One Summer with Mom Pt. 02


This is a continuation of one summer with mom. Thanks for all the positive feedback!


The next day started out like normal, up before the sun and out the door to the farm before the rest of the house was awake. When I got home in the afternoon no one was around so I decided to grab a quick shower and rest for a few hours. I fell asleep with my thoughts racing about what had happened between my mother and I the previous day.

I was having a very erotic dream of my mother giving me a blowjob when I awoke in the afternoon. It took me a minute to realize that it wasn’t just a dream. “Good afternoon sleepyhead.” I heard my mother say as I snapped awake and looked down at her as she slowly jacked my rock hard erection. “Now that you are finally awake we can have some real fun.” With that said she inhaled my cock back into her mouth and started sucking me in earnest as she gently fondled my balls. Every time I felt myself start to get close she would feel my twitches and stop sucking me and squeeze hard on my balls, pulling them roughly down to delay my eruption.

After five to ten minutes of this she finally relented and told me,” I guess I’ve teased you long enough.” She popped me back in her mouth, alternating between sucking hard on me, and gently licking around the crown of my dick. Just as I felt my load start to race up my shaft she looked up at me sucking hard on my knob and gently squeezed my balls. “Oh my god mom I groaned” as I started to cum. I came so hard it felt like by balls were turning inside out. It was a mix of pleasure and pain as I shot spurt after spurt in her mouth as she swallowed it all down. When I had finished she licked up and down my shaft and then came up to give me a kiss.

“Yesterday opened my eyes to what I have been missing and I want more. ” With that said she stood up and slowly started taking off her clothes. My cock was still hard standing at full attention as I looked on as my mother revealed her body to me again. “Do you still want me”, she asked standing beside the bed.

“More than fixbet ever mom” I responded. With that said I reached for her pulling her down on top of me. I slowly caressed her body as we gently kissed. I wrapped my arms around her and flipped us over so I was now on top. I began to slowly nibble on her neck and kissed and licked my way down her body. I stopped at her breasts, taking my time, slowly nuzzling her nipples and swirling my tongue around her large areola. After a few minutes of this I slowly slid further down her body until I was face to face with her sex. At the first slip of my tongue she arched her hips trying to mash my face into her wet pussy.

I grabbed ahold of her hips pinning her tiny frame to the bed. “This time I control the pace I told her.” I slipped back between her thighs slowly licking her pussy as the lips slowly spread on their own as she became more and more aroused. I alternated between slowly giving her hard slow licks and tongue fucking her opening as her juices flowed out of her. I teased her along this way for a while until I felt her legs start to tremble and shake. Relenting my teasing I grabbed ahold of her hips and pulled her tight against my mouth. I wrapped my lips around her clit sucking it hard as I flicked my tongue roughly back and forth across her clit. “Oh my god “she yelled as her orgasm hit her. I was amazed at the amount of fluid that gushed out of her. As her orgasm subsided I released her clit, slurping up what juice of hers I could.

I rose up onto my knees, taking my mother’s legs in my hands. I tilted her legs towards her chest as I slowly slid my hard cock back and forth across her lips. I slowly lined up my cock with her opening and started to push. The head of my cock popped in and I slowly began feeding her more and more of my length. “Oh yeah baby boy just like that give your mom a good fucking.” I started pumping faster and faster bottoming out in her pussy on each stroke. I was so aroused at this point that I knew I wouldn’t last long. After only a few short minutes I could fixbet giriş feel myself getting ready to cum. Mom could sense it too and told me to give her my cum. As I buried myself in her and started to shoot I felt her pussy lock down on me and could feel her muscles pulse on my shaft as she came with me.

As we lay there afterwards she slowly caressed me cuddling with her head on my chest. As I looked at her I couldn’t help but start to get aroused again. She simply smiled up at me and swung a leg over me sliding her tight pussy back down my length. “A woman could get used to this,” she said as she started to ride me harder and harder. I lasted longer this time as she bought herself to two more orgasms on top of me as I slowly caressed and sucked on her tits. When I felt myself getting close again I told her and she started squeezing me harder with her inner muscles trying to milk me for all I was worth. I grabbed her hips holding her down on me as I shot another load right up into her unprotected womb.

Afterwards we cleaned up together and I took her again in the shower as she braced herself against the wall as I rammed her from behind. As before when I came I once again unloaded inside her as she cried out my name in an orgasm of her own.

This developed into a daily routine for us. I rushed through my morning work to get home as soon as I could to spend the afternoon making love to my mother. My father was never around as he had too much work to do. Yeah right more like messing around on mom, but that was okay as I was only more than happy to take care of her needs. It was only a few shorts weeks later that when I got home she told me to sit down because we needed to talk for a minute. I couldn’t read her face and didn’t know what was up. “Is everything ok I asked?'” She looked me in the eyes and dropped the bombshell. “I’m pregnant.”

I was ecstatic and jumped up hugging her to me. I looked down at her and she was crying. “You don’t understand she said. Your father had a vasectomy years ago, so he will know there is no way it is his. That’s why I wasn’t on any protection. Even if he did accept it I don’t want to raise another child with him. I love you not him.”

I told her,” then we will get him out of the picture. You have enough on him and his affairs to force a divorce. He won’t want to ruin his precious reputation in the community by letting you drag out the dirt you have on him. Once the divorce is final we can move wherever you want to raise our child together. You won’t show your pregnancy for a few months and by that time the divorce will be final and it won’t matter what people think.” I hugged her tight and told her I loved her and it would be alright. I took her into my room and made gentle love to her still marveling at the fact she was carrying my baby!

We called a lawyer that afternoon and made an appointment to see him the next day. When we walked into his office and explained what mom wanted and showed him the evidence she had collected over the years he was impressed. “With all this we should have no problem getting him to agree to your terms he said.”

It took about two months for my parents divorce to finalize. Dad tried to fight for the house at first but when he was confronted with all the evidence and proof mom had on him he gave up on the condition of that never being brought to light in the community. His support payments are more than enough for her to live on seeing as the house was bought and paid for many years before. I continued to support my mother too. The main difference now is we share the same bed every night and I got to continue making love to her as her body progressed through her pregnancy. I came to find out that pregnant sex is some of the hottest and most erotic around.

Mom sold her house and we moved to the far western part of the state where we live as husband and wife. Some have commented on the age difference between us but most are very accepting of us. She gave birth to a beautiful baby girl six months after her divorce and one month after we moved into our new house out west. My siblings came to question our relationship and we told them the truth. My brother cut ties afterwards but my sister became pretty accepting of us over time. But that’s a story for another time.

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