Pleasured Pup


K5: “Miss, in 15 minutes I need to take a shower. I have an appointment at 2 pm to have my nails done”My newest girl to my online kennel, K5, and I had been teasing, talking, and lightly playing since I woke late today. Our pussies seem to always be on the same wave-length as they never seemed to stop leaking. Yet, if I was honest, I never would have imagined her to submit to me, but bit by bit we naturally fell into the roles we were now in. She’s sexy. She’s smart. She thinks things through. Her libido is supercharged. Most importantly, she’s mindful of her limits and never afraid to utilize her safeword. Anyone that has tried to be responsible as a Dominant online knows how critical that is. You have a marvelous sub on your hands when your sub will respectfully protect themself. In short, I knew I could push her.ADarkAngel: “Alight, but here’s a challenge for you…”K5: “Yes, Miss?”ADarkAngel: “After your shower, insert your small or medium-sized plug into your ass. I also want to know what toys my whorish slut can fit up her pussy that do not vibrate.”Her digital “giggle” striking lusts for her through my body.K5: “I’ll have to see as most of my dildos are rather large.”It wasn’t long before we settled on a set of Ben-Wa balls bahis şirketleri she had never used before. Yet the devil on my shoulder had already bound and gagged my more sensible angel. Her sweet nudges guiding my fingers to push my pet further.ADarkAngel: “Find two hairbands. Tie up each nipple with a hairband.”K5: “Oh my! I’m to go out like that?”ADarkAngel: “Mhmm, if you’re up to such.”A brief silence making me wonder if I had pushed a bit too far for once.K5: “I’ll see if I can manage it, Miss. It is a lot given I haven’t been out of the house in weeks.”The angel on my shoulder freed herself of her gag, jolting me to the realization of my error.ADarkAngel: “In that case, my pet, pick two of the three options. Before you head out let me know which two you’ve chosen.”K5: “Yes, Miss, I will,” came the enthusiastic reply I had hoped for.Visions of her choosing to forgo torturing her nipples and settling upon her plug and Ben-Wa balls danced through my mind. A previous session had proven her nipples were extremely sensitive to painful stimuli. A quick use of her safeword preventing any significant harm at the time. As I waited, I busied myself with my blog’s maintenance but checked every so often to see if the little slut had given bahis firmaları her notice of readiness for the next phase in our play. A half-hour later and I wasn’t disappointed, but her response wasn’t the one I had expected, making my lust burn hotter.K5: “Heading out, Miss. My ass plugged and one hairband on a nipple. It hurt too much to do the second one.”Did I mention how utterly proud I am of her? The fact she tried the hairbands in full leading my fingers to caress my slit. I stared intently at the chat awaiting her final report, but oh my she wasn’t done teasing me.K5: “It feels so good driving with the plug in, Miss.”Goodness, such a slut I own! My tongue wetting my lips with the thought of how turned on she must be.K5: “Microsoft for the band, Miss.”Snapped out of my haze of lust, I watched the notice showing her typing. Yet immediate reassurance was needed on my part. I dared not let her ever think using the safeword was a negative thing. A quick, “good girl” conveying my pride and trust in her judgment.K5 “The plug has me leaking, Miss. I wish I had worn panties. My jeans may show. Heading in now.”A shiver of mischief shuddering through my mind.ADarkAngel: “Honestly, slut, I hope your jeans do get stained.”A simple kaçak bahis siteleri exclamation mark showing my slut’s shock.ADarkAngel: “Well, you brought it up. I’m just stating my preference. However, as needed, type Microsoft and excuse yourself to the restroom to pull out the plug. I’m not going to put you through something you are not ready for yet. Either way, I want a report of how things went.”K5: “No, Miss. I want it in.”K5: “Makes me feel like a slut.”K5: “Your dirty whore.”That did it. She lit my fuse and I couldn’t hold back the devil in me.ADarkAngel: “Mmmmm… Good girl. Wiggle your ass for me.”Seconds stretched as I held my breath.K5: “Fuck!”K5: “When I do the plug shifts, Miss.”There we go! I had her in full on slut mindset.ADarkAngel: “Licking my lips watching you. Feels like I’m fucking your ass with each shift doesn’t it?”ADarkAngel: “Very slowly pleasuring you.”No response.ADarkAngel: “Giggles. Oh my. I can only imagine how hard you’re fighting your body.”ADarkAngel: “Willing yourself from cumming with so many eyes on you in public.”ADarkAngel: “Your cunt leaking. Bit by bit, staining your jeans.”ADarkAngel: “You keep hearing the audio notifications for our chat.”ADarkAngel: “Ding.”ADarkAngel: “Ding.”ADarkAngel: “Letting you know I’m getting turned on by my whore in public.”ADarkAngel: “Without panties.”ADarkAngel: “Plugged.”ADarkAngel: “Leaking your nectar.”Deafening silence from my slut.ADarkAngel: “Mmmmmmm”ADarkAngel: “Rubbing my clit…”

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