Photoshoot with Desperate Mum



Hi, my name is Bunny. Yes, you’ve guessed it, that’s not my real name, but to protect the innocent and all that… so this whole new episode of my life began after my divorce.

I was getting on in life and to feel younger I spent out on a boob job, nothing extreme, just went up a couple of cup sizes and made everything a bit firmer and point up! I didn’t consult my then husband and as it turned out, he didn’t approve. He said it was the final straw. I think he just couldn’t handle the extra attention I was getting and to be fair, I was getting a lot of extra attention, mostly from young hot guys and I was LOVING it. He claimed I was cheating on him, which I wasn’t, all I did was step up my flirting game and well, long story short, we parted company and went our separate ways. Our son had moved out and wasn’t really bothered, truth be told.

Not long after the divorce I got made redundant and started to struggle to make ends meet. My son offered to help out, but I really wanted to get out of my predicament on my own.

So there I was, in my late forties, living alone, no job, no real prospects, starting to get anxious and really worry, when I saw a post online. It was just a pop up on a social media platform, so I assumed it was kosher.

‘Models Wanted’, It said. ‘All ages welcome – no experience required’. Well, I was intrigued. I’d never thought of myself as ‘model’ material, but to be honest, things were getting desperate and desperate times call for desperate measures.

I clicked on the link and was taken to a very professional looking website with very nice pictures of girls of all ages scrolling across my screen every 5 seconds. I read some of the ‘about us’ section and it stated they were always on the lookout for new talent and weren’t discriminating about age or skin colour. They said they could provide modelling opportunities for anyone looking to start in the industry from hand modelling or catalogue work right up to glamour and adult content. Something was building inside of me, I wanted this, I could DO this.

I clicked on a sentence in the homepage which highlighted the words ‘models wanted’, when I hovered over it with my cursor. I clicked it and was taken to another page where it asked me to fill in some details and upload some photos. Damn, I hadn’t thought of that! Of course they were going to need to see pictures of me, d’oh!

I quickly decided to do it there and then or, knowing me, I might lose my nerve. I ran to my room, slipped on a skirt and blouse and tried to look as professional as possible. I applied some pink glossy lipstick, to match my blouse and slipped on some 4 inch stilettos. I was ready, I picked up my phone and took some selfies, arm out, slightly above my head and clicked away.

I wasn’t really happy with them, so I took some shots in my full length mirror, but was only marginally happier with those. I needed someone to take the shots for me really, but who could I ask?

Deciding to keep this as private as possible, I set my phone camera on timer and made do. The shots were only slightly better, but I’ve never been completely happy with my body, despite often getting chatted up or stared at in the gym or on a night out.

I uploaded the pictures to the website and went about my day.

3 days had passed by, I’d almost forgotten about it, when I received an email inviting me for an interview. Apparently they were very impressed with what I had submitted. I was buzzing, I suddenly had visions of me becoming a model and a spokesperson for mature women everywhere, becoming the inspiration for more older women to get out there and do whatever empowers them, whether it was modelling or whatever else they might want to do. My chest swelled with pride and the possibilities.

I composed myself and replied to the message, telling them I was available whenever they needed and hit send. I immediately regretted it, I think I may have come across as too desperate, but it was done now.

I received a reply in less than 15 minutes, with a proposed time and date, only a few days away and explaining where the interview would take place and what I’d need to bring with me, then the last sentence threw me a bit.

“We provide models for a variety of different genres and industries, from hand modelling and catalogue work all the way up to adult entertainment. If we feel you would be suited to a particular type of modelling, where you would get the most out of your talents, we will ask you during the interview to pose for a few shots to build your portfolio and to give us some professional shots to show potential clients. Of course, you are within your rights to refuse this request, however the interview will terminate there to avoid any further time wasting. Please be prepared to demonstrate your abilities but don’t worry, no modelling experience is required, we will walk you through all the necessary steps.”

So, I’ll be asked to pose during the interview? I suppose that makes sense, they need to see I’m comfortable in front of the camera, islahiye escort I can’t see any issues there. I replied confirming the date and time and went about my day with an extra spring in my step.

3 days later I found myself stood outside, what looked like a normal office building in a business park about 20 miles away from where I lived. I decided on an outfit that wasn’t totally out of place here, 4 inch stilettos, stockings with seam, a tight figure hugging skirt that ended a couple of inches above my knees and a tight white blouse with one too many buttons undone to show off my new cleavage, my bra just visible. Well, I had to wow them, I really needed this and if I was going to be a spokeswoman for mature women all over the country, I had to take charge and blow them away!

I noticed a buzzer next to the door, with a hand written insert next to it, ‘Premier Models’ Management’. OK, not what I was expecting. I hit the buzzer and waited. After a momentary silence, a gruff, impatient tinny voice came out of the intercom.

‘Yes? What do you want?’

‘Oh, hi, sorry, yes, I have an appointment?’ I said, flustered with a higher intonation at the end of the sentence that made it sound like a question.

‘Do you? Wait there,’ there was a brief pause, then simply, ‘first floor.’ Then there was an angry buzzing sound, which I took to mean as, ‘Please enter’, so I pulled the door and entered the building.

I made my way up the stairs and when I reached the top, I stopped for a beat and took a deep breath. ‘Show time’. Just at that moment a door opened in front of me and a stocky guy in his early 40s maybe, stood there and openly and obviously looked me up and down.

‘Can I help you?’ He asked.

‘Yes, I have an interview scheduled for half 2.’ Again with the intonation making it sound like a question! I hate it when people do that, mental note, stop it!

‘I’ve been seeing girls all day, what’s your name?’ He asked as he pulled a clipboard out from behind the door. There was something about the way he said ‘girls’, but I let it slide. Before I could answer him he said, ‘Bunny?’

I smiled, ‘Yes, that’s right.’

‘Right, come in then, I’ve got 2 more after you and I need to be out of here before 5 today.’

I wondered how long this was going to take, it was nearly half 2, so he had 2 and a half hours to see 3 girls? Seemed like more than enough time!

I followed him through the door, down a short corridor into quite a small room with a desk facing an old leather high armed couch. The desk had an array of cameras on it, from an old camcorder that looked like he’d either owned it for 20 years or he’d got it cheap on ebay, to a couple of small wind on cameras and an expensive looking camera with ‘Canon’ over the large lens. I made a bet with myself that he’d use that one, probably compensating for a lack of size in other departments, this made me smile. He sat behind the desk and motioned for me to sit on the couch. Still clutching my handbag, I sat down facing him.

‘OK, Bunny, so let’s start with you telling me a bit about yourself and what you are looking for here.’ He sat back and raised both his hands, like he was some kind of king on a throne in his palace.

‘OK, well, I’m Bunny, I’m- well, let’s just say, I’m over 18.’ I smiled at him but his expression didn’t change. ‘Er, I saw your ad pop up on my laptop and thought I’d give it a try and see if I could find work as a model and maybe show women out there, over a certain age, that their life isn’t over just because they’re “passed their prime”, I held my fingers up to make the air quotations, ‘if they see that I can do it, maybe they’d be inspired to try something like this themselves.’ I held my hand out palms up and smiled again.

He scribbled something on a notepad in front of him. ‘OK, that’s great. So have you had any thoughts on what sort of modelling you’d be interested in?’

To be honest, I hadn’t, I just thought the only thing I would be able to get was catalogue work or something along those lines. ‘I haven’t really thought about it, if I’m honest, I’m looking for the best paying job I can manage really.’

His eyes seemed to light up. ‘Well, if I may be up front with you, Bunny. I have to say, you are a very beautiful woman and the money is all in the more glamour or adult work.’ I could feel myself blushing.

‘I’m not sure about that, no one is going to want to see an old woman with her kit off.’

‘The world is very different now. There are women getting into adult entertainment in their 50s, even their 60s, there’s a real market for it and let me tell you, 95% of them aren’t as hot as you, my love.’

My face was burning.

‘Have you ever done anything like this before?’ He asked as he pushed a folder across his desk. I half stood and leant forward to pick it up. I sat back down and opened it. The first page was shots of beautiful young girls either topless or fully naked in well lit good taste poses, covering themselves in some islahiye escort bayan shots, but not in all of them. I turned the page.

‘No, I have not.’ I said, looking intently at the pictures before me. They ranged from page 3 type shots to what I would call Playboy. The models all seemed to range from around their early 20s up to possibly their late 30s, but I couldn’t tell.

‘Come on, not even in private? You’ve never taken some saucy snaps for your husband?’ He asked. I didn’t want to get into my whole situation at home and I thought it might deter this line of questioning if he thought I was married still. I looked up at him.

‘Well, maybe. I may have taken the odd sexy selfie for my husband, I might even have let him take some boudoir pictures of me, but nothing like this.’ I looked back down at the catalogue in front of me, turning another page. ‘These girls are all so beautiful and… well, young.’ I continued.

‘Yes, they are.’ He said almost defeated. ‘There is a real market for women of your age, which works out well for you, because you are a rare breed. Honestly, I could get on the phone this afternoon and book you up for 2 or 3 magazines that would pay top dollar for your image.’

My ears pricked at the mention of money. ‘Top dollar? What do you mean?’ I asked coyly.

‘Well, let me see,’ he fingered through a rolodex he had on his desk. ‘There are at least 3 gentleman’s magazines that would book you in a heartbeat and you could earn up to 300 quid a session.’

I raised my eyebrows. £300 PER session? Wow, if I did 4 or 5 sessions a week, that would sort out all my debts right there.

‘Of course, if you were interested in something a little more… shall we say, ‘risque’, you could pull in double that, even three times as much.’

I cleared my throat and tried my best not to sound as desperate as I actually was. ‘Three times that… per session?’

He smirked. ‘At least. Honestly, if you were willing to do some sets fully nude you would make over 500 notes, but if you would pose with a guy you could get over a grand per shoot and if you did some video work, well, I mean, in all seriousness, with the way the market is right now, there is a real market for the older woman and the younger gent, they are screaming out for mature models, you could almost ask for any amount you wanted, you could get a couple of grand for an afternoon’s work,’ Again, he held his hands out palms up and shrugging his shoulders. ‘Obviously, we at Premier Models would take our 25% fee initially, but after the first 10 sessions, that is reduced to 15%.’

I was wide eyed. Even at 25% for 10 sessions, I’d be taking home £1500 PER session, so, 15 GRAND for 10 sessions?! I could do that. I wasn’t married anymore, my son was grown and had moved out, there’s no way he’d find out and even if he did, he’d understand the situation I’m in, PLUS, it wouldn’t be forever, I’d get myself out of the rut I’m in and within a couple of years I’d have a nice nest egg and all I’d have to do is have sex on camera with some nice hunky young men. I think I’m in!!

‘So, you really think you have someone interested in taking pictures or videos of someone like me?’ All thoughts of being a spokeswoman for the older generation went out the window, I had £ signs for irises at this minute!

‘You have NO idea. I could get you booked up next week, easy, for 2 maybe even 3 sessions to start with.’

‘And I would get 2 thousand per session?’ I asked.

‘Well, fifteen hundred after I take my commission.’ He replied.

I looked down at my lap. Was I really contemplating this? Was I seriously thinking about doing adult photoshoots and let’s not mince words here, porn, with a younger guy? Could I do this? Yes, I had taken photos of myself and even let my husband take photos of me when we were younger, but I’d be completely exposed and intimate with a complete stranger. My body seemed to make the decision for me, I was getting wet. I looked up.

‘OK, I think I can do that.’ I said timidly. He raised his eyebrows.

‘You don’t seem too sure. You don’t like the sound of fifteen hundred for an afternoon’s work?’

‘No, I do, I really do, but like I said, I’ve never really done anything like that before, I think I’d be shy to start with.’

‘Well, yes, I imagine you would be, which is why we’re here. Obviously, I’ll need to take some shots of you to send on to potential clients-‘

‘Wait, what?’ I interrupted.

‘What?’ He asked calmly, again with his hands out, palms up turned.

‘You want me to pose for you now?’ I asked.

‘Of course, these guys aren’t just going to take my word for it, they need to see what I’m seeing.’ He looked at me expressionless.

‘Um, I’m not sure.’ I said meekly.

‘You’re not sure? You could earn up to five grand a week, AFTER I take my cut! Five grand for 3 afternoon’s ‘work’ with a handsome young man. You’re not sure?’

‘Five thousand?’ I asked.

‘I’m telling you, at least five thousand. escort islahiye Look, I tell you what, I’m so confident that you’ll make us both a boatload of money, I’ll pay you five grand for the first 3 sessions whether I have to cut my commission or not. Whadda you think?’ He asked.

Five thousand pounds! That was a LOT of money and only for 3 sessions in a week. Yeah, sure, I’d have to be naked with some young stud, but I’m sure I’d get over my jitters if I just kept that payday in my head.

‘Um, ok.’ I said timidly.

‘That’s the spirit, you know it makes sense.’ He stood up and started fiddling with a couple of the cameras on his desk. I clutched my bag on my lap. ‘OK, so let’s have you standing up.’ I stood, still clutching my bag. He just looked at me. ‘Maybe put the bag down?’ He said SARCASTICALLY.

‘Oh, right, yes, of course.’ I placed the bag on the couch to my side and turned back to face him. He started snapping some pictures of me just standing there. I must have looked like a deer in headlights.

‘OK Bunny, relax a bit, drop your shoulders. Maybe put one leg in front of you and your right hand on your hip. Don’t look so scared. You’re in control here, the camera is yours, tell it what you want without saying anything, sell an attitude to me.’ He snapped away. I posed as he asked, then swapped legs and put my left hand on my hip.

‘That’s it, now you’re getting it, pout for me baby, give me sultry boss woman.’ Snap snap snap. ‘OK, shoulders back, both hands on hips, part your legs, give me a power pose, chin up to the ceiling.’ Snap snap snap, ‘not that high, look a bit lower,’ snap snap snap, ‘now down at me.’ Snap snap snap.

He was crouched on the ground a few feet in front of me, snapping away on his big digital camera. I posed in lots of different ways, sometimes he instructed, sometimes I took the initiative and posed how I felt. I turned my back to him and looked over my shoulder, I leant to my side with both hands on my left thigh, I took a step towards him and pushed my breasts together while hovering over him.

‘Bunny, these are fantastic, you’re a natural, I may have been selling you short when I said I could get you 5 grand, you might get closer to 10!!’ He exclaimed while snapping me in various poses. To be honest, I was starting to enjoy myself.

‘OK, can we lose the jacket, maybe undo a button on your blouse and hike your skirt up a bit.’ I froze for a second, but with his last sentence still ringing in my ear, I did as he asked. I turned away as I took of my jacket and placed it over my bag, then I undid 2 buttons on my blouse and as I turned back to him, trying to look as sultry as I could, I pulled my skirt up my thighs so the top of my stockings were visible and the hem was only an inch or 2 from revealing my underwear. His eyes widened.

‘Are you sure you’ve never done this before? You are a natural.’ He looked me up and down for a long 10 seconds, then pulled the camera to his face and started snapping away again. He stood to get a different angle, then squatted next to me and started snapping from below. I was certain he could see up my skirt and was taking several pictures of that area. I tried to ignore it and the niggling inner voice telling me to pick up my stuff and run. All I had on my mind was the money.

‘OK, let’s lose the blouse and skirt now.’ He said matter of factly. I closed my eyes, still thinking of the big payday in the future. I pressed the buttons through the holes in the front of my blouse as I pulled the ends up and untucked it from the skirt. He snapped me the whole time. I unzipped the back of the skirt over my arse and let it slide down my thighs to the floor. I bent at the hips to pick it up. He manoeuvred behind me to take some more shots.

‘Very nice, very nice.’ He said. I began to relax a bit, thinking the whole time about the money. I posed in all sorts of positions for him, some quite lewd, but I did everything he asked. I was on all fours on the couch, I was sitting there with my legs wide open, I was standing over him pushing my breasts together, I was on my knees looking up at him with both bra straps off my shoulders. Then he leant over me and expertly in one click of his fingers, pinged my bra clasp and it popped off my chest. I just managed to catch it in my forearm.

‘Wait! What are you doing?’ I asked stupidly. His face appeared from around the camera, he looked down at me for a second.

‘I’m going to need some topless shots and some nudes too.’ Was all he said then he clicked another shot.

I slowly let the bra peel away from my body and fall to the floor. I just wanted this to be over as soon as possible. He took more pictures as I held my arm over my chest, then as if someone else was controlling me, my hands were on my head, elbows out to the side fully on display.

‘That’s great, now get up and turn around, look over your shoulder at me, start to peel off your knickers…’ He spoke in between a flurry of snaps and I obeyed every command. I stood in front of him, bending at the waist and pulled my knickers over my buttocks and paused as he continued to snap, then I seductively as I could, rolled them over my thighs, passed my knees and now fully bending over, let them fall to the ground. I held my ankles and stayed in position as he snapped away, I looked at him from my upside down position just below my knees.

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