Revenge Gone Bad


Revenge Gone BadRevenge Gone BadI walked into the club hoping maybe that tonight might be a little different, after all it was my 37th birthday. I did not put much stock in the mid life crisis thing, I was an average male, married for several years with c***dren, I had fantasized about other women but had never been unfaithful to my wife. The guys at work had decided to throw me a 37th birthday bash at the club, it was a strip club and tonight was amateur night, amateur night brought out mostly want-to-be strippers, they usually were not very good dancers but a lot of good tits and nice asses could be seen. I had to let my eyes adjust to the smoke in the crowded room before I spotted my fellow co-workers, they immediately began hollering and waving for me to join them. Brad, one of my best friends jumped up and began shaking my hand. ” How’s it going old man, bet you could use a drink” he said. The drinks started flowing along with the usual 37th birthday jokes and gag gifts. The music continued as stripper after stripper came out on the stage to show their stuff, most of them were very young and it showed nice firm tits and asses. After 3 hours of watching chick after chick strip and grind their bodies sexually the excitement began to wear off, I just happened to look up for some odd reason when my mouth fell open. My eyes were glued to the woman on the stage wildly grinding her hips to the music she came out wearing high heels and a white 1-piece teddy. Her dark skin stood out against the white teddy, she wore large dangling earrings and her black bra and bikinis could easily be seen through the teddy. I swallowed hard and blinked my eyes several times to make sure I was seeing what I thought. This woman was younger than most of the others, I knew how old this woman was. About that time Brad seen my expression, “What’s the matter, you look like you’ve seen a ghost.” He said. Brad again looked at her on the stage and then back at me, he continued, “You know her don’t you, I can tell by the look on your face.” When I did not respond he went on, “Well, buddy, have you figured out what you want for your birthday?” I just stared at her and said ” Yea, her.” Brad went on, “Who the hell is she anyway?” I said, “She is my neighbor, her name is Corinne and she is 22 years old. She had lived beside us for about 5 years, she spends a lot of time sun bathing and working out to keep in shape, as you can tell it works. I don’t know her that well but we have had several personal conversations as of recently, it seems that she caught her boyfriend and some other chick in bed, swore to me that she would get revenge. She told me that her revenge would hurt her boyfriend much more than his fling hurt her, I would guess that tonight is just a part of her planned revenge. I am a little surprised that she is doing this, she usually is kind of modest, she sun bathes behind a privacy fence, the only way I could see her was to watch her from our upstairs bedroom window.” The alcohol I had been drinking all night finally took effect as my bladder was killing me; I had to piss badly. I said to Brad, “Be back shortly, got to hit the can.” There was quite a line in the can that night so I was probably gone from the table for about 5 minutes, when I returned Brad hit me with the bomb shell. Brad said, “So, you would like to have her for your birthday, right?” I answered with a slight tingling in my groin, “Fucking right!” Brad responded, “Good, she’s yours.” I looked at him with a doubting look and said, “What the hell are you talking about, you’re so full of shit!” Brad and I had been close friends since school, it was not uncommon for either of us to pull a prank on the other one, I just figured this was one of those times. He explained, ” I’m not shitting you man, while you were pissing I offered her $500 to do a private strip show at my house, told her it was a birthday party for a very close friend. She accepted very willingly, she is to be at my address in 1 hour, I want you to wait for about 1 and 1/2 hours, then come to my place and claim you’re present.” He and everyone else sitting at our table got up and left, I sat there somewhat in a daze. If this was one of his jokes I would look pretty stupid showing up at his place planning to get my rocks off in the neighbor woman, but if it wasn’t I would miss an easy opportunity to see just how good she really was. I knew Brad was just crazy enough to try something like this, I thought what the hell, you are only 37 once, my mind quickly began planning what I would do to her given the opportunity. I glanced at my watch many times; I did not want to be late. The time finally came to leave; I left the bar, jumped in my car and headed towards Brad’s place. Brad’s place was a secluded spot several miles from town or anyone. You had to follow a long winding gravel driveway to get to his house completely surrounded by big trees, if you did not know the house was here you could easily miss it. There were quite a few cars already here, I quickly noticed Corinne’s car, Brad wasn’t shitting me, and she was here. I decided to park my car behind the house to make sure she did not see it. As I entered the back door Brad was there to meet me. Brad had a wicked looking grin on his face, “Well buddy, you still don’t believe me about Corinne, do you?” I responded, “Shit, if I told you that she was yours would you believe me?” He laughed, “Good point, but just in case you decide to accept my present she is in the upstairs bedroom, she is yours for 1 hour, then I want her to provide the show to all the rest of us. Happy Birthday buddy!” He turned and walked away, I headed up the stairs. I headed down the hallway after reaching the top of the stairs, I placed my hand on the doorknob and opened it slowly. The room was totally dark, I could hear somebody wiggling around on the bed, and I finally found the light switch and turned it on. My cock immediately turned rock hard, my heart began pounding in my chest. There on the bed was Corinne, stripped totally naked and blindfolded. Her wrists were tied to the headboard, her ankles were tied way out to each side, her knees slightly bent, the ropes from each ankle ran to the side rails of the bed, causing her to be in an extremely wide spread eagle. Her brown pussy staring me in the face, her pink pussy lips obscenely splayed open, her clit fully exposed to me. Her firm perky tits jutting outwards and upwards on her chest, each mound capped on the end by a light brown nipple, not yet erect but that soon would change. Her entire body was a gorgeous brown color, it was evident she sun bathed nude. She began asking, “Who’s there?” as she sensed me near the bed. She began saying ” No, stop, don’t do that!” as I began twisting her limp nipples between my fingertips. She continued her pleading and began trying to turn away from my exploring fingers. She wiggled as much as her bonds would let her and begged for me to stop as I began massaging, squeezing and rubbing her fleshy globes. Corinne’s tits were firm and erect, standing up on her chest wall, a perfect size for any man. The once limp nipples began to grow and enlarge after several minutes of fondling her breasts, she kept up the twisting and pleading for me to stop. I placed my mouth over one nipple, sucking and pulling on the enlarged end, milking it with my lips while doing the same to the other nip with my fingers. Not wanting to miss an inch of her beautiful naked body I put my mouth on her other globe and did the same. My hands continued their assault on her boobs while my tongue began a downward track. I placed my tongue between her firm mounds of titty flesh and began slowly moving it down across her flat tight stomach towards her navel. Once at her belly button I rimmed the edge several times before diving the tip of my tongue all the way in. She whimpered and quivered slightly with each thrust of my tongue into her navel. I got up and positioned myself between her gapping thighs; she knew what was coming. “Oh no, not there, please stop!” she begged. She struggled again against her bonds when she felt my kisses running up the insides of her firm thighs from the knees, paying special attention to the soft undersides of her thighs. After kissing and licking up and down both legs my tongue ended up on her lower stomach, just above her muff line. It teased back and forth from side to side; she gave a startled jerk when she felt my teeth slightly clamping Çubuk travesti the skin. I loved to put hickeys on chicks just above the pussy hairline; it’s kind of like your own personal brand. When I pulled my lips from her there was a dark purple hickey directly in the center between her legs just above her snatch hair. Corinne’s hips jumped from the bed as my tongue flicked over her exposed clit, each flick of my tongue brought a low moan from her. I began rimming her cunt, running my tongue around and around the now puffy lips, her bottom moving wildly in direction with my tongue. Her honey pot was now wet with her passion juices, her body shivered and shook as she rode the climatic wave knocking at her. Suddenly she gasped, grinding her hips towards me as hard as she could, my tongue had sank itself into her wet depths, flicking it around inside of her as fast as I could. Her body began an uncontrollable shaking as I felt her jism flow onto my probing tongue, when my tongue was completely coated with her love juice I pulled it back into my mouth, savoring the sweet taste of her. Corinne’s chest and stomach continued rising and falling rapidly from the relief of her orgasm, I could take it no longer. I released my rock hard cock by dropping my jeans and underwear and stepping free of them. The head was heavily covered with pre-cum, the 8 inch shaft ready to explode, I had to bury it inside her wanting cunt. This time when she felt me positioning myself between her legs she did not plead for me to stop, her body still in need of a vaginal orgasm. I felt her heat as the head contacted her wet outer lips, she whimpered a little when she felt the pressure I was applying, suddenly she gasped and arched her hips. The hard head had penetrated her; it was now inside her hot wet twat. With another couple of pushes I found myself slid in to the hilt, her muff hair entangled in mine, my balls resting against her ass. I sat there for a few seconds, suddenly she began rocking herself and again began thrusting her hips, she was in no mood to wait, and she wanted it now. I started with slow even strokes, slowly threading the 8 inches into her and then just as slowly removing it from her. Her timing was great as each time I pushed back into her she raised her ass off the bed and met my plunge. After about 10 minutes of this I began to feel the familiar feeling in my balls, that tingling of an impending ejaculation, I could also feel her vaginal muscles contracting, knowing her orgasm was near. She started bucking and thrashing wildly as my thrust sped up, harder and harder I pounded into her, the harder I pounded the more she responded. We both were sweating, but neither cared, we both needed the same thing, an orgasm. I suddenly felt her cunt grip my cock firmly, she shrieked and tossed her head from side to side, I rammed with all the force I had into her. I felt the sudden warmness from her ejaculation surrounding my shaft just prior to shooting my sticky jism into her body. I kept fucking her until the very last little bit of cum had been squeezed from my member, I collapsed on top of her, my shaft still buried inside her parted legs. I lay on top of her for several minutes while catching my breath, I raised myself to pull myself from her. Her tight pussy still firmly squeezing my cock, a loud pop was heard as I came free of her, she moaned and again arched her hips. I got dressed and thought to myself that was one hell of a present, Corinne was a damn good piece of ass. I was just coming out of the bedroom when Brad came to the top of the stairs, “Well, was she worth it?” he asked. “Best piece of fucking ass I ever had!” I beamed. Brad said, “The show is about to begin, I suggest you take a seat at that window, it overlooks the patio deck where the next show is about to begin.” The window was open so I could hear and see everything on the deck, there were about 15 men on the deck, most of them drinking and having a good time. I wondered to myself what was in store for Corinne; Brad had a pretty perverted mind at times. Brad had gone the full spread, tables of food were at different places around the deck, barbecue grills were going, it was a regular picnic. The night air was soon filled with whistles and cat calls as Brad, leading Corinne by the arm came out onto the deck. She was wearing a tight fitting tube top, it hugged her slender body firmly, she also had on a bra, and the bra made her already perky tits look firm. The blue jeans she had on must have had to been molded around her, it showed every curve and crack of her sexy little ass, the crotch pulling up deeply into her. The men on the deck finally quieted down, Brad announced, ” Well guys, here’s the entertainment I promised you tonight. Corinne is going to strut her stuff, for $500 she is going to be more than willing to show us what she’s got, right Corinne?” She had a look of fear in her eyes, but never made any response to Brads question. She watched them as they formed a circle around her on the deck. they put a picnic table in the middle of the circle, Laughing they said, ” Here’s your stage honey, show us what you got!” The strip tease music began coming from the speakers, Corinne just stood there, I thought to myself at that time she probably realized that her revenge had gone terribly bad, but there was nothing she could do about it now. Several of the men began chanting, “Take it off, take it off, take it all off, we want to see some skin!” Corinne still stood there frozen, a couple of them said, “Maybe she needs some help!” They jumped up and brabbed her arms, she tried to pull away from them, she screamed, “No, leave me alone!” She was soon lifted into a standing position on the picnic table, one of the 2 men looked at her and said, “Now, strip bitch!” I watched her eyes and face, her eyes showed the look of terror, and her beautiful face was tense and tight. She was totally surrounded by 15 men, all of them wanting to see her naked, she could only guess what would happen after that. She wished now that maybe she and her boyfriend had talked it out about his fling, if so she might not be in this position now. Oh she wished she had it to do over again, but she didn’t, maybe as the night went on and they became more tanked up she could find a way to escape. But for now she had better try to keep them pleased, she began moving her hips. She closed her eyes and tried to block out the eyes that were burning into her, she placed her hands behind her head, thrusting her hard tits even further out, and a cheer came from the men. She began grinding her hips around in slow rhythmic circles, every now and then thrusting her hips forward to the beat of the drum. They were all now cat calling, giving wolf whistles and making lewd statements, she did not know how much longer she could stall taking anything off but she was going to try. She noticed that the yells to take if off stopped whenever her own hands seemed to touch any of her private parts, it sickened her at what she was about to do but it seemed to take their minds off her stripping. She spread her legs out on the table, she ran her hands slowly up the insides of her thighs until they were in her crotch, then she began rubbing the fingers on both hands along the crotch of the pants buried deep inside her lips. She then slid one hand up her flat stomach, sliding it under the elastic of the tube top, and continuing up until her hand rested on her left tit. Once there she began toying with the nipple until the indent of her hardened nipple was evident through the tube top material. She licked her lips, moaned and touched herself, this worked for about 15 minutes, but again she soon realized they were tiring of this. The chant again began, “Take it off, we want to see some flesh!” Corinne had run out of time, someone yelled, “She’s fucking stalling, let’s strip her!” . She tried to jump off the table and run, before she could get anywhere 2 men had hold of her arms. She was screaming, “Let me go, please let me go!” Brad approached her; he was slapping a wooden paddle with holes in it against his hand, smiling lustfully. He said, “You are stalling, you were hired to strip for us and so far have not done it, I paid you $500 to do so, I guess you need to be showed I get what I pay for.” He instructed the 2 men holding her to bend her over the tabletop, she screamed and squirmed, trying to escape them. They were too strong; she soon was bent over Çukurambar travesti the table, her sexy bottom hanging dangerously over the edge. Brad walked behind her, her arms were pinned behind her back, and she tried desperately to turn her head so she could see him. Whack, whack, whack sounded in the night air, quickly followed by Corinne’s screams. Brad’s assault on her bottom continued, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack went the paddle against her cheeks, Brad did not stop until tears rolled from Corinne’s eyes. While her hands were behind her back a pair of handcuffs were placed on her wrists, firmly holding them in place. Brad had them place her back into a standing position on the table; he climbed up beside her. He grabbed her by the hair and pulled back, raising her face upwards, once there he began kissing her lips. He began forcing his tongue into her mouth, he pulled away, and she was breathing heavily. Again he lip locked her, his free hand went to the tube top, and with one pull he tore it from her. She began trying to pull away from him, but he held on tight. His hands began caressing her nipples through the black lacey material of the bra. In a few minutes her hardened nipples pushed out against the fabric, she really began trying to pull away when his hand moved down her stomach to the snap on her jeans. He did not release his hold on her hair or lips, she breathed heavily partly due to sexual excitement and partly due to the constant struggling she had done. Brad’s fingers quickly unsnapped the jeans, slowly his fingers grasped the zipper, and slowly he lowered the zipper all the way down. A man near the table jumped up, grasped the waistband of the jeans and began pulling downward. Corinne struggled but was no match; the tight fitting jeans now lay in a heap around her ankles. She could feel the eyes burning into her nearly naked body; she was lifted up slightly so the jeans could be pulled from her feet. The men cheered and whistled at her black lacey bikini panties, “more, more.”Came the chants. Brad pulled his lips from hers again, her chest and belly heaved from heavy breathing. Corinne hated herself, she could feel herself getting wet between her legs, she was being ****d but was yet sexually turned on, what was the matter with her. Corinne suddenly felt several pairs of hands on her, a pair running up her sleek sides towards her breasts, another pair of hands running up the sides of her legs. She tried to look down but was prevented when Brad again pulled her head back and began probing her mouth with his tongue. She jumped when she felt something pulling on her bra, suddenly the material ripped away, the night air caused her erect nipples to swell even more. She felt fingers curling into the waistband of her panties but was powerless to stop what was happening, that material soon gave way too, the night air contacted her naked skin. Her legs were being pulled apart, she tried to keep them together but could not, she grimaced when a pair of hands came around from behind her and began squeezing her tits. Roughly her globes were squeezed and pinched. She suddenly jumped when a finger, then 2 entered her greasy snatch. The fingers were definitely not giving her any pleasure, savagely the fingers reamed and rammed, twisted and pulled, rubbed and jabbed. Tears almost swelled up in her eyes when the hands fingering her breasts began pinching and twisting her engorged nipples. As quickly as the assault started it stopped, she was lifted down off the table, Brad released the cuffs around her wrists. She began screaming and fighting again as several men grabbed her and placed her up on the table on her back. Her arms were pulled high over her head and tied to the tabletop. She kicked and screamed but could not stop them from spread eagling her, her legs were pulled obscenely open, and then her ankles were tied down to the seats. Her clit was totally exposed to their hands and eyes, her firm tits poking up, her nipples still erect. The table was soon surrounded like a circle jerk, her in the middle, totally helpless and vulnerable. For the next 15 minutes the night air was filled with her shrieks, please and begging for them to stop. All 15 men took turns touching her in all those private places. Her nipples were twisted and pulled, pinched and bitten while every opening below her waist was filled over and over again by fingers. At one time there must have been 5 fingers in her pussy while at least 2 or 3 fingers were probing her ass. After all of them had taken a turn at seeing what she had they backed away, she sobbed hysterically from the abuse but even the tears could not stop her from seeing what was going on now. One by one, they lowered and removed their pants and underwear, 15 men, all with erections again encircled her. She watched in disbelief as a couple of them returned with bottles of squeeze honey in their hands, she squirmed as her entire body from her shoulders down was covered with a coating of the sticky glaze, she jumped when she felt the nozzle pushed into her open cunt, she felt the sticky wet goo fill her pussy. Her muff hair was a thick sticky tangled mess, the surplus that run off her hairy mound trickled down between her gapping lips. She squeezed her eyes shut and bit her lip, their lips and tongues touched every inch of her naked skin. They sucked and licked nibbled and bit even in her most private parts, the tongue between her legs continually r****g her cunt and crotch, she felt the goo being sucked from within her vagina. It took them almost 30 minutes to clean her off, not a drop of honey was left on her body or inside her body when they were through, her skin was red from the constant sucking and licking. What she seen and heard next shocked her, one of the men returned to the table where she was spread open holding a polish sausage. The sausage was about 12 inches long and probably 1 and 1/2 inches to 2 inches in diameter, it had a long gradual curve to it. She watched as he squirted butter on the end, then taking his hand he encircled the tip and began stroking the piece of meat like a cock, making sure the whole thing was covered in butter. He smirked, “Let’s see just how hot you are, let’s see if that cute little cunt of yours can cook this piece of meat.” As he began moving closer to her pussy she began pleading, “Oh no, you aren’t serious, please no, don’t put that in me, oh please no!” Corinne began bouncing her hips when she felt the cold tip against her outer lips, she was spread so far that moving was almost impossible. She had a sickening feeling in the pit of her stomach when she felt the sausage push into her open snatch, the butter made it enter easily. She whimpered as the large chunk of meat pushed against her vagina walls as it sank in, when finished shoving only about 2 inches could be seen sticking out from her. Her muscles clamped it tightly as he began working it in and out of her, pulling it out slowly and then ramming it all the way in. She suddenly felt the unbelievable feeling, that twinge between her legs, the beginning of an orgasm. She could not believe it, being gang ****d and violated by a piece of sausage, it was unreal to her to be able to orgasm. Her clit and nipples became tightly engorged, slight moans escaped her throat when he buried it into her, the thought raced in her mind, I can’t be cumming, oh please don’t let me cum. But her body did not listen, with an shriek she began riding the wave of orgasm, her body spasming and jerking, her hips twitching and grinding, finally the wave ended, they had made her cum using a piece of sausage, how humiliating. But they had not humiliated her enough yet, they took turns biting the sausage with their teeth and pulling it from her slick pussy 1 inch at a time, once an inch was on the outside of her they bit it off and chewed it. This continued until the last inch popped free of her love tunnel and into the guy’s mouth poised between her legs. Her hands and ankles were untied and she was pulled into a sitting position on the table, she quickly drew up her knees in front of her and placed her arms across her boobs, trying to hide her nudity. She was pulled from the table and taken over to a metal contraption, she had seen pictures of these things before in porn catalogs, it was called a love chair. The chair was designed so that hands, arms, legs buttocks and ankles could be placed at various places on the chair to be Demetevler travesti bound, the chair was totally adjustable and flexible, allowing the victim to be placed in any position desired. She screamed, “No, leave me alone, stop it”.Of course as she was being hoisted to the chair roving hands managed to probe her again; she was placed flat on her stomach on the iron mechanism. There was a bar running across the mechanism at about her neck, both of her hands were shackled at each end of the bar. The 2 bars running along under her legs had a padded ledge, these were slid down until below her knees. Once there her knees just below the bend was shackled to the pads. Next a bar that looked like a t was placed against her pelvis, the crossbar of the t just a few inches above her muff line, as the bar was pulled up towards her at a 45 degree angle it caused her ass to be moved up and back, placing her into a doggy position. At that point a shackle from the bars holding her in a doggy position was snapped around each thigh, about 12 inches up from her knee. Corinne was totally held immobile, the t bar pushing against her upper thighs met she could not rock forward, the shackles around her thighs would allow her to move backwards. She felt that sickening feeling again when the pads her knees rested on began to slide apart, she felt her entire ass and crotch open more and more with each inch the pads slid. She felt, as if she was about to be ripped in too, the spread between her thighs was huge. I almost creamed my jeans, fuck she had a nice ass. Her inner lips almost protruded to the outside because of the huge gap, her clit was totally open and vulnerable. Brad picked up an ear of sweet corn left on the platter, it still had the kernels on it, and it was about 14 inches long and at least 2 inches in diameter. He looked at her and then at all the guys and said, “Hey fellas, what would you think if we were to have a little creamed corn for supper, I bet we can get Corinne here to cream if for us don’t you?” She looked at him in a daze; he surely wasn’t going to push that huge ear of corn into her, was he? Brad picked up a ball gag from the table, he said, “I think we will use this, I don’t want to hear her creaming my corn!” She clamped her teeth tight and swung her head back and forth as he tried to push the ball gag into her mouth, she winced and opened her mouth to scream when the wooden paddle came across her tight ass, he quickly shoved it into her mouth. She tried to watch him as he went behind her, she jumped when he began twisting and pinching her exposed clit. He said, “Let’s see if we can get the pan ready, the trick to creamed corn is to make sure there is plenty of liquid in the pan before putting in the corn, it makes the finished product taste much sweeter.” He continued rubbing her crotch, another couple of guys began milking her tits, rubbing and stroking the engorging nipples. She thought, “Damn, these fuckers are trying to get me wet, my body is betraying me!” as she felt that tingling feeling in her stomach. She jumped and her head came up as soon as the end of the corn began pushing against her, she tried to scream as the huge vegetable felt like it was ripping her apart. The screams only came out as a muffled sound, hardly legible because of the ball gag. She almost passed out as finally her vaginal muscles lost the battle, the end of the ear disappeared up and into her open crevice. Her jaws ached from the ball gag forcing her mouth so far open, tears streamed down her cheeks, but that did not seem to matter, relentlessly the pressure continued against her. She felt the monster stretching her vagina wall to the limit, never had she felt such pain before, she knew her extreme pain was giving these guys extreme pleasure. She did not know how much of the ear was in her but felt now as if she was going to bust, never had she felt this full. Her soft pink flesh tightly gripped the kernels, slowly little by little it continued to sink. Brad had the look of total satisfaction on his face, after about 2 inches of the ear stuck out from her overly stretched cunt he quit pushing and said, “I’ve finally hit bottom, I think the pans ready, let’s see if she will be a good girl and cream it now for us!” Corinne’s body suddenly went limp as Brad began pulling the ear from her and then re-inserting it, she had passed out from the pain. A glass of cold beer on her face quickly brought her back to the world of pain. The sliding ear almost appeared to be pulling her guts on the outside, after several movements of the ear in and out her body become a little more accustomed to the size. She could see through the tears in her eyes several of the men lining up in front of her face, their erections pointing at her. The first man reached out and removed the ball gag, she was relieved to have the pressure removed from her aching jaws. That only lasted a minute, with 1 quick move the ball gag in her mouth was replaced by his cock head. She gagged as his first thrust entered her gullet; he held her face so the head stayed lodged in her throat. After the gagging reflex stopped he began thrusting into her warm mouth. She felt the huge object in her snatch increase its thrusting tempo as the man drilling her face increased his, suddenly he gasped, she felt the warm glob fill her throat, she had never given head before. She was going to spit it out when he pulled free of her face but never got the chance, as soon as he popped free another dick was pushed into her mouth. She felt the impending rush of another orgasm as the ear of corn reamed her body, as soon as 1 man had shot his load into her throat another took his place. Her stomach felt sick as she was forced to swallow load after load of jism, the sticky salty taste staying in her mouth. She suddenly had a violent body shaking orgasm, the cock in her mouth was sucked hungrily as the need between her legs was being taken care of. She felt herself gush onto the corn, sweat oozed from every pore on her body. All the men had taken turns at her face by the time Brad had removed the ear of corn from her crotch, she watched as he now lifted the ear of corn, covered with her love juices and began eating it. He smirked at her, “Good Creamed Corn Bitch!” They stood her up after unfastening all her shackles, allowing the blood to begin flowing to her limbs. That relief was short lived; they pulled her over to the side of the deck. Once there her legs were pulled apart, her ankles were tied to the braces holding up the deck railing. A piece of rope was tied around her wrists and thrown over the side of the deck. They pulled the rope from the ground until she was bent over the deck railing, her stomach laying on the rail, then securely tied the end of the rope to a deck leg. Brad said, “Well guys, we have seen what she’s got but haven’t tried what she’s got, what do you say, shall we try her out?” A cheer went up from the guys, she could see them lining up behind her again, and she was going to be gang banged and was helpless to stop it. She tried to close her eyes and shut out what was happening to her but could not, the prying hands opened her up, she felt Brad’s large head against her lips, then with 1 quick lunge he was pounding his legs against the backs of hers. Brad drove harder and harder until she felt his hot load fill her pussy. The next several guys fucked her the same way, they did not want to please her, just fuck her hard and make it hurt. She wasn’t sure which guy it was, maybe the 6th or 7th but anyway he shoved his large dick into her wet sloppy hole, then pulled back out. She felt his digging fingers trying to pull her buttocks apart, she then realized what he was trying to do. She wailed, ” Oh no, I’ve never done that, stop please!” The more she pleaded the harder he shoved against her anal ring, she screamed as pain shot through her when his head entered her anus, he was not waiting for her body to adjust to the new intruder, gripping her waist he gave a lunge. She shrieked as he sank himself into her inner depths, after pushing in and pulling out several times it became easier, tears filled her eyes again as she felt the hot warm goo filling her poop shoot. The gang bang continued for the next several hours, she could not scream anymore, she barely was even able to acknowledge when a cock was in her ass or twat. She felt the loads of cum running out of her ass and pussy, but it did not seem to matter to them. They all took several turns at her ass and pussy, many of them fucking her 3 or 4 times before it finally ended. Corinne was still tied to the railing when I got up to leave, I wondered to myself if she now realized that revenge is really not sweet!

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