Our weekend of Debauchery – Chapter 8


Our weekend of Debauchery – Chapter 8Chapter 8Having cleared customs at St Pancras we took a cab to Carl’s London office and picked up the car. I quickly opened my case and remove an extremely short black skirt and silky red blouse and took them into the passenger seat with me. In the confines of the underground car park it was the work of a moment to slip off my dress and put on the new outfit. “There”, I said, “Just as Anne requested, do I look slutty enough do you think”?“You look perfect for the part, as I said the other day, you’re a slut, but you’re my slut” Carl leant across and kissed me deeply.Having spoken to Anne on the phone a few minutes later we made our way down Marylebone Rd and headed through the East End heading for NE London and our short drive out to the Essex borders en route to their house. I reached down between my legs and adjusted the panty liner that was barely managing to contain the heavy load of spunk that Andy had deposited inside my pussy an hour earlier. “Thank God for leather seats” I said as I wiped up a gob of warm cum and licked it from my fingers.We had spent just about the entire journey to London secreted in the small toilet cubicle having the most lovely dirty fun. Both Carl and Andy had managed to cum inside me and I was trying desperately to keep as much of it inside me for what was about to unfold in a short time from now.Anne had specifically asked me to arrive brim full of cum for the punishment she was about to dole out to her erring husband John. For those new to my story, John had set up a role play situation for Anne that centred around her being used by his three mates to their heart’s content. Unfortunately as so often happens with spontaneous events, things had got a little out of hand resulting in Anne not being able to walk for 24 hours. She had vowed to extract her revenge for John’s mis-judgement of his friend’s behavior. She had decided to set John up in a situation that would render him a humiliated sub, unable to take any pleasure from her role play and in the process forced to eat the cum of a number of unknown men.Carl pulled into the car park of a brightly lit pub.“Give Anne a ring and tell her we’re at the Black Cow pub, will you sweetheart. I need the loo”.He climbed out of our Audi and walked over to the pub.I took out my mobile and dialed Anne’s number. “Hello Anne, it’s Anna, we’re at the Black Cow in the car park”.“OK”, she replied.” It’s dead easy from there”. She proceeded to reel off a number of fairly simple directions, by the end of which Carl was climbing back in the car.Five minutes later we were pulling up outside the front door of a very nice double fronted Edwardian house. No sooner had Carl turned off the engine than the front door opened. A face appeared from around the door framed by long dark hair.“Hi Anne”, I waved as I stepped onto the gravel driveway.She beckoned us to the door making a shushing sign with her fingers.We entered the house walking into the long hallway. She hurriedly closed the heavy front door behind us. She threw her arms around me and gave me a long sensuous kiss, her tongue dipping into my mouth several times, she then did the same to Carl, additionally reaching down to his crutch and blatantly caressing his cock through his trousers.“Thank you both so much for doing this for me, time for some lovely sexy fun and best of all payback for John. She then whispered, “He’s in the lounge, he has a blindfold on and is lying in the centre of the rug, all the curtains are drawn and the room is in darkness”.“Come on”, she beckoned us down the hall.She quietly opened the door to the lounge allowing as she did so a beam of light from the hall to penetrate the room. Exactly as she had described, John was laid on his back on the rug in the centre of the room, arms beneath him, a substantial erection straining at the front of his trousers.Anne leant across the adjacent sofa and picked up a rubber cat o’ nine tails. She lashed viciously at his erect cock, he jerked against the impact and said, “Fuck, what are you doing now Anne”?She smiled at the two of us and replied, “Just intensifying the anticipation John. How long have I been sitting on your face with your tongue inside me”?“It feels like hours, as nice as that has been, don’t you think it’s time you allowed me to fuck your delicious cunt now”? As he did so he started to pull his right hand from under his body, “My hands are going to sleep”.Once more she lashed out with the whip catching his hand as it groped for his stiff cock. It hit with full force on the back of his hand leaving an instant red weal on his freckled hand. “I didn’t say you could touch yourself, put it back you cunt”, was her response.He quickly placed his hand in its original position. “Yes Mistress”.Only then did I notice what she was wearing, a sheer black long sleeved shirt with embroidered black flowers over a glossy plunging black bra clearly visible beneath it. Around her long neck was a black and silver necklace hanging down between what appeared to be a beautiful full pair of breasts. As my eyes travelled down her body I saw she had on a very short black skirt its lower edge revealing a pair of black lacy topped stockings and short high heeled black leather booties. As I watched her she raised the front of the skirt exposing a black and white leopard print thong, the gusset still pulled to one side of her gaping pussy. A pussy that was red and very wet, showing signs of John’s recent attention with his mouth. She wore a wedding band on her left ring finger and a beautiful gold bracelet on her right wrist.Both Carl’s and my eyes watched as she held up her skirt and started to slide the long fingers of her right hand into the cleft between her puffy red pussy lips, her fingers emerged covered with a sheen of liquid. She held them grandbetting yeni giriş up to the pair of us and we both lapped gratefully at the moisture. Carl unzipped his trousers and allowed the head of his cock to emerge into the dim light a drop of pre-cum apparent on the cleft of his urethra.“Fucking hell”, Carl muttered almost inaudibly.I gestured towards the recumbent John and looked questioningly at Anne.She nodded in reply. I tore out the panty liner from my thong and straddled his face, a string of the now uncontained cum dripping like a long line of candle wax onto his cheek. His tongue flicked out and just managed to gather up a small drop onto its tip, withdrawing it quickly into his mouth.“Mmmm Anne that tastes good, you are so wet today”.I lowered my open pussy onto his face holding my lips wide apart as I did so, John was rewarded by a large gob dripping straight into his mouth; he struggled to contain it all and was forced to swallow in several convulsive gulps as it poured into his mouth in a stream.“Lick it you cunt, swallow it down” Anne said with some delight as she raised her arms and slipped off the sheer black top and opened the front fastening bra exposing her beautiful pink tipped breasts.John complied as I ground the lips of my gaping cunt onto his mouth and nose. He mouthed something totally unintelligible as I did so. I slid my cunt backwards and forwards over his face feeling myself empty the heavy load of cum I’d been carrying for the past few hours straight down his throat.Anne reached around me and jerked off the blindfold, his eyes showed a mixture of panic and desire as he finally realised that it was a stranger sat on his face and not his wife as he’d believed it to be. The look changed rapidly to one of abandoned lust and he started to tongue fuck my slippery cunt as it rubbed back and forth across his face.Anne sat on the edge of the sofa and raised the hem of her skirt, she reached between her wide spread legs and tore the thong straight off throwing it across the room.“Your turn now Carl, fuck your darling wife from behind. Be careful not to rub yourself on his cock, we don’t want to let him enjoy this.Carl straddled John’s prone body arranging the head of his cock to one side of my thong, he slid in to his full 8” length his shaved balls slapping against John’s chin and throat.John started to resist, pushing up against Carl’s spread thighs with his chest.“John”, the single word was like a whip crack as Anne admonished him. John collapsed once more apparently accepting his humiliation.Carl started to up his rhythm as he slammed his cock deep inside my slippery tunnel. Feeling his increased thrusts I pushed back in return, each time I did so my pussy slid across John’s face.As she watched her husband’s humiliation, Anne became more and more aroused, her fingers sliding in and out of her cunt her lips spread wide with her left hand. As she watched Carl’s tempo increase hers’ matched it. As she lay there legs spread wide her bottom on the edge of the sofa, I could clearly see into the wide spread lips of her cunt. As she held herself apart near her clitoris her other hand occasionally dipped down into the bottom of her pussy. Gathered there, was a small pool of her juices; it formed a delicious looking whitish puddle, as she dipped her fingers into it she transferred a copious amount of the juice to her tits and rubbed it over the distended pink nipples.Soon Carl was pistoning deeply in and out of me; he equally aroused by the sight of Anne wanking herself unmercifully. I was rapidly approaching orgasm, my cunt contracting rhythmically on Carl’s cock. With Anne’s instructions clear in my mind ‘Humiliate the bastard’. I put my hand behind me and slowed Carl’s thrusting into my cunt. He pulled out, a mix of our fuck juices dripping onto John’s face. I reached around and moved the tip of Carl’s cock up to my arsehole, I then pushed back against his cock, causing my puckered arsehole to open slightly. Carl realised my intent and spread the cheeks of my arse wide. He pushed his hips forward. In response to his push my sphincter relaxed and allowed him into my slimy bottom. He pushed forward once more and about half of his cock slid into me. I paused and allowed myself to relax, Carl pushed forward once more and buried himself balls deep inside me. The feeling was exquisite. With John tonguing my clit from below and Carl deep inside my arse, I couldn’t hold back. Reaching down with my right hand I swirled my finger tips around my clit and exploded. I felt my cum gush from between my lips straight into John’s waiting mouth, he swallowed convulsively barely able to cope with my juices as they gushed from me. With a cry of total release Carl unloaded a load of cum deep inside my gaping arsehole he pushed very deep inside and I felt his hot jet splashing against my inner lining. With a couple of convulsive shoves he was spent and leant forward over my back reaching round he cupped my breasts in his hands and nuzzled my neck. I turned my face towards him and kissed him hard, our tongues fencing like a pair of rapiers.As we broke our kiss, there was a cry from the sofa as Anne too joined us in her release.I looked back and down at John, he had unleashed his cock from its confinement and was furiously wanking it, going all out to cum.Anne seeing John’s disobedience leant across and gave his cock a hard swipe with her whip. “Who told you to touch yourself you filthy little cunt-sucker” she cried. “Put your hand back”.John gave a couple more strokes and reluctantly complied.“There’s a good boy, keep your hands there until I tell you” she said.“Yes Mistress”, he answered.Carl stood up slowly, utterly drained, I started to followed suit.“Just a moment Anna”, said Anne.”Did Carl cum in your bottom”? grandbetting giriş She asked.“God yes”. I replied.“Then we have to ensure that John cleans you up properly, it wouldn’t be nice to be leaking his cum all over your nice car seats on the way home, would it”? Why don’t you turn around and sit on John’s face from the other way, then he can clean your cum filled arse nicely that way”Anne was taking no prisoners, she really wanted to extract the maximum amount of humiliation for John.I stood and turned, lowering my cum filled arsehole directly over John’s mouth. As I sat I could feel his chin just insinuating itself between my swollen pussy lips his tongue pressed against my brown hole.“Now lick Anna nice and clean John, I know you want to feel Carl’s cum in your mouth, sliding down your throat”.John groaned his cock twitching small dribbles of cum oozing from his distended cock-head.He started to work his tongue into my arse hole. I started to strain slightly opening it wide and felt Carl’s fresh cum dribble out, straight onto John’s lapping tongue.Anne stood beside us the tip of her whip slashing gently across the tip of John’s cock, a dribble of his pre-cum hanging from the end of its strands. “That’s it Anna, squeeze Carl’s cum out into John’s filthy mouth”.Meanwhile, Carl was squeezing the last of his cum from his cock using his thumb and forefinger he made a ring that gathered his juices into a small puddle and reached up to Anne. She took his hand to her mouth and gobbled it clean. “Mmmmm tastes so good doesn’t it John” she uttered.Yet again he mumbled something unintelligible from beneath my arse.John’s ministrations were once more causing me to react, I felt a gorgeous tingling start from my puckered hole and travel the short distance to my clit. “MMMmm, that feels good John, you’ll make me cum again”.John re-doubled his licking, dipping deep inside my arse then licking forward to my erect clit, now standing very proud of its protective hood. Squatting in the one position for so long my knees were starting to burn with the effort. I adjusted my position going forward to kneel on my knees. In so doing it moved me closer to Anne. She was still standing beside us. I reached up and put my arm around her neck, pulling her face down towards me and feeling her rich brunette hair snaking down around my face. I kissed her deeply, my tongue invading her open lips. She in turn reached for the buttons on my red silk shirt and opened them one at a time, I wasn’t wearing a bra and she cupped my breasts weighing them in her hands, her thumbs teasing my erect nipples. Once more I felt the familiar bolt of energy hit my clit as she squeezed their engorged tips between her fingers.She slid the fingers of one hand into my mouth, giving me a taste of her sweet juices, I sucked voraciously upon them.Meanwhile Carl had retired to the sofa and was now watching Anne and I intently, he kicked his shoes off and removed his socks then slithered out of his trousers. Now wearing only his shirt he started to slowly but surely wank himself back to hardness, helped no doubt by the little blue diamond he swallowed on the way to Anne and John’s house. God I love those tablets, they are such a boon in the swinging lifestyle.I reached for Anne’s gorgeous breasts and started to caress her nipples, alternately squeezing and pinching them, Anne visibly became more aroused and removing a hand from my breast returned it to between her legs and started to increase the tempo of her masturbatory finger action.As she started to masturbate again, Carl’s cock regained full hardness, he knelt down behind Anne and removing my hands he took over where I had started. Feeling the caress on her breasts change Anne opened her eyes and turned towards Carl. She mashed her lips onto his and started to writhe her tongue into Carl’s welcoming mouth. She turned fully and lay back against John’s mid-section her hair cascading over his leaking cock. This proved to be too much for John; he raised his hips bucking his inflamed cock against Anne’s hair and head and let go a massive stream of cum all over her hair. Totally oblivious to John’s orgasm, Anne pulled Carl’s erection to her mouth and started to expertly fellate his cock-head with her lips and tongue. Carl, as ever eager to oblige a beautiful woman raised his hips and proceeded to fuck her mouth.This proved too much for the highly aroused Anne, she grasped Carl’s cock around its shaft and continued to suck it deeply into her mouth, continuing with her manipulation of her cunt with the other hand, within seconds it seemed she was starting to twitch, she quickly disengaged her mouth from his cock. “Quick Carl, fuck me, I need your cock inside me when I cum”.Carl moved back and in one thrust buried himself deep inside Anne’s dripping wet cunt. “Harder Carl, fuck me harder” she cried. He thrust deeper and deeper inside her, the squelching of her juices plainly audible. Her orgasm arrived with explosive intensity, her hips bucking hard against Carl’s cock as he thrust it inside her. With a cry she grabbed him by the ears and drew his face to hers as she shuddered and twitched her hips spastically against him.“Can I touch myself now Anne”, came the plaintiff cry from beneath me.Yes, you can touch yourself now darling, make yourself cum for me.I looked down at Anne’s cum soaked hair. “Too late for that Anne, he’s already cum all over your head, I think the touch of your hair set him off” I laughed.Putting her hand up to her hair she felt the ropes of white cum matted into it. “You dirty fucker” she laughed at John.Carl still knelt between her wide spread legs looked at us and said, “What about me then you lot”? His cock still ramrod hard, jutting out from between his shirt.We laughed and Anne said, “Let’s all take a break, grandbetting güvenilirmi I need a drink”.We rearranged ourselves and Carl and I took our seats on the sofa, Anne joined us sitting between us while John stood up and went to the kitchen for the drinks, he returned a few minutes later with a tray of glasses and what appeared to be nice looking bottle of wine. “I hope red is OK, its Australian, Jacobs Creek Shiraz”. He unscrewed the top and poured four generous measures, emptying the bottle.We chatted away merrily for a while as we drank our wine. The three of us on the sofa all in various stages of undress with John sat on the floor caressing Anne’s legs.John stood up and fetched another bottle. “Any more for any more”, he asked playfully.“Never mind the wine, I’ve still got a hard-on that needs some attention” Carl replied.“I’m sure we can do something to ease your discomfort Carl” said Anne. She changed position and sat on Carl’s left hand side on the sofa.I spread his shirt wide and started to slowly wank his tumescent cock.“Let me help too Anna” said Anne dipping her head down to Carl’s cock and taking it into her mouth as I gently stroked it.Carl’s body stiffened between us; the sight and feel of two barely clad women, ministrating to his rampant cock almost too much to bear.John placed the new bottle of wine on the side table and extracted his hardening cock from his zip.He started to wank as he watched us manipulating Carl’s cock.“Fuck, that looks good, wish it was mine” he uttered.“Come here John” I said. I grabbed his slick cock in my hand and pulled him towards meHe removed his hand and dropped his trousers into a pool around his feet.“No pants John” I asked as I took him into my mouth. Anne reached up with her free hand and grasped John’s cock and started to match my strokes on Carl’s cock. She started at the same tempo as my hand, pulling his cock in and out of my mouth as she did so. I don’t know about you Anne, but I need some cock inside me” I said between mouthfuls of John’s cock.“Yes me too, you want to try John , he’s quite skillful, or so he tells me”.“I’ll let you know” I replied.I pulled myself up onto the sofa and opened my legs wide exposing my wet pussy to the room, my fingers opened myself wide and I gestured to John.He knelt down in front of me and started to lap at me with his tongue. Wow he knows how to lick, I thought. John was tonguing me like a professional his tongue going from my clitoris to my arsehole in long slow licks. As his tongue reached my clit he started to blow gently on its exposed length. My reaction was immediate and very obvious, I arched my back and pushed it hard against his mouth. He responded by taking my clit between his lips and started to suck gently on it. The feeling nearly sent me into orbit. “Get your cock inside me now” I shrieked.John reacted immediately, spreading my legs wide he slammed his cock deep inside me, right up to the hilt and proceeded to fuck me like it was his first time. His arse bucked backwards and forwards at increasing speed until I felt a wave of exhilaration radiate from my core encompassing my genitals in the fiery heat of a huge orgasm. I bucked my hips hard against him, matching him stroke for stroke until I felt a hot jet strike the back of my pussy; as its hot wetness gushed over my G spot I orgasmed with fury, jetting a hot gush of ejaculate around his cock to squirt all over the carpet beneath me.Meanwhile, further up the sofa; Carl and anne were watching us intently both hugely aroused by our mutual orgasms. Anne lifted her mouth from Carl’s wet cock and said, “OK Carl its’ our turn now, let them watch us as you make me squirt”.Carl stripped off his shirt and now naked he knelt in front of Anne spreading her legs wide, allowing us full and clear sight of her engorged dripping labia.“If it’s OK Carl, I’d like you to cum on my cunt, I desperately want to see John lick your spunk off my pussy after you’ve cum”.Carl attacked his task with relish, he placed Anne’s legs over his shoulders as he bent to lick her swollen cunt. Carl has a little trick when he licks me, he slurps long strokes from arsehole to clitoris then about an inch higher. As he laps between the conjunction of the outer labia, he then allows his tongue to travel down and then as it passes the clitoris on the down stroke he hardens it into a stiff intruding cock-like mass and pushes it deep inside, spreading the lips wide. I knew how effective his technique was, many’s the time he’d made me cum inside a few minute of this attention. He started to employ this technique upon Anne’s wide open pussy. Each time he stabbed inside her she lifted her hips to meet his invasion. He then administered the coup de grace, as he reached her arsehole he once more stiffened his tongue and plunged a good inch into her wrinkled ring. The effect was instantaneous, she raised herself off the sofa and rammed herself onto Carl’s tongue, her orgasm beginning.He quickly changed position and slid his two middle fingers inside her and keeping his forefinger and little finger either side of her lips started to slam his fingers deep inside her. He reached deep inside her, rubbing hard on the little area of ridged membrane on the front side of her cunt. She came convulsively her G spot stimulated at the point of orgasm. She bucked and bucked against his hand. As she did so, squirt after squirt of fluid jetted from between his fingers hitting him full in the chest. His immediate response was to lower his mouth to her ejaculating cunt and suck in the fluid, gulping it down greedily.She convulsed one last time and collapsed on the sofa, in a state of total exhaustion.He however was not finished, He reached down to his rampant cock and started to wank it quickly, within 5 seconds he unloaded a prodigious load of cum all over Anne’s battered cunt, covering it in thick white ropes of ejaculate. “Fuck, I needed that” he said as he came to the conclusion of his final cum of the weekend.As we left five minutes later, John had his tongue buried inside Anne’s cunt cleaning every trace of Carl’s cum from her body.The End

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