Rick Needed a Beer, Gets Much More Pt. 10


“Sue, I like having a hairy body, I admit Tim looks really hot smooth, but I don’t think that’s for me.”

“You didn’t want to put on the pink panties I got you last night, and ended up loving how you look in them, like a sexy cocksucker, didn’t you? We are going to shave you, and then I have some really sexy things for you to wear.”

After arguing for a while I realized her mind was made up and she was determined for me to experience being smooth, and as she put it, explore my feminine side, as all good cocksuckers should do, after all, it will grow back.

We went into the bathroom and I stood in the middle of the room. She used my electric trimmer and started at my ankles and worked her way up, trimming as close as she could. She even trimmed my balls, around my cock and even my armpits. I already looked quite different, and she hasn’t shaved me yet. I couldn’t believe the pile of hair on the floor and grabbed the vacuum cleaner and cleaned it up.

Sue watched and joked “you can be my houseboy any time you want, the only condition is that you work in the nude. you look so hot vacuuming. Now is the fun part, let’s get in the shower so I can shave you from your neck to your toes.”

She stripped and we got in the shower, me grabbing a new razor and handing it to her. She lathered me up and started at my toes. She had me rinse off after she finished my legs and looked at them, smiled, and said “you have sexy legs, I can’t wait to see them in the stockings I bought you!” Next she shaved my arms, arm pits, chest and stomach, saving my junk for last. Her shaving me was really erotic. My cock was hard as a rock. She finished, turned the shower off and grabbed a towel and dried me off. I looked in the mirror and couldn’t believe my new look, it was definitely different, and I liked it.

As I stood admiring my new smooth, hairless look she massaged body lotion over my entire body, and said “I can tell you like being smooth all over, I can see it in your eyes, and now it’s time for the best part. Sit here on the stool. She grabbed her bag and pulled out a bunch of stuff and said “now I’m going to make you beautiful.”

I said “You aren’t thinking about putting makeup on me? No way!”

“Rick, let’s have some fun. Pretend it’s halloween, but we don’t have to go out. I think you will have fun and love the new you, and once we finish making you beautiful I have some special things for you to wear.”

She turned me away from the mirror so I couldn’t see what she was doing or how it looked. She started with foundation, mascara, eye liner, eye shadow, blush, and finally, some red lipstick. She stood back and took a long look at me, smiled and said “you look absolutely fabulous! take a look.”

I turned and looked, and was stunned. I looked totally different, in a way, pretty. I stared at how she had transformed me. She called me from the bedroom “now it’s time to get you dressed.”

I walked in and she handed me a pair of black lacy panties which I quickly put on. They felt great on my smooth skin and I thought we were finished, but I was wrong. She reached into her bag and pulled out a garter belt and some black stockings with lace around the tops. I sat on the bed and pulled the stockings onto my smooth legs. They felt wonderful, and made me feel sexy. She showed me how to fasten them to the garter belt. The stockings looked great and I liked the look. She then reached in her bag and pulled out a black lacy bra which she put on me and fastened in the back, then grabbed some gel falsies and put them into my bra, adjusting them under my chest muscles, pushing them up and giving the impression that I had some nice cleavage.

She said “you look so sexy! I have one more thing,” and pulled out a shoe box, opened it and pulled out a pair of black, 4 inch heels. “Every good cocksucker has a pair of these.”

I put them on and tried to walk in them, stumbling, very unstable, to say the least. “She said “you’ll master walking in those in no time”, grabbing my arm and helping me walk in to look in the mirror. “I still need to get you a wig. would you like to be a brunette or blond?”

I stared at myself, thinking that I probably couldn’t pass as a woman, but I am one beautiful man! I told her I’d like long, wavy brown hair like hers. Sue started taking pictures of me from all angles. She then picked up my phone and took some pictures and said “I want you to show these to your friends.” She then picked hers up again and said “turn around, lean over sticking your GAY ass out and look over your shoulder and give me your sexiest look.” “What is Tim’s phone number? I’m going to send him these so he can see how I’m helping you explore and accept your gay/feminine side.”

She texted Tim, “Here are some pics of Rick for your viewing pleasure. I wanted you to know that I’m your friend and I’m helping Rick to explore his feminine side. He misses you and would love for you to come over and kaynarca escort feed him your cock and fuck his gay ass.”

“OK Rick, …or I think I’ll call you Rickie when you are dressed up, let’s order a pizza and you can practice walking in your new heels while we wait for it to arrive.”

I practiced walking around the house, stopping in front of each mirror to admire my new look, this WAS fun, and she continued to encourage me, telling me what a beautiful cocksucker I had become. Then the door bell rang and I panicked and started to leave the room when she raised her voice and said, “Rickie, open the door and invite the pizza man in.”

I knew she was serious, so I walked over to the door and opened it and asked him to come in. He looked me over as I stood there in full make up, sexy lingerie and four inch heels, and without moving, said “that will be twenty dollars.”

Sue yelled from the other side of the room, “come in and put the pizza on the table, I’m getting my purse.” I watched him walk across the room, looking back at me, not knowing what to think. He was a chubby college kid, not the least bit attractive. I closed the door and stood there, embaressed that a total stranger had seen me like this. What did he think? Then I thought, is he seeing the real me?

Sue said “Rickie, come over here and ask the pizza man if he thinks you are pretty? and if he would rather have you pay for the pizza in some way other than cash?”

The pizza man said, “You look hot to me. I’ve never seen a man in drag before. You are definitely prettier than any of the girls that will go out with me.”

Sue asked him “Are you a virgin? have you ever had your cock sucked?”

He hesitated and then admitted he was a virgin and had never had a blow job. Sue walked over to him and put her arm around his shoulder and said “Awe, that’s so sad. Would you like Rickie to give you a blowjob? I bet Rickie would love to suck your cock. Why don’t you ask him to give you a blow job?”

Before I could speak, he looked at me and with his voice shaking, asked “would you suck my cock?”

I looked at Sue and she was glaring at me and said sternly, “don’t keep him waiting, on your knees and suck his cock!”

I knelt before him and unfastened his shorts and pulled them down and saw the outline of a small, erect cock in his tightie whities. I pulled them down and his cock bounced out. I grabbed it and started stroking it, looking up at Sue. She was still glaring at me and she said, “suck his cock, you know you want to, cocksucker.”

I leaned in and took his cock in my mouth and worked my tongue around the head and sucked and bobbed up and down the short length, thinking that if this was his first, I wanted him to enjoy it. He was already breathing hard, coming quickly in my mouth. I continued to gently milk all his cum out of his cock as it softened in my mouth. I backed off of it and looked up at him.

He said “thank you, that was amazing. I’ve never had such an intense orgasm.”

Sue spoke up and said “you will never get a better blow job than one you get from a gay man like Rickie, because they love to suck cock and have a passion for it.” She gave him $40 for $20 pizza and he zipped up and left with a smile on is face.

We ate pizza, drank beer and chatted. I told her it embarrassed me for a stranger to see me dressed up and I couldn’t believe she made me suck his cock. She said she loved that I would suck his cock for her and she was looking forward to having me suck cock for her again. She said she really enjoyed having me suck her hubby’s cock for her, but she knew I wanted to suck him. Tonight was different because she knew I didn’t want to suck the pizza guy’s dick and she got a thrill ordering me to suck his cock. It was late so I suggested we go to bed. I started walking down the hall to the master bedroom with Sue behind me.

“Rickie, you are really mastering walking in your high heels. Try swishing your hips back and forth. Yes, like that. Your ass looks so hot, and your long sexy legs, I bet most men would love to fuck your man pussy, given the chance. I know I’m going to enjoy fucking it now. Then you are going to eat my real pussy.”

She grabbed her big dildo and strapped it on. “I know you want to suck my big cock after sucking the pizza man’s small cock, don’t you.”

I answered by getting on my knees and taking her cock in my mouth and working it deep into my throat, and thought sucking her cock for her was growing on me, looking forward to her pounding my ass. We got in bed and I raised my legs, giving her easy access to what she now calls my man pussy. She slowly pushed her huge cock in deeply and then assaulted my ass with fast, deep strokes, massaging my prostate and sending waves of pleasure through my body. I couldn’t believe I was getting fucked for the second time today, and loving it.

She was talking dirty to me, “Rickie, your küçükyalı escort man pussy was made for fucking. You look so gay with your makeup and you look great in black lace. You love getting fucked like a woman, don’t you? You are such a cock whore!”

I loved her talking to me while she pounded my man pussy. I exploded, shooting my cum on my chest and stomach. She noticed and said “you really do like getting fucked like a woman. Most women never have an orgasm from getting fucked, and you cum every time without touching your cock!”

She pulled out and leaned down and sucked my cock dry and then licked my cum off my chest and stomach, moving up and kissing me, sharing my cum with me. She then moved up and planted her cunt on my face and I ate her to an intense orgasm. She then cuddled up next to me and we fell asleep.

The next morning I woke with Sue asleep with her head on my chest. I eased out from under her as I needed to get ready for work. As I sat on the edge of the bed I saw I was wearing stockings and remembered all that had happened yesterday. I took off my stockings and lacy panties and walked into the bathroom and panicked when I saw I had makeup on and thought, how do you get this stuff off?

I woke Sue and got her to help me clean my face. When she finished, she said “you have a lot to learn about makeup, it’s a good thing you have a good teacher. I also bought you more panties so you will have a new pair to wear each day under your suit.” She walked over to her bag and grabbed a handful of different colored panties and tossed them on the bed got dressed gave me a big hug and kiss and said she would check on me later and left to get ready to go to work.

I picked out a pair of purple lace panties, got dressed and headed to work.

I felt so sexy walking into the office. I was amazed how secretly wearing my purple lace panties could turn me on. Concentrating on work may be difficult today.

I was working through the morning, surprising myself with how much I was getting done, when my secretary, Diane, came in. She asked “Rick, Danny, the marketing rep from the company that is redoing our logo and letterhead wants me to send him pictures of our firm’s logo on the wall in the waiting room. My phone is old and has a shitty camera. Can I borrow your phone? Yours has such a good camera.”

I said sure and handed it to her. She is such a beauty, she’s hard to say no to. She’s almost 50, but looks at least 10 years younger and has a great figure that she proudly shows off wearing sexy outfits, like today, that often border on inappropriate for office attire.

She left and returned after about 20 minutes to return my phone.

I was deep in thought when my phone buzzed letting me know I had a new text. I checked it to find it was from Tim. It said, “I was surprised by Sue’s text last night. I never thought of you as a Fem, but you do look pretty made up and in lingerie. What turned me on and attracted me to you was that you are/were a masculine, hairy, confident MAN that was comfortable being intimate with me in so many ways. You really do give great head. I’m not interested in being in a relationship with a Fem. I wish you the best in your self exploration.”

My heart sank as I thought any chance of winning Tim back evaporated when he saw the pictures Sue sent him. As I was deep in thought, my phone buzzed again from an unknown number. I opened it and was looking at the pictures of me in drag with a message, “Rick, I suspect Diane accidentally sent me these pictures with the pic of the wall logo. Your secret, if it is a secret, is safe with me. I never suspected you were of this persuasion, but it made my day. I’ve always thought you were hot. I would love to have you over for dinner so we can get to know each other better and in new ways. Sincerely, Danny”

Now I’m mad. How was I so foolish to allow Diane to see those pics, and that she would send them to Danny! He is a nice, professional, and competent person, but is on the effeminate side and everyone suspects that he’s gay. She had to see the pics to send them to Danny. At that moment she stuck her head in the door and asked “can you sign these pleadings for me?”

“Come in and close the door”. She walked over to my desk and leaned over putting the papers in front of me, holding the pose like she frequently does, to be sure I get an eyeful of her ample breasts. She looked down and saw that I was holding my phone open to the text of the pics of me. I said “how could you?”

She came around the desk, pulled her skirt up and sat on the desk next to me and swung her leg over my head so that she was straddling me. I looked down at her sexy, shapely legs and her cunt was open for me to see, covered only by black lacy panties. She asked “do you like my panties? They look like the ones you are wearing in the pics. You know I’ve always wanted you to fuck me. Do you want to fuck me? or sancaktepe escort are you in to getting fucked by men? Danny has told me how hot he thinks you are and how he would love to fuck you, so in a moment of bad judgement I sent him the pics. Are you mad? … or glad that I sent them?”

“Diane, that was a one time thing that my girlfriend wanted to do. I never intended for you, or anyone to see those pics, or me dressed like that.”

“Well, you sure look like you are happy and having fun in the pictures, and your ass really does look hot. I can’t wait to hear what Danny has to say. Why don’t you feel my panties and see if they feel like some that you would like to wear?”

I reached out and rubbed her panties moving my touch up and down the slit of her cunt. She moaned and said “yes, rub my cunt” as she pulled her panties to the side giving me full access. I started fingering her and dove in, kissing and licking her pussy and nibbling on her clitoris.

“Rick, that feels wonderful. Fuck me, I want you in me!”

I stood up and unfastened my pants and they dropped to the floor. I had forgotten that I was wearing my new purple lace panties. Diane said “those are so sexy, show me your cock!”

I pulled my panties down. My cock was not fully erect and not hard enough to fuck her with so I started stroking it trying to get it hard. Diane was getting impatient and dropped to her knees and took my cock in her mouth and started sucking, hoping to bring it to life. I stood there embarrassed, as my cock wouldn’t respond to having a beautiful woman sucking on it. She stood up and said “I’ve never had a man not be able to get it up for me before. Are you GAY?”

“Diane! No I’m not gay! I’m just not comfortable doing this here in the office.”

“Well, Rick, you sure look gay in the pictures, and you are wearing really cute purple lace panties today, not your normal underwear of straight men, and you couldn’t get an erection with me sucking you cock? We need to try this again. I want you to come over Friday night, and I want you in full make up and dressed like you are in the pics. Say at 8:00? and I may have a surprise for you.”

She got up and said she was looking forward to seeing me all dressed up, and walked out.

Later that afternoon I got a text from Diane with the pic of me all made up and the message was “I saved the pictures, so don’t think about not showing up Friday night…in drag, unless you want these pics to get out.”

I left work and REALLY needed a beer and stopped at the bar. I was glad to see it was almost empty as I wanted to talk to Bill. I sat on my usual stool at the end of the bar and Bill came over and said hello. I said “Bill, I want to try something different, get me a Blue Moon with an orange wedge.”

He sat the beer down and I tasted it, liked it, and chugged it. “Bill, I’ll have another.”

He brought me the beer and asked “rough day? You seem upset.”

I told him about my eventful weekend, getting spit roasted in the sauna, Sue dressing me up, making me suck the pizza man’s cock and then fucking me with a huge dildo, and then today! I explained how I got text from Tim saying he didn’t like me dressed up, followed by a text from Danny saying he loved me in drag, and then worst of all, I couldn’t get it up to fuck my secretary. “Bill, I’m so confused and I’m not sure who I am. I’m glad I have you to talk to. I know you accept me as I am, whatever that is. Why is it that everybody wants to categorize me. Why can’t I just be me? I think I need to get away, maybe go to the beach for a week, alone, to relax and think.”

“Rick, I know what you need, let’s go back to the office.”

We walked into the office and Bill closed the door and we fell into each other’s arms, kissing and hugging. He unfastened my pants and they fell to the floor. Bill dropped to his knees and was staring at my purple panties, “Rick, I love your panties as he pulled them down and engulfed my cock in his hot, wet mouth and started giving me an outstanding blowjob, my cock was hard as a rock. It wasn’t long and I erupted in his mouth, having an intense orgasm. He stood up and we kissed. The taste of my cum in his mouth excited me and I wanted more, dropping to my knees freeing Bill’s cock and eagerly taking it deep in my mouth and throat. His cock felt so natural sliding in and out of my mouth and throat. I applied strong suction and used my tongue to add pleasure for Bill, as I wanted him to enjoy the moment. It wasn’t long and he grabbed my head with both hands and started fucking my mouth with urgency. I felt his cock start to throb, the feeling I love as the cock reaches it’s maximum strength as it experiences it’s greatest pleasure, shooting it’s delicious load of seed into my waiting mouth. I swallowed and milked him dry, then stood up and we kissed again, deeply, tasting our cum, sharing our love for bringing each other pleasure.

He looked me in the eyes and said “I don’t care if you are gay or straight, as long as you keep sucking my cock. You always make me feel like you enjoy sucking me as much as I enjoy being sucked by you. You really do give amazing head, and I enjoy your company, too.”

…to be continued…

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