Schools Are Back


We had been counting down the days. We had known for nearly two weeks that the schools were due to reopen on March 8th. This was going to be our first opportunity for nearly three months. Three months during which we had simply been unable to see each other. From my window, I saw the queues of parents and excited children forming up, socially distanced outside the school gates. There was chatter and laughter from everyone.After the children were admitted, the parents began to leave and I saw her for the first time in months. She was wearing very tight leggings, which was always a code we had developed. Normally, she walked her kids to school but today, as part of her plan, she had brought her car. This gave her an opportunity to break away from the other parents and make a call from the privacy of her car parked a hundred meters down the road from my house. “I can’t wait,” she announced bahis şirketleri in her breathless, sexy voice. “I’m already getting moist.”“I’m ready and hard,” I repliedShe gave five minutes for the last of the parents to disperse and then made her way discreetly back to my house, which was almost opposite the school. I had left the door unlocked for her.We literally fell on each other, our mouths and tongues entwining as we kissed and our hands freely roaming each other’s bodies. I pushed her against the wall and kissed her deeply. I made no attempt to hide my erection which was bulging from a pair of loose sweatpants I was wearing. Her leggings were tight enough to give her a prominent camel toe. I felt for her pussy through the thin fabric.I broke away and reached over and locked the door. I then led her upstairs to my bedroom. I had changed the bed earlier that morning bahis firmaları and turned it down. The shutters on the window were closed and heating was on low. Not that there was any chance of either of us getting cold in the next couple of hours. I shed my clothes and turned to face her, my erection pointing at my ceiling. She quickly shed her top to display her braless tits and then lost the leggings, throwing them into a corner of my bedroom.I was always excited when I saw her naked, but this time I was delighted to see that she had shaved her pussy smooth. Something that I had mentioned turned me on.We fell on the bed and I began kissing her again while my hand felt for her delightfully smooth pussy. “Fuck me, fuck me hard. Now,” came her orders.I lined my cock up with the opening of her pussy and pushed in. She was unbelievably wet and I pushed my whole length into her the kaçak bahis siteleri first time. She responded with a very satisfied grunt. Supporting my weight on my forearms, I began to thrust into her deeply, powering my cock from my hips. She responded by raising her knees and spreading her legs wider. She also reached for my bum and began pushing me down into her pussy and raising her hips in time with my thrusts. Pure, animal fucking, unrefined and raw. It was what we both wanted and needed.We fucked until we both knew our climaxes were coming; it felt good. It had been too long. I felt my balls tighten and then released two long streams deep inside her pulsating pussy. With a couple of strokes of her fingers on her clit, she also came loudly.We both collapsed on the bed, panting and sweating. I got up to fetch us both a glass of water. As I returned to my bedroom, I gazed in awe at this wonderful naked MILF lying spreadeagled on the bed, the first signs of my cum leaking from her smooth pussy. I could not comprehend why her husband had lost interest in her and only fucked her when she initiated it. 

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