the floor and being carried almost comatose upstairs.

“I will have to sort you then won’t I Tina if this is the case,” he had said. I never realised what he meant, and I never resisted or responded. He half carried and half dragged me, I felt a bit like a roll of carpet being humped up and into my bedroom. Which, if you think about it I was really. I was going to get laid, again, like it or not.

I rolled on to the bed, and before I righted myself, my dressing gown disappeared, and my PJs followed them, and I was immediately, and unceremoniously stuffed Christmas Turkey style once more. He was so good, and knew what was what before I could even draw breath, resistance was futile because I couldn’t even think to do it.

My eyes focussed for the first time proper. I was seeing him above me, he had a massive, wonderful, shit eating grin on his good looking face. I had always thought he was a good looking man in all ways, now I could definitely add sexy to that scenario. I tried to be annoyed, angry, but there was no chance, not being rodded like this there wasn’t.

I did know one thing though, and it really was the catalyst, if he had not got, and owned the cock that was in me, he would have been thrown through the window by now. But I just could not deny the untold pleasure he, matadorbet giriş and it, was giving me, and indeed had already given me. I could only hang on to him as he battered me nearly through the mattress. I was bouncing about like a kiddie’s rubber ball.

I gave up the idea of opposing what he was doing to me, I had already had three or four orgasms and it was undeniable to me now, or to him. I knew it was wrong, sort of anyway. But he was giving me what I needed, my husband was out of the picture for some time, and I needed the love he wasn’t able to give me just yet.

I am jumping forward here a little bit, Gary is home now, but he still can’t perform like he used to. I get sex, but that’s it, just sex, why? Because I have to screw him, I get him going, but I have to climb on and ride him to a finish. It just isn’t the same, not yet anyway. So I still go to his dad, my father in law. He has been living with us since Gary was hospitalised. He moved in on a temporary basis while we sorted out what we were going to do about Gary. He had a stair rail chair installed so we could get him up and down. And now he is the one that smashes climaxes out of me whenever he feels like it.

I give all my pent up frustrated love to him, I see to Gary, then I go to Trevor, and he sees to me. I have an idea Gary is beginning to guess what is going on, sounds, looks, touches, slight bruising around my body from the passionate and frenetic screwing I endure. Sometimes I can’t help myself. Gary was in bed yesterday resting after I had given him a good time with my hand. I had just had my way with him. I had made him cum. Then minutes, or seconds later, after I had left the room, Trevor was stood there on the landing stark naked, and he was sporting a huge hard on. He must have known I would be feeling horny, and also knew I would not be able to deny him, again!

So he got me right there on the landing, he kissed me, felt me up, squeezed my electric nipples, and immediately I was on fire, burning HOT! He spun me around, bent me over, and he struck bulls eye like a viper. There I was on the landing, while Gary was lying in our bed. If the door had been made of glass he could have watched me being rutted and fucked out of my mind over the rail by my very athletic good looking father in law.

Gary is still on medication, he is getting better, and improving now at a rate of knots, it helps him to sleep at night. It also presents me with the opportunity of going to Trevor for my own therapy in the middle of the night. This was something I had sworn not to do, but I am, and frequently too. Though this very week, Gary had tried to do his ‘duty’ by getting on me, he failed, but at least he tried.

I love sucking cock, and while Gary has a good one, I have to admit that Trevor out does him easily. I can’t wait sometimes to get at him. I love my head on his stomach, and blowing him until he shoots gallons and gallons of cum into me. And he goes down on me, this drives me insane, he has a magical tongue. He laps, licks, and sucks me dry, I can cum all over him. I can squirt it out fountain like, it’s fantastic how he can do it. And even more fantastic when he makes me cum like he does. I think also, this might be where Gary may hear me. I cry out when I cum, I try gagging myself but the squeals are there.

His dad also butt fucks me too now, I tried to say no, I tried to stop him, but like I have said, denying him has never been an option. Anyway, I have to say now, That I excite myself to delirium when I am face down, spread eagled, and being split in two by him. My submission is real. I try to resist, he makes me give in, and every time is like the first time, the pleasure cannot be measured.

Trevor and I have a fantastic sex life. I also know that that is exactly what it is, a sex life. I know also that in a month or two Gary will be back to near full fitness, then what am I going to do? Trevor is now a part of my life, not being his lover was going to hurt, even though it’s Gary I love believe it or not, and not his dad.

Then my world, although I won’t say came crashing down. It certainly changed me, it changed my outlook, who I was, and my marriage to his son. My belief that I was not promiscuous was put to the test, and I lost. He made one comment that made me look at who I really was, what I had become, and he was dead right, as usual.

It was during last night, Gary had had extra meds because he was feeling pain. I went to my father in law, and we had a sex session that would have challenged for a world record. He is 48 years old but he has the stamina of a thorough bred horse, and a cock to match. He had me all over his bed, on the floor, against the wall, everywhere.

And when he had finally run out of steam, I was full to the brim of his hot steaming cum. My ass, my pussy, and my mouth were used, abused, and sore. I was flopped half dead against him, when he said.

“You love being daddy’s little slut, his beautiful fucking whore, you love my cock, you love to be fucked by me, you need my cock don’t you Tina?”

It slammed into me with all the force of a runaway train, why? Because I understood what he was saying, what he meant, and he was right. He was absolutely cock on, he could not have been more correct. I did love it, I loved what he did to me, how he did me, how he did me the way he wanted to and to which I willingly subjected myself to. I wanted what he wanted, I liked what he liked. When where and how was up to him. I begged for it without knowing I was.

I had two wonderful men, one was my husband, lover, best friend, the other was my sexual nemesis. I love them both now. Gary has hinted about me and Trevor, but has never progressed, or pressed the narrative. I think he has decided that it was a blessing, that it could have been, and almost certainly would have been another man. But, all good things come to an end don’t they, one way or another. Mine came because I was exhausted, I could no longer keep up the pretence or the fucking. I now had Gary on the go again, and we were getting back to where we were a long ago time. His dad had made the decision eventually to go home, but I still saw him, he called, I ran.

There was another reason I had to desist from Trevor, my stomach was swelling, I was 4 months pregnant. I am assuming Trevor is the one, but it could be Gary. I don’t know, and I don’t care. My baby is being born from love and lust. And Trevor, bless him, has already told us he is looking forward to his first grandchild. And he has secretly told me, he is having another straight after, he laughed when he said it, I knew what he meant.

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