Roll of the Dice


All characters in any sexual situations are over 18. The story is stands on its own as a concluded part.

I find this story difficult to categorize. There is incest, but it is not the main focus of the story. Everything is consensual, but there is role play, reluctant cuckolding, and sleeping sex involving pills, which all push the boundaries of consent. There is much focus on virginity, watersports, and an overweight aunt. Avoid if you think any of the above is not for you.


Over the past year, the games had come to increasingly mirror the sexual frustrations of the party.

At the moment, they were all staring intently at two dice tumbling over their table, settling a matter of great importance for the evening. The D20 settled on a 16, which seemed to be what mattered, because the players started cheering. Edgar the gamemaster let out a flat sigh.

“Her breasts are very big,” he declared to more cheering.

Edgar, Henry, Victor, Arthur, and Luna were almost inseparable since RPG club at college a few years ago. They were all working adults around 25 now, and the games were relocated from college to Edgar’s place, where he lived with his aunt. They played their own version of RuneMaster, throwing most rules of conduct out the window.

After their cheering, for example, Victor predictably asked for his character to rip all the clothes off the inkeepers daughter, checking if her tits were really as amazing as the GM insinuated.

“You’re ok with this Lu?” Edgar asked out of politeness, although everyone knew they always took the sick and twisted route in the end.

Luna was the only female member of the party. It was an open secret among them that her very prominent real-life breasts inspired the anatomies of many female NPCs Edgar had them encountering. She was a pale and enthusiastic goth girl with black hair, some variety of black fishnet clothing, and leather mixed with cheap plastic knock-offs, making her smooth, soft skin spill out in the most unusual places. She wasn’t fat, but she was filling out in very eye-catching ways. There also seemed to be more cleavage on display for every game night.

Luna’s slutty nerd body was the reason all testicles in the room were brimming over with sperm while they were playing the games. It was the reason all games turned perverted, because all the guys could only think about how they wanted to feel the blessing of Luna’s cunt — or any cunt — around their inexperienced cocks. As long as she was in the room, they would keep dreaming, and their fantasies grew increasingly frustrated, which turned her on quite a lot.

In reality she was off-limits to all of them but one, because she was the official girlfriend of Henry. He was the scrawniest and most quiet one of the bunch. Still, she enjoyed feeling as if she was the queen mistress of everyone there. These were her boys, and she loved them more than any mother ever could have. Now, if only she could get them to see that she was all they would ever need.

“You’re the prude in this room,” she replied Edgar. “If he want to that poor girl’s clothes off, I’ll help him! I love to help men play with tits! Come on, why don’t you draw us picture of how she looks naked?”

“How about showing us some real ones, Lu?” Victor asked, smirking, staring at her chest as if he was about to pounce her.

Victor was the self-appointed bad boy of their party. In the real world he was as timid as any of them, but here among friends he chose to overcompensate. When it came to Luna, he was all talk and no action.

None of the guys were confident or physical, although she could see them growing into their bodies, becoming men — with the social skills of teenage geeks. To be fair, the only ones who really grew in flattering ways were Vic and Art. Edgar lived from his aunt’s cooking, so in a few years he would officially be fat.

“I’d love to show some tits, for you Vic, but where would that leave Henry?” Luna responded, pity-caressing her boyfriend’s weak chest. “Anyway, I’m not sure about exposing myself to a room of virgins.”

She was right about the remaining party being virgins, and Henry had been the one most destined to stay virgin if she hadn’t interfered. She had never meant for the rest of them to be cut off from the world, but they had handled that part fine by themselves, swarming around her without ever acknowledging that there were other real girls out there. Still, the whole room was teeming with desperation. After years of unsatisfied horniness, her boys appeared incapable of thinking about anything but the experience they yearned for to the point of despair. Sometimes, their cocks actually seemed to be physically aching for a warm vaginal squeeze. Luna had to admit that she loved being the center of their urges. To be honest, she loved everything kinky. Horniness permeated her every pore whenever she was with her boys.

“Is this about it?” Arthur asked, holding up a sketch, referring to bursa escort the call for an image of their in-game potential molestation victim.

Arthur was very good at filthy drawing done fast. Now he showed them a very big-titted body without a face. There was almost nothing but breasts, and somehow it was still erotic. Luna often suspected that he could turn anyone on with the way he drew tits, cunts, and asses, accentuating details that nobody else would notice. On a good evening he left a small collection of spank material behind, and she wondered if it was left for the aunt to clean up, or if Edgar stashed it somewhere.

The buxom, gray-haired aunt was in her late fifties, and she was named Molly. Whenever Luna’s breasts fell short of describing a female character, Molly’s were always more than enough. She was overweight, carrying enormous baggy udders on her stomach and hauling around a gigantic ass.

Apparently, she had inherited this quaint but very big and expensive house after her late husband. Her young guests had started showing up about a year ago, and the old woman had appeared to gradually warm up to their visits. She had started dropping in on them with various snacks. She had been raunchy from the start, and after a few weeks she had become openly suggestive, coming on to all the guys. Their initial unresponsiveness had been worn down until they saw her in another light.

Molly fit right into their strange dynamic. There was a difference in age, but the level of desperation seemed similar. The cocks of the players were at half-mast half the time these days, and at some point even the fat tits of an old woman started to look inviting. There was no place to take their frustration out except to continue the feedback loop and make the games even sicker.

Right now, their characters were actually holding down the innkeeper’s daughter, feeling her up, preparing to do what they wanted without asking permission from their unfortunate victim.

“Our heroes need to release the pressure in their balls one last time before they’re off to save the world,” Victor announced. “Will you help us hold her down, Lu?”

“Absolutely!” Luna played along. “Heroes should empty their balls if they need to, right? Maybe, since I don’t have any balls, I get to pee a little on her instead?”

She adjusted her breasts while she said it, trying to get all of them as excited as possible. She was spreading her legs for them while she managed to place her hand on Henry’s crotch. This was on purpose, of course. Now, she felt his little cock twitch in stiffness as she helped his frustrated friends design the sexual abuse of a fictional character.

Their game made cunt wetness smear into her patent leather panties, making them just as shiny from mess on the inside as they were glossy on the outside. All crotch wetness thrilled her, and she was absolutely obsessed with having her creamy cunt licked clean by a virginal mouth at every oppurtunity.

Henry wasn’t very far from a virgin in her opinion. He was simply the tame little guy who got to perform the daily eating of her messy-soaked cunt. Every week or two he got to put his uncertain little cock in there for a few glorious seconds, and he always ejaculated right away. Then, she made him clean it all away with his tongue and enjoyed the fulfillment of having a forceful orgasm in his face, leaving him hard and desperate again until his next chance for a fuck. She kept him always wanting more, and she could do it because he wanted to be controlled. You could tell by how hard his cock got from obeying his mistress. He was her happy cunt-licker for life. Besides, he would never get anything better than her, and he knew it.

As always, peer pressure led Edgar to abandon all aspirations to be a good and moral GM.

“Well, rape it is,” he proclaimed. “I guess I should hand my game mastering over to Henry for a few minutes, since he can at least describe what our heroes are feeling in their cocks right now.”

“Hey man,” Henry laughed. “All I can say is, putting your cock in a pussy is the best thing on earth.”

“I wish I could fucking experience it,” Victor dreamed bitterly. “Is there a difference between cunts you think?”

“Yeah, do you?” Luna interjected, making sure Henry knew to chose his words with care. “Do you think his aunt would be as good as me?”

“Come on, baby, don’t do that,” Henry begged. “I just said it’s great, that’s all.”

“So, would you fuck old Molly if you could?”

At this point, Henry started squirming. He made pointless attempts to assure everyone that he only wanted Luna, and then he rambled on about how cocks were just desperate and even old women probably felt good and how that was all he meant. Luna laughed at the idea of desperate cocks that would lose control in any cunt in seconds. Then, she shocked the room, admitting that she wanted to see them all lose it inside Molly’s old, fat pussy hole.

Luna knew it was true bursa escort bayan the moment she said it. The boys would still be hers if she let them have Molly. In a way, having an old lady barely counted as losing your virginity. There was definitely some kind of opportunity for them with the way the old woman acted. It was sick, and it was perfect, and maybe it was just what the whole gang needed at this point.

The game never really took off again, and after finishing their snacks they started preparing to leave. They could all hear Molly’s snoring from her bedroom. Late at night she was always out like a light.

Luna looked through Arthur’s new drawings. Tonight, he had made one that was clearly showing Molly. There was no face, but there were fat folds of stomach, gigantic tits with suckable nipples spilling to the sides, and there were thick thighs that were spread so you saw bush and a detailed fuck slit, inviting you. Somehow, he had managed to make that old body look both real and sexy.

Luna debated what to do, and then she snatched the drawing and slipped it into the dark bedroom for the old woman to find in the morning.

The next time they played, Molly came in early on with snacks. She was wearing a very thin and provocative night shirt that they’d never seen, allowing you glimpses of her fat stomach and the very large, very stiff nipples, hanging low from her massive tits.

“I hope you have a good time now,” she said. “An old lady like me is real lucky to have such fine young men around, and young lady company too. I hope you can control yourself around her. I’ve seen your drawings, you know.”

There was no real response to that, and they were all baffled by her appearance, so they just let her keep talking.

“I think I’ll take my medicine, then. I’ll have to go right to bed, you know. There ain’t nothing can wake me when I take my medicine.”

This was something that came up in discussion sometimes, when Molly started snoring at night. Apparently, she was on the trial team for a new sleeping drug. It was supposed to be medically safer than old ones, but it really did knock you out. She claimed she always needed Edgar around now, in case anything happened while she was out cold.

What she said next stunned them all.

“I don’t wear nothing under this shirt, you know. I’m as naked as the day I was born. So if you feel they’re getting out of hand young lady, you just send them in to me to relieve some of those young urges.”

Victor giggled in disbelief before Molly was even out of hearing range. Edgar sat speechless for a while, and when no one else could find anything to say, he interrupted all their thoughts.

“No,” he determined with no room for interpretation. “She’s old and weird. She’s crazy. She doesn’t know what she’s saying!”

“She sounded pretty lucid to me,” Luna objected. “She offered all of you the chance to play with her body. Even you, Ed. Don’t you want to know what it feels like?”

Again, Edgar sat in silence, processing a storm of conflicting emotions. He tried to object again to any talk about his aunt. Luna insisted that he think about his friends too, and then she turned to all of them and started to weave her spell. She asked them to think about what was between Molly’s legs. Could they imagine how such a warm cunt cave would feel around their cocks? They might never get another chance like this.

Arthur was bewitched at “cunt”, and then Victor agreed that this might be something they couldn’t afford to miss. When there was no reply from Edgar, Luna surprised everyone by upping the stakes even more, turning to Henry.

“What about you, honey?” Luna asked her boyfriend. “What if I’m there to help you, and tell you what to do? Would you want to feel an old woman’s pussy hole, just to compare?”

Now, Edgar interrupted.

“No one is fucking my aunt!” he affirmed. “Now, either we play, or you all go home!”

Reluctantly, they started playing. Their minds were elsewhere, but they kept trying until about an hour in, at which point Victor was gone a little too long on a bathroom break. He came back flustered.

“She’s really naked under the shirt,” he whispered to Arthur and Luna. “Her legs are spread. She’s just sleeping, waiting for us! She really means it! I saw her entire cunt! I’m so fucking hard!”

Later, it was Edgar’s turn at the bathroom, and both Victor and Arthur snuck over to the old woman’s bedroom and made it back in time to be unnoticed.

“Fuck man, we touched it,” Victor informed with a whisper. “Her old pussy slit is all warm and slippery! She’s real hairy!”

“You really want to fuck it, don’t you?” Luna enticed them.

Edgar picked up on the situation when he returned, and he tried his hardest to feign disbelief, but he couldn’t quite convince anyone that he didn’t share some of their desires.

“What? An old fat woman?” was all he could muster, as if he was hoping for more from his friends.

“Well, escort bursa I’ll be there as well,” Luna offered. “I promise you guys I’ll show you my tits if you want to fuck her and it helps you get hard.”

They all knew Edgar would never resist this offer. He was as obsessed with Luna’s breasts as the rest of them. But he had to digest this new development. They compromised by backing off for the evening, allowing him to settle down, while booking their next round of gaming already tomorrow.

When the house was empty, Edgar couldn’t sleep. He walked over to his aunt’s room. As reported, she was sleeping with her spread cunt in plain view from a night light. When he saw the gray-haired, messy, pink-glistening fuck slit his cock was suddenly pulsating in the most furious stiffness he had ever felt. He saw cunts everyday in porn, but the intensity of seeing a real one actually had him drooling with open-mouthed excitement. The urge to fuck it made his entire body tremble. He took the stiff shaft, and within three strokes he was spurting cum on the carpet, grunting, drooling, longing to press himself inside that beckoning fuck hole.

Next morning, Molly seemed disappointed.

“So I suppose no one took me up on my offer yesterday,” she noted. “It’s a shame. Maybe you don’t want me to bother you with silly old-lady talk while you’re playing your games.”

“Aahhhh, well,” Edgar started to apologize without knowing what to say. “You know. The guys are all coming back tonight. And don’t worry about bothering us! They all liked the way you…looked.”

Molly was a smart old lady, and she figured out what was going on. Since it was Friday, she opted to prepare for a more festive evening than usual. Edgar didn’t know how to react, and he didn’t know any more by evening, when all his friends gathered in the game room.

There was tension in the air. Luna had no bra. She had a black corset top with shiny plastic and fishnet over the breasts. The lower half of the breasts was hidden by thin black cotton, but most of them looked about to spill out through the loose net. You could see her stiff nipples very well through the fabric. She wanted to give her boys a show for later, and their well-behaved cocks were stiff and ready at first glance.

Molly came into the room early with snacks. She was only wearing an old robe tonight, and she had it tied so it looked dangerously close to opening. Their eyes were drawn to the hem, hoping for it to slip and reveal the protruding, drooping tits you could see hints of beneath. It never failed to fascinate the young people how far her old tits could really sag and still look big and swollen, resting on the fat rolls of her stomach.

“Fuck, those are big tits,” Victor let out without any filter.

“And I’ll be asleep soon, and I won’t be able to stop you from doing whatever you want with them,” Molly invited him with a smile.

“Touch me!” Luna whispered to her boyfriend in an attack of arousal, and she guided one of his hands to her breasts.

She panted when he caressed it. The excitement wasn’t lost on Molly.

“You young people sure are something,” the old woman informed them with an affectionate smile. “Tonight I’ll sleep in the nude. And I promise there ain’t nothing can wake me up.”

“Ohh fuck, I’m hot,” Luna panted when they were alone in the room again.

She had spread her legs, flaunting the crotch of the black shorts she had on top of her fishnet stockings for everyone. Henry was still playing with her breasts. Her crotch was wagging ever so slightly, telling them all that she wanted touch there as well.

“You’re going to let them fuck her tonight, right?” she demanded of Edgar. “Everyone is ready to fuck that cunt.”

This time, Edgar wasn’t about to protest. Soon, they were debating who was going to go first. Henry, who was still squeezing his girlfriend’s tits, pointed out that it wouldn’t be the same after the first one. No one had actually brought up the concept of sloppy seconds, but at least they all caught on without further clarifications. They spent a few moments in silence, trying to take in the enormity of what they were about to do.

Eventually, Luna formulated something that resembled a plan. Essentially, they had three virgins in the room and three days until Sunday, so by then they could have all fresh-fucked ex-virgins in the room, and there would be no need for sloppy seconds. Debating rules was familiar turf, and soon they were all on the same boat, working out the mechanics of their mission.

“We could roll for it,” Luna suggested. “Just take any die. The high roll fucks first. The others can decide for themselves. Go after or save yourself for a fresh hole.”

“Fuck yeah, let’s do it!” Victor let out. “Should we roll now? How long until she’s sleeping?”

“I’m not sure I want to go,” Edgar suddenly disclosed. “I don’t mind if you guys do. But I mean, she’s my aunt.”

Some deliberation led to them playing for another hour. Of course, it was impossible to focus, but at least they did the time. In the end, Edgar appeared as eager as anyone despite his earlier hesitations. He even remembered to bring the dice before they crept up to the open door into Molly’s bedroom.

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