Reclaimed In Full (Chapter 3)


I went to my locker to grab my clothes and keep back my bunker gear. The first week back at work was rough and tiresome; just the way I liked it. I was done for the day but was not looking forward to going home. Home! A place where your loved one live and where you long to spend most of your time was only a dream at the moment. After talking to Carol, I had managed to get her approval to go back to work. Going back to work not only gave me the upper hand in the decision making, but also distract my mind from thinking about my wife often.Carol had requested her mom to pick up Sandra after school on the pretext of spending quality time with me. But she had other plans. She had invited Aaron to spend the evening with us and told me that she was doing it all for me. I had dug my own grave.When I reached home, I already found another car parked outside my house which baffled me. With my heart beating rapidly, I got out of the car and made my way to the front of the house. Battling my tiredness, I managed to tiptoe to the door and was disheartened to hear giggles coming from within.It was normal for me to enter my house without knocking, but at the moment, I couldn’t help but ring the doorbell. The giggling ceased, and I heard a familiar footstep approaching the door. When the door was opened, I was greeted by the cheerful face of my wife.“Honey, you are back. We were waiting for you,” Carol said as she threw her hands around my shoulder and kissed me. it had been a long time since she greeted me that way.I shifted my gaze to a figure behind her, who till then, was in the shadows. As he came into the living room, his well-trimmed face became clearer. He appeared to be a few inches taller than me. I knew very well who he was, and I hated him. Aaron.Letting go of me, Carol turned towards Aaron and said, “Honey, I want you to meet Aaron. Aaron, this is my husband, Simon.”With a smile on his face, Aaron extended his hand and said, “Simon, it’s a pleasure to meet you.”I took his hand and said, “It’s a pleasure to meet you too.”Carol suddenly grabbed my hand and pulled me aside. “I am doing this for you, honey. I hope you enjoy it.”Letting go of my hand she grabbed Aarons and pulled him towards her. He took her in his arms and kissed her. I felt a dagger enter my chest. ‘Fuck! I brought this upon me.’Carol led Aaron to our guest room while I followed them like a little puppy. Shutting the down behind me, I stood in front of them as the two continued to kiss.“Honey, this is for you. Sit back and enjoy,” Carol said as she winked at me.This was the second time Carol was reminding me that she was doing this for me. It was two weeks ago that I had told her that it was my fantasy to see her with other guys, and ever since then, she had been asking me if I was sure about it. She told me that she had found a guy at work and confessed that she had a crush on him. Little did she know that I knew all her dirty secrets.Aaron, sitting on the bed, began unbuttoning his shirt, while Carol was seductively stripping. I noticed the lingerie that she was wearing was new and brought without my knowledge. As she came close, Aaron wrapped his left arm around her waist and grabbing her hair with his right hand, pulled her towards him and the two were locked Anadolu Yakası Escort in a passionate kiss.I felt a sting of jealousy, as the two played with each other. The chemistry between the two threatened me and all could do was utter curses and drown myself into self-pity.By now, Aaron had pulled Carol to bed and had unclipped her bra, letting her breast wobble freely. As he got over her, he pinned her to the bed and began kissing her neck and she let out a soft moan in response to his kisses.“Oh, Aaron. It feels so good,” Carol moaned in pleasure.The two continued their foreplay which left me with a bittersweet feeling. It hurt me to see the love of my life in the arms of another guy, but at the same time, the perverse side of me derived pleasure from their actions.Aaron slid his hand down into Carol’s panties which made her gasp and grabbed hold of his hand. As he continued to finger her, she continued to moan and utter curse words in pleasure, letting me know that she was enjoying herself. Her body trembled, her muscles in the stomach tightened and finally, letting out a loud moan, she climaxed.Aaron wasted no time in getting on top of her. Still gasping for breath, she spread her legs wide to allow her lover to enter her and then wrapped her legs around his waist. Her breast moved to and fro as he continued to pump into her.With my watery eyes, I watched my wife and her lover, make love to each other. There was a connection! It was disheartening to know that the passion they shared was nowhere close to the one we had at the moment.As Aaron continued to gaze into Carol’s eyes, his pace quickened. He began fucking her faster and Carol’s moans pointed out that she was close. With her fingernails pierced into Aarons back, she climaxed while Aaron continued to pump into her. When he was close, he pushed himself into her and finally fell on top of her. He had cum into her potent womb.I was not oblivious to the fact that Carol was cheating behind my back and yet, I was feeling miserable. To see my beloved wife making love and giving her heart and soul to another guy was heart-breaking. I hoped that, by allowing her to satisfy her sexual need, she would avoid cheating behind my back. Forbidden fruit only tastes good as long as it is forbidden. If she found our sex life boring, she would eventually be tired of having sex with Aaron too. I just had to be patient.Aaron stood up and began dressing while Carol lay on the bed, still gasping for breath. She had had multiple orgasms and it made me jealous. When Aaron was dressed, he climbed on the bed and kissed her. Looking at me he smiled, nodded his head and made his way out of the bedroom leaving me in tears and my wife fully satisfied.Wiping my tears, I stood up and walked towards the bed. I sat on the edge of the bed and looked down at my wife; naked and content.“Did you enjoy it, honey?” I asked.With her closed eyes, she replied, “He fucked me good. I hope you got your cock hard for me because you got to reclaim me.”What was supposed to be a one-time fantasy play, ended up becoming cancerous. Carol, with my consent, would invite Aaron over to have sex allowing me to be a silent spectator. Soon after, she and I would have our reclaim Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan sex to assure each other of our love.As time passed by, I noticed a change in Carol’s behavior. She often ended up returning home late and spending more time at the hospital. She was moodier, quick to lose her temper and irritated at small things. The cuddles that we shared soon stopped and It was evident that our marriage was going downhill. As anticipated, I blamed and cursed myself for not mustering the courage to confront her.~~~~“Honey, are you going to be late? Aaron and I might begin without you,” Carol said from the other side. Her giggle told me that she had begun fooling with her lover.I wanted to smash my phone on the table. “Carol! You didn’t tell me anything about Aaron…”“Honey, we wanted to surprise you. I hope you come home quick.”“I will try, Carol.”I ended the call and kept the phone on the table. With my eyes closed, I inhaled deeply and let out a sigh. Even though the pub was crowded, I felt lonely. I was surrounded by people and yet, I was all alone. I was about to sip my beer when my moment of desolation was interrupted by a taunt.“So… you are the pathetic husband who can’t satisfy his wife. Aren’t you?”I opened my eyes to see a lady sitting in front of me. Before I could say anything, she raised her hand and said, “Save it!”“Who are you?”She removed a silver lighter from her handbag, lit the citrate which she held in her mouth and drew deeply. Looking at me she exhaled. “Jenivee. Call me Jen.”“Okay, Jen. Who the fuck are you?”“Joel’s cousin.”I immediately regretted my rude language. “Oh… I’m sorry if I….”“Save it. Buy me a drink, will you? Then we can talk.”I went to the counter, grabbed two glasses of beer and returned to my place. Gulping down the entire glass, she grabbed mine.“Thank you for the drink and yes! Your wife is a whore.”“You can be a bit nicer. No need to be so forthright.”Keeping the beer on the table she looked at me and said, “Even as we speak, I bet, your wife is sucking and fucking that assholes cock.”I clenched my fist and banged it on the table. Jenivee maintained her poker face and without taking her eyes of me said, “She is cheating on you and you are doing nothing.”“What the fuck do I do? Jo told me to ask her about her fantasy and see where has that led to. An open marriage. Yes, she is at home, fucking that goddam bastard while I drown myself into self-pity. If she wanted some adventure, she could have told me, but no!”Jenivee raised her eyebrows. “Hold on! Did you listen to my dumb cousin? Did you listen to all his bullshit?”With that, she let out a burst of hysterical laughter which drew the attention of others in the pub.“Sorry, Simon! You may love your wife, but by not calling her out, you are only rewarding her behavior.”I was hurt and embarrassed. “Do you have a family? Do you have a husband? You won’t understand what I’m going through. Even though she is cheating on me, I still love her. By calling her out, I might ruin the peace in the family and at that is something I cannot afford to lose.”Jenivee’s face suddenly turned cold. She stared at me for a while which made me uncomfortable. “it’s been nine years since I lost my husband Escort Anadolu Yakası and I have a daughter who means a lot to me. So, don’t tell that I don’t understand how it feels to lose someone I love.”Jennivee’s words suddenly changed the way I looked at her. Then anger suddenly turned into compassion and I couldn’t help but look at her with fraternal love.“I’m sorry Jen. I didn’t mean to. It’s just that, I have been having a tough time and a lot is going on…”“I understand! I don’t need your sympathy and you won’t get mine either. I will try to keep you updated about your wife. You can gain enough evidence for a divorce.”“God! No! I don’t want to divorce her.” I paused for a while and then continued, “It doesn’t matter. The way things are heading, I feel there is little hope in our marriage.”Jenivee looked at me as she sipped her beer and said, “Are you planning to go home tonight?”I gave her a puzzled look and said, “Yes. They are expecting me.”“Don’t! Go to Jo’s or your parent’s place, but don’t go home. Showing no interest in her actions will make her appear selfish. And for the sake of your dignity, grow some balls.”I began to ponder on the raw words of Jenivee. Carol had called Aaron without my knowledge and if I continue to dance to her tune, it will only make her feel good. I took out my phone and texted Carol that I wouldn’t be able to make it home and told her to have fun with her lover. Till then I had never addressed Aaron as Carol’s lover in front of her, but the words of Jen pumped up some courage that made me type it.“So where are you planning to spend the night?” Jen asked.“At my in-law’s place. That’s where my daughter is,” I replied.“Your in-law? What happened to your parents?”“My dad passed away a few years ago. So, my wife and my daughter are all I have. I appreciate your help.”“Don’t thank me yet. I am not doing charity and running about solving some family issues. I have a price.”Carol was the only daughter of her parents and after losing my dad, they began to treat me as their own. It was normal for us to spend our summer holidays together at their place or stay there overnight. Carol’s mom noticing some change in me asked me if things were fine between Carol and me. Not wanting to break their heart, I told them that things were fine and assured that we were happy together.The following day, I was at war with the thoughts of going home to visit Carol to see if she and Aaron had decided to spend the night together. I finally gave in and drove back home only to find Aarons car still parked outside the house. I was angry.Silently, I made my way to the door and with minimal noise, managed to open it. It was still early in the morning so it was unwise for anyone to be awake at that hour. I checked the guestroom only to find it empty. This meant that Aaron had slept with my wife in our marital bed.I climbed the stairs and with a fast racing heart, walked towards the bedroom. I could hear giggles and moans coming from within. ‘Carol! What have you done?’I went closer towards the door and was able to hear the two talking.“So, am I better than your husband?” It was Aaron’s voice“I don’t want to compare him with you. He is my husband,” Carol replied.“Why is that? He seems pathetic. I know how to satisfy you.”“My dear. He is my husband and the father of my daughter. I love him more than anything. It’s just that, my sex drive is higher than his and I don’t want to appear as a dirty whore in front him.”“A dirty whore. I think it’s not fair that we have sex all the time and while he watches. Well, maybe we can set him up with another lady and…”

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