Prostitute part 3


Prostitute part 3The next day at work all she could think about was the night before. And she was actually looking forward to going back, one guy had scared her but the others were quite nice. She arrived there just after 4 and chatted briefly with the woman, then went into the same room as she had been in the night before. She fucked 6 guys that night. There was nothing exciting or unusual. She went through the same process each time. A little rubbing and licking, getting them hard. Putting on the condom and sucking them. Spreading her legs for them, letting them pump away in her until they were finished, then cleaning them up. Collecting her money at around 2am and heading home. The next night was similar, different guys, nothing unusual. The fourth night was quiet. Only 2 guys in 4 hours. She was thinking about leaving early, it was just past midnight. Suddenly the front door of the house opened. No knock. 2 policemen walked past her door. Full uniform.She started panicking and pulled on her jeans and got ready to run out the front door. Before she could do it, the woman appeared in her doorway with the policemen. She said ‘honey, we have some special guests. Would you entertain them,’ She looked at them, at the woman. ‘Yeesss ma’aaam’ she said hesitantly. The woman walked back to the kitchen and the policemen both came in and closed the door. She stood there feeling a little uncomfortable. One of them said ‘don’t worry girl, you aren’t in Escort bayan trouble. Let’s have some fun’ They started undressing, she did the same. She got condoms and lube ready, and she was manhandled onto the bed. She had her body inspected and touched all over. The moved her around between them, they fingered her, they sucked her nipples, she sucked their balls and stroked them, it was quite sensual. She finished on her knees, doggy style attending to one of the cocks, putting on a condom and sucking him vigorously. The other cop put his own condom on and took her from behind. She had the first orgasm in her days as a prostitute. She was loving it. Actually getting thoroughly turned on. The cops fucked her hard but with passion. They took turns at her doggy style until one whispered in her ear he fucked her. ‘Does the girl take it in the ass?’ She felt a squirt of lube on her ass cheeks and felt fingers massaging and opening her tight hole up. She could only moan, she didn’t want them to arrest her. She wanted to please them. They double penetrated her and she came again before they both pumped and filled their condoms. She was sandwiched between the two strong policeman, panting and groaning. She decided she loved her new job. She cleaned both of their cocks happily and chatted with them as they dressed. They left and she laid down and fell asleep. Still naked and flushed. Her ass hole was a little sore Bayan escort but she had been fucked to 2 orgasms, not many girls will complain about that. She was shaken awake a while later by the woman, telling her there was a customer. She did her job again and went home. The next couple of days were ok. She was tired, not getting much sleep working 2 jobs but her bank was building. She most liked when guys would fuck her and then want to lay and chat for the remaining time they had paid for. She felt like she was being a girlfriend to them. They were shy guys, wanting to be with a woman but unable to, or not brave enough to find a girl. She would lay there and listen to them, let them touch her body. Reassure them, be friendly. One guy came in 3 times in the following week just to lay with her. Another guy came in her hand before she could even get on her knees. He apologised and started to get dressed again. She stopped him, got him to lay on the bed with her and they talked while she stroked him hard again. She put a condom on him and rode him til he came again. He thanked her for being so caring and helping him lose his virginity. The owner came in and fucked her again in her second week. He was even rougher and meaner than the first time but she was prepared for him. She pretended she was enjoying it and at the first opportunity she shoved her middle finger as deep in his ass as she could. She hated Escort it but it had the desired effect. He moaned and filled his condom long before he wanted too. After 2 weeks she had earned enough to pay off all her debts. She was exhausted. She had been surviving on less than 4 hours sleep most nights. She didn’t keep count but she thinks she fucked over 60 men in those 2 weeks. The last night she worked there a man came into her room. He had a nasty look in his eye. He was pleasant while the woman was there but as soon as the door closed and they were alone, he changed. He grabbed her and pushed her onto the bed. Before she could react he was on top of her. His hand was inside her panties and another hand over her mouth. He actually ripped her panties off and roughly pushed her legs apart and tried to force his whole hand into her. Not finger tips, his fist. His closed fist pushing against her pussy lips. She tried to scream, his hand on her mouth pushed down harder. She was starting to struggle to breathe. With all her strength she swung her free arm at him. It was a lucky shot, she connected with his nose and felt it crunch under her fist. As he yelped and fell back, she leapt up and gave him a full force knee in the balls and ran from the room to the kitchen.She told the woman what had happened and she was straight on the phone. The owner was there in 30 seconds and went straight into the room. The guy was groaning and bleeding from his nose, the owner sent him on his way after emptying his wallet for him. The guy couldn’t complain. He just slunk away into the night. She sat in the kitchen with the woman and the owner. Naked, trembling. She asked for her earnings for the night and went home. She never went back.

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