Punished after Horse Riding Lessons


I’m Samantha, nearly seventeen and I love horses. I’ve been riding for years at stables near us run by Helen. Helen is great; she obviously works out and is fun but she stands no nonsense from anyone.A few weeks ago a young hunk of a lad, Andy, was brought here by his Dad who had decided that riding a horse would be good for him. To be honest, Helen thought that starting to learn to ride at 16 was leaving it a bit late but his Dad seemed adamant.It was obvious that Andy was not dead keen and after a couple of lessons, he began to be awkward and kept ignoring Helen’s guidance. There were only three of us at these sessions, me, Nicole and Andy, so his attitude was having an impact on our lessons. Helen had a chat with Andy’s dad before the fourth lesson and came away smiling. Andy began his usual antics and Helen stopped the lesson before speaking to Andy, “I explained to your father that I was unhappy with your attitude and suggested you https://escortium.org stop having lessons.”Andy looked delighted until Helen continued, “I’m afraid your Dad would not hear of you giving up. He said he’d heard that I was a firm teacher and suggested I use my crop on you.” She let that sink in.“I explained to your father that the only time I ever used my crop on a student they were naked, to increase the effect of the punishment.” She paused. “Your father agreed that if it was needed, I should punish you this way.”His face fell as he realised Helen was serious. “Now, all of you get back on your horses and focus on getting it right.”Andy behaved pretty well for the rest of the lesson. I often rode behind him and often found myself slightly distracted, watching his firm bum and thighs rising and falling in the saddle. Would Helen actually punish him naked with the crop? Would she do it in private or in front of Nicole and me? A sharp rebuke from Helen brought me back from my daydream.As it turned out I didn’t have long to wait. As we started our next lesson Andy seemed to have forgotten the threat and began playing up. Helen was firm and reminded him what she’d told him he should be doing. Andy continued to do what he wanted and again our lesson was becoming disrupted.“Very well, Andy, I have tried to be supportive but you continue to cause problems for this lesson. Get off your horse and come with me into the barn.”Andy looked nervous, realising he’d pushed her too far, “Helen, I’m sorry, I’ll do what you tell me.”“I am not ‘Helen’ to you, I am Miss Andrews. Get off your horse and come with me.”Andy didn’t budge.“Andy, you leave me no choice, I had intended to punish you alone but it seems I will need help from Samantha and Nicole if they don’t mind.”As one, Nicole and I quickly responded, “We don’t mind.”We helped a rather subdued Andy to dismount and followed Helen into the barn.Andy stood there looking shell shocked. Helen was not swayed by his demeanour, “You can’t say you weren’t warned,” she began, “now you will be punished. I don’t make idle threats, strip down to your underpants.”Andy’s face was scarlet, “What the fu..” he started to shout, then thought better of it. “It is fortunate that you stopped before swearing, now take off your clothes.”He glanced at Nicole and me then began to remove his T-shirt. He was fit! He kicked off his trainers & socks before pulling off his shorts. Nicole and I stole a quick look at each other as we responded to the bulge in his underpants. Helen didn’t appear to notice. She told us all to remain where we were as she went to get her favourite crop from her office.I moved up close behind Andy and stroked his chest, muscled stomach and then, I could hardly believe I was doing this, I slipped my hand down inside his underpants and felt the thickness of his growing penis. Andy groaned but I had to step back as Helen was returning.

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