Revenge is best served cold.


Revenge is best served cold.As he finished dressing, he caught sight of his refelction in the mirror and thought,looking good, some bitch is going to have a good time tonight. He headed to one of his favorite pick up spots. He liked this place because it was frequented by women who were out looking for a bit of extra marital fun while husbands were away on business trips. When the cats away and all that. She entered and he locked on to her stright away. Long light summer dress, large tote bag slung over her shoulder. As she moved acrossed the room she turned almost every male head in the place. She walked to the bar, slid up on to a stool five spaces away from him letting the bag slide to the ground and crossed her legs. The bar man rushed over and took her order, serving her with a beaming smile. He watched as she sipped her drink and looked coyly round the room seeming to check out the males that might be available for the night. She glanced over at him and let her eyes linger a bit too long. Yes he thought, I’m going to have you tonight. She turned away and sipped her drink. As he watched her she would turn her head now and then and check him out. He could feel the exciement building as his cock started to stiffen. She was a real beauty, long slender legs, frim tits and hard nipples. He could see them pushing out thru her dress. He wondered if she was shaved or did she have a little bush nestling betweeen her legs, he thought I’ll soon find out. When her drink was getting low, he called the bar man over and sent her a refill. The bar man nodded toward him as he set the drink down in front of her. She turned to him and smiled and nodded thank you, flicking her long hair over her shoulder away from her face. She played with the drinking straw teasing it with her tongue as he watched. He decided he had scored and moved to the stool next to her. She smiled as he sat beside her and said Hi. asyabahis yeni giriş Thank you for the drink, she said. A pleasure, came the reply. He asked her name and she said, I don’t think we need names now do we, giving him a very sexy smile. They chatted as they drank two more drinks. She was smiling and laughing, touching his arm lingering a bit too long at times. He knew that he would soon feel her hot naked body moving in time with his as he fucked long, hard and deep. It almost seemed to easy, but then he thought no, I’m a good looking guy why shouldn’t she want to feel my cock pleasuring her. As she finished the last of her dring she asked, Do we need to stay here any longer?. Ok then lets go somewhere more intimate where we can get to know each other better, my hotel is just round the corner. Now that was an offer he couldn’t refuse. As they left she slipped her arm into his, and pulled him close. As they rode the elevator to the fifth floor room she place her hand between his legs to tease his now fully hard cock. Mmmmmmm,feels nice and hard she said. He reached round and grabbed her frim ass, saying, cute butt honey. The door pingged open and she led him by the hand to her room, opening the door pulling him inside. She kicked the door shut and told him to strip and get into bed while she went to the bathroom. She dropped her bag beside the bed as she entered the bathroom. He stripped quickly admiring his hard standing cock in the mirror. He got into bed and awaited her return. The door swung open and she stood there naked. Her full frim breasts and hard nipples had his cock dancing under the sheet. As his eyes moved down over her body, firm flat belly, and her slightly hair covered pussy with huge lips that already seemed to be glistening and moist. The bed sheet rose as his cock stood at full mast.She climbed up onto the bed and straddled him grabbing asyabahis giriş his cock and rubbing it on her pussy thru the sheet. She smiled at his as she asked, I have a little request. I want your cock in my pussy, but I like a little bit of kinky fun. Would you let me hand cuff you to the head board while I fuck you??? He nodded yes. Thinking about it was making him even more horny. She reached down and pulled the hand cuffs from her bag and showed them to him smiling as she rattled them before his eyes. She could feel his cock twitching between her legs, as she bend over, taking his hands and scuring him to the head board. Then she asked, I’m really kinky do you mind if I blind fold you too, you can have your fun later if you wish, it’s all give and take honey. He said yes, and she pulled a blind fold from her bag and put it around his head rubbing her pussy and tits on him as she did so. He was so turned that pre cum was pumping from his rock hard cock.She played with his cock fondling his balls. He was cooing in pleasure as her soft hands worked on his cock and balls. He felt her tongue lick his nob and he thought he was going to cum. She reached for his nipples and pulled and pinched them as he moaned in total pleasure.She then jumped off the bed, saying give me a minute honey, I want to get ready for you. He wondered what she was doing and seen as how he couldn’t see, it only made him more horny. A minute later she climbed back onto the bed, saying open your mouth for me honey. He did as he was asked and she stuffed a rag into his leaving him unable to speak. He thought it was all part of the game. She removed the blind fold and his eyes grew wide when he saw the huge strap on cock she was holding in her hand. He tried to move off the bed, only then did he realise that he had no controll over his limbs, his legs wouldn’t work, he couldn’t move his arms, he could asyabahis güvenilirmi only lay there helpless. She smiled wicketly at him as she took two pieces of rope and started to tie then round his legs just under his knees. She hooked the ropes round the head board and pulled his legs up leaving him with his legs wide apart. Oh yes, she said, you cant move because I have d**gged you with that rag. He had a total look of fear on his face as she waved the huge rubber cock in front of him. His hard cock died before her eyes. She took some lube and put it on her fingers and roughtly forced them up his ass hole. He tried to scream, but only gave off a muffled sound with the rag in his mouth. She took the huge 14 inch rubber cock in her hand and whipped his dead cock and balls with it, Then she pressed it against his ass bud. He shook his head as he felt the dildo invade his ass hole.His ass popped open and with one crule push she drove the rubber cock all the way into him. He almost passed out from the pain of his ass been filled to bursting. She began to fuck him as hard as she could, giving him full long strokes. She looked down and smiled as the huge rubber cock half in half our covered in blood. Oh, she said, I think I’ve popped your cherry, look at all the blood. The pain was unbearable and he passed out from it. She didn’t take much pity on him she fucked him as hard as she could till she was to tired to go on. She pulled the rubber cock from his ass, covered in blood and shit. She dressed and sat there waiting for him to come round, she waited 20 mintues till he came round. When he did she slapped him hard across the face over and over till he was fully awake. When she had his attention. She looked into his eyes,saying, you don’t remember me, but 5 years ago your ****d me you bastard.Now you know how it feels, think of it everytime your cock gets hard. I doubt you’ll go to the cops. How would that sound,,,I want to report a ****, Oh yes sir and who’s the victim,,,,, Can you see yourself saying,,,me!!!! She stood and walked out of the room leaving him cuffed to the bed with the door standing fully open….. Yes sometimes revenge is best served cold…

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