Sailing Adventure – 3


The next morning Dave and Marsha get up early and drive down I-95. They start to relax as soon as they leave the interstate and take the road leading down the Northern Neck between the Potomac and Rappahannock rivers.Marsha tells her husband, “It is so great to get away. I am already feeling more uninhibited.”Dave replies, “I am too. This is going to be a great weekend.” He glances at his wife’s full breasts in her top and fantasizes about Marsha showing Kurt more of her body in her bikini.They find the marina with no problem and park. They take out their cooler and the gym bag and look for the boat slip. Other sailors greet them as they walk down the dock. They find the right slip and approach Kurt’s sailboat.He is just coming up on board from the cabin. “Good morning. Great to see you guys. Did you have any problem finding the place? Here, hand me your cooler.”Dave hands over the cooler and answers, “No problem at all. We had a great drive. Marsha and I can never get over how isolated and out of the way it is down here.” His eyes sweep the boat. “You have a great-looking boat.””Thank you. Barbara and I like getting out on it. It won’t take long to get ready. I have taken it out a couple of times this spring and everything is in order.”Marsha speaks up, “Sounds great. I want to say hello to Barbara. Is she in the cabin?””Oh, my apologies, but she couldn’t make it. There was some last-minute crises with a charity fundraiser she is coordinating. What a drag that is. She was really looking forward to getting to know you guys a lot better. I guess I should have called you. But didn’t think it mattered. So it will be just the three of us.”Marsha doesn’t know what to think. She’s already at the beginning of sexual arousal thinking about showing off for Kurt and looking at his cock, while Dave looks at Barbara. Besides shorts and a blouse, she only has the two string bikinis to wear.Dave is thinking how hot it is that Marsha will show off for both of them.Kurt tells them, “I have a few things to take care of before we cast off. Why don’t you guys go down below and change into something more comfortable.”In the cabin, Marsha expresses some doubt to her husband, “I’m not sure about wearing my string without Barbara being here. She was going to wear one too. We were going to show off for you guys. But I don’t have anything else to wear except these shorts.””Relax. Just because his wife isn’t here doesn’t mean you can’t wear your bikini. Remember, we agreed to be more uninhibited. You can show off for the two of us. You know he wants to see more of you. I don’t mind. Besides, I have been looking forward to seeing you in your string.””Well, OK. I just feel bad you won’t get to see Barbara in a bikini.”Dave puts on his jammers and goes on deck. Kurt is wearing a pair of cargo shorts.A few minutes later Marsha comes back on deck. She decides to allay her concerns about her bikini and get in the spirit of the weekend. As soon as she gets on deck she strikes a sexy pose and says, “Well, guys, what do you think?”Kurt exclaims, “You look great! I thought you were hot in your top at last week’s cookout, but you are really sexy in that. Turn around let us see the rest.”The kaçak iddaa young wife is flattered Kurt likes her bikini. She complies and turns around to give him a good look at her body. She’s aware of his eyes scanning all over. She already likes displaying herself for him.Dave is becoming aroused watching Kurt blatantly scan his wife’s body.Marsha faces Kurt and checks him out also. He has a very good physique with a slightly hairy chest, that is more muscular than her husband. Her gaze is drawn to his crotch. She’s disappointed he’s not wearing bikini briefs.Kurt says, “You two are dressed for sailing. I think I’ll join you.”He unfastens and drops his cargo shorts. He’s wearing briefs and they don’t hide much. The older man does have an impressive-looking cock. Marsha is really getting a show.Marsha’s eyes feast on his crotch. Oh… my god, it’s sooo…big. Barbara and her husband were right. Kurt is well endowed. She takes in his thickness and big mushroom head and has lewd thoughts of what she would do with it.Dave watches Marsha glaze at Kurt’s thick cock.Marsha is almost startled as Kurt announces it is time to cast off. As they prepare, a couple of men stop by. Kurt introduces them to Dave and Marsha as other sailors who also have boats in the marina. It’s obvious they also appreciate Marsha. One is handsome with dark hair, a few inches taller than Dave. He looks to be around Marsha’s age. The other appears to be in his fifties. They inquire about Barbara and Kurt tells them about her crisis.The older one replies, “That sucks. But it looks like you have good company. I guess we will see you tonight.”Kurt tells them they will be anchoring tonight. The two men continue to appraise Marsha.”I’m sure you guys will have a great time.”They turn and go back down the dock.Marsha is flushed with the attention she’s getting from her husband, Kurt and the other two men. The younger one sure is sexy.She picks up and a tube of sunscreen. “I need to put this on before we go out.”Kurt gives Dave some instruction about stowing some gear below and then tells him, “Why don’t you take the gear below deck. I’ll take care of Marsha.”Dave picks up the gear and goes below.Marsha hands Kurt the sunscreen, “Would you mind putting sunscreen on my back? I got everything else.”Marsha turns around with her back to Kurt. He begins to rub lotion on her. He starts on her lower back and applies lotion just under her bottom. “We don’t want you to get burned on the edge of this cute ass of yours.”Marsha wonders if she should stop him but catches herself. She’s going to act more uninhibited, even if Barbara isn’t there. “I’m glad you like it. Thank you for making sure I don’t burn.”Dave is looking from the cabin at Kurt rubbing down Marsha. He is excited the older man is getting his hands on his wife’s body. He comes back on deck and tells Kurt everything is stored.”Good job. Go on the dock to the bow and get ready to cast off. We are almost finished.”Kurt continues to apply lotion all over Marsha’s back. He even applies lotion on her hip around her strings and on her exposed cheeks. His hands linger longer than necessary on the firm globes of her ass. Marsha doesn’t stop him. “That really kaçak bahis feels good. You have great hands. How do you like my bikini? This is the one I described to you. Is it what you were expecting?”He starts applying lotion on her neck and shoulders, “It’s more than I was expecting. It really shows off your hot sexy body.” He tells her the other two men liked it as well.Marsha doesn’t know what is making her so bold. She faces him. “I’m glad you like it. I told you it shows a lot. Dave suggested I wear this so you can look at me. Turn around and let me take care of you.”She applies lotion to Kurt’s back. She spreads it evenly over his back and shoulders. Her breasts brush his skin. She runs her hand under the edge of his briefs. “And we don’t want this nice ass to burn.”Dave is on the dock watching Kurt with his wife. This is really going to be a good weekend.Kurt tells Dave to cast off and get back on board. He starts the engine and motors out of the marina.They motor down the narrow river channel. Marsha says to her husband, “Come here, honey, I need to put some sunscreen on your back. Since Barbara is not here, I will take care of both of you.”She spreads lotion on her husband’s back and shoulders, brushing her hand under the edge of his jammers like she did with Kurt.Kurt gives them directions on getting ready to sail. He instructs them how to hoist the sails. The young couple follow his instructions and he shuts down the engine after the sails fill. Immediately, the boat begins to move under the power of the wind.Marsha says, “This is great. I just love it when the engine shuts off and it is just the sound of the wind.”They have to tack a couple of times until the river empties into the Potomac where it meets the bay. The activity is making Marsha less self-conscious about how much her bikini shows.Kurt steers them out to the open bay. The three of them relax and enjoy the scenery of the bay with the Virginia Eastern Shore in the distance. The young couple relax on cushions on either side of the helm facing forward. From his vantage point standing at the wheel, Kurt gets a great view of Marsha’s deep cleavage. God, what tits. He can’t wait to get his hands on them.Dave also has a good view of his wife’s breasts. He wonders what Kurt thinks of the view. He says, “Honey, why don’t you get us the mimosas?”“Don’t you think it’s a little early?”“Like Jimmy Buffet says, ‘It’s five o’clock somewhere.’”She laughs, “I guess you’re right. Kurt, what about you?”“Sure. We always start a little early out on the water.”Marsha goes below to retrieve a container of mimosa and some fruit. Dave pours each of them a glass and raises his glass in toast, “Here’s to a good sailing adventure.”Marsha responds, “I’ll drink to that.”Dave and Marsha relax on the cushions sipping their drinks. She changes direction to face the stern. She’s conscious of Kurt’s eyes on her body.Her glass is soon empty. Kurt notices and tells Mike, “Looks like Marsha needs some more.”Dave refills both their glasses. He takes another sip and says, “Honey, these are great.”“I didn’t use too much alcohol, did I?”“Not at all. I feel a nice buzz.”“I think you’re right.”Kurt interjects, “That’s what sailing illegal bahis is all about.”Marsha is feeling more relaxed and uninhibited. She sips her drink and blatantly stares at Kurt’s cock. He catches her and she just smiles over her glass. She bends one of her knees and opens her legs slightly to give him a better angle to look at her pussy. Isn’t this what her husband wants her to do?Dave sips his drink and watches his wife put her body on display.She finishes her drink and tells them she is going up on the bow to sun. Kurt stops her, “You told me you were going topless.”She hesitates. She doesn’t want to appear too eager, “I know I did. But here in the middle of the bay?”Topless? When did she tell Kurt she was going topless?Kurt is insistent. “Who cares if anyone sees your breasts? They don’t know you. With breasts like that, you should want to show them off.” He speaks in more of a stern voice, “Well, young lady, as captain of this vessel I command you to take off your top.”Marsha smiles, “Well, if it is an order from the captain I guess I have to. What do you think, honey?””He’s the captain, I’m just crew. If you disobey the captain he might make us walk the plank.”She laughs, “Well, I don’t want that.” Marsha reaches up and unties her top, taking it off to bare her breasts. “Is this what you had in mind?”Both men look at the fullness of her breasts. They relax without sagging. Her nipples are erect and the areolas are dimpled.Kurt answers for both of them, “They look great. Turn to the side a little so we can see them all.” Marsha complies, “Yeah, just like that.””Well, captain, can I go sun now?”He hands her the tube of sunscreen. “Before you go, you’re going to need some of this.”Marsha is unsure what to do. But she thinks it would be silly to turn around with false modesty. She stands in front of them and applies sunscreen to her breasts. She is getting aroused rubbing her breasts in front of both of them. “Is this good? Can I go now?”Kurt replies in the affirmative and Marsha takes a towel and walks along the rails to the bow.Both men look at Marsha’s sweet ass as she goes forward. Kurt speaks to Dave, “I owe you one. Your wife sure is hot. I thought her tits look good in her regular tops, but topless they are something else. Did you notice how hard her nipples were?” He stops. “I hope I’m not offending you talking about your wife’s sexy body.””Not at all. I know you like looking at her. I agree, she does look hot.””Out here on the boat, we become more uninhibited. Last week, when we were talking about Marsha, you knew I was talking about her breasts, but that setting was more confining.””I see what you mean. I’m glad you like looking at her tits. And I did notice her nipples. How did you like the way she stood there and rubbed them right in front of us?””I was surprised when she took off her top. I wasn’t sure she would since Barbara isn’t here. I wonder if it’s making her hot feeling herself in front of us. Just look at her ass. It is so firm. You know I could tell when I was putting on her sunscreen.”“What else do you like about her bikini?”“That bottom barely covers her pussy. She has a great-looking mound.”It must be the mimosas. He gets in the spirit of things, “Well, captain, she does have a good-looking pussy. She even trimmed back her bush for this weekend.””I like a woman to have some bush. Barbara has nice fur around her pussy.”

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