~Scenario: A cab ride like no other~


~Scenario: A cab ride like no other~You wave at the drab yellow taxi which passes you, then slowly reverses and allows you entry.. The driver is an older black male with a receding hairline and stern look on his face. He pulls over after a while to pick up a young grandbetting yeni giriş lightskinned male, who sits at your right..then stops once more for a tall darkskinned corporate type waving his cellphone in the middle of the street..he grandbetting giriş quickly jumps in and sits at your left..they each steal glances at your cleavage and the young one even starts rubbing a massive bulge through his pants, casually grandbetting güvenilirmi the cabdriver pulls into a dark alley and licks his lips at you through the rear view..the dark fella sucks his teeth,as one large hand boldy squeezes and kneads your left breast through the fabric of your blouse, and the other guides your left hand into his open zipper as you instinctively pull out a long swollen blacksnake. You close your eyes as you feel your blouse being unbuttoned and the young ones warm lips engulf your hard right nipple..So..what happens next?

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