Sandra’s Submission


Sandra’s SubmissionSandra’s SubmissionChapter 01: Sandra’s Problem”I get hit on plenty, it’s just not by the right kind of guys.” Sandra shifted in her chair, adjusting her sandy blonde hair as she spoke. Her friend, Laura, stared at her intently through dark-rimmed, rectangular glasses.”What kind of guy are you looking for?” she asked.”Oh, I don’t know. Not what I find. The kind of men I attract are all weak, wussy dopes. They want me to make all the moves.””I figured you’d like that.””Just because I’m a successful businesswoman doesn’t mean I want to be on top all the time. It probably doesn’t help I’m almost six feet tall with small tits. It must be so easy for you, you’re barely five feet tall…””I’m five four.””Right. You’re five four, you have big tits, and you’re cute. Every guy in the world wants a woman like you.””Well, I have trouble with the married ones, sometimes.” They laughed. “No, but seriously, you’re a beautiful woman. And big tits aren’t everything, yours are great. You’re skinnier than me… So you’re not attracting Mr. Right, right now. Even if you have to have sex with a few wussy men while you look, at least that’s better than never getting laid.”Sandra shifted, uncomfortably. “Laurie… I’ve… never had sex.”Laurie shook her head lightly, in disbelief. “Never?””Never.””Wow.” They sat silently for a moment, then Laurie looked up suddenly. “Hey, maybe you’re a lesbian!””A Lesbian? I don’t think so…”A devious smile crept over Laurie’s face. She ran a hand provocatively across one of her breasts, then squeezed it gently. “Are you sure?”Sandra looked over at Laura’s small frame and large round breasts. She could see that Laura was pretty, but if she were a lesbian, shouldn’t she feel something like excitement, or desire? “I’m pretty sure. You think just because I’ve never had sex at my age that I must be a lesbian?””Not necessarily. It took me a while to admit to myself that I was bisexual.”Sandra almost choked on her soda. “You’re bi?””Yeah, are you surprised?””Yeah, I guess so. So you’ve… you know…””I’ve what? Licked pussy? Hell yes, I have.””Oh my God.” Sandra covered her mouth, almost giggling.”Yeah, does that disgust you?””No, no, of course not. I just never knew that about you.””Yeah, well, an old boyfriend got me started with other women a few years back. I still prefer men, and every time I’ve been with a woman it was in a threesome, so I guess I’m not hard core bi.””Wow.””Yeah.””So, back to MY issues.””Hey, being bi is not an ‘issue’.””Yeah, whatever.””Yeah, okay, ‘whatever’, maybe you should let me lick your pussy, then you’ll know for sure if you’re a lesbian or not.”Sandra burst out laughing. “No, no, no, don’t you dare.””Okay, I’m sorry, was that weird?””Um, a little, but it’s okay. Were you serious?”Laurie raised her eyebrows, but said nothing. Sandra wasn’t sure what to think about all this, so she came back to the original question. “So what am I supposed to do?””Well, I don’t know. You’ve never had sex?””Never.””Have you ever done ANYTHING?”She was quiet for a moment then spoke. “Well, actually, when I was fifteen something happened.””Fifteen?””Yeah. I was at a party, and we were playing this game where if you were picked, you had to go inside a closet with a guy for three minutes.””Yeah, kissing in a closet doesn’t count.””No, we didn’t kiss.””Then it DEFINITELY doesn’t count.””When he leaned in to kiss me, we lost our balance and he fell right on top of me. The way we landed, my hand grabbed right onto his dick.””Oh, shit!””Yeah, he was rock hard, too. The weird thing was, I didn’t let go. I just kept holding onto it. I don’t know why. So we’re just sitting there, breathing hard, my hand holding his dick through his pants, and I’m scared as shit of what’s happening.””Is that all that happened?””Oh no. I don’t know how long it was, but he stood up, and unbuttoned his pants. I couldn’t see anything, but all of a sudden I feel his hand on my head. He gets a fistful of my hair and I feel his dick right in front of my face, brushing my nose and my lips. He whispers for me to open my mouth.””Oh, my God, you didn’t.”Sandra hesitated, remembering that day in the dark closet. “I did. I opened my mouth and let him put his dick in. He kind of moved it in and out for the rest of our three minutes, whatever was left.””Wow. Did you guys get caught?”She shook her head. “No. They counted down from ten before they opened the door and he stopped what he was doing, and got himself together.””Did he cum?”She shrugged. “I don’t think so.””Ha ha… you’d know. So you’ve regretted this two minute blowjob your whole life, and you’ve been a virgin ever since?””No… I mean, I never regretted it. In fact, I used to think about it all the time. Whenever I’d see him in the hall, I’d secretly wish he do something… take me into the boys room and make me finish the job… something like that.”Damn…””Yeah, but he had a girlfriend, and he wouldn’t even admit it had happened at all.””Jesus. And I thought I was the one with the bomb today.””Yeah. You know… you know how I said I don’t know what kind of man I’m looking for? Well, maybe what I’m looking for is something like what happened with Tom – that was his name – a guy who isn’t looking to see what I want him to do. What if what I really want is a guy who just does what he wants with me. Is that wrong?””No, why would it be?”She sighed. “I don’t know. It just doesn’t seem like something I’m supposed to want.””What you want is what you want. Denying it won’t change anything. By the way, you’re definitely not a lesbian.”Sandra laughed. “No, I didn’t think so. So, I’m still no better off, though. How would I even find a guy like that?”Well,” she looked at Sandra for a minute.”Would you like me to set you up with somebody?””Oh, Laurie, I don’t know. I’d feel like such a loser.””No, you should try it. he’s a friend of a friend. His name is James.”Sandra didn’t really like the idea of a blind date, but maybe it was worth a try.”He’s not a psycho is he?””No, no, no… and I really think you might like him. Do you want me to set this up?”Sandra took a long, deep breath, then let it out. “Yeah, sure, why not?””Laurie smiled and clapped once. Good. I’ll set it up.”Chapter 02: Blind DateSandra stopped outside the restaurant where she was to meet James. She straightened her dress, quickly, looking at her reflection in the door-glass. Her b-cup breasts strained against the fabric of her dress more than she was used to but it looked good. It was a little chilly to be wearing a dress, and no coat but, vainly perhaps, she really wanted him to like how she looked. Maybe she was putting more hope into this than she wanted to.She entered the restaurant and walked up to the maitre d’, explaining that she was meeting a man called James there. She was directed to a small table where a good-looking man sat, waiting. He watched her approach, and when the maitre d’ pointed out the table to her, he rose, holding out his hand. He was very tall – several inches taller than she was. That was nice.”Hi, I’m James. You must be Sandra.””Yes, hello.” She smiled and shook his hand, intentionally giving him a look down her blouse as she leaned over the table, then regretting it as she felt herself blushing.”You’re nervous.” he said.She glanced up into his eyes, as he stared intently at her, then looked away. “Yes, a little bit.” she said. They both sat down.They made small talk for a little while. She told him that she was a businesswoman, and about her videostore, which he seemed fine with, and didn’t over-react to, as most men did. He worked out of his home – something with computers and the web. It was after they had gotten their food that the conversation took a turn.”Listen, Sandra,” James said, “I’m a very honest person, and so I need to let you know a few things.”Sandra was careful to keep her tone even, though she was dreading the next bit. “What do you mean?””Okay. First, Laurie told me a bit about you, but I don’t think she told you very much about me.”There was a surprise. “Well, no, that’s strange. No, she wouldn’t tell me hardly anything about you. What did she tell… what did she say about me?”He shook his head. “No, lets just say she told me about the things you talked about the other day.”Sandra suddenly felt dizzy, though she was sitting down. Had Laurie told him she was a virgin? That she had sucked some boy’s cock in a closet when she was a teenager? She felt a sudden urge to get herself out of this situation, and struggled for what she should say. Before she could get anything coherent together, he continued.”I know you’re probably feeling mad about that, but she did it because she cares about you. She thought that you might be a woman who is interested in a particular kind of man – a man like me – but she was afraid you wouldn’t come if she was completely honest.”Feeling a bit more under control, she hardened her features, and looked into his eyes. “So, what kind of man are you, then, that she was afraid to tell me?””Sandra… Laurie thinks that, like her, you may be craving to be submissive to a man… sexually.””Oh, you have got to be joking.””No, I’m not. This may be a mistake, and it might not be, but please hear me out, before you write me off. If, after this, you want no part of me, or what I have to offer you, we’ll go our separate ways. I promise I will be completely honest, and very direct, for better or worse.”Sandra bowed her head to her plate, and started swirling some pasta on her fork. “Okay, fine.””I am a sexually dominant man. That means that the kind of relationship I need to be fulfilled is with a woman who is submissive – who is completely devoted to my needs before her own, and who trusts that I will fulfill her needs. If you were to give yourself to me, one of the things you would do would be to pledge your submission to me. You would be required to do whatever I ask of you.You would also have to pledge your body to me – your very beautiful body, I should say. This doesn’t just mean that you would promise to only be intimate with me, but that your body would belong completely to me. Your cute little tits, your little pussy… they would belong to me so much so that you would ask me permission to touch yourself before I would ever ask permission to touch you.Despite the feeling that she should be disgusted, Sandra found that she was actually getting turned on by this. She squirmed a little, in her chair, feeling her pussy getting warm and wet from this direct sex talk. She hoped he didn’t notice.”In return for your gift of submission, I would be responsible for your pleasure. I would constantly find new ways for us both to explore our bodies and to share pleasure together. We’ll share every fantasy. I can spank you, tie you up… I can even take you into my closet and force you to suck my cock. And make you finish the job, too.”She fought an urge to reach down and stroke her pussy as he said these things, and she knew it must be completely obvious how turned on she was getting. He stared into her eyes for several long moments. She was confused by her feelings, and was terrified she was going to do something she would regret, one way or the other. “I had better go…” She said, and started to get up.”Sit down.” He said, not harshly, but firmly. In spite of herself, she did as he said. She squirmed in her seat, her pussy aching for some kind of attention. He leaned in and grabbed her hand and wrist with one of his hands and held her tightly.. “Sandra, I can give you what you’re looking for.” His hand was warm. “I want your pussy to be mine. I want you to give yourself to me so completely. I want you to beg me to put my cock inside you. I want to make you beg for permission to cum, and then make you cum, and feel you cum.””No…” She said weakly. She couldn’t believe how he was talking to her, but ever more than that, she couldn’t believe how excited she was getting. “You should stop.”He leaned in closer to her. “Tell me I’m not making your pussy wet just talking about this.””I can’t…. I can’t….” she shook her head, pulling on her hand, but he did not let her go, “This is totally inappropriate, and you’re crazy if you think that…””Am I? You’re not excited right now?” he pulled her hand closer to him, forcing her to lean in towards him, showing more of her cleavage. “You are, aren’t you? Maybe I should just come over there and see how easily I can push my finger into your pussy?”She didn’t say anything, her mind struggling with the undeniable fact that she wanted him to do it, and she wouldn’t stop him if he did, even right here türbanlı yalova escort in public. She was shocked, but she knew that if he came over to her right now, she would spread her legs for him – let him put his finger inside of her. She wanted him to come over and make her cum, right here in front of everyone. He was watching her intently, and she realized she was nearly panting.”Listen to your body… listen to your feelings, Sandra. Don’t close your mind to this. The decisions you make now are going to determine whether you go back home and live your life as you always have, or if, in the very near future, you may find yourself with your legs spread wide open feeling my warm, hard cock pushing into you.””Please… I don’t think I can… I just…” she couldn’t even think of any denial to lie with, because she wanted this so badly.He sighed slightly, putting a fifty on the table. “I’ll tell you what. I’m going to leave, and I’d like you to come with me. If you don’t want to, well, here’s my number.” He placed a business card on top of the fifty. “Just think about it, and maybe give me a call.”He stood up and stared into her eyes for a while, before turning to leave. She was frozen in her seat as he walked away. A woman’s voice beside her startled her. “Are you going to want any dessert?”Sandra turned to look at the young waitress – much younger than she was now – and then stood up, grabbing the business card and stuffing it into her purse, and quickly following after James. Near the exit, she saw him duck into a little side room where coats were hung. Sandra walked into the room as James was putting his coat on.”Wait,” she said, moving close to him as he turned, and looking up at him. She loved that he was so much taller than she was.”What?” he asked, zipping his coat.”Listen, you can’t just…” He interrupted her, grabbing her by the waist and pushing her firmly against a wall. He stared into her eyes, as he reached down and lifted her dress. Her pulse quickened. “What do you think you’re doing?” she asked weakly.”You know what I’m doing. Tell me to stop, if that’s what you want.”When she didn’t say anything, he took hold of the waistband of her panties and pulled it outward, then slowly moved his other hand toward her. She felt his skin on her stomach first, then brushing downward, through her pubic hair. She spread her legs slightly, and took in a sharp breath as he touched her, gently parting her lips and pushing a finger into her. He slid easily into her wet pussy, his hand coming to rest gently against her skin and pubic hair.He didn’t finger her, or rub her clit, but held his finger inside of her. He reached up with his other hand and took hold of her hair, pulling her head back and kissing her deeply. As he kissed her, he slid his finger out and then pushed back into her, curving his finger back, rubbing against her g-spot.She reached up and held onto his arm, already feeling close to having an orgasm. “Oh my God, I think I’m going to cum,” she half-whispered. His arm was tense, his muscles hard like cords of rope, as he worked her closer and closer to orgasm. She felt the heat of his body, and she breathed in deeply, loving the smell of him. She was amazed by how quickly she was approaching orgasm, and when she came, she put her head against his arm, shaking and breathing rapidly, trying not to make any noise. Her orgasm didn’t last long – probably due to fear of being caught, or uncertainty about what the hell she was doing – but she had never felt more excited in her life.As she started to relax, he slowly slid his fingers out of her pussy and pulled his hand up, out of her panties. She looked up into his eyes as he brought his hand up to her face, putting his fingertips against her lips, pushing gently. Tentatively, she let him push his fingers into her mouth, and licked them softly, tasting her own pussy. As she did this, she reached down between his legs, her hand closing over the hard bulge in his pants. More than anything else in the world, she wanted his cock. She wanted to see it. Feel it. Taste it. Her hand slid up toward his belt, and she started to unfasten it, trying not to think about what might happen if they were caught.Before she got far, he let his hand fall from her mouth, brushing her breast gently on the way down, and took her gently but firmly by the wrists.”You can’t just take what you want, Sandra. Not with me. You need to ask first.”She nodded. “Okay.”He unzipped his coat. “Now get on your knees.” She hesitated, then slowly knelt down. “Put your arms behind your back – hold your wrists.” She did so as he opened his belt then unzipped himself. He reached down into his pants, then pulled out his cock, long and thick, but not overly hard. Almost without thinking, she opened her mouth and leaned forward. Immediately, she felt him slap her across the face – not too hard, but not all that gently either. She should have felt outraged, but she only felt excited, maybe a little embarrassed, even.”Sit up straight. Open your mouth and look me in the eyes.”She sat back on her heels and opened her mouth again, keeping his gaze. He took a half-step forward and placed his cock almost gently onto her tongue and then pushed forward. She kept her mouth open, resisting the urge to immediately start sucking this wonderful cock that was now sliding in an out of her mouth. She could feel him getting harder and harder.”That’s very good, Sandra. Now I want you to use your mouth to make me cum.”Eagerly, Sandra closed her lips around his cock, feeling how wide and thick it was in her mouth, running her tongue along the head. She wanted so badly to feel it between her legs, pushing into her vagina, taking her virginity with a single thrust, but she knew that this was a test. She had every intention of giving the best blowjob in the fucking world.She started moving her head up and down, letting more and more cock into her mouth. He was clearly much bigger than the boy she had serviced in the closet all those years ago, as that boy’s dick had fit almost entirely in her mouth, just barely pushing at the back of her throat. James’s dick, on the other hand, was definitely far thicker, and was now pressing against the back of her throat, with a good length of cock still outside her mouth.She heard voices pass by the small room they were in, but they didn’t stop, and she ignored them. Hopefully no one else came past, but she wasn’t stopping, even if someone did enter the closet with them. She experimented with pushing his cock into her throat, swallowing on it, and succeeded in getting the head of his dick to slide down her throat, though she felt like she might gag at any moment. James made a deep, pleased, groaning sound, which made her feel good and she pushed forward, feeling more cock slip past her lips, and slide down her throat. She held it there for a moment, but she needed to breathe, so she backed off, and took a deep breath through her nose. Her eyes never left his.James smiled down at her and pulled back a step, pulling his cock from her mouth. “That was very good, Sandra. I want you to do it again, when you catch your breath, and then, if you think you can, try to fuck me with your throat.” He held his now very long, hard cock in his hand, and as he spoke, he gently caressed her face with it.She nodded. “Okay, I’ll try.”She took a couple of deep breaths, then tentatively leaned forward and put her lips to his cock. When he didn’t object, she pushed forward, loosening her lips so that his cock slid easily into her mouth. He was so hard now that she wasn’t sure she could get his cock to go down her throat, even if she could keep from gagging. As the head touched her throat, she paused, fighting back the feeling of choking and breathing evenly through her nose. When she thought he had control of herself, she pushed forward.It was hard, but she managed to get his cock started down her throat, then pushed forward, moving her head from side to side, forcing more and more cock down her throat. She found that dealing with the initial gag reflex was the hardest, and it was easier once she got going. Soon she found it was a bigger problem getting her mouth wide enough to accommodate the bottom of his cock without scr****g him with her teeth. She swallowed as much of him as she could, then started to bob her head rapidly up and down, just the smallest bit, feeling his cock moving up and down in her throat.As she felt more comfortable doing this without gagging, she started to increase her movements, bobbing her head up and down more and more, until several inches of cock were sliding in and out of her mouth and throat. She could tell that he was enjoying her work, but she was running out of air. She’d need to take a breath soon.Before she was forced to pull back, James did it for her, grabbing a handful of hair on the back of her head, and pulling her face off of his dick. He stepped back, and took his cock in his other hand stroking it powerfully, inches from her face.”Keep your head back and open your mouth.”She opened her mouth wide, sticking her tongue out as he pumped his cock above her. A strained look came over his face and he slowed down, putting the tip of his dick just inside her mouth. Almost immediately, she felt something salty and thick squirt into her mouth, and she realized he was cumming. She knew now why Laurie said that she’d have known if Tom had cum in her mouth. Five minutes ago she had been untouched by any man, and now she was here on her knees, her mouth slowly filling with a man’s cum.When James had finished, and slowly backed away, she remained motionless, her open mouth full of his cum.”Good.” he said, “Now swallow it.”She did as he said, suppressing a grimace as she swallowed. She found it an incredible turn on to swallow his cum, though she couldn’t say that it tasted good. It just felt really fucking sexy to let him fill her mouth with the stuff, and then swallow on his command.He tucked his still long and quite hard cock into his pants, and started zipping himself back up. “Open your mouth and show me.” he said as he threaded his belt through the buckle. She opened, proudly showing her empty mouth. He smiled and softly stroked her cheek, sending a shiver down her spine. “It’s time to leave. If you want, you can follow me to my place.”She hesitated, and felt her eyes furrow.”You know what?” he said, “This is a big deal. You shouldn’t rush anything.” He helped her to her feet. “Let’s go our separate ways, and you call me if you want to meet again. I hope you do. You have my number?”Her hand fell to her purse. “Yes.””Good.” He leaned down and kissed her softly, on the lips, “I hope you decide to call me.”Before she could think what to reply, he was gone.She stood in the small coat room for several minutes, just tasting him, and imagining his beautiful cock between her legs, splitting her open – taking her virginity. Her breathing quickened as she imagined what his dick would feel like inside of her pussy. She took out her phone and dialed Laurie, waiting for her friend to pick up.”Hello, Sandra, how did it go?””You’re a fucking bitch.” she said. “Thank you.”Chapter 03: One Phone Call”Let’s just say I can still taste his cum, a little bit.””Holy shit, so you sucked his dick? What, right there in the coat room?” Sandra had met Laura at this Starbucks, but was suddenly wishing they had met somewhere a little more private.”Yes, I mean, it wasn’t my idea – he made me do it.” She saw Laura’s expression change, and she quickly added, “Not like that, I mean, I let him make me do it.””No that’s good.” Her friend was nodding her head in something like amazement, or maybe even envy, “So when do you see him again?”Sandra sighed. “That’s just it. I don’t know.””You don’t know? Did you give him your number?””He gave me his… he could tell I was confused and hesitant after… after we were finished, and he told me to call him, if I wanted to.””This may seem like an obvious question, but do you want to?””I think so…”Laura looked at her as though she weren’t understanding a simple math problem. “Yes, Sandra, the answer is yes. Your brain just hasn’t caught up to what your body’s already figured out. You followed him when he left the table, you let him stick his finger in your pussy and make you cum… Jesus Christ, you got on your knees in a public place, sucked his cock, and swallowed his cum. Bitch, you want to call this man. Fuck, it’s getting me hot, just talking about it.””I know. I’m just really, really scared about what’s going türbanlı yalova escort bayan to happen to my life if I give in to this.””Here’s what I think. And it’s just what I think. Go with what you feel in you gut. Your brain will figure it out, eventually.””My gut, huh?””Yeah. Fancy word for your pussy.””Ha ha. So you think I should call him.””Am I stuttering? I think you NEED to call him, Sandra.””God, I’m just so scared that I’m going to make the wrong choice here and regret it.””You know what, I’m gonna just tell you what’s going to happen. First, I am going to take you out shopping for some nice sexy underwear, then you are going to go home and put on something lacy and sexy, and you are going to call James. When he answers the phone, you’ll tell him that you want to see him, tonight if possible. How does that sound?””I don’t know. Wonderful? Terrifying?””Oh, you’re impossible. Will you come with me?””Yes.”***As Sandra arrived back at her home, she closed and locked the door and sat down in her living room with the large Victoria’s Secret bag. She had never really owned anything much sexier than the plain cotton panties and bras that currently filled her top dresser drawer. She tried on several of the outfits that she had bought with Laura, looking at herself in the mirror, imagining what James might think of them. She settled on a dark, lacy set of panties and bra, then picked up her phone, and the card James had given her. She settled onto her bed and opened her phone.She turned the card over and over in her hand. What was she supposed to say when he picked up? Was he going to do all the talking? Was she supposed to tell him that she couldn’t stop thinking about his cock, or how much she wanted to feel it in her pussy? Could she even do that?Slowly, she closed her phone and put it onto the bedside table. It was getting a little late – she could always call in the morning. It was an excuse, and she knew it, but she was just too afraid to call now. She turned on her side and held the business card up to read it again.James.She stared at the name, remember the feeling of his hands on her head, and his warm cock pushing down into her throat.James.She remembered the feeling, and the taste of his cum, as he filled her mouth with it.James.She slid a hand down her new, sexy panties and began to rub her clit, remembering his rough fingers touching her there, and inside her. She pushed two fingers into her pussy, her thumb moving to her clit, then put the little white card down on the bed next to her and ran a hand over her breasts. In her mind, the fingers inside of her pussy, and the hand groping at her breasts were James’s hands. Very slowly, she brought herself to orgasm. When her spasming body began to relax, her eyes focused again on the little white card.James.”Tomorrow,” she whispered to herself, as she drifted toward sleep, “I promise.” She fell asleep then, her hand still in her panties, pressed against her pussy.***The next morning, she took a shower. Her body was literally trembling because she knew that she was going to call James that morning. When her shower was done, she stepped out, dried herself off, and stepped naked into her bedroom, dropping her towel onto a chair along the way. She was acutely conscious of her nakedness – feeling her naked body as a sexual thing.She grabbed her phone and his card, then laid down, naked, on the bed. Without letting herself think, she dialed the number on the little white card. After a few rings, he answered.”Hello?” The sound of his voice increased her nervousness, but she managed to speak evenly. “Hello James. This is Sandra.””Oh, Sandra,” His voice was warm. “I didn’t recognize the number, and I thought it might be you. I’m glad you called.””Yes, well…” She paused for a long time, not knowing what she should say. She thought he would speak, but apparently he was waiting for her to finish. “I’m sorry… I’m a little nervous. I don’t know what to say.””Well, why don’t you tell me why you called?””I… well, I want to see you again. I thought maybe today, if you’re free…””Sandra, I want you to tell me, very plainly, what you want from me.”She took a deep breath. No sense being coy. “I want you to fuck me, James.””Good.” He paused. “I’ll tell you what. We can get together today and talk about what you’ll need to do to earn that.””Um… okay…” That took her by surprise a little bit. Earn it?”Good. Would you like to come to my apartment, or would you rather I visited you?”That was a good question. Maybe best to be safe and have him come to her apartment. He agreed and she gave him the address.***He arrived twenty minutes later, knocking loudly on the door. She checked her dress in the mirror. As good a dress as any to lose your virginity in. She adjusted her breasts slightly, then went to the door. After steeling herself, she opened it, and saw James, dressed nicely, carrying a briefcase. She wasn’t sure what to expect, but he didn’t seem like he was about to fuck her right there in the hallway, so she tried to relax. They regarded each other silently for a few moments before he spoke.”Were you going to invite me in?” He asked, startling her.”Oh, yes, of course, come in, please.””Thank you.” he said, coming in from the hallway and closing the door behind him.”Did you find this place, okay?””Yes, no problems. I have this coat, if you could take it for me.” He started removing his coat.”Oh, I’m so sorry, yes, please, let me take it for you.””Thank you,” he said, handing it to her. She carefully hung it in her closet, aware that he was watching her every move. She led him into the living room, wondering what it was she should be doing next.He sat down in a chair, putting his briefcase beside it, and looked up at her. “Why don’t you get me a drink? Do you have any beer?””Um… no, I don’t…I have…””Just water then.””Okay.”She brought him a glass of water from the kitchen and he took a long sip, then put it carefully down on her coffee table, on a coaster. She had a terrible sense that she was failing at something.”You look nice.”She started to sit on the couch, opposite him. “Thank you, I…””No, don’t sit.”She stopped herself, then looked at him, totally at a loss.”Take your panties off, please.”I… okay.” Butterflies in her stomach again. She wondered if he could see her body shaking. Slowly, she reached her hands up under her dress and slid the new, black, lacy panties down, and stepped out of them.”Good. Now you can kneel here.” He pointed to a section of floor in front of the chair, next to his legs.She bit her lip, then slowly sank to her knees and knelt next to him.He picked up his briefcase, laid it on his lap, and opened it, then looked up at her. “Sandra, I want to lay out some ground rules so that you can feel safe. I want you to know that you can trust me. As a symbol of that trust, I’m going to give you a safeword. Do you know what that is?””I think so…””It’s a word you can use at any time to stop anything that is making you uncomfortable, or hurting you. If you say your safeword, no matter what we’re doing, I’ll know that we need to stop immediately. It doesn’t matter what the word is – it can be anything that is unrelated to the kinds of things that go on in the bedroom. Do you understand?””Yes.””What do you want to be your safeword?””Oh, I don’t know.””It’s not important what it is, just that we both know it.”She shook her head, “I don’t know… soda?””Okay. Soda. You can use your safeword any time you want to, but I ask that you please never use it, if you can help it. I promise that I will take care of you.” He closed the briefcase as he said this, and she saw that he held a velvety, black blindfold. “I think I’m ready to get started with you. Lean over here, please, so I can put this on you.”She leaned forward, putting her hands on his leg, and he carefully put the blindfold on her. It was comfortable, and very effective. She couldn’t see anything. She heard, and felt him stand up, and pull his pants down. After a moment he guided her to her left, in front of him, and then sat back down. She realized that she was now kneeling between his thighs.”Sandra, I want you to take some time with my cock. Use your hands and your mouth and get familiar with how I feel. My size, my shape… this is your cock now, and it’s going to be a big part of your life.”She reached forward, tentatively, and took him in her hands. He was partly hard, but not as big and hard as he had been the day before, when she’d sucked him in the coat room. She stroked him gently, feeling how soft he was, then leaned forward and took him into her mouth. She felt him expanding in her mouth, and started moving her head up and down, almost instinctively.”This is not about sucking my dick, or making me cum. Just spend some time exploring with your mouth and your hands.”She stopped sucking, and pushed her tongue against him, sliding it against his shaft, and up to the head. She let him fall from her mouth and wrapped both of her hands around him, feeling the bulk of him. She licked at the head of his cock, letting her tongue move over its edges and curves, then lifted his dick upwards, exposing his balls. She tentatively licked him there, then opened her mouth and gently took one of his balls, gently sucking it.She continued exploring him like this for some time, until he gently pushed her back, and stood up, taking her hand as he did so, pulling her to her feet.”I’d like to take you to the bedroom now. I think I can see where that is. Come with me.” He led her through her own apartment, then laid her down on her bed. She heard the snap of his briefcase opening again. “Please put your wrists together in front of you.”She did as he said, and soon she felt coarse rope being wrapped around and around her wrists. After a minute or so, the rope pulled her hands upward, above her head. A few moments later, she felt his hand on her cheek, then her shoulder, then her breast. Almost instinctively, her hands started to move downward, but the rope held them securely above her head.She felt something cold and metallic against her neck, sliding downward toward her breasts. He lifted her dress slightly, and the metal slid under it. She realized that it was a pair of scissors when he began cutting her dress down the middle, all the way to the bottom. She felt the air on her body as he opened her dress up. He cut the center of her nice new Victoria’s Secret bra as well, exposing her breasts.Rough hands moved across her body then, from her stomach, up to her breasts. He grabbed one in each of his hands, and squeezed them, not at all gently. In fact, she found herself squirming away from him as he began to really squeeze and maul her little tits.”Sit still.” he said forcefully, “Don’t try to pull away from me.” She grimaced, but resisted the urge to shrink away as he rolled and mashed her breasts in his hands. Despite the pain, she was starting to get really turned on.After a few minutes abusing her breasts, James’ fingers found her nipples and began to squeeze and tug on them. He started out relatively gently, but it soon felt like he was trying to lift her off the bed by her nipples. She knew she could stop him if she needed to, but she was determined not to use her safeword unless she really felt like she was in danger.After what seemed like an eternity, he released her nipples, and put his hands over her breasts, rolling them around in little circles, much more gently. She felt his breath on her face, then felt him gently lick and kiss her lips. His right hand left her breast, and slowly made it’s way downward, while in his left hand, he gently held her neck and jaw, as he kissed her.As his hand crept closer to her pussy, she realized that she had been rhythmically moving her hips for she didn’t know how long. He broke off their kiss, and she took in a sharp breath as his fingers touched her clit. Two fingers easily slid between her lips and into her, and she was amazed at how wet she was. She arched her back and let out a soft, low moan as he rubbed the sensitive area up inside of her.”You may not cum until I tell you to.” he said. She let out a disappointed little noise, wondering just how she was supposed to stop herself if he kept up what he was doing. Thankfully, he only fingered her for a few seconds more, and then removed his fingers and put them to her lips. She opened her mouth for him, licking his fingers, and tasting her pussy.He let them slip out of her mouth, then kissed her again. After a moment, he broke away, and türbanlı escort yalova she heard the briefcase again. he wrapped rope around each of her ankles, in turn, and tied the ends to her headboard. When he had finished, her legs were spread far apart, and pulled back far enough that her ass was lifted off of the bed. Her arms were still tied up over her head. She had never felt quite so exposed and helpless.She felt him settle on the bed, between her legs, but he didn’t do anything with her for a minute or more. Suddenly, she felt his breath on her pussy, and she knew what was going to happen just a moment before it did.The feeling of his tongue on her pussy was the most amazing thing she had ever experienced. She had always imagined that oral sex would be like a dog licking her, but that wasn’t at all what it was like. As deeply and as passionately as he had kissed her mouth earlier, he now kissed her most private opening, his tongue sliding down into her, and then up and out, to flick playfully at her clit. Her breathing increased, and she began, almost involuntarily, to grind her pussy into his face.He drew back and said, “You man not cum.” before pressing his mouth once more against her pussy.”James, I can’t… I can’t stop it…” She tried to pull away from him, but he stayed right with her. She began gasping and making little whining noises, trying to stop the inevitable, as his tongue flicked up onto her clit until his entire mouth found it and he started sucking and licking her sensitive little button. This sent her over the edge, and her entire body began to spasm with a powerful orgasm. He did not stop licking her as she came.It lasted much longer than the orgasm he had given her the day before, in the coat closet, but she was ashamed that she had not been able to hold herself back. As her orgasm subsided, James slowed, then stopped licking her.”Did I give you permission to cum?””James, I’m sorry…” He slapped her ass, quite hard.”I asked if you had permission to cum.” He put his hand to her pussy, which was wet with her cum and his saliva, and rubbed her there.”No, James.””Then why did you cum?””I don’t know.” She let out a cry of pain as he slapped her ass again, this time on the other cheek. His hand returned to her pussy, softly rubbing her.”Don’t tell me you don’t know. Why did you cum without permission?””Because…” she paused, her mind racing. After about five seconds, he lifted his hand from her pussy. “Because I couldn’t stop it from happening.” She blurted. His hand returned, gently, to her pussy, and her entire body relaxed.”That’s right. You will have to learn much better control of your body, if you want want to feel my cock in your cunt. Do you want that?”Yes. Please, I do.””Say it.”She struggled with her own inhibition for a moment, then spoke. “I want to have your cock in… my cunt.””Are you willing to work on controlling your body, so that you can stop from cumming without permission?””Yes, I am.” she said.”And you’re willing to give control of your orgasm to me?””Yes.””Good. We’ll work on this together. But that’s just one of the rules I’ll need you to accept if you want to serve me, Sandra. I’m going to go through your other rules, and I need you to tell me if you accept them or if you have a problem with any of them.””Okay.” He continued to rub her pussy and clit, gently, and had started sliding his finger in and out of her every now and then. She tried to keep her mind off of this attention, so she wouldn’t get into a state she couldn’t control.”Rule number one is that you must do what I tell you to do. This is your most important rule, and all the other rules, and really this entire relationship, depend on your dedication to this rule. You may use your safeword if what you are told to do is truly unacceptable to you, though I hope you will rarely or never feel it necessary.”In return for your acceptance of this rule, I promise that I will take care of you, and also, I will never endanger your career or other aspects of your life, outside our relationship. Will you accept this rule?””Yes, James.” His finger was spending more time rubbing at her clit now, and when he pushed into her, he would press against that sensitive area inside of her pussy a few times before sliding out.”Good. The second rule, you’ve already agreed to – that you will not cum without my permission. This applies twenty-four hours a day. If I’m not with you when you want to cum, you can call me, or text me to ask permission, and I will give you an answer when I can.”Obviously, I have to trust that you will keep this rule. If you ever cum without my permission, I expect that you will tell me. In return for your accepting this rule, I promise that I will take my responsibility for control of your orgasm seriously, and when I deny you permission, it will be in the interest of increasing our shared pleasure, in the long run. Is that okay with you?””Yes.” She was beginning to seriously squirm from the attention to her pussy. She swore to herself that she’d control herself better this time, though.”The third rule we’ve already talked about as well. You are responsible for taking care of my cock. There should be nothing more important to you than this – not even your own desires or pleasure. In addition to this, when I cum, it is your responsibility to swallow it. If I cum in your mouth, this should be automatic. If I cum anywhere else, like on your tits, you need to get as much of it into your mouth as you can, to swallow it. Swallowing my cum is a very important responsibility, and you should do your best not to waste any.In return for your devotion to my cock, and to swallowing my cum, you may consider my cock to be for you alone, as I will look to you, and only you, to fulfill my sexual needs. Do you accept this responsibility?””Yes, absolutely.””Do you understand the seriousness of this responsibility? There are a lot of cunts out there. If I am to entrust the care of my cock, and of all my sexual needs to you, I need to know that you will devote yourself, completely, to the task.””Yes, James, I will. I promise.””Good.””James?””Yes?””May I please cum?” His attention to her pussy, and the topic of conversation were proving to much for her, and she could feel an orgasm coming.”No, you may not.” She squinted her eyes in concentration under the blindfold, but thankfully he eased off of her clit, and began stroking her in a way that was less likely to drive her to immediately orgasm. “What are the rules so far?”She thought for a moment. “I will do what you tell me to, I will not cum without your permission, and I am responsible for your cock, and for swallowing your cum.””Good. The fourth rule is that when you are with me, you will give complete control of your body over to me. I will do what I like with your body, and I will not ask permission. I will take care of you, and I will not do anything that I don’t think you can handle. You will always have your safeword, if you need it. I promise that I will always keep your pleasure in mind, as well as my own. Again, I will not do anything that will endanger other aspects of your life, such as your work. Will you agree to this?””Yes, I will.” She was becoming very relaxed, allowing the pleasure of the feeling of his hand gently working her pussy to wash over her.”Good. Your fifth rule is that you need to show appreciation, and always thank me when you are given something nice. This includes when you are given an orgasm, when you are permitted to suck my cock, when I give you cum to swallow, or when you I let you have my cock inside your pussy. This should be a simple rule, and I hope that I won’t need to remind you. Is this okay with you?””Yes, James.””These are the rules that I have for you. I may have more in the future, but for now, make sure you know your rules backwards and forwards, and that you follow them.””Yes, okay.” He was starting to work her clit a little harder now, and it would soon be a challenge to keep herself from cumming. She hoped that he might give her permission, now that her rules were laid out.”Any time that you break a rule, Sandra, there will be a punishment, which I will decide on, depending on how serious the problem was. Today, for cumming without permission, you will be forced to orgasm five times, without rest. Do NOT fake an orgasm. Now, or ever. Are you ready?”Some punishment! “Yes, James, please may I cum now?””Good job. Make sure you get permission before each orgasm. Yes, you may cum.”With permission given, it only took her about ten seconds for her to reach orgasm. She let the waves of pleasure wash over her as she came. As her body finished spasming, and her mind became more focused, she realized that James’ fingers had actually begun to work her clit harder as she came. Remarkably, she was ready for a second orgasm less than a minute after her first.”Please, James…” she took a deep breath. “Please may I cum.””You didn’t thank me for your first orgasm.””I’m sorry – thank you! Please, may I cum?” her voice sounded desperate in her own ears, and she wouldn’t be able to stop herself for much longer.”Just a moment. Next time be sure you thank me right away.”Her entire body was tense for several seconds as he made her wait, all the while continuing to work her clit. “Okay, go ahead.” he said, and she gasped as she let herself start cumming. This second orgasm was stronger than the first, and it seemed to go on for quite a while. When it was done, she was out of breath, but she remembered to thank him.After this, her body continued to twitch, almost like she was cumming without really cumming. James was relentless, and his manipulation of her clit was starting to feel a little strange, almost painful. She wasn’t entirely sure she could have another orgasm, and wondered what he would do if she was unable to cum again.As she was considering this, she suddenly heard a low buzzing sound. James removed his hand from her pussy, and replaced it with a wide, flat, vibrating something. It was slick, and James pushed it right up against her clit, moving it in little circles as it vibrated.Unbelievably, she began to have another orgasm almost immediately. “Oh God, please, James…””Cum.” he said, and she let herself go again, her orgasm almost as much pain as it was pleasure.”Oh God… thank you… thank you, James.” she managed, when the orgasm ended. Her body was far from relaxed, however, and she continued to twitch, involuntarily, as the vibrating tool worked her sore little clit.”You need to cum two more times. You have my permission for both of these.”It took quite a while, but inevitably, she felt herself approaching another orgasm. As it rocked through her body, she knew why this was a punishment.She thanked James for giving her this fourth orgasm, but he said nothing, and the constant stimulation of her clit was becoming extremely uncomfortable. She pulled back, away from the vibrating tool that James was using on her, but with her arms tied above her, and her legs tied wide open, there was little she could do to escape. He kept it pressed against her little bud, and her entire body continued spasming involuntarily.”Please, James…” she said, “Take it off for just a minute, please.””No. You need to cum one more time.” He pushed the thing harder against her clit and she cried out, even as her body began to respond again.She began to thrust her hips gently forward, rubbing herself against the vibrating thing that would not leave her pussy be. She was whimpering with each thrust, practically crying as she tried desperately to get herself off one last time. She felt her orgasm building and tensed her entire body, grinding her pussy violently against the source of the vibrations until it hit her. She let out a choked little cry as it came, then simply moaned as pleasure and pain wracked her body. The ropes tied to her wrists and ankles felt like they were cutting into her as her body twitched and spasmed.When it was done, she barely managed a soft “Thank you.” as James turned the tool off and lifted it from her poor, abused pussy. If he had told her that she needed to cum one more time, she would have cried, but he didn’t. Instead, he stroked the side of her head gently. After a moment, his hand moved to the side of her head, and he pulled her closer to the edge of the bed.”Open your mouth.”She did as she was told, as heard him unbuckling his pants. Soon his cock was in her mouth, and he began to slowly fuck her face. In just a few moments, he tensed, and spilled his cum. For the second time in as many days, she swallowed his thick, salty semen.Her pussy was throbbing, and it felt like her body might never completely relax again. She hoped that the experience would help her control herself in the future. Slowly, James withdrew his softening dick from her mouth. She felt happy with how quickly he had cum, thinking that he must have enjoyed her punishment.”Thank you, James.” she said.

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