Poolside Fantasy


Poolside FantasyThe warm early summer sun caresses your skin as you climb dripping from the pool. The water glistens on the black fabric of your favorite one piece swimsuit. You know how sexy you look in it as it hugs your curves.You leave damp foot prints behind you as you stride towards the showers. You can’t help but notice a man admiring you his rigid cock strains against the thin nylon of his trunks. The damp material hides little, you can clearly make out the rounded head of his manhood.Knowing he is hard for you stokes the fire growing between your thighs. Damn you’re hornier than you thought. As you head into the showers you turn and make eye contact. He’s staring hard his dark eyes twinkle with a hint of mischief. You bite your lip in a sultry smile and he rises.You feel flushed, your heart begins to race and you feel your pussy moisten. You mind focuses on samsun rus escort the memory of that hard cock barely glimpsed. Then he’s there behind you his hands encircle your stomach and caress up over your breasts teasing your nipples until they stiffen and strain against your swimsuit. A moan escapes your lips as you turn towards this stranger. He stifles your moan with a deep kiss and his hands glide down your back to cup the soft curve of your ass.You slide down your hand deftly untie his shorts and free his cock. It smells slightly of musk and chlorine as you suck it into your mouth the sweet-saltiness of his precum tickles your tongue as you suck him off. At first you work the shaft and fondle his balls but soon you pull back stroking the shaft with and sucking hard on the tip occasionally flicking your tongue over the samsun rus escort bayan peephole.His legs stiffen and the head throbs as though he is going to blow a load but instead he pulls you up into a standing position and slides down between your legs. He kisses and gently bites at your thighs never actually touching your sex but occasionally blowing his warm breath across your wet crotch.When you think you can no longer bear it he gently slides your swimsuit off of your pussy. He flicks his tongue once over your clit then blows softly over your lips before finally plunging his tongue deep into your cunt. He seems to revel in the soft folds of your sex alternating between sucking and licking occasionally fucking a finger deep inside you. His tongue flicks your clit before he sucks it. Your legs grow weak as he brings rus samsun escort you to the edge of orgasm and you need that hard cock buried in you.You moan your need. He obliges you, teasing your pussy with only the head of his throbbing monster moistening it against your lips. Wet with saliva and your mingled juices he rubs it up against your clit before finally burying it deep inside you.He fucks you slowly at first maintaining a deep plunging rhythm. At some point one of your breasts escaped the confines of your damp suit and he begins licking and sucking greedily at your nipple.His pace increases the heat of his frenzied strokes threatens to overwhelm your senses. You bite his ear and clutch at his buttocks matching him stroke foe ecstatic stroke. Suddenly like lightning a tremendous orgasm erupts deep inside of you even as he floods you with his cum a simultaneous storm rages within bring crashing wave after orgasmic wave with it. You both slide down spent to the cool tile but you can’t resist one final act. You draw his cock into your mouth deftly licking your mingled cum off his softening cock.As you taste the sweet nectar of your fucking his cock begins to become rigid again……

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