Sally’s Motivational Spanking


I met Sally though a spanking site. She contacted me in search of a motivational spanking. She needed to be pushed to get busy with her business. She knew she was goofing off, doing everything but her business. We exchanged a few emails. Discussing what she wanted. Her likes and dislikes. I informed her (in an email) when we met she is to call me “Sir” when around me.

Sally had a boyfriend. But he just wasn’t into spanking her. He couldn’t get his mind wrapped around it? She also wears him out in the bedroom & every other room in the house. First thing in the morning, first thing when he comes home from work!

So, he didn’t have a problem with her getting a spanking from someone else.

I showed up at her place promptly at 11am with some instruments in a back pack. Just in case she needed more than my hand. I rang the bell. She must have been on the other side of the door, because it swung open very quickly! I said “Hi, I’m Kevin, are you Sally?” Sally said ” Yes, that’s me!” She was cute! We had not exchanged pics of each other, Just texted emails. She continued “Please come in, can I get you something to drink?” I said “No, that’s OK” as I held up a bottle of water in my hand. “Thank you for asking though”.

I asked Sally, “Did you do as I asked?”

•••••I had asked her to write at least one good paragraph of what she has been doing instead of working her business? And what she needed me to do?•••••

Sally said “Yes, it’s right here”. Pointing to the kitchen table. She also said here’s the camera too”. She wanted me to take some pics throughout the session.

I walked over to read what she wrote. I knew right off I was going to be displeased, since it was so short!

It read. “I have been goofing off and need good a spanking!”

I looked down at her (I’m 6’7″). I gave her a stern look of disappointment. And said, “Sally, I asked you for one good paragraph!” “This is one sentence, barely! You wrote more about your likes & dislikes!” “I’m highly disappointed!” Sally looked down. I said “NO! Don’t look down, look into my eyes.” “Didn’t you understand what I asked of you!” I continued “what do you have to say for yourself?” I waited for her answer. She was looking up at me. Her eyes nervous. Sally stammered, “I, I, I’m Sorry Sir.” “I forgot until just before you showed up!”

She tried to continue. But I raised my hand and said “STOP”

I said “I will take my disappointment out on your ass later!” (I’m sure that’s what she had planned on me saying anyway)

I said “Stand right there and strip! Everything, except your panties!” I grabbed her camera and snapped some pics. Sally began with her shoes, then socks. Almost falling over. I just stood there with my arms folded, watching her. Not a word from either of us. She next removed her T-shirt then her bra. As her bra fell away her nipples were very erect. She looked up to see my reaction, I didn’t give her one, but I did like what I saw. (I thought, yes I will have fun torturing those).

She had the type of nipples that stuck out at least an inch, you could practically hang an ornament from it! Sweet!

I said “Stop! Turn around and remove your shorts slowly.” “Pull them down to your ankles and stay in that position.” She turned and unbuttoned slowly slipping her shorts down to reveal pink cotton panties. Covering her entire ass cheeks?

Being bent over, I took another picture. I walked up to her and squeezed her right cheek, which made her moan. I pulled the right side of her panties to the side to reveal a set of beautiful white cheeks begging to be warmed up!

Then I put my left hand on the small of her back to steady her while I slapped her right cheek making that beautiful sound we all love! Sally responded with another soft moan. I liked the way her cheeks bounced.

“Stand up. Before we begin I want you to drink some water and use the bathroom.”

“Because batıkent escort you are going to be over my lap for while.” Sally’s reply was simply “Yes Sir.” She walked to the kitchen to get a drink, then went to use the bathroom. I walked into the kitchen. Looked in the drawer next to the sink and found a nice hand towel which I quickly ran under the water in the sink. To get it soaked, then squeezed out the excess water. I then found a plate. I placed it near the couch, where I would be spanking her. But out of her sight so when she came to me, she couldn’t see it. I also put the camera on the couch next to me.

I sat on the couch and noticed a full length mirror at the perfect angle. I will be able to see her facial expressions, perfect!

I was sitting on the couch when she walked in the living room. I noticed she did have a nice naked camel toe thru her panties. I said “stand in front on me.” “Yes, sir.” I reached up to play with her nipples, which seemed to be permanently erect all the time! I lightly pinched them, feeling their hardness. I simply said “Nice.” Sally smiled. I pinched a little harder and a moan escaped her lips & she bit her lower lip. I said “I don’t have to ask if you like this, I know you love it.” I continued. “We’ll see how much you like it later?” She gave me a puzzled look?

“OK, over my lap you go!” I positioned her with her head to my left, since I’m right handed. I would also be able to see her face in the mirror!

I took a picture of her ass holding the camera high over my head. Another picture of her in position in the reflection of the mirror. “Before we start.” “This is not right.” I was pulling on her pink panty covered ass cheeks.

I continued “I know you thought you were being sneaky, wearing these thick cotton panties, that cover your cheeks.” “But I’ll show you how I fix it.” I pulled her panties up like a wedgie or thong underwear! Exposing her cheeks nicely! “I know what you had in mind” “that’s not going to work here.” I looked in the mirror and saw a bit of a pout on her face. I smiled. I snapped another picture of her exposed cheeks.

I started with her right cheek. Then her left and back and forth. When I reached 9. I told her “I hope you’re counting to yourself?” “Yes Sir, I will!” When my large hand landed on her for number 10, it was much harder than the others! Plus it was right across both cheeks! She let out an OUCH! I stopped and said “I hope you learn from this?” “When I ask you to do something, YOU DO IT RIGHT, the first time!” “yes sir”. I felt it wasn’t sincere enough. When I came to 20, before the slap. I reached over and grabbed the towel and squeezed it in my hand. Then back over both cheeks I slapped 10 times HARD, wet cheeks, wet hand! Sally letting out screams as each one landed! I watched her expression’s in the mirror. When I got to 30, I said “30!” I again said “are you going to learn from this?!” her reply “YES SIR!” “I’M SORRY SIR!!” that brought a smile to my face. I continued to spank her. At every 10th slap I would soak my hand and land on both cheeks, HARD! Then go back to slapping every other cheek.

After we hit 80, her ass was quite Red! I also smelled her arousal. I reached under with my left hand and found her left nipple, nice and erect still! I pinched it hard, bringing moans I could hear even through her spanks! I reached even farther for her right nipple and pinched it harder. I continued spanking her. When I reached 100, She gave me a shiver, and a long moan indicating to me she had reached a climax?

I asked “how many is that?” She responded “100 Sir!” I said “Ok, we are half way there!” I saw her face give a smile. I increased the pressure on every spank. Still alternating from one cheek to the other and sometimes the same cheek 2-4 right in a row. She was grunting with every slap! I knew she beşevler escort was feeling it now. Every time I came upon the 10th strike I soaked my hand. Her ass was glowing now! At 150 I again reached under to pinch one nipple then the other. And again her sexual arousal filled my nostrils. Her panties were soaked with water & her arousal! She had shuttered through a few climaxes during the last 100 spanks. I said nothing. After we reached 200.

I said “Stand.” she rolled off my lap to stand in front of me. Reaching back to rub her butt. I said, ” No, Stop touching your ass!” “Hands behind your neck!” she immediately stopped and placed her hands behind her neck. Giving me a pout. And wiggling as if she couldn’t stand to not touch it. I walked her to the wall. I said “I want you to lean against the wall with your elbows, legs spread, ass out.” “Yes, Sir” I took the waist band of her panties and pulled them up from the front, then from the rear a few times. So they were rubbing against her cunt. This of course brought moans. I leaned close to her ear and whispered “Don’t you dare cum anymore, unless I give you permission” “Do you understand?” Sally was clearly disappointed, “Yes, sir.”

“I want you to think about what you should have written!” “Because I’m going to give you another chance.” “So, do you want another chance, Sally?” “Yes Sir, Please Sir, may I?” I said, “Yes, but there is a catch” “And you don’t have a choice in the matter.”

I walked over and picked up her camera. I first took a picture from the side. Sally looked quite sexy with her red ass pushed out. Her nipples barley touching the wall. And yes, they were erect. I walked to the other side and snapped a few pics. Then stood behind her and snapped a few. Then sat down, ass level took a few more. I sat there for another 10 minutes just looking at my handy work.

I finally said. “OK, it’s time.” “Do you need a bathroom break?” “No sir, I’m good.” I said “Water?” Sally said, “yes, please sir.” I said “Ok, go get it, and come right back and stand next to the table.” “Yes sir.” as she ran off to the kitchen. Her bright red ass bouncing.

I reached into my back pack for my instruments. When I turned around. Sally was standing next to the dining room table. I had in both my hands, cloths pins with 1 lb. weights on each one. Sally’s eyes popped open wide, along with her mouth. I said “Take off your panties and hand them to me.”

Sally quickly stripped them off, and handed them to me. I folded them up. I said “Open your mouth, wide.” she did as I ordered. I stuffed the cum soaked panties into her mouth. Making sure the cum soaked part was right on her tongue.

The look on her face gave me the impression she wasn’t sure about the taste? “Remember what I told you!” Sally just nodded “yes”, yet her eyes were pleading. “Next, we have these for your nipples!” I didn’t have to pinch her nipples erect, they were! I attached first the right nipple. Sally whimpered. I then attached the left nipples, another whimper. I take a picture.

I then spun her around and bent her over the table. On the table was a writing pad. I instructed Sally. “Nows your chance to write what you should have written in the first place!” Sally replied through her panty gag. Although muffled I could hear “Yes Sir” I said ” Oh, wait!” “Don’t start yet!” As I bring into her view, a large tawse.

•••••This is a rather large tawse. I made it out of an old weight belt. Yes, its got some weight to it, She will feel every bit of it’s sting! It’s 4″ wide! 20″ long! 1/4″ Thick! Its layered twice.•••••

I lay the tawse across her ass cheeks and take a picture.

Her eyes looked at that thing, as if saying WTF!! Her eyes started to water and the pain she surely knew she would be feeling all too soon!

“You will begin after the first strike!” “You will also be counting, beypazarı escort to yourself, each strike!” “And you better be right at the end!” “Or, I will have to use another instrument” “Do you understand?” “I know you do!” as she nods, yes. “when you are done, raise your right arm in the air.” I said

“Ass out and spread your legs, wider!” I stood to her right. Tapped her red ass once. I swing back, aim and the first strike lands right across both cheeks with a LOUD


She lets out a loud grunt as the blow burns into her ass and the pull on her 1 lb. weighted nipples swing. She also stumbled forward. I give her enough time to write a few words between strikes. I land another across some fresh skin just below her ass cheeks. She lets out a scream into her cum soaked panties. I say “You will learn from this!” “I promise!” I pause. I land another across her cheeks, harder this time. She again screams into her panties.

Sally is vigorously writing as quickly as she can! I pause, the next one lands just below her cheeks, harder than the first one! She again screams into her panties. I step back and swing again. Right across both cheeks! Again another scream!

This goes on for a few minutes. Sally’s ass is on fire! It’s got to be bruising. At the 29th strike, her hand comes up indicating she’s done. I reach around and remove her panties from her mouth. She’s gasping for air. She’s got tears in her eyes, she’s got the sniffles.

I then remove both nipple cloths pins at the same time. She lets out a scream of relief! I ask her “Sally, how many did you receive?” As I’m running my hand over her ass cheeks. “Sir, it was 29, Sir” trying to catch her breath. I say, “Very Good!” I’m going to give you one more for good measure!” “Now bend over, spread your legs wide, turn that ass upward!” “Stand on your toes!” She standing there, trying to stay on her toes. I wait a while. She’s having trouble keeping on her toes. Then I reach back she can hear the whoosh of the tawes slicing through the air! Her butt cheeks clench at the last second! then


She falls forward over the top of the table. “OUCH OUCHY OUCHY!!!! She reach back to rub her cheeks, like that’s going to help?

“Now, let me read what you wrote?” “It better be good, or we’ll have to start all over again!”

It reads:

I have been a VERY naughty girl! Watching porn and fucking my cunt with my fingers and dildo’s. Cumming was more important than working on my business! I needed some motivating and thought a motivational spanking would be the thing, I have business cards from people I need to call and talk to. I received more than just a spanking!

But it’s what I NEEDED!

Thank you SIR!

I exclaim “Great Job!”

Let me get the camera first. I lay the tawse over the top of her ass cheeks and take a few pics. I remove the tawse and toss it on the table.

I announce “We still aren’t done with your ass yet!” Sally starts to protest. I raise my hand to silence her. She stops. I walk over to the couch and sit down. I pat my lap and say “lay across my lap, so we can finish.” Sally walks over with a pout, “Yes, Sir.” I reach over the back of the couch and into my back pack and pull out some skin cream. I squirt some on her ass cheeks. As soon as it lands, she jumps with a squeal! I say “How does this feel?” She responds with a low moan. I say “Yeah, I thought so.” I rub it all over her sore ass and upper thighs. I even put some on her nipples.

“I have one more thing for her to do.” Sally responds “Yes, Sir??”

“Get up.” “Lets go to your office (one of the rooms in her house).” I say “Sit” pointing to her chair. She plops down without thinking of her sore ass. Screams out “OUCH!” and jumps up. I say “yes, that will be sore for quite a while young lady” “yes, sir, I suppose it will”. I say “pick up a business card, one that you need to call” She looks at me and says “right now?” “While I’m naked, in front of you?” I say “what better time?” She signs “Yes, Sir.” and dials. The person answers and Sally says “Hi, my name is Sally Smith, we met at the convention last month in Long Beach. You gave me your business card and…..

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